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Internal Worlds Are Waiting For You !

This is just a brief post before going to bed. I often post things late at night and sometimes they’re pretty rough and badly written. I’m tired and in no mood to write something well articulated tonight ! So consider this an introduction to a much deeper subject !

I’ve talked a number of times previously about co-creating an Internal World for ET contact I have a sense that not many people really understand what it’s all about and even fewer people believe that it’s possible. So let me  clarify the subject a little.

When you know your true nature, you know that you are at your core the luminosity that is within. Some human cultures have identified this. In Tibetan Buddhism it’s referred to as the Ground Luminosity, in the Near Death experience it’s referred to as the Light, in Neo Advaita, it’s sometimes referred to as the Self. The space faring ETs have all come to understand this in their own way. In addition they have a well-rounded understanding of how mind works and how mind creates reality. As a result of this, they also understand how imagination can shape reality. Their understanding of both the nature of the Self and the Mind and Imagination, allows them to interact with others in non physical ways.

Now, you might ask, why would they do that ? I’ll give you one simple reason…Space is big ! And because space is big, it is not always convenient to travel to a place to meet with a person. So sometimes it is more useful to meet a person in an internal world – a world that is created by the imagination.

This method has been used by different ETs for aeons but not all ETs (both planet bound and space faring) are comfortable with this method. But the vast majority of the space faring ETs are.  I’ve been told that at various times in human history, this method has been used by a small number of people to maintain contact with ETs. The majority of them were taught this by the ETs themselves.

In a future post I’ll explain more about how this method works with the ETs and that will explain more of why the ETs come across more than extraterrestrial and why the term extraterrestrial may actually be a misnomer !

So for now I just want to leave you with an appreciation of the possibilities that such methods open up for ET contact. Consider for a moment, this possibility. You ask an ET or a group of ETs to work with you to create a world in your imagination. You enter that world and discover a whole planet that looks nothing like anything you know. Soon after entering the world you meet the ETs who helped fulfil your request. From here on, what’s possible is like a choose your own adventure book. You might :

  • Meet with the ETs, introduce yourself and get to know them.
  • Be taught how to navigate through this new world.
  • Be given the life story of any of the beings.
  • Learn about any of their planets, cultures, societies, people or families.
  • Ask 101 questions and have some of them answered.
  • Be given lessons on any number of subjects.
  • Take a journey with any of the ETs around the planet &/or be simultaneously given lessons on any number of subjects.
  • Be taken from here to an actual physical world.
  • Be taken on board a physical craft.
  • Make a new friend/new friends.
  • Be given healing.
  • Receive help with a particular you are experiencing or have experienced repeatedly across lifetimes.
  • Be given large volumes of information with or without instruction on any subject.
  • Be shown the inner workings of particular forces/systems in the natural world.
  • Be taught about the life force and.or consciousness.
  • Be taught about the experiences or perspectives of other life forms (one’s that are familiar to you and ones that are not !).
  • Be taken to another internal world.
  • Be given the chance to invite others into your internal world (be they human or otherwise).
  • Be taken to another internal world where you might have the chance to meet large numbers of other ETs (think of this possibility like meeting a gathering of new people you don’t know at a conference, an airport or a dinner !).
  • Be taken into your own past or future.
  • be taken to see other lives (what we would think of as past or future lives or what Dude would call a conjoined space/conjoined life related to your current life).
  • Be taken to experience The Creator.

There’s no limit to what’s possible. It is after all about developing relationships.

At some point you will naturally want proof for yourself that what you are experiencing in the boundaries of your imagination, is actually real and more than just imagination. And if you are fortunate and patient, such an opportunity will be given to you (as it was to me last year).

The most important things to remember about this method, is that you require a still mind, complete awareness, a strong desire for contact, gratitude and to know why you want contact and what’s behind your intentions. Sure you can turn up and have no reason for wanting the experience but it will work best when you have clear reasons for wanting the experience. You can also (as I have done), have reasons for wanting contact but go in and let things unfold very organically, with no idea about where it’s going or what might be offered to you next !

Imagine that you have the ability to shape a lucid dream and to invite a friend to help shape the dream. But within the dream what takes place has a reality all of its own. And that reality can spill into your waking reality. That’s a little like what this process looks like.

The key to the whole thing is to remember that all separation between inner and outer worlds, is merely an illusion. There is only one. But when you enter an internal world with an ET in this way, the boundaries that you perceive between inner and outer, can break down very quickly ! So quickly that you maybe completely unprepared for what happens next ! 

People spend so much time and effort trying to establish contact with little green men out there ! Ignorant that little green men can equally be found within !

Don’t be afraid to try, just because it goes against everything you’ve been taught to believe !



David Jacobs is Right But He’s Wrong

Over the years many people have thrown the research of David Jacobs at me to ponder because they feel that I’m wrong about the ETs and that they are abducting us to fulfill some seedy agenda. I stand by my argument that the notion of abduction represents the perception of one’s experiences at the lower end of the developmental spectrum ( and not what is actually happening.

I’ve read several of David’s books and listened to many of his interviews. He has done a lot of good work, although I can say little about how he does his regression work or the people that he has worked with.

As far as I can tell he is one of those researchers who sees the small picture – how ETs appear to be to the person who feels powerless. His belief that ETs are infiltrating the planet, is at best naive and myopic and at worst just downright stupid and dangerous. Because David doesn’t seem to have had any contact experiences himself (and no history of contact experiences), he lacks the insight to truly understand the nature of these experiences. While he is right about a great deal of ET contact being clandestine (or subversive), he is completely wrong in his conclusions about what this means and why the ETs function the way that they do.

To play into his conclusions (and the conclusions of others like him), logically leads us to conclude that we live in a dystopian universe where living beings are caught in a battle between the forces of evil and good. Which, based on my own experiences with ETs, is a faulty and unhealthy way of thinking.

I suggest that those who are interested in the subject of ET contact (by whatever name you call it), examine cautiously the claims of people who believe that ETs have a dark agenda and are a threat to us. To take such claims at face value, is to play into ignorance and to lose sight of the larger picture of how different ET races interact with one another and how sentient life has evolved.



Why ETs Interact with Children

This will just be a brief post, as I have to limit my time on here, since my tumours have been giving me hell all week and I don’t want to make things any worse !

I thought I’d just introduce a topic I have been thinking about for many years – ET interactions with children. Let me start by saying that I’m not going to say anything about hybrids or hybrid children – now or ever because it’s all rubbish ! I’ve spoken about that before so that’s all I’ll say for now !

Lots of children on Earth are being visited by our ET friends. The reasons for these visits and their subsequent interactions are many and varied. So I thought that rather than going into the details of all the possible reasons I’d focus on a small selection of reasons and how such interactions might unfold. The primary reasons I believe that the ETs interact with children are :

  • They are continuing relationships that have been developed in other lives.
  • They are following through with things that were discussed with individuals, in what we would consider our afterlife.
  • They are working with children who have the capacity to influence the greater good (see Dude’s response to questions 7 & 9 in the Dude Interview).
  • They wish to help certain children to develop certain skill sets, abilities, temperaments, interests, ideas, ideologies and ways of functioning, that they will carry into adulthood. Such developments can then be used to help the greater good.
  • Children have less conditioning than adults and are more open to contact and building relationships with ETs.
  • They value life long friendships with humans.

The kinds of things that you might consider to be part of a picture that represents the ‘greater good’, include – relationships with ETs, caring for the Earth, caring for other species, caring for fellow humans, interspecies communication, harmonious ideologies and technologies, harmonious relationships with humans, other species and Earth itself, justice and equality for all beings, improved health and longevity and greater awareness and experiential knowledge of one’s true nature. Pretty simple stuff really but all the things that we humans have failed to achieve collectively !

So you might wonder what ET interactions with children look like ! To answer that, it’s probably best that I use myself as an example. My situation may not be typical in some ways but in other ways it is very typical. First I should tell you that my knowledge of my childhood contact comes from several sources. First, from my recollections of strange events. Second, from going back into my memories, using a deep form of relaxation and working with the body. This method has some similarity to hypnosis but is not the same. I’ll share this method in the ET Contact Audio Series. Third, by correlating certain things I remember with what my parents remember (my mother in particular). Fourth, through discussions with various ETs as an adult (including Dude and Anamika). Fifth, by having my ex wife use her bilocation skills and go back and verify things for me. Of course none of that means anything to you and you’re welcome to think it’s all crap ! But its my own truth !

My first contact occured when I was inutero and of course I have no memory of that. The next contact occured when I was 4 months old and I remember seeing several Teal’hia (including Anamika) standing around my cot and talking to me and looking into my eyes. Then on 18th June 1973, when I was 3 years and 8 months old, I had a visit from 3 ETs – including a female Muajra (Dude’s race), a male Nalpnto (Hoofy Foot) and Anamika (Teal’hia). They met me in my bedroom on a cold winters night. They asked me to put my slippers on and then they took me on board a craft, where I was given a health check and taken into a circular room and shown a series of projections related to the future (these included my sisters illness and how it would unfold, my own illness, the birth of my son and my son’s life, my friendship with Dude and some of the journeys he was to take me on, my life as a writer and some of the things I would write about. Dude told me recently that he was working with the female and she knew that he had a relationship with the woman who would become my partner (now ex). They were working together to ensure that we met one another and would have a relationship, among other things. He also told me that he went back to the this contact event, to understand what I was shown and how I reacted.

There were other interactions after that and several took place when I was 10/11 years old and my sister and I lived with our grandparents in western NSW (near the town of Meadow Flat) in a remote location. I would regularly go out on long walks collecting snakes and lizards and often be out longer than I thought I was. Sometimes the ETs would also visit me when we were asleep at night. On at least one occasion I believe I was taken off a 747 while travelling with my sister back to Hong Kong to visit our father. Fast forward to 1989, I was 20 and had my first conscious encounter with a being from the Zeta Reticuli star system.

Rather than going into the nitty gritty of every single experience, I’d like to focus on the third experience because I think it will give you a good sense of what takes place when ETs interact with children and why certain things happen.

Often when the ETs come, no matter what age you are, they give you a health check. This will usually involve lying on a table of some sort and having the table examine you and the ETs examine you with their hands and/or head (one race I know literally puts their head just above your body and seem to scan you energetically) or an instrument. During this particular visit on the night on 18th June 1973, I only had a brief check up. On this night I was introduced to two new races – The Nalpnto and the Muajra. From that point onwards I would regularly meet these two races and along with the Teal’hia, they seem to have played a significant role in monitoring and influencing my emotional, physical and spiritual well being. During the remainder of my visit onboard, I spent the majority of my time watching a projection about my own future and the future of people who would be part of my life. By now you maybe wondering what I wondered for many years, “Why the hell would you show a 3 1/2 year old his own future and some things, which are down right terrible ?”. Well, the reason is simple and not so simple !

My first memories of that night began to come through in my early twenties, when I began to feel protective about my little sister in a way that I hadn’t before. This sense of needing to protect here continued in different forms, very strongly up until 19th January 2011, when for the second time I was shown what would happen to my sister. Then they continued in a different form, up until 20th September 2014, when Dude took me to my sisters actual future. Meanwhile my memories of that 3rd visit continued to come back in dribs and drabs – in relation to certain things that were happening in my life. It wasn’t until my son was born that the contact event of 18th June 1973 started to make more sense but I still didn’t understand it.

So coming back to why. I kind of worked out the reasons why I was shown the things that would happen, by piecing together what had happened up until the point when my sister was diagnosed with her brain tumours last February. I understood somethings but not everything. Now I think I understand everything but I am not totally sure. I had my own ideas but I wanted to know more and so I asked Dude. When I asked him “Why show a little boy ?”, he said, “Remember we can take things away – the awareness of each event, so that it’s like receiving something new, each event.”. By that he meant this. The ETs showed the little boy a good event, explained it, then took it away from conscious awareness; then they showed him a bad event, explained it, then took it away from conscious awareness; until such time as each event had been shown, explained and then taken away and then the entire visit erased from conscious memory. But some part of the little boy’s psyche remembered everything and over time little things trickled into conscious memory or influenced certain choices. So the little boy who learned about his little sisters looming terminal illness and his own potentially fatal illness, was shown what would come, had it explained by 3 very loving caring beings and had the memory of tha entire event taken away until it needed to be remembered or some aspect of it remembered. In that way he was able to go on with his life without being immobilized or traumatized. And that is how the ETs mostly work with our memories. Often, as I’ve said countless times, we get sick and lose consciousness in the presence of the ETs. For some reason the ETs allowed me to remain conscious throughout the entire experience that night. Perhaps it was so they could show me the events of my future but perhaps it was so that one day I would remember everything they showed me. I don’t know for sure. But maybe it was both !

In relation to what they showed me. Dude said that the reason they showed me was because they wanted me to be prepared in every possible way for what was to come. The visit was a catalyst for my preparation. Why they wanted to prepare me and not other people, I can’t say. I have some ideas about that but I’d rather keep them to myself.

After the visit, I wouldn’t consciously remember what I’d seen because it would be too painful and I wouldn’t understand it. Regarding my sister, I developed a sense that she would be in big trouble if she didn’t make good choices and later I saw how her monkey mind was causing more trouble. I tried very hard to influence her choices but to no avail ! Because at an unconscious level I knew about my own looming illness, I became fascinated by cancer, tumour development and disease. I studied science and spent a good part of my free time exploring hypothetical cures for cancer. Later I was fascinated with a broader holistic view of health and disease, in particular how relationships and emotions effect the development of illnesses. It was as if I knew what was coming. Since the age of about 12 I was also fascinated by sickness and death. I could see that sickness and death were everywhere. I knew that people die and I was curious about what happens to the body and to the spirit after death. Sure, these are natural preoccupations for many people but for me they were obsessive and driven by a deep urge to understand. Almost as if by understanding I could be better prepared.

So when I look at the night of 18th June 1973 now and when I understand that some ETs have had relationship with me that spans my entire existence (such as the Teal’hia nd Sar’Won’Dee – see my Merging with the Light experience); it seems clear to me that preparing me for what was to come, the ETs were helping me to develop all the skills and abilities that I needed to pass through the difficulties in my life and most importantly, to be who I am today and who I will be tomorrow. If it wasn’t for the visit that night – this blog would probably not exist; I would never have attempted to initiate ET contact; I would have no awareness of Dude or have developed a relationship with him; I may not have endured all the difficulties that surrounded my son’s birth when he was diagnosed with congenital heart disease; I would be devastated by my sisters illness (while I’m upset, I’m not devastated); and I probably would never have picked up a pen and started writing as I sat listening to U2’s Joshua Tree in 1987 – a choice that has changed my entire life !

So the ETs interact with children because they care. By choosing to make contact with them and interact with them over the course of childhood, they help children to develop in ways that they otherwise would not develop and they prepare them for many of the challenges that lay ahead in life. By doing so, they also form invaluable friendships that mean as much to the ETs as they do humans. You may remember that Dude taught Rachel to bilocate and that profoundly influenced certain future human events but it also bonded their relationship, as they zipped in and out of places all around the globe, spanning several centuries. You may also remember the friendships that Dude had with the lady in western Sweden long ago and the man from the island near Mauritius many centuries ago – both of whom he first visited as children. Or the friendship he had with Ascanio Sobrero in Italy ! Dude also had many other relationships with human children that have come and gone over the millennia that he has been here.

I think there are certain patterns in how ETs interact with children. If  could simplify things, I’d say the following things are typical :

  • ETs influence the development of children inutero.
  • ETs have ongoing relationships with children that span other lives.
  • ETs work with children to influence who they become as adults for the great good.
  • ETs form friendships with children, that are sometimes forgotten when the children grow older.
  • ETs visit children regularly and check up on their health and development.
  • ETs foster the development of certain kinds of people.
  • Children will be visited at least 2-3 times as children and sometimes much more frequently. Some children will have ET visits that are daily for long periods of time but these kinds of visits will diminish markedly over time.
  • Children who are taken on board craft, are routinely given a health check, taught certain things unconsciously and occasionally consciously, given tours of the craft and introduced to other beings and shown Earth from space.

I think children are shown their own futures very occasionally because most children don’t need to be shown.

So think of this as a primer on why ETs interact with children. perhaps I’ll write a follow up, after I have discussed the issue at greater length with several of my ET friends !

If you know of a child who maybe having ET contact, please don’t hesitate to talk to them openly about their experiences and listen as much as you can without judgement.

ET Art Projects

Hey folks, life has been very busy the last few weeks and I have been sick with my tumours and busy trying to help my sister with her brain tumours.

Here’s a couple of ET Art Projects that I’m exploring. Some of you will be aware of The ET Art Project, that I have mentioned here before.

If you’d like to support either project, your donations would be greatly appreciated (see tab on the right) !

I have a bunch of TSMs I should have up by the end of the week and will return to blogging next week.

Life is just very busy right now and I have a lot of outdoor work to do and little time free for the internet.

Wishing you all well,

Bright. 😉


ET Contact Experiencer Enrique Villanueva

I am a very skeptical person and very wary of many so called ET contact experiencers. The minute I hear Reptilians, Hybrids or good aliens vs bad aliens, I instantly lose interest.

A few years ago I came across an interview with Enrique Villanueva and at the time I thought, “He seems like the real deal.” I have to admit that I am not very familiar with Enrique or his experiences but from what I have heard in various interviews, Enrique says many of the same things that I have been saying – albeit in his own unique way. I’m keen to hear more of what Enrique has to say.  And at this point I’d suggest that he is one of the experiencers that you really pay attention to.

He speaks in a similar way about what I call Telempathy and Internal Contact – although his interpretations of this are different. He also emphasizes that once you’ve had contact, you know what is real and you move past fear and doubt about whether the ETs exist and what they are like. We seem to be speaking the same language in our own unique way.

Outwardly Enrique strikes me as exactly the kind of person that the ETs would be interested in – as someone who can transmit the truth of experience and the truth of who the ETs really are.

More about Enrique here :


What ET contact feels like

A lot of people have asked me what it feels like to have ET contact and while I have tried to explain that in the context of specific encounters, I probably haven’t explored the subject in a more general way. So this post will be an effort to explain what it feels like to meet and spend time with an ET. To do this I’ll talk generally about the experience and a little about what it is like with specific races.

For the sake of this post I am only going to focus on face to face contact.

Usually when I have met an ET face to face, it has occurred when the ET has either come down to the ground to meet me, when I’ve been taken me on board a craft or when they have come down to the ground to meet me and then taken me on board the craft. Now once on board a craft, the interactions have take place on the craft, in a reality that seems like it was not on the craft (see my video on being taken to merge with the light) or on another planet. Some brief interactions have also taken place while in transit between a planet’s surface and the craft. But I’ll leave that for now.

Many times when I have had contact, I am suddenly surrounded by a field of light – which can may have a golden sparkly appearance or a pure whiteness to it, or some variation that sits between the two. At that point I usually notice something odd is going on but I feel physically OK. Then I will suddenly notice one or more beings and at that point there is an almost instantaneous sense of being overwhelmed emotionally and physically. You start to feel really sick and develop a terrible nausea which can make you black out. Also, if you pay attention, you start to feel highly emotional. For me that manifests as me getting upset, crying and feeling really vulnerable. For other people it can manifest as anger or a bad temper or uncontrollable erratic behaviour. What seems to be happening at this point, is that the energy of the ETs seems to envelop our own energetic field and it’s too much for our bodies to deal with and subsequently we struggle to control the functioning of our brain and heart and we’re overwhelmed emotionally. In addition many races also elicit a strong sense of vulnerability in us, which I believe is related to the fact that they know their own true nature. Without trying to do so, many of them emit a sense of unconditional love, unlike anything we experience with another human being. People for whom the emotion manifests as anger, temper or erratic behaviour, don’t seem to recognise this because their fear has come to dominate them. That’s a principal reason (but not the only one) why my ex wife was involved in tracking down and killing ETs (see previous post) – as a single ETs presence could disturb thousands of people in any given locality and create chaotic behaviour in the masses.

The vulnerability that you experience is very hard to deal with. Which is why most people black out and stay unconscious during contact. I’ve seen people like that on board and they look like zombies – there but not there and others who look asleep. In the last decade something seems to have happened to me to reduce the vulnerability. The first thing is that the ETs will often stabilize my body by either being near me or by placing a hand or hands on various parts of my body – usually my chest. And after they do that, I feel normal again and remain fully aware in their presence. The second thing is that it feels like I am acquiring a kind of immunity, in which I am now able to tolerate their energies and I know how they make me feel, so I am better prepared for when they arrive. During my encounter in the paddock next door on January 16th, when I met 13 ETs who came to visit me, I didn’t seem to have any ill effects in their presence and I think it was a combination of some kind of energetic immunity and perhaps they did something before they came down, which neutralized the effects they would have on me.

I should explain as well that most ETs have these effects on people but their maybe a small number who do not. Most of the human ETs seem to have less effect on us but that might just be because I am now used to seeing them. In addition I should clarify something else. The ETs can interact with us by being present in our reality to different degrees. You might think of it as a kind of phasing range. Phased in at 100 %, they are entirely here; at 50 % they are half here and half somewhere else and at 25 % they are a quarter here and three quarters some where else. Most ETs I have encountered only seem to have the overwhelming physical and emotional effects when they are phased in 100 % but I have experienced the same effects, even when they appear to be maybe 50:50. It’s really hard to tell and of course the idea of phasing is just a metaphor to explain things to you. But hopefully you get what I am trying to say. Different beings have different energies and depending on the degree to which tehy are in our reality, their energies will come across differently.

So, back to what happens. You see them and wham bam, you hit the ground, unless they help you before hand or at the time. And then they begin walking towards you. At this point how they respond to you, will depend on the nature of your relationship with them and where you are in your relationship with them (see my developmental continuum on the subject). Usually for me now, as they approach me they say something to the effect  “Do not be afraid, we mean you no harm, we have come to visit you” or “check your health etc.”. If they are an ET I know personally, they will usually introduce themselves, “Hello Bright it is Puk’dah” etc. They often then take you by the hand, I think because it provides us with comfort and because it helps them to strengthen our energies.

Now at this point what they do with you will depend on a whole bunch of factors. If it’s simply a catch up or a check up, they may do it where you are or they may do it on board a craft. Sometimes if it is to be done where you are, they will lay you back on the bed or on the ground and tell you to relax and proceed to tell you what they are doing. If they wish to do it on board a craft, they will usually lead you to a specific point and then you will be encompassed by a field of light, like the one they arrived in.

So a quick intermission. How does it feel up to this point ? Well, for many people its terrifying and as I have said many times before, that is because they are at the lower end of the developmental spectrum in regard to ET contact. They do not trust and or they are unwilling to relinquish control. For many people there is this whole issue about consent. For me that is now a blah blah blah issue – get over it I say ! (I hear feathers ruffling ! 😉 ). If you don’t relinquish control and learn to trust, you will fear everything that is not your body. Every human and every living thing likes control but real growth and understanding only comes when you learn to let go of control and expectation and be vulnerable ! So for me, how does it feel ? Well when the light arrives, it often catches me off guard because 9 times out of 10, it will be when I’m not trying to have contact. Sure I have lots of contact during contact sessions but often the ETs come after a session or at other times. So when I see the light I am startled and then I get intensely excited and curious. If I hit the deck, that experience is terrible – struggling to stay awake and focused and not to throw up and blubbering like a baby. And then sometimes that passes. But other times when I don’t have a bad reaction, I am overwhelmed with joy and excitement and I feel this palpable sense of being unconditionally loved. There’s nothing on Earth that compares to that feeling. I am so excited, I am nearly pissing myself with happiness and I often I find myself being overly affectionate to the ETs – hugging them and holding their hands and thanking them. I’m like a tadpole in a giant pond or a kid in a toy shop ! When Dude sees me like this, he sometimes shakes his head and tells me to “calm down !”.

Back to the light. Now, two possibilities seem to exist with the light. One, the light field opens space between the ground and the craft and takes you on board. You step into it and then almost instantly appear on board the craft. Two, the light field is not just a light field. Certain ETs appear to be able to transform their consciousness/life force into light and may appear as balls of light or a light field of any shape. When this occurs you go into the light field and it’s as if your consciousness/life force merges with theirs, goes into the craft and then un-merges and you appear on the craft. I always find arriving on the craft an incredible experience. Most craft are very spacious and minimalist. Most craft are also sentient life forms – so the minute you arrive on the craft, if you’ve done this before and remained conscious – you know that the craft is watching out for you and knows your every need and preference. Lots of things can happen at this point. You may have a health check, in which you’ll be taken to a specific room to lay on a table and the ETs will examine you. You might then have an opportunity to be shown what was learned about your health. And I always find this part really fascinating. First you lay on this really cool morphing table and you’re being touched and you feel like you’re the centre of the universe – like you have something that is so interesting, you’re worth studying. And then you get to sit down and explore what they’ve learned about your health. And unlike a human doctor, the ETs speak in a way that you understand and will help you to understand with real 3 dimensional projections of YOUR BODY ! You get to see the ETs working and how they work and you get to see the technology (which may or may not be sentient) working and see things you would never be able to see with human technology. But you also feel incredibly important and like you are greatly valued. Of course the folks who are still frightened, see everything in hellish terms because they’re internal projections are in the way. Just watch anyone who is going in for surgery on Earth and you’ll see what I mean ! People don’t realize how much they depend on the sense of control !

After a health check, you might be shown some images of the present or the future. Having experienced this many times, I can truly say that it feels very confronting. You think you want to know the future but to see it is very overwhelming. The ETs will only show you what they know you can handle. But sometimes the memories of what you are shown feel like a great weight to carry. Which is why most of the time, they take such memories away from us or block them until you are ready to deal with them. Take my sisters illness as an example. The initial memories of being shown what would happen to my sister, were hidden from me for 25 years. And even after I started to remember, I wasn’t able to accept what I thought I remembered.

If you’re up for it, you might also be given a tour of a craft; in which you will have the opportunity to see one level or several levels of the craft; to meet the crew; to interact with the craft; to be given a room to rest in; or to learn how to pilot a craft (where a pilot is present). When ever I have had this opportunity, I feel like a little boy who knows nothing. You have all these really interesting people who are busy doing something in the craft and they take the time out to speak with you and tell you what they are doing. The feeling for me was a little like when my dad used to fly planes and he would let me spend the trip in the cockpit (can’t do that anymore thanks to the so-called Global Threat of Terror ! 😉 ). And after I’d walk back down the aisles to the toilets or to go for a walk and everyone would be staring at this kid in his socks who just came out of the cockpit and my head would be bigger than a basketball and I had a smile that spanned a continent. It is pretty damned exciting ! But the most confronting thing is trying to remember everything that you’ve seen and been told.

Sometimes you are even introduced to other humans on board who are either unconscious or awake and you get to talk or you maybe asked to interact with them (even if they’re unconscious). That’s always a very strange experience to me and I’m always very reserved and reluctant at first. Once I get talking to someone who’s conscious, it feels like you’re with a kindred spirit – someone who knows what you’re feeling and who maybe like you. It seems that some races like the Teal’hia , bring people who are similar, on board at the same time. But then even when you interact with someone who’s unconscious, you feel this special bond – like you know this person and you will meet them one day when they are awake. I’ve always felt a deep connection to all the people I have met on board. And I know that in some way, our paths will cross one day. I’ve yet to meet anyone I met on board because they keep quiet about their experiences but I know where to find several of them. I think it’s best just to let the universe do its thing and wait until we’re supposed to meet in person on Earth. It is a wonderful feeling and quite an indescribable feeling to know that you are connected to people you don’t otherwise know in waking life and connected to them in ways that you will probably never understand.

One of the best things about being taken on board is when you are given a place to rest – often a room of your own. This seems to only happen if you are going to spend more than a couple of hours away. When you have a sentient craft, you are given the opportunity to wash, toilet, eat, view and converse with the craft. The craft can create anything you want and you might think, “Great, I’ll ask the craft to make me a million dollars and I’ll smuggle it back down !” . But it doesn’t work like that. When you are conscious on board you seem to be functioning from a place a deep authenticity. You can’t bullshit the people or the craft because they’ll just know. So, much as I might need a million dollars, I don’t ask the craft for it. But I have enjoyed asking for specific meals and sleeping in the best bed I have ever experienced and gazing endlessly out of the windows the craft made for my room. Everything is fascinating to me (except human politics) and when I have an opportunity to look out a window, I am mesmerized and intoxicated with what I am seeing. But the craft can also make the trip more rewarding by making a room that suits your preferences (it knows them automatically); by setting the right physical parameters in the room; by adjusting the qualities of the windows (transparency etc); by providing you with your favourite food and drink; by providing you with the best toilet, bath; shower or hot tub that you could imagine; by playing any music you desire; by providing you with visualizations to help you understand where you are and where you are going; and by talking with you about anything you wish to talk about. These craft are very old and have accumulated countless experiences and have a great deal of wisdom. They’re not just an algorithm driven artificial intelligence ! They are living beings who like to listen and like to talk. And while you are conversing with them, they know everything you are feeling physically and emotionally, so they never upset you ! For me this felt deeply comforting to be able to converse and commune inside a living being and feel like I was understood and accepted for what I am. There isn’t a counselor on Earth who can make you feel as understood and accepted as these craft do. I for one, felt deeply honoured to be on board and to be able to engage with the craft. Each craft has a unique personality and set of qualities that make it a unique individual. And for someone like me, who is fascinated by life, that is an incredible gift to be given – to learn about these different craft and to see their uniqueness in action. Imagine being taken by the Dalai Lama into his most secret chamber and being introduced to all the people living and dead, who have been his teachers and being allowed to interact and converse with them. I imagine what I have experienced, kind of feels like that. Like you’ve been given something deeply personal, something deeply authentic and something deeply wise – that you didn’t earn by any virtue, other than being who you are !

There are lots of other on board experiences I could talk about but I think there is one that surpasses all others that I ought to talk about. And that is the feeling you have when you are standing, staring out a window at Earth. For me, it was one of 5 of the GREATEST EXPERIENCES of my life. The other 4 being – the birth of my son, being taken by the Teal’hia and the Sar’won’dee to merge with the light, being taken to the Boab tree and through the future by Dude and being taken to another world by Dude. I’ve tried hard to explain what it felt like to see Earth from space but it really is beyond words.



All I can honestly tell you about how that experience felt, is that I was overwhelmed looking at the place on which everything I had ever known had taken place. All the people I have ever loved were down there and I was up here, far away and for a short while, I didn’t know if I would be with them again. And beyond the Earth, darkness like you have never seen and pinpricks of light. I think that experience in 2011 was a pivotal turning point in my life, in which I started to feel so much of the suffering of this world and to care about LIFE in all it’s forms. I’d always had that sense but after that day, it became a dominant feature of my life and it’s one of the reasons I plant so many trees and write and talk about biodiversity whenever I can.

In some ways this is just one incredible experience in my life. As I said there are 5 experiences really stand out. And while it might not be something that is offered to everyone who has ET contact, it was offered to me. And that of course was the experience that Dude gave me of visiting another planet – which happened to be one of his favourite worlds and a world his father used to take him to visit when he was young.  I haven’t yet written about that experience and I don’t know where to even begin. But I’ll tell you how it felt. We arrived on this world on which there were two races of highly evolved being who are closely related but very different. They were very welcoming and very kind. Dude then took me to a place that was high above the hugest valley I have ever seen. And as we walked around I could see that there was vegetation as far as the eye could see. And there was life in abundance on the ground and in the air. And at one point after I had nearly rubber necked myself into oblivion, Dude and I sat down on some rocks. After a few minutes talking and looking at each other, I suddenly burst into tears and sobbed harder and longer than I have ever sobbed at any time in my life. I was totally overwhelmed with emotion and everything that I had ever held back, came flooding out of me. And Dude just let me cry and didn’t say a thing. At the end, after he had asked me a few questions and said a few things, I looked up at him (as I was on a rock below his rock) and felt overwhelmed by gratitude. And so I told him how grateful I was but no matter what I said, no words seemed to convey what I felt. But not just the gratitude but the love that I felt for him. He didn’t have to do what he did for me. But he did. He gave me a day of life that I will never forget. I, who am no one, nothing significant or special, just an ordinary man who has little influence on the affairs of the world. In his eyes I was worthy of this and no human had ever made me feel that way. Not even the people I have loved and who have loved me. A year later when I asked him why he did it for me, all he said was “Because I wanted to.” And when I pressed him on the subject, the best he could offer was, “Do I need any other reason ?”. So when people talk about all these bad, hostile, evil aliens who do heinous things, I sometimes get pissed off and wish I could detonate an asshole bomb. The reality I know of how the ETs really are, is so much different to what most people believe.

So, now a little about how it feels with a couple of races. I’ll start with Dude. Dude belongs to the Muajra race and I have heard it said by other humans that the Muajra are the ETs that best put humans at ease. They are very easy-going and likable. Take Dude and his willingness to emulate us, including his mastery of swearing and his acidic tongue. It’s all a big joke for him and when you’re with him, that aspect of his persona makes you feel like you’re with a Zen Master, who also happens to be the funniest person alive. He can be deadly serious and terrifying one second and have you in stitches the next. Often when I meet Dude, he just appears – no light, nothing. He’s just there. One thing that he does incredible well is making you feel comfortable. Whether it’s with his behaviour – his swearing and his jokes and his mannerisms (he’d be a great actor ! 😉 ) or his ability to notice how you are feeling. He has this capacity to know what you are feeling in ways that no human can – like he’s there in the core of your being – which in my case is true. Dude will know things about you, that you don’t even consciously know about yourself. And so when he says something, even if its offensive or confronting – you have to take notice and listen to what he;s saying because everything he says has a reason behind it. Dude is also very nonchalant. For example, he might take you on board and then introduce you to someone and then just walk off. But you know that he’s aware of you’re every thought and feeling and will make sure you are OK, no matter where he is on that craft or what he’s doing. The Teal’hia on the other hand can appear a bit aloof – like they don’t care. Sometimes when the Teal’hia interact with you, it’s as if they don’t feel what you feel or understand what you feel. But they do, they just express it differently. And unless you recognize that, it’s easy to get unsettled. What I have found with the Teal’hia over many years, is that once you move into being conscious and can handle their presence, they will share everything with you. They are very intense and that can be very unsettling. But they are also deeply loving and when they show you something or do something, you know it comes from a place of great love. They don’t just care about the body, they care about your eternal spirit and so sometimes they appear to care less about the body, than the REAL YOU. But that’s just our projection and our interpretation of them.

One of the very confronting things about the Teal’hia is their diminutive stature. They’re about 3.5-4.5 feet tall and move very gently. And when they are on a planet’s surface, they walk on a light field – so as not to hurt any living thing. So you see this very small delicate being, who is very softly spoken and they look superficially like children. And that’s a really strange feeling to sit with. Here is this being who looks like a child, who has a very gentle nature but it knows everything about me, creates entire universes and can do anything it wants – even take me beyond the body. I have found that the best way to deal with being confronted by this, is to be accepting of how they are, to be trusting, to be respectful and to be curious. So here’s this being who is small and yet wise and loving. If you pay attention when you are with them, you learn a lot about how they see reality and how they see you. The Teal’hia, at least the way it feels to me – see all of existence as an expression of God and that everything is worthy of love. So their focus appears to be on caring for and nurturing other life forms, so that they too might experience their divine nature. Being in the presence of beings who see your divine nature and who exhibit their own divinty, is a very harrowing experience. It strips you to the core and leaves no room for strong displays of ego. You are vulnerable and nothing you do can change that.

The Sar’won’dee are very different to the other two races, primarily because of their height. There are two sub groups – one about 10-11 feet tall and another about 14-15 feet tall. Whenever they have visited me, the thing that I feel above everything else – is short ! I spend most of my time craning my neck up trying to look at their faces and they spend most of their time craning their necks down trying to look at my face. Often they will crouch down or sit down to make it easier. I have a sense that this is a common experience for them. And even though there are other tall races, it seems that most are significantly shorter. However despite their height, the Sar’won’dee are very caring. They really are gentle giants and don’t use their height to dominate others in any way. Although, once when they met me in my back yard, they put their hands behind my back and pushed me along the light field, because I was just about crapping myself ! The Sar’won’dee make you feel like you matter and care immensely for your comfort, your well-being and your emotional state. They try hard to lessen the trauma of the experience.

I’ll leave it at that when it comes to specific races. Perhaps I can write more about this another time, if it interest you. I thought however I’d just go back to January 16th this year and tell you about what it felt like to have 13 ETs visit me and to be standing under a huge craft. First let me paint the picture for you again. I had asked for contact several times prior to the event. I had also asked for contact during my walk and made a brief audio journal entry.It was between 5-6 am and I was wandering in my neighbors paddock in my dressing gown. I had bad hair. It’s important you know that I looked like a dogs breakfast and had bad gas from Spaghetti the night before ! I was farting from the moment I got out of bed ! I was this ugly looking semi naked smelly human wandering around in an empty paddock !  And then all of a sudden there is a bright white light and 13 beings in front of me. I look up and see this humongous craft that almost covers the entire visible sky. And then they greet me and begin to come over towards me. And as I said earlier, I didn’t feel sick at all, so they must have done something to stabilize my body and/or I’ve aquired some kind of energetic immuity. I remember briefly thinking “God, look at the state of me !” and then the thought went away and I gave them all hugs and greeted them and sat down and had a very rewarding conversation about a number of topics. Most humans would be overly conscious of how they look, especially when it comes to interacting with other human beings. I mean, you wouldn’t want to meet the Pope in your birthday suit or President Obama in your dressing gown or Bono in your Ugg Boots ! And yet here I was and I felt so relaxed looking as I did, in the presence of 13 beings from other worlds. And why is that ? I think it’s because they just don’t care how you look. They’re interested in who you really are. And you really feel that. You feel it to your core. So while for a brief moment I was self conscious, overall I was able to be myself, knowing that they didn’t give a rat’s arse about my outer appearance (or smell).  Who they are, allowed me to be who I am and in communing this way, we met spirit to spirit.

On several occasions during this experience I thanked my friends for coming and I had this overpowering sense, once again, of gratitude. I’m just an ordinary human being and yet 3,500 or so ETs flew here, so that 13 of them could come down and visit me – in the middle of so many other important priorities. What did I do to deserve this ? But this is what I have learned about the ETs. THEY THINK YOU MATTER ! And even though they may have lots of other priorities, if they can and if it fits in with your own development, they will make the effort to visit you and spend time with you. The visit that day had a huge impact on my life, especially in view of the follow up oncology CT I had later that day and my decision to go ahead with medical treatment for my tumours.

So now everyday when I drive past the paddock next door, I remember the kindness of all those ETs who made the effort to come and visit me and to provide me with comfort. It is no longer just an empty paddock, but a place of memories that will never be erased from my spirit. And the memories themselves have become something else. A kind of imaginarium (in which what was real has come and gone but remains), in which I see this giant craft and these incredible beings standing around a small smelly man in a stripey blue dressing gown with wild unbrushed hair. Sometimes I picture the scene as a painting on a huge white wall in an art gallery. And I wonder if I could pull that scene out of my spirit and render it in pictures, if I could ever convey the wonder and the joy I felt for a short while in the last hour before dawn, on a day in the middle of summer.

Probably not. The best I can do is to look forward to the next big encounter. Because that’s what ET contact really feels like. Every contact opens you up to the joy of being alive and the yearning to reconnect with our comsic family.


A recent ET encounter : 4th January, 2016

Hey folks, after 4 attempts to upload a video of a recent encounter, it’s finally worked. So, here it is ! Please read the intro on the YT site for more information.

Enjoy ! 😉



Signs that you may have had ET contact

Some time ago I was bored enough to follow up on some links that were brought to my attention, regarding signs that indicate you’ve been abducted by aliens. I couldn’t help myself and was more than rewarded with abundant stupidity ! The following links are the sort of thing that are guarenteed to bring a smile to your face :

I mean honestly people, most of the human race suffers from these problems ! I wonder who the hell is stupid enough to swallow this crap ? Having said that, there are some things on all these lists that do correspond with possible contact.

If you find such lists interesting, I suggest that you read this article first and consider the implications of these simple conclusions seriously before you dismiss them. Most people who believe in this subject, tend to ignore ALL psychological theories and chuck the baby out with teh bath water. Which is a shame, because these ideas also have merit. I certainly agree with one of the conclusions here, that conditioning lends itself to people believing they’ve had contact with ETs, when they really haven’t. And it shapes the contact narrative. Which is one reason why I totally reject the grey/reptilian mythology.

John Mack is the one person who seems to have done justice to assessing this subject, as he did here in this article But I think that it was early days yet for Dr Mack’s research, especially in terms of how the signs of contact and what contact means, changes over the life span.

So in this article, I’d like to elaborate on what I believe are signs you’ve had ET contact. But first let me make a couple of things very clear. I could write a book on this subject, so what follows is a simplification and a summary. Also, it’s worth remembering how we recognize contact will change over the course of a person’s life, as will the way they interpret their experiences. I will not talk about Alien Abduction. That’s a descriptor for people who do not understand the nature of their experiences, or who have had military style abduction experiences or who believe all the social conditioning around the subject and are unwilling to move past fear and separation. I will only ever talk about ET contact, ET experiences and human-ET relationships. It can be useful SOMETIMES to classify signs of contact into different categories. For brevity sake, I will keep it simple and refer to PYSCHOSPIRITUAL and PHYSICAL categories. But we could use a lot more categories to investigate the subject.  And finally, it is useless to look at any of these signs in isolation and to conclude that any one of them indicates that you’ve had ET contact. Better to think of them as occurring in clusters. Clusters which vary across the life span. Now this is a really critical point because the types of interactions that we can have with our ET friends, will vary, depending on the length of our relationship with them and where we’re at in our relationship with them and how we interpret the experience. Some people never move past fear and never develop a face to face relationship, so the only signs they ever recognize are strange body marks. Where as other people who have a more mature relationship, will recognize many signs, in addition to having conscious memories of contact.

I think it’s also important to say, that ET contact is probably best described as a Transpersonal experience, in which people have experiences that transcend the normal sense of separateness and being bound in time and space. In some ways speak of the collective experiences that stem from the mythologies of all people and all times. The experiences often take place in another form of reality (that sometimes overlaps with this one) and because of this, when they return, it is often very difficult to make sense of what occurred and to find the right language to describe it. Therefore it can take years for a person to integrate the experience and to go ahead in life, with an awareness of the signs to stay alert for – that something strange is about to happen or has happened. In addition, new experiences might occur before they have fully integrated the last experience, so there is a tension in the flow of understanding or a difficultly in integrating the flux of experience. For the genuine ET experiencer, there is an ongoing effort to integrate these experiences and to understand fully what they mean. No matter how many contacts you’ve had, there is always something new, which brings with it, new experience, knowledge, insight, understanding and wisdom. And what was once a sign of contact, may no longer be a sign of contact. New signs may appear, that relate to a whole new set of experiences.

So, that being said here’s a basic list of signs that indicate that you may have had ET contact.

Physical Signs :

  • Time contractions and expansions (lost time and gained time). You might notice anomalies in clocks in building or in cars or on phones or wrist watches; that appear to correspond with an anomalous event, that may have seen you transported somewhere else. These sometimes occur with other people.
  • Physical scars and blemishes, such as bruises, bruises with specific shapes, scoop marks, circle marks and marks that correspond with specific patterns or constellations. Always be sure to check clothing and bedding for corresponding marks. Always look for obvious causes first.
  • unexplained soreness in specific locations, lasting up to a week. This can often indicate an underlying physical illness but it can also indicate that you’ve had an ET examination, a sample taken from your body or something placed in your body.
  • Face to face contact with ETs or balls of light. Not all balls of light are ET in origin but some are.
  • Seeing a UFO/ET craft, lights/balls of light in the sky or on the ground, at close distance, medium distance of far distance. Sometimes seeing craft/lights, masks an actual encounter and sometimes it’s just seeing.
  • Seeing strange flashes of light and/or amorphous lights in your house/car at close proximity.
  • Hearing an unknown external or internal voice, while in the presence of a UFO/ET craft, lights or balls of light. Sometimes, this indicates that the ET’s are attempting to connect with you. This often precedes a contact event but may also follow a contact event.
  • Hearing an unknown or known external or internal voice while alone. Now this can often indicate some form of psychosis, in which auditory hallucinations are taken to be real. Sometimes however, these voices are ETs attempting to speak to you.
  • Suddenly feeling nauseous or sick. Of course such signs can indicate all kinds of other things. But this sign in conjunction with other signs, is a strong indicator of imminent ET contact or ET contact having happened. (see Psychospiritual signs for more).
  • Unexplained sounds emanating from one or more directions.


Psychospiritual Signs :

  • Strong feelings that something is not quite right. This feeling is not the same as paranoia and other strong emotions that accompany most forms of psychosis/schizophrenia/bipolar disorder/personality disorders. It is usually accompanied by nausea or sickness and disorientation. This happens because ETs function at a different energetic level, which is sometimes too much for our bodies to cope with. It also happens when we are suddenly transported from one place to another/one reality to another. This is the strongest indicator that you’ve had contact, if it occurs in conjunction with numerous other indicators, especially nausea or sickness.
  • Sudden knowledge of a subject that you otherwise knew little about. This may occur as a result of an implantation or education session while on board an ET craft.
  • Profound and sudden insights into the nature of reality. This may occur as a result of a recent or distant implantation, awakening into your consciousness, now that you are ready.
  • Flash backs of experiences with ETs or having being on board an ET craft. These may come suddenly and be very brief but become longer with time. Often a recurrent flashback may occur, such as the moment the ETs arrived or sudden and unexpected lights. Other flashbacks may include seeing ET faces or having some form of examination.
  • Great feelings of love for some aspect of Earth.
  • A feeling of connection to all life on Earth and life elsewhere in the cosmos.
  • A strong desire to connect with HOME. Home being the place where the soul originates – the undifferentiated primal source of all – which some might call GOD. Home is not a planet somewhere else. Sometimes the sense of HOME arises, when we meet ETs who know their true nature, who have experienced HOME.
  • A strong curiosity to know who the ETs are and the truth of who they are, which supersedes all cultural conditioning.
  • Dreams about balls of light, lights, UFO’s, ET craft, ETs or ET civilizations. Whilst it’s true that these kinds of dreams can relate to previous ET contact experiences, they are just as often, or more so, likely to be symbolic dreams, which relate to teh ordinary experiences of life. People are so desperate for ET contact, they are unwilling to consider that balls of light, lights, UFOs, ET craft, ETs or ET civilizations are perfect symbols for the expression of an endless variety of experiences and feelings in the life of humans. They also demonstrate the unfolding of several different Jungian archetypes, which if looked at honestly, say more about where a person is at in life, than anything else. But dreams of this nature, can indicate ET contact, especially if had in conjunction with other signs, especially time distortions, flashbacks, feeling that something is not quite right, seeing lights and craft and face to face contact.

There are no doubt many other signs but I strongly urge you to consider that these signs might also be indicators of other experiences – some of them physical and some of them emotional. While others might be a blend of both. They might also be indicators of other transpersonal experiences that are equally important but that have nothing to do with ET contact experiences.

This is an area that I feel is desperately in need of serious research, involving people who have research experience that embraces both transpersonal psychology/anthropology/mind body science and the ET contact field. It’s too easy for people to jump on the band wagon and say I have x, y and z sign; therefore I’ve had contact. When in fact, what these signs might be indicating, is an underlying personality disturbance (I don’t believe in the concept of mental illness) or a transpersonal crisis of a different order and a deep lack of awareness, combined with a strong desire to join dots that are otherwise unconnected to one another.

Having said all that, genuine ET contact, does create a transpersonal (lets call it spiritual) crisis for the individual. Once your egg has been cracked open and your world view has been shattered, you’re never the same again and you’ll spend the rest of your life, trying to integrate what you’ve experienced and learned.



More reading here :

Farewell from Bright Garlick

Dear Friends :

I am writing this farewell letter to you, for future reference and because I do not know for sure that I will outlive my tumours. So what follows is a kind of soliloquy and a kind of remembrance. This is not the end of ET and I, only an early farewell.

It has now been over 8 1/2 years since I was first diagnosed with Carcinoid Cancer and I had my left kidney removed. Life with tumours has been both challenging and deeply rewarding. Please don’t offer me any advice on how to heal. I appreciate it but am exhausted by the countless well intentioned but poorly informed suggestions. My thoughts on this subject can be found here : and below :



It seems that my tumours have been with me for a very long time – maybe even since I was 10 or 11 years of age. I’m so used to having them, that I can’t remember what life was like before I had them. And as a result I’ve grown used to the discomfort and pain that they bring. I don’t like it but it is what it is. I know that tumours for me are a natural state, in which my body is attempting to communicate with my mind and bring about harmony for my entire being. In order to be free of tumours, I believe that I need to attend to the root causes – deep emotional issues and patterns that have been with me for much of my life. Since diagnosis (lets call it introducing the thought form) I’ve done a great deal of attending to the root causes but there remains a couple of critical issues which I am still struggling with. One of which being the sometimes very turbulent relationship I have with my son. A while back, I moved away from the mountains to flee the constant noise of tourists and invasions of our privacy and am now enjoying a quieter, if not harsher but infinitely more serene life on the plains.

For more than 5 years, I have resisted the suggestions of my oncologist to accept treatment, knowing full well (as he does too) that there is no medical cure. One of the reasons I refuse treatment is because I don’t want to endure any more time in hospitals and being shrouded in an environment of sickness. Another reason is that my body is acutely sensitive to all foreign chemicals and I’m not so sure I would cope well with any form of chemotherapy or hormone therapy. And finally, I detest the entire CANCER INDUSTRY, which supports millions of jobs and Big Pharma, who make trillions of dollars out of cancer treatments. Billions of dollars in fundraising have yet to cure the group of diseases known as cancer. And no amount of money will find a cure because medicine has the wrong idea about cancer. And for that matter, so does most of the alternative health industry. You cannot cure tumours by having an adversarial approach, or by altering energy, the bodies immune system or the bodies genes. You can only cure tumours by altering how the organism functions. Sure, tumours have a multifactorial origin and there are tumours that are primarily environmental in origin but all tumours can be cured by bringing the mind into a harmonious relationship with the body.

So, since about April this year, I’ve had some periods where I was really sick and right now I am going through another one of them. This time my largest tumour, feels like it’s bulging through my side. So I am giving it a few more weeks and going to make a decision in January as to whether to accept treatment. I’ve changed my mind about this because Dude suggested that it might be worth reconsidering. Ultimately, if I do accept treatment, it might shrink my largest tumour and stop it from shutting down an organ or creating any more new tumours. But after that, it will be up to me to continue what I believe is effective. Shrinking my tumours, may buy me time. But that’s all. And right now I need time. My tumours took a long time to grow and I think they need time to shrink because it takes time to change emotional patterns.

But some days I find myself wondering if after everything, I’ll pull through. I find myself wondering if I have bound myself with an unhealthy thought form, in the way that I believe I need to address the root causes. I mean, I’ve been taught by Dude and two of my guides that all I need to do is to allow myself to feel healthy and nothing more. No attending to root causes ! I try to do that but I am easily caught up in emotional discomfort, when my tumours begin to hurt. So sometimes, thoughts of dying are not far away. I don’t fear dying or death and in fact I look forward to leaving this life. But there is so much I wish to enjoy before that time comes. And that’s where the real emotional and mental anguish kicks in. Knowing that I may not be here to see my son graduate from university, or get married or have children or turn 30. All of those little things that make life so wonderful. And I want my son to have a father for as long as he can and my sisters to have a brother for as long as they can. So I have spent a great deal of time coming to grips with my own mortality and I know that if it’s time, it’s time and I’ll have to let go and embrace the next part of the journey.

Some of you will recall that last year Dude took me into the future and the past but primarily into the future to see certain periods in my life, over the next 10-15 years. I have seen my grandchildren and seen myself as a writer and seen my self here in this run down little house, at peace with my life. But, sometimes I experience a tiny kernel of doubt. What if I remembered wrong ? What if Dude made a mistake ? What if time is malleable ?

In the end I have to trust myself and trust Dude. And so, as always, it’s one day at a time, making the most of every opportunity and enjoying all the moments of my life.

So why am I wasting my time writing this blog and sharing my thoughts, feelings and experiences about ET contact ? I think there maybe several reasons why. Firstly, when I first started in 1999 and then later in 2009, I felt incredibly alone. I was having these mind boggling experiences and I couldn’t find anyone who understood what I was feeling. The way I perceived my experiences, has always been different to the mainstream UFO/Contact community. I don’t jump on band wagons or follow a belief system just because it’s popular. I tried hard to find people who were experiencing something similar, just so I could share with someone who understood. But I have yet to find anyone who truly knows how I feel. The only people who understand are my ex wife and the few humans I have met on board during my encounters, who don’t seem to be opening up publicly about their experiences.

Secondly, since 1986 I have been hearing stories of how terrible aliens have been abducting people against their will and doing terrible things to them. Ever since I made the mistake of reading Stan Deyo’s Cosmic Conspiracy, I’ve been hearing about how ETs have an insidious agenda. And, quite frankly it makes me furious to hear peoples ignorance. People don’t seem to be able to take a panoramic perspective on how the cosmos works. Instead they get bound up in these infantile stories about the cosmic battle of good versus evil. What continues to shock me the most, is that even seemingly intelligent people get caught up in this crap. So many people lack the ability to see how we project our disowned aspects and our disowned internal dramas out onto the cosmos. And I find it really, very, very amusing and very, very sad, that as a species, we remain so stupid ! I have waited for so long for other people to come out and say the things I have said but only a handful of people have ever touched on them. So I have felt that I needed to offer an antidote to this ignorance and stupidity and to be a kind of torch bearer into the darkness. I want people to know the truth – an informed truth.

Thirdly, I have had experiences with beings I have come to call the Creator Races and I want people to know who they are and what they are like. I want them to know that there are beings who imagine souls and create entire universes and galaxies and solar systems and planets and planetoids and who even have the means to create life itself. These beings seed entire worlds and nurture life in all its forms. Some of them create souls and connect themselves with certain individuals throughout ALL of their lives and through the periods after the life of the body. They understand the nature of God and know that God is the light that fills all matter. These ideas that I have tried to propagate, have come from my experiences with these beings and not from my imagination. As ideas, they are at odds with mainstream ideas about nasty aliens – ideas that dumb you down, that arouse your fear, so that you believe you are a prisoner at the mercy of evil forces. Nothing is further from the truth. You are free and have always been free. There is no Federation of Light versus a Federation of Darkness. Reality is not Star Wars.



Finally, as result of my relationship with my ex-wife and my relationship with her friend Dude; I have learned about the power structure I call The Architecture. This is a name I feel accurately describes how it functions but no one has yet asked me about that. It has another name, that those in the know refer to it as. But even within The Architecture, little is known about it’s structure. I want people to know that The Architecture has been here for 5, 500 years and was set up by the ETs because they knew humans could not cope with the truth. They tried that before and it didn’t work ! On most other planets they come out in the open and have a transparent presence but here on Earth that’s not possible because of who were are. As I have described elsewhere on this blog, The Architecture has two different arms – one ET and one human and there is a middle section composed of humans and ETs. The human arms of The Architecture are primarily composed of people in government, military and corporations and represent the insidious aspect of the power structure. But despite it’s insidiousness, it is under complete control of the ETs. Long after the insidious aspects are gone, the ETs will still be here caring for the welfare of Earth and it’s species.

The individual who currently leads this structure is the man that I and others refer to as Number One (who I have written about elsewhere here). Number One was born more than 180,000 years ago in the region we now call northern Turkey and came from a previous human civilization who became space faring and who now populate many planets throughout our universe. He is a deeply compassionate and a caring man, who does his best to ensure that Earth develops a healthy time line and that the biosphere survives the current wave of challenges. Number One also has responsibilities that extend way beyond our solar system.

The being I have referred to as Dude of the Muajra race, is also sometimes referred to by humans in the know, as Number One but mostly he’s referred to as Number Two, because he effectively takes that role behind Number One. Dude works with the 8 ETs who represent the races who care intimately for the welfare of Earth and the many different ET and human groups within The Architecture. Dude also loves life and loves to collect leaves. Last we spoke about it, he had collected 98 % of all plant species on Earth. You can only imagine the kinds of experiences that leaf collecting has given him and how much he has learnt about Earth.



Some of you will also know that I began interviewing Dude a while back and have been posting his answers to the 19 questions you gave me, as I finish editing them. Although I never really intended on interviewing Dude, when he finally consented to being interviewed, I realized that it would be an opportunity to help people understand what ETs are really like. Dude has a very sharp wit and finds many humans irritating but he cares immensely for our planet and our people. Dude gave me the impression that he influenced the writers of the movie Paul, so that a little of his personality came through.




Dude can take whatever form he likes. Sometimes he appears in his natural form as a small, thin, creamy green humanoid and sometimes he takes the form of a human. But he can also take on other forms, depending on which race he is working with and what is required.

I have heard a lot of people talk about The Powers That Be and I wanted to offer another alternative based on the truth that I know, from Dude himself and from my ex wife, who worked with a specific project as a profiler/compositor tracking down and saving and killing ETs who were, sort of, out of jurisdiction. I have met the two individuals who sit at the pinnacle of The Architecture and I want people to know that they care immensely for us. I get annoyed when I hear people talk about all these insidious powers that rule our planet. There are insidious groups involved in ruling our planet but within them and above them, there are ETs who care for all life and Earth’s long term well being. The world is not ruled by the Trialteral Commission, or The Bilderberg Group or Zionists or any number of Elite nobodies. The world is filled by greedy people who manufacture wars and who profit off the suffering of others. Many of whom fill the lower arms of The Architecture. Get rid of any number of corrupt leaders and a million more will fill their place. The world is ruled by you. Ordinary people, who sometimes forget who they are and give their power away. And I want people to know that. YOU ARE BOTH HUMAN AND DIVINE ! Don’t believe that you are being oppressed by anyone, when you are always free to choose, no matter how much others control you. Most of the control of humanity, happens by controlling perception. We humans need to see that we are free to choose how to perceive. That is the difference between us and most space faring ETs. They know how to perceive and how perception shapes reality.

So, I think I share because it’s helping me and you ! I know that much of what I have to share is unheard or falls on deaf ears and I’m OK with that. And lots of people disagree with me. And I’m OK with that too. But I know that in time, some of the things I have had to say, will cast ripples out through time and space and influence particular people, who will become catalysts for the greater good. And that pleases me immensely ! Already, I have had contact with several individuals who are beginning to really think for themselves and to embrace my ideas with their own insights and it’s these people who will carry the torch when I am gone. And maybe I won’t die as a result of my tumours and I will live to be an old man but I will die eventually and it’s these people and those they inspire, who will hold up the fire of awareness that I am trying to ignite.

To do what I am doing, I’ve had to use a certain amount of ego. But I try to have an aware ego. None of us can be free of ego but we can function with an aware ego. Ego has helped me to have the courage to stand up and say “This is my experience and this is what I believe !”. And lets face it, in this world of hyperconnection and egotistical maniacs, screaming at you through their own Personal Ego Brand, it’s hard to be heard.

I don’t know know if I heal completely from my tumours, how long I’ll be sharing all this stuff about my ET experiences and what I have learned. But I have a sense that it has an expiry date, that is not too far down the track ! Because I have other things I want to do – books I want to write, a son I want to enjoy, trees I want to plant, places I want to see and people I want to meet. And because I only have a certain amount of energy for doing this kind of thing.

I’ve met some wonderful people on this journey of sharing ! I confess that when I started, I didn’t expect to have people interested in what I wanted to share, let alone have people who wanted to connect with me. I’ve only ever met one of my readers face to face and she has become what I would consider a very dear friend. All the same, I feel deeply connected to many of you.  I wish you were only a stones throw away and we could catch up for a cuppa and a chin wag whenever we felt like it ! But alas, you are here, there and everywhere.



I have only ever had one great friend and much of my life has been spent alone. And I’m OK with that. I like solitude. It feeds me and sustains me. I’m like Henry David Thoreau and Walt Whitman and William Henry Hudson and people like that, who need space and silence. I like my own company and the company of the natural world. And people irritate the hell out of me ! I’ve tried very hard all my life to fit in but no matter what I do, I always feel like I am on the outside. But I will admit, that having distant friends, many of whom remain faceless to me,  has enriched my life in ways that many of you may never understand. I’ve learned things I didn’t know; I’ve been directed towards spiritual paths I hadn’t known existed; I’ve received love and prayers; and when I’ve needed financial help, you’ve sent me your money.

I don’t honestly know what I have given anyone who has encountered my words. But if I can wish for one thing, it would be this – that my words help my fellow mankind to SEE. To see how we are separate and how we are one. To see how everything is connected. To see how love and kindness can transform life. To see how we are always free to choose. To see how everyone of us shape the path of our life. To see that we are Earth. To see the darkness within and without. To see that perception is everything. To see the roots of our conditioning. To see that we are all just trying to do our best, no matter how maladaptive our behaviours become. To see that there is good throughout the cosmos. TO SEE THE LIGHT WITHIN AND THE LIGHT WITHOUT !

People often ask me how to make contact with ET’s. And I’ve tried many times to explain how, as best as I can.



I didn’t choose to have contact. Contact chose me. And I think the reason for that is because I love life. I love my life and I love other life forms. So if you want to know how to have contact, try to love life. Because when you feel genuine love for life, you are unconsciously sending a message throughout the cosmos that says “My heart is open.” Contact doesn’t have to be hard. But start with the things closest to you. Try to love and connect with the things around you – your self, your family, your friends, your pets, trees, plants, ants, birds, insects, animals. Cultivate love in the places that are ignored by others. For when you become comfortable with cultivating love with the things around you, its easy to radiate your desire for contact with beings from other worlds. And in time, with a great deal of patience, fortitude, determination and trust; you will have face to face contact. Contact might start slowly but in time it will develop into that which you wish to experience. But be sure to drop all of your expectation. Expectation is about control and contact is about relationship, not control. Let relationships develop with all the time they need. So when you are ready, ask with pure intention to have contact and slowly you will begin to have contact. Having already laid the foundation with your love of life, all that remains is to pay attention. That is where it becomes important to develop self awareness. Learn about you. Learn about how you think, how you feel, how you behave, what you say – how your mind works. And discover through all of this what you are. Eventually you will discover that your true nature is movement. You are stillness and silence and activity and noise. You move from one to the other constantly. You are the pure awareness that permeates the body and that permeates all of reality. In time you will discover that the self is this thing which perceives separation and the thing that perceives unity. You will know how your entity, your totality functions. AND WHEN YOU MAKE CONTACT WITH ET, YOU WILL BE MAKING CONTACT WITH THE OTHER AND WITH YOUR TRUE SELF. You will be making contact with individuals, who like you may live and die and others who will live and live and live. Yet all of them will have an aspect that is never born and will never die. And if you are lucky, they will remind you of that and they will remind you, that you are the same. For when you meet ET on equal terms, without any fear or expectation, they will help you to see that we are all the same; we are all god expressing and experiencing itself.

For some reason, lots of people have me type cast as a peace loving hippy. Must be the god damned long hair ! As I keep telling people, my hair is receding down my neck ! 😉 Apparently a desire to think originally, a love of heavy metal and noise and a disdain of all things New Age, still qualifies me as a hippy ! Anyway that’s other peoples problem.






But seriously, it’s OK to be angry. Anger is a healthy emotion. It’s what we do with anger that matters. And in my eyes, we all need a certain kind of anger to transform this world, from a place where rampant self idolization and psychological separation from each other, our planet and other life forms, is the root cause of all of our problems. Collectively, we can funnel so much anger into creativity and creative transformation. But anger without self awareness is stupidity. So lets overcome our own stupidity first !

Some of you know that recently I had an epiphany about contact, which I wrote about here :  I think sometimes it’s important to share our epihanies – especially the deeply personal ones. Because our epiphanies provide others with the fodder to chew over their own thoughts in a different way and can inspire others to have their own epiphanies. And honestly, I think our epiphanies have a profound impact on how we see life and on the development of our species.  Through my own recent epiphany, I came to see a purpose for my actions that I had not seen before. And I realized that by trying to have contact with all manner of things – be they ETs or dead people or trees or whatever; I’m showing others what’s possible and opening myself up to life. One of my guides once told me that the Earth has sacred knowledge that it will share it with you, when it is ready and I didn’t really understand what he was saying. But in the last 5 years, the penny has really dropped and I get it ! When we open ourselves up to life completely and we open ourselves up to the natural world in complete submission and when we try to live in harmony with the will of nature rather than by controlling nature, we connect with the consciousness that exists in all things. And some of those “things” have a consciousness that perceives reality very different to us. When we’re open to it, we can learn from beings that are vastly different to us. Sometimes they will make direct contact and appear before us and sometimes they will speak to us consciously and unconsciously. They may present themselves in the waking world or in the world of dreams. But if we remain open to such contacts, we will have the opportunity to perceive reality in a way that we never knew existed and to see the cosmos within and without – to see the totality of existence, through a myriad of life forms.

When we meet an ET, they don’t give us any more than we can handle. But when we’re ready, they give us experiences that blow everything in our perception wide open. And it’s exactly the same with the truly sacred knowledge of our world – knowledge that is embedded in nature. After such experiences, we are never the same.

I think for me, having a life threatening (or should I say enriching) illness, is all about growing up. I’m learning things I did not know was possible to learn and I’m understanding that THE LIGHT IS WITHIN. My illness, is kind of like a preparation for COMING HOME. And if I am fortunate and I grow enough, I will no longer have a need for my tumours (who in an almost vain effort, are trying to wake me up) and I’ll begin to live, fully aware that THE LIGHT WITHIN AND THE LIGHT WITHOUT ARE ONE.




Whatever happens, everything is OK as it is. Life is unfolding as the Creator wishes it to unfold. And one day, as my ET friends told me, I will go HOME. The one place where everyone belongs. The one place where there is no birth and no death and no separation. Where all that we have been and all that we have experienced is valued and is within the whole of existence.

This sharing has always been a dialogue and it’s a dialogue that I’ve enjoyed and disliked. It’s been hard and easy. It’s been painful and rewarding. It’s brought responses that I expected and lots of surprises that I didn’t see coming. It’s helped me to make friends and to be disliked and hated by even more people. And most importantly, it’s helped me to understand people and to plant a few seeds, that I am optimistic will grow into something good. I wouldn’t wish what I have experienced through sharing on anyone. Because some of it’s been really hard. But I am glad that I’ve done it, even though it came with many arguments with the people who care about me.

This blog and my videos, are I suppose, a feint reflection of who I am. This is only an aspect of my life – just one small window. But through this window I have tried to be honest and kind and to lift the veil of ignorance. So many people seem to be looking for something, seeking answers to the great questions of life. And I would like to tell some of you to “LOOK WITHIN”. And when you’ve had a good look within and you’ve looked honestly at everything that’s inside, stop looking because you will have found everything worth finding. What you will have found inside of you, is the same as what you will find outside of you.



So get on with the business of living and enjoy your life ! Life was meant to be lived and to be enjoyed ! EACH OF US ARE A UNIQUE EXPRESSION OF GOD, THAT WILL ONLY EVER EXIST ONCE IN ALL OF EXISTENCE, SO MAKE IT COUNT !

Thanks for sharing the ride with me ! With any luck, the ride will continue !

Love and goodwill to all of you,

Bright. 🙂 ❤

Some more Dude interview

I managed to continue the interview with Dude yesterday but we still have a ways to go. Between the two of us being busy, it’s been hard to find the time to get this completed.

I’ve been editing and reviewing his answers and have found some things here and there that don’t make sense to me. He says one thing and then another that appears contradictory. I know it’s not because he’s a hypocrite or playing mind games with me but because I lack the understanding to get his different points of view. It’s frustrating sometimes talking to him and now reviewing this, because he is not always easy to understand. I really do get a sense that he’s dumbing things down and that makes me feel stupid. He doesn’t do that deliberately ! It’s just that I feel I know so little in his presence and here he is trying to build a bridge of understanding, not just with me but with others who will read his words. I can tell when I am with him, that he really tries hard to help me to understand. But there have been so many times when he’s had a chat with me and then dissapeared and I’m left scratching my head thinking “What the hell does that mean ?”.

So here’s his answer to question 9 : What criteria is used to select which humans with whom to interact? This one is pretty straight forward except near the end. Let me know how it resonates with you !

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