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Google Panopticon

I had previously posted on the subject of the all pervasiveness of surveillance here : and had partly written a part two several years ago but it’s still stuck in my draft folder. Until I get around to finishing it, can I suggest that you take the time to watch the following long video. Don’t get me wrong, I think technology and Google are wonderful tools but every tool has both positive and negative aspects and when big data meets advertising and money, I throw trust out the window, no matter who it is ! Government, corporation or individual ! Sundar seems like a nice guy but Google is a greedy system with very clever and efficient algorithms that can easily be used for anything ! More relevant reading here :, and  .


The Most Important Surveillance Story (Hymn of Hate)

One of the hardest things for me to talk about openly here is what I have learned about global surveillance because of the surveillance that I myself have to endure. Sometimes I start writing a post and scrap it because it isn’t worth the possibility that it might arouse unnecessary interest. I can live with the interest but sometimes it’s irritating. To some degree I modify my behaviour. But not so much as inhibit my life. For the most part I use the surveillance as a means to trace and observe my observers – online and psychically.

Most people use the old “well I’ve got nothing to hide” argument, which is just plain stupid and ignorant. Everyone has something to hide ! Everyone values a certain level of privacy ! And those that don’t feel this is true, have no idea how extensive surveillance is and has been for years.

Ed Snowden has called the following story the most important surveillance story in years : and I encourage you to read it. And for those of you who want to know more about Ed Snowden’s revelations on surveillance, I encourage you to read Glen Greenwald’s “No Place to Hide” : / It’s a good introduction to the world of surveillance. If you’ve seen the Snowden the movie or the documentary on his revelations or followed his story, Glen’s book will fill in the details.

For those of you who want to know how to deal with surveillance. I think there are two sensible approaches. First, use vigilance and discernment whenever possible. And second, get one with the life that you want to live. The whole point of surveillance is to monitor people, collate data that is relevant them and to influence their behaviour. When most people realise that they are being watched, they modify their behaviour and that’s exactly what the groups involved in surveillance and their puppet masters want. Social compliance on a mass scale. Work on individuals and work on networks. So fuck em ! Live your way and don’t let fear be an excuse !

At the social level there is a great deal that we can do to modify the behaviour of those involved in surveillance, attacking the problem on multiple different scales. If only people cared enough to overcome their own ignorance and apathy ! An ignorance and apathy that is well known and understood by those in power ! Perhaps these larger scale approaches are a subject I’ll write about in greater detail in another post.

Until then I urge you to remember that all online and phone data is being collected, not just metadata. And it’s information that can be manipulated and used against people at any time now or in the future. Be mindful of how you connect to the wider world and remember that your phones are tools, not a way of life ! Don’t allow them to open a door for others to peer into your life. Make it difficult for the rising Panopticon ( to ensnare and consume you ! And remember above everything else, that in every situation you are always fundamentally free !

More reading and links here :


Surveillance Capitalism and Your Big Data

The issue of Surveillance Capitalism (  / is an issue I’ve been watching and exploring for about a decade (although the concept itself wasn’t named and defined until more recently) and it’s something I’m keen to talk more about because it will effect all of us and generations to come.

The term Surveillance Capitalism was coined by Shoshana Zuboff (see first video) (

Zuboff has defined what have been called Zuboff’s Laws :

  1. Everything that can be automated will be automated.
  2. Everything that can be informated will be informated.
  3. Every digital application that can be used for surveillance and control will be used for surveillance and control.

It’s very hard to argue with these 3 laws. Think for a minute about the implications of these laws and what they will mean for the idea of participatory democracy, transparency and human rights in the 21st century and beyond !

I write about ETs and human beings and how we human beings live because we have a choice in how we live. Caring about how we allow the information age to reshape us and our future is something I feel strongly that we all have an obligation to consider and act upon. But very few humans give a damn ! I post videos like those below, so that you too might make time to consider how the human world really works and if you wish to do anything about it !



Is WannaCrypt a Symptom of the Russian-US Intelligence Cyberwar ?

Anyone interested in the subject of cyberwarfare, knows that there is a major cyberwar taking place in the World Wide Web ( and in paritcular the Dark Web ( Web ( The cyberwar mirrors the cold war but this time the major players include world powers such as the US, Russia, China, the UK, Germany, Australia and India (among others), small nation states such as North Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia etc. and individual hackers/hacktivists and collective hackers/hacktivists.

A few days ago the WannaCry(pt) Ransomware ( hit the world stage and in the space of 4 days has demonstrated it’s capacity to lock up/encapsulate/encrypt data on across a range of computer networks, cripling everything from personal computers to computer networks in hospitals, government departments, automobile/electronics manufacturers, schools and a host of business entities of all sizes. When I see this kind of event unfold, I can’t help wondering, what kind of selfish irresponsible fucking moron(s) would do something that could damage the lives of innocent people ? But hey, that’s the world we live in, where certain kinds of hackers/groups ruin the lives of people they will never know because they have no idea how it feels to be on the recieving end and have your life re-arranged !

I had heard that this particular nasty had it’s origins with the NSA and a quick bit of research tentatively confirms that WannaCrypt uses the EternalBlue exploit and DoublePulsar backdoor that the NSA had likely developed via the Equation Group ( to attack computers/computer networks that were poorly protected. It has been speculated (with good reason) by several individuals, that the Equation Group has ties to the NSA or is a small group within the NSA. Supposedly Eternal Blue was stolen by a group called the Shadow Brokers (, from the Equation Group. Ed Snowden has gone so far as to suggest that The Shadow Brokers is a Russian intelligence group So what it looks like is that one of the NSA’s favourite tools for exploting a simple Window’s vulnerability has been stolen by opposing team and is now being used in a kind of one upmanship to say ‘You can’t touch us and anything you can do, we can do better !’. Of course it’s equally plausible that WannaCrypt is an NSA invention entirely, made to look like it came from somewhere else.

Whatever the case, what seems to be happening is that some intel group is testing these tools in a kind of trial run. The Ransomeware aspect, in which it looks like they are attempting to round up millions of dollars, maywell be a farce or a means of financing their operation or funelling funds into something else. If this isn’t an intel job, the individuals are very clever and very selfish ! If it is an intel job, it suggests that one side or the other has something big and catastrophic planned for the future. Naturally the US will blame North Korea or Russia and Russia will blame the US or the UK. It’s interesting to note as well that all this has happened in the same week that Donald Trump has fired the head of the FBI ! You can’t help wondering if there is a connection !

So why does WannaCrypt matter ? In and of itself, it doesn’t. It’s just a nasty piece of software which is having a significant impact on a small number of people. But as a test run, it has demonstrated to it’s creators what it is capable of (much like Stuxnet, Flame and Duqu did fr their creators. Now that they know that WannaCrypt works, what’s to stop them doing something similar to critical infrastructure ( like power grids, telecommunication networks, transport networks, dams, satellite networks and so on ? That sort of potential could weild alot of power to an individual, hacking collective, corporation or nation, wanting to control the flow of information and power. It could bring any nation to it’s knees and potentially result in the death of millions of people.

Perhaps ultimately WannaCrypt is just a distraction from the main event (or paralell events) !

I suggest that beyond whatever WannaCrypt is, we see it as a sign or a symptom of a well hidden international cyberwar.

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The wonderful world of surveillance – Vault 7

FYI : &

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More related posts to eventually follow on the Google Panopticon and The Diamond Complex.

I am currently recovering from my initial treatment and feeling a bit volatile. Will be back soon.

Adios, Bright. 😉

Sock puppet Phineas Fisher

For your educational entertainment.

Citizen Four (Prisoner Zero)

How should we live with surveillance ? Just by continuing to live !

What should we do about all pervasive surveillance ? Who knows !

Is Ed Snowden part of a Psyop or is he the real deal ? He seems legitimate but I’m not sure !

A nice interview by the New York Times prior to the death of one of the interviewers David Carr

PS. The subject interests the monitors so much, they visited this page immediately.

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