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Cya, Readers From Far Away & Sandor

Well folks, the next post will be my final post until the 19th of March. I’m taking a month off the internet to recharge my batteries and pursue some others things that have been put on hold. Feel free to interact here but I am afraid I will be unable to approve comments by new readers as I won’t be here. I also apologize to my regulars who have left comments for me, for whom I have yet to respond. I think I’m about 2 months behind and despite my best intentions I haven’t been able to catch up. But please know that I read all your comments and I appreciate what you have to say. I will try my best to respond to you when I get back but by that time you’ll probably have forgotten what you said ! Forgive me for being such a slack arse !

I have now posted 1107 articles on ET and I, yet this remains a relatively unknown blog with a small readership. But I appreciate the readers that I have and I am often astounded looking at the site’s clustmap (, at where you come from ! I find it mind boggling and encouraging to know that my words and voice are read and heard in places that I will never visit and by people I will likely never meet. Every day this gives me a sense of our interconnectedness and makes me feel like I really do have something to offer that is of value to others. (I only wish I spoke and wrote Chinese or Indian and could reach the other half of the world !) It also reinforces my belief that human beings everywhere, are desperate to connect with our cosmic family. And so I will continue to help where I can to make that a reality for as many people as possible.

I’d like to acknowledge the individual(s) living on the Prince Edward Islands ( between South Africa and Antarctica. I don’t know if you’re researchers (biologists or physicists or some other form of scientists). But you seem to have an interest in what I have to say. I picture you there on Marion Island (Transvaal Cove) (, having come in after a long day in the wildness of the island looking at plants or animals that I will probably never see or setting up some experiment to test a hypothesis about the origin of the universe and then coming inside and checking out ET and I to see what Bright has to say today. And then later, going outside under the pretense that you’re just going to watch the stars for a little, when secretly you’re going outside to make contact with out cosmic family. But just maybe I have it all wrong and you’re carrying out surveillance as part of your well paid job to keep an eye on people of interest. Whatever the case, thanks for being part of ET and I ! (Image care of Google Earth)

TC - Marion Island

And thank you to everyone else wherever you are for taking the time to read and listen to what I have to say.

Finally my good friend Sandor Nep from Hungary (who lives in England) is an artist ! He is also my most prolific financial supporter ! By day he works hard in a supermarket but his great love is drawing ! Please let Sandor know what you think of his art because every little bit of encouragement will help him to honour his daimon ( and to have the courage to follow through on his great love and do what he does best ! Thanks Sandor for being the great artist that you are and for giving a damned about yours truly ! I wish you good fortune and great courage and joy in making this, the great transformation of your life !


What Do You Want POE ?

Hey People of Earth ! I thought I’d ask you about what you’d like me to write about or talk about in 2019. Some things that I have written about or talked about that I’d be happy to continue writing or talking about include :

  • ETs, how to make ET contact, ET craft & my ET contact experiences
  • ET biology, ET cultures & ET work
  • Self awareness & self awareness exercises
  • Life & the human condition
  • Alapo on a broad range of subjects & the Alapo book on consciousness
  • Interlife communication – Yowies, plants, balls of light, dead people etc.
  • Working with Internal Worlds & Working with Internal Symbols
  • The Architecture & The Diamond Complex
  • The nature of reality
  • Conjoined Space (Naelsa) & A Space Reticulum (Teal’hia)
  • Soundscapes & sound signatures
  • Guided learning
  • Causality & causal trees
  • The Dude books
  • Lessons from Dude, Anamika & The Beloved Carers
  • Energy, the life force, consciousness & unconsciousness, stream of consciousness
  • Human stories, conditioning & relativity
  • My childhood (memories of Hong Kong etc.)
  • Presence
  • Rituals
  • Spirituality
  • The well of experience
  • The body & felt experiences
  • Memory, doubt & belief
  • Healing
  • Artistic & musical sampling
  • Shamanism
  • Buddhism & The Dalai Lama’s teachings
  • God
  • Evolution vs development
  • Human space travel
  • The solar system & the milky way galaxy
  • Democracy
  • Activism & hactivism
  • Surveillance
  • Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
  • The natural world & biodiversity loss & restoration
  • The human population crisis
  • Future human technologies
  • Drones, sea drones/air drones/space drones.

I’m sure there are plenty more subjects I could add to this list.

So please let me know if there is anything in particular on this list or that you can think of yourself that you would like me to address and I’ll try my best to address what I can throughout the year.

In addition to this I’m working hard on designing and compiling some of the courses that I spoke about previously. So if there is any particular subject you would like to see in a course, please let me know and i’ll consider it. The courses I’m currently working on include :

  • Enhancing Psychobiological Health with Neuroplasticity Exercises
  • Working with Dreams : Dream Exploration & Analysis
  • How to Make ET Contact
  • Creative Exercises for Writers, Artists & Musicians
  • How to Communicate with People in the Afterlife.

Stay well People from the Small Blue Dot.

Brighty. đŸ˜‰


Steve Vai on Art and Letting Go

I love making art and I haven’t really done so for two years because I’ve been busy with writing and fixing my house. I’ve just recovered from the flu and have spent several days cleaning out my art shed where I had a recent mouse invasion (we have had a minor mice plague in our area). Anyway soon I plan on getting back to oil painting and doodling and I can’t wait !

Steve Vai is a wonderful guitarist who discovered that he could doodle about 5 years ago. I think Steve is a great example of how an artists expressions can evolve when you let go of judgement and just learn to have fun.



Last week I went away to Adelaide in South Australia to visit my sick mother and to support my son, who was teaching Magic the Gathering at Oz Comic Con. I used to live in the outer suburbs of Adelaide and still have a soft spot for the city. Often when I go places I don’t take photos but during this trip I borrowed my son’s iPhone (as I don’t own a phone) and went snap happy. Next time I return, I’ll try not to take a single photo. I try to be in the present moment without distraction as much as possible but sometimes I choose to put a camera in the way. What follows is a dodgy collection of photos of things that interested me. Enjoy !




South Australia 


Adelaide Museum


Adelaide Museum of Economic Botany