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Steve Vai on Art and Letting Go

I love making art and I haven’t really done so for two years because I’ve been busy with writing and fixing my house. I’ve just recovered from the flu and have spent several days cleaning out my art shed where I had a recent mouse invasion (we have had a minor mice plague in our area). Anyway soon I plan on getting back to oil painting and doodling and I can’t wait !

Steve Vai is a wonderful guitarist who discovered that he could doodle about 5 years ago. I think Steve is a great example of how an artists expressions can evolve when you let go of judgement and just learn to have fun.



Last week I went away to Adelaide in South Australia to visit my sick mother and to support my son, who was teaching Magic the Gathering at Oz Comic Con. I used to live in the outer suburbs of Adelaide and still have a soft spot for the city. Often when I go places I don’t take photos but during this trip I borrowed my son’s iPhone (as I don’t own a phone) and went snap happy. Next time I return, I’ll try not to take a single photo. I try to be in the present moment without distraction as much as possible but sometimes I choose to put a camera in the way. What follows is a dodgy collection of photos of things that interested me. Enjoy !




South Australia 


Adelaide Museum


Adelaide Museum of Economic Botany


Adelaide Botanical Gardens