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Piloting an ET Craft – Part One

I dedicate this post to Frédéric and Sandor for your significant regular donations these past couple of years. It’s not every day that someone donates $100 or $200 to you but these two people donate this much on a regular basis, helping me to both survive financially and to continue ET and I and the The Something Monologues. Thank you my friends for caring enough to show your appreciation in such a meaningful way ! It is very much appreciated.

I also dedicate this post to my good friend Astrid, who has remained a great friend, despite our differences and throughout both of our life altering illnesses. Despite great adversity and significant physical suffering, she has continued to be an inspiration to all those who know her ! Astrid has also made significant donations to me at critical periods over the last few years and that has made a world of difference ! Thank you my friend for being exactly who you are ! May the eyes of companionship continue to lead you and your good friend to worlds beyond !

I began the following post about a year ago and forgot to finish it. I’ll try my best to pick up from where I left off…


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In the following post, I use the word Pilot lightly, in the sense that it means to direct but not in the sense of being a qualified person who can operate and control a craft. No human can ever be qualified to operate and control an ET craft because most craft are living sentient beings and because the craft and/or ETs have complete control over every aspect of its operation.

Thus said, now let me tell you about one experience of piloting ET craft. The following posts will also be relevant to this post : &

Over the years I have had several experiences of piloting an ET craft (off world and on Earth) and most of these have taken place on Teal’hia craft. I think the reasons that the Teal’hia allow me and sometimes other humans to pilot their craft are pretty simple. First they trust us and want to establish trust with us and what better way to do it, than to hand over the direction of the craft. They also know that some things have the potential to be special to us, so they give us things that feel special. Is trust special (think of the first time you had a toffee apple or when you secured your driver’s licence. In a way, piloting a craft is kind of like a rights of passage experience, in which you bond completely with a craft.

In some Teal’hia craft, the pilot sits back in a kind of long seat with their hands connected to an area next to their legs, while on other craft, the pilot sits in a normal seat with their hands touching the console in front of them. The pilot doesn’t have a special ‘bridge’ or ‘window’ in the craft and the craft do not need pilots. I believe that some craft have pilots because the pilot and the craft merge their consciousness/life force in a way that allows for complete merging of all that the they wish to share with one another. For example, the craft may know where it is going but may not know the intimate details associated with particular individuals on a planet and the pilot may know about the work that needs to be done but not the exact nature of the space that needs to be traversed. It seems that the presence of a pilot allows a complete sharing of all information. The pilot also acts as an intermediary between the craft and the crew. However, all crew are capable of interacting with the craft in the same way. But because they all have work to do and sometimes have specific roles, they do not all merge with the craft the way that the pilot does. And then there are craft that have no pilots. They may have a similar number of crew but for whatever reason they do not require a pilot. I think that pilots are necessary only for certain occasions. (It’s interesting to note that Dude’s craft never needs a pilot but it can be piloted if he wishes it to be.)

On July 29th 2012, I had an encounter with my Teal’hia friends, who came to check on my health, introduce me to some other humans, show me aspects of my own and the human future. They also gave me a tour of their craft and let me pilot the craft. (I had a similar encounter on the 20th October 2013 on a smaller craft).

At a particular point in the encounter I was asked if I would like to pilot the craft. Naturally I said ‘Yes’ and was taken to a small room where numerous crew were at work. I was led to the side of room, where I was encouraged to sit down and place my hands on the side of the craft. At that point I felt a surge of energy rise up through my arms and into my body. I instantly felt connected to the craft and it asked me where I wanted to go. The Teal’hia who was with me, instructed me to visualize where I wanted to go and to feel what it would be like to be there. There were two places that I imagined. Both of them were well known places in Australia. The reason I chose the second place, was because I’d recently seen a documentary on this general area and had always wanted to go there. Within a few seconds I felt the energy in my body change and I could see the landscape below, not from within the craft but from within my mind. I understood that the craft was sharing it’s experience with me. We moved very quickly to the first location (which I’ll talk about on another occasion) and from here to the second location. As we approached the second location a small window formed in the body of the craft in front of where I was sitting. We were now moving slowly above Kakadu National Park and I could see that we were approaching the mouth of a large river, which I later learned was the South Alligator River  From within my mind I could see the craft approaching the mouth of the river and I could see it through the window.

(Late night, must get to bed, will finish soon).



The Unspoken – Part 1 : What No One Ever Talks About

I’ve been meaning for a long time to start talking about some of those unspoken subjects that NEVER come up in any of the dialogue about ET contact. These subjects include poopin’ and a peein’, gravity, hygiene/microbes/disease transmission, breathing (respiration needs), temperature, washing, light, interactions with fellow humans, states of consciousness and on board nudity. The reason that I want to talk about these issues is because an exploration of these issues will help you to understand both – how humans react during contact experiences and how ETs and their sentient craft treat us during contact. And through this, I think you will gain a greater understanding about the nature of the ET-Human contact experience. Because really, it is never ET contact. It is always ET-Human contact and the dynamics of how these relationships work, through the most intimate of experiences – whether it’s taking a poop on board or breathing the right atmosphere, tells you a great deal about the way that the ETs see us and other extraterrestrials.

Humanity has been raised on a diet of science fiction in literature and film, that has largely written by scientists and other people who have speculated what ETs and travelling and living in space might be like. But it has rarely been written by people who have actually had experiences with ETs and in travelling and living in space. And so we have imaginative speculations like Star Wars and Star Trek and Star Gate, in which good and bad ETs are constantly at war with one another and good old noble humans with infinite wisdom, travel through the universe, trying to bring order to chaos and triumph good over evil. But I say bullshit ! It’s all crap because we are not like. What our science fiction doesn’t show us, is what assholes we can be and how more than reasonable ETs can be. US Air Force Space Command would also have you convinced that we are the good guys, doing what is right and following our instincts to spread out into space and make it safe for all those generations of humans that would follow. When it comes to our science fiction, we are only allowed to see what constitutes drama. You don’t see Captain Jeann-Luc Picard or Kylo Ren taking a crap or Princes Leia dealing with her tampons or Chewtobacca ( 😉 ) cursing the gravity on Naboo because it’s different to the gravity of his home planet of Kashyyyk.

We humans might seem really smart when it comes to our ideas about going into space but we still know very little. Remember that we still have to strap our asses into a contraption, to crap in space and that we can’t even recycle our piss in space, let alone adapt psychologically or physically to the rigors of space. Despite these shortcomings and the fact that we know nothing about how to keep ourselves and anything else alive in space or the complexities of celestial diplomacy, we are destined to eventually spread out into space and become extraterrestrials ourselves and fellow initiators of first contact.

In this small series, I’d like to explore the unspoken subjects that represent genuine physical and psychological barriers to human space travel and how some ETs have overcome them. But let me preface everything that follows by reminding you, that many of these races are the equivalent of billions of years old and they crossed many of these thresholds, early in their development. As a result, we have much to learn from them.

Interacting with Dude’s craft

Some of you will remember me telling you that the ET I refer to as Dude, came and visited me twice on the same day on September 20th  last year ( I talked a little about that first visit, when Dude took me forward up to 20 years into my own future and the future of several relatives and back over 2,000 years to see the birth of the Boab Tree we were visiting. But I haven’t talked about the second visit, which occurred later that evening. I’m not going to talk about that experience until I am truly ready because what took place really was almost beyond words and I’m still processing the experience. What I want to tell you however is about my time on Dude’s craft during a little of that experience. Dude had told me that he came to me for the first visit to test if I was up to going away with him and so that he could answer some of my questions. I seemed to be able to handle that first experience but Dude seemed to be altering my body in some way to make it easier for me. In the second visit, he took me to another world, that was a favourite of his – a place his own father had taken him many times, when he was a child.

Remember, I had just over 24 hours with him, maybe 21 hours during that second journey – so a lot happened. I want to convey some things to you about my experience with his craft.

This is a very big craft. I honestly don’t know how big it is, at least at this point in my memory of the event, but I remember walking through many different areas of the craft and seeing and meeting many different individuals. And what’s odd, is that when we see a UFO, we have the impression that it usually has a kind of symmetry. Well Dude’s craft doesn’t seem to be symmetrical. I remember, I entered in a small round room after he came and held my hand, walked down a hall, spent time talking with the individual I call Number 1, in a large bubble shaped room with what we would think of as windows, then came to a fork and we went right down a long hall, past a very large meeting room and then down to the left where we came to this bubble shape that was just hanging out on the corner. That ended up being my room. By the time I arrived in the room, I was dumbfounded as to the shape of the craft because it seemed to go every which way !

So Dude and I are in the room and tells me he has to go and attend to something (the craft later informs me that he’s helping with some negotiations of sorts between two races). I am in the room and then the craft begins speaking out loud to me. This craft was made for Dude and it was given to him to help him in the work that he does. The craft is essentially bonded to him and he has given it a very simple but sweet name based on an experience he had on Earth. But the craft informs me that it asks different individuals to call it different names – names that it gives them, that have some significance to that person or something the craft wants them to know. There are others, including Dude’s own people, who call Dude’s craft the same name he calls it. So, I’m having this conversation with the craft out loud and it gives me a name to call it – a name that relates to an ancient people who once lived on Earth, that once spent time on the craft. People it was actually very fond of. It asks me if I’m hungry and I am and it makes me some fried chicken drumsticks. The craft has created a room that exactly reflects what I would want because it knows my preferences. Dude had also done something funny, at least he thought it was funny. He had the craft create a couch that had a movable footrest. When he came back in the room later, he was showing off on it, teasing me with  “So you like it ?”, while he’s putting his feet out and kicking the footrest. There was also a beautiful minimalist bed facing a very large curved window. The craft dissolved the food and plates when I was finished and then we had a long discussion about where we were. Dude came in and then the craft created a very clear 3 dimensional map I could walk through and asked me what kind of format I would like to see our journey in. I was a bit baffled by that comment, so I asked him just to show me something I’m familiar with. So he showed me what we would interpret as our galaxy but it looked nothing like the galaxy we think we know. He mapped out where we were and where we were going and poked fun at me saying we were going “sloooooowwwwww”, so that I could enjoy sthe view. Then he told me about the planet we were going to visit and why we were going to visit it and as he was talking, the craft proceeded to show me two of the key races who lived on the planet, in different profiles. Dude gave me the chance to ask a few questions, which the craft visualized answers to and then he took me into the bathroom and gave me a quick demonstration about how to use the everything that was in there. Because I’d had experiences in communicating with sentient craft before, he didn’t take long. But this time, rather than encouraging me to touch the craft, as different entities usually do, he mostly encouraged me to talk to the craft. You have to understand that these craft interact with thousands of life forms and understand the preferences of individual species and individual beings – so it knows what you probably need for you to go to the toilet or freshen up and what kind of food you like to eat. But it gives you complete choice. You can choose whatever facility you want for toileting or bathing or showering. It’s up to you ! It’s no fuss to the craft. Dude even had it make a spa for me, because he knows we don’t have a bath anymore and I love spas ! There was also a shower in there and one thing that amazed me was that the steam just disappeared. Dude made a joke before hand that I could use as much water as I want because “There’s plenty more where that came from !”.

So when you’re onboard, you see things that defy our understanding of reality and how our world normally works but you do get used to it. These craft are sentient and connected to so much. They create matter from – well I don’t know what to call it. But they create matter, as it’s required. So you want to eat and they’ll make you a meal and the plates and cutlery and cups and table if you want and then they’ll take it away and break down all the matter and reabsorbs it back to wherever it came from. You do get used to it but it is pretty wierd. I mean I was sitting on a long comfy recliner couch eating fried chicken looking at these planets we were going past and this craft is having a conversations with me and then when I’m done, I put the plate down on my left with the chicken bones I didn’t finish chewing (I’m a chewer from way back !) and then everything just dissolves into thin air. It’s freaky at first but you grow accustomed to it !

When I go to bed I never listen to music but as kid I loved listening to music when I went to sleep. So Dude was clowning around, joking about the speakers that were in the bed head and when I had a nap the craft played this beautiful music to help me sleep.

At one point I was concerned that my enjoying the view and having a wash and a nap would hold us up and then the craft told me not to worry, it could speed up as much as was required.

At one point I asked it about the other craft of its kind and it told me something I had never heard before – at least not in this way. It said that the Muajra craft are created in what we would kind of think of as families – large groups of craft that are related in some way. What that means, I’m not really sure. And there are craft that spend much of their time outside of what we think of as this universe and others that are more local and others like this individual, who move through many different universes or realities. But all of them are connected. They are in constant dialogue with one another. They know what each craft is experiencing and have a kind of collective memory that helps to educate one another. So whatever one experiences becomes an education for all the others. So if they encounter similar situations or go to new places, they will have access to these shared memories, which will guide them in their new experiences. And because the Muajra can commune with the consciousness of the craft, they too share in the collective memories.

A small side note. This is a craft that has been with Dude for a long time. Dude plays a key role in the affairs of this planet and because he does, his craft does as well. So keep in mind the things I said about what this craft can know and do. And when you hear people talking about malevolent ETs planning to take over Earth and the Galactic Federation of Light fighting the Galactic Federation of Dark, just remember that one of the Muajra craft are enough to immobilize any foreign threat to Earth, no matter where it comes from. There is no threat, only the threat we dream up in our imaginations. And when you hear about people talking about how the Powers that Be are planning on taking down the ETs or back engineering there craft, ask yourself what they could possibly do against a craft like this and how they could possibly reverse engineer something so absolutely alien. It would be like taking your iPad back to the stone age and saying “figure it out !”. There are those in power that want something like a Muajra or Teal’hia or a Sawronde craft but if they had it, they wouldn’t have a clue.

One final thing. This craft and others like it, know everything they are allowed to know about you, including your memories – those that you are conscious of and those you are not. It values your story as much as any other sentient being it has ever encountered. And all that a Muajra would have to do to understand you, is to sit and spend a little time communing with one of it’s craft or touching your mind at a distance. When you can know something that intimately, you don’t need to do many of the popular ideas that pass for ET contact.

Sentient ET Craft

Hi friends, this will just be a brief post on the subject of sentient ET craft. I’m heading away again for a few days and won’t be posting till next week. In another post I’ll talk at length about how one group of ET’s – the Teal’hia grow their craft. But for now I just want to introduce you to the subject.

As far as I am aware, I have been given the opportunity to experience sentient craft belonging to at least 4 races – the Teal’hia, the Sawronde, Dude’s race the Muajra and one other race who I won’t mention for now. Something that a lot of so-called whistleblowers in the UFO field, people who have apparently worked in classified projects, always seem to fail to mention, is that many of the ET craft are actually sentient living craft. Perhaps not living by our definitions but living, none the less. It’s our definitions that are out of date. I don’t know if these whistleblowers don’t mention it because that’s the secret or because the people working with them don’t know or haven’t been shown how they work by the ETs. I know for sure that some ETs are teaching some groups how their craft work but other ETs are spoon-feeding other groups and keeping them largely in the dark, while other groups – sometimes the same groups, are busy trying to back engineer craft and figure out how they work.

So I thought, maybe I’d tell you a little of what I have learnt on specific craft – primarily the Sawronde, Teal’hia and Muajra craft.

Let me start by saying that I wasn’t always aware that the craft were sentient. I only developed that awareness after certain groups decided I was ready to learn. And teh memory of that awareness remained largely hidden from my conscious mind until 2011, when I began to remember previous experiences and new experiences – in which I interacted with craft. The different ways in which I interacted with the craft included but was not limited to :

  • Examinations in which the craft responded to the directions of individual beings and my own requests (Sawronde, TEal’hia and other unnamed race).
  • Having access to a resting space – in which I was provided with a room that was designed to my own preferences and included a bed, a bathroom, training tools/interfaces,  and sometimes a table and or a couch (Teal’hia, Sawronde, Muajra and the other unnamed race).
  • Asking the craft for food and drink and having it created for me (all races in which I had conscious encounters).
  • Using the bathroom – going to the toilet and washing my hands and having a shower (all races in which I had conscious encounters).
  • Talking with the craft (all races but particuarly the Teal’hia and Muajra).
  • Being educated by the craft  (all races in which I had conscious encounters).
  • Being trained in piloting a craft (Teal’hia).
  • Being taken to a place of infinite space, in which I was taken to merge with God (see my video on the subject) (Sawronde).

I don’t know the best name to call these beings. We could call them craft, ships, vessels, vehicles, space ships – it doesn’t matter. But each of the craft have a name. They are known to the race that craeted them by their energetic signatures (for want of a better phrase) but they are also referred to by name. Some craft are created for other races and have energetic signatures that are recognised by the progenitor race and the race that uses them. Other people who visit individual craft of some races, may call them many different names. For example, Dude has a very large craft that he calls a very affectionate name. It is called a different name bu different races and a different name by some individuals. The craft asked me to call it a specific name, related to something it thought would interest me. These craft apparently have no trouble recognizing the many different names, different individuals may have for it.

The sentient craft all have consciousness but perhaps we might not recognise it as consciousness. Most of them are very much alive. SOme have short lives and die. Some die when they wish to, like the beings who create them. Teh Teal’hia have told me of some craft that arose in a prior universe, who are still alive. Some craft work localised regions of space and others work vast areas of space. Some access what we would think of as a single universe, while others can span all known universes. The truth is that there is only one KOSMOS (everything within and without). Some ET races can move through the entire KOSMOS and I’m not sure but I think that maybe possible for some of their craft. I’m not certain on that one.

Sentient craft are typically grown. The Teal’hia for example grow seed craft. Think of seed craft as the original craft. Seed craft – maybe small, medium or large – what we would call a mothership. And among many ET races, seed craft, then produce at will any smaller craft that are required for particular work. Perhaps we could think of these as clones but that’s not an entirely accurate description. All craft that are grown, go through numerous developmental phases but typically craft are educated by exposure to many different energies (of their creators, other craft and races from other worlds) and individuals (from their own race and other races). I suppose you might say that they are educated in the nature of reality, what we know about the KOSMOS, and important subjects like ethics, spirituality and how to react and deal with many different situations and scenarios. They really do receive a very KOSMIC education. And they have to, because in their life time they might travel through many different universes and interact with thousands of different races.

Typically craft know a great deal about those who live and work on the craft and those who visit the craft. There are limits to what they are allowed to know and that varies from individual craft to individual craft. A sentient craft will always know your personal preferences and so rooms, are usually created before hand to suit what you like.

Because craft have recieved a very eclectic education and often have very deep experience themselves, they are usually very wise and capable of educating humans on almost any subject in a way that suits the individual. This is certainly the case of the more highly evolved Creator Races.

Some craft, like those of teh Teal’hia and Sawronde are capable of creating spaces within or without that are of any size. The Teal’hia for example often trial certain spaces they create for life, before allowing these spaces to become part of some outer reality. Think of a bubble inside a bubble – except imagine that the inner bubble could be far bigger in size than the outer bubble. When it’s ready teh inner bubble will be released into some space – nearby or far away.

For the most part, many of the more evolved ET races, don’t need craft. They can travel vast differences by altering reality with consciousness. Dude for example, took me to another continent and on board his craft all by himself. I know the Teal’hia can move from their home world to hear almost instantly. But most races use a craft because the craft provides them with many possibilities, including the opportunity :

  • To work, to rest, to eat, to spend time away from home, to bring family on trips away and to visit many different worlds in comfort.
  • To bring individuals and/or samples on board.
  • To examine individuals and/or samples.
  • To meet with other individuals from elsewhere.
  • To work with other individuals and make collective decisions.
  • To monitor, assess and intervene in the state of individuals and celestial bodies of any size.
  • To take other races to places they would not ordinarily be able to visit.
  • For planet bound races to see their presence.
  • To intervene in conflicts and threats to the greater peace.

When I hear many whistleblowers talk about the different groups working on antigravity, I have a little chuckle. Because most of them don’t get it. The sentient craft, don’t use propulsion per se, or systems that depend on anti gravity. They use consciousness to alter space and consciousness to travel vast differences.

Anyway, that’s an introduction to this subject. Perhaps in time, I’ll write 2 or 3 more posts on the subject !

Let me know if you have heard of others who have talked about sentient craft !!!

Happy ruminating !

Brighticus 😉 .




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