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Keating Cuts

Here’s a fantastic talk on global power and stupidity from Australia’s best prime minister ever (1991-1996) ! Keating’s insights into global power and it’s evolution are spot on, as is his dislike of big brother America ! I agree totally with Keating, Australia needs to say, Fuck you America, we stand alone or build relationships with whoever we want ! Australia is now the hand maiden to the US and it’s corporate masters ! Hey Pine Gap !!!



David Jacobs is Right But He’s Wrong

Over the years many people have thrown the research of David Jacobs at me to ponder because they feel that I’m wrong about the ETs and that they are abducting us to fulfill some seedy agenda. I stand by my argument that the notion of abduction represents the perception of one’s experiences at the lower end of the developmental spectrum ( and not what is actually happening.

I’ve read several of David’s books and listened to many of his interviews. He has done a lot of good work, although I can say little about how he does his regression work or the people that he has worked with.

As far as I can tell he is one of those researchers who sees the small picture – how ETs appear to be to the person who feels powerless. His belief that ETs are infiltrating the planet, is at best naive and myopic and at worst just downright stupid and dangerous. Because David doesn’t seem to have had any contact experiences himself (and no history of contact experiences), he lacks the insight to truly understand the nature of these experiences. While he is right about a great deal of ET contact being clandestine (or subversive), he is completely wrong in his conclusions about what this means and why the ETs function the way that they do.

To play into his conclusions (and the conclusions of others like him), logically leads us to conclude that we live in a dystopian universe where living beings are caught in a battle between the forces of evil and good. Which, based on my own experiences with ETs, is a faulty and unhealthy way of thinking.

I suggest that those who are interested in the subject of ET contact (by whatever name you call it), examine cautiously the claims of people who believe that ETs have a dark agenda and are a threat to us. To take such claims at face value, is to play into ignorance and to lose sight of the larger picture of how different ET races interact with one another and how sentient life has evolved.



Robbie Graham – A Breath of Fresh Air !

There are very few people I believe have something of great value to contribute to the whole discourse of UFOs and ETs ! Robbie Graham is one of them ! In the following talks Robbie uses his voice of reason to lift the discourse on UFOs and ETs to a more mature and realistic level. In his talks and books, Robbie tackles the vast plethora of disinformation that has been engineered into the UFO/ET field, takes a shot at the recent preoccupation with Alien Disclosure and counters many of the cultural misunderstandings and delusions that people have about the subject. Robbie seems like a genuinely nice guy, with plenty of balls and common sense !

Good on ya Robbie !


Grant Cameron, UFOs on Wikileaks & Podesta on Wikileaks and Dude and Number One

Here’s Grant Cameron’s take on the current round of Wikileaks John Podesta email releases. As you listen to this just remember one thing. The ETs control disclosure (for our benefit). And who is that ? Number One, Dude (Number Two) and the 15 humans who work with Number 1 and the 90 humans who represent the 45 countries. It isn’t one person like Grant thinks. Barack Obama knows what the ETs want to happen (because Dude and Number 1 have told him) and he does what he’s told. Don’t think Hillary is going to bring about a miracle. Only what we are allowed to know and what she is allowed to know. Unless of course human manipulation gets the upper hand. But that will be temporary and permissible. Look at the bigger picture behind what comes up in this interview.

Grant seems to be spot on about Tom DeLong’s beliefs. Tom may be a key player on the outside but he needs to be educated to understand the subject more accurately.

While Julian Assange has been very quiet on the UFO/ET subject for years, he knows a lot more than he lets on. He’s been looking at this subject and the subject of American secrecy for a long time. Expect more unguided revelation to follow.

Spielberg on Close Encounters

Here’s a really nice interview with Steven Spielberg, reflecting on Close Encounters 30 years later.



Grant Cameron’s Exploration of the UFO Subject

Grant Cameron has been one of the most proactive researchers in the UFO field for the last 3 decades. In recent years Grant has turned his attention to the official knowledge about UFOs and their occupants. Here’s some links to Grant Cameron’s websites : /  and some related videos below.




Desktop Diaries

Hey folks, I am currently laying low with the flu and bronchitis. My body is stuffed after the last few months of drama. The last week of flood and the first couple of days of cleanup, have been absolutely exhausting !

After watching the Oliver Sacks entry on Desktop Diaries, I decided to watch the entire series and was amazed at the differences between people. Oliver sacks struck me as a very grounded down to Earth guy who has all his shit together, while Michio Kaku seems like a scatterbrain who would rather talk about his work than reflect honestly on himself. The differences between the two men, stand out a mile away, when you read their works. Oliver Sacks in particular, was very honest about who he is and his own problems, as he approached the end of his life.

I’ve always been fascinated by the differences between neat and messy people and the differences between a persons public persona and their private persona. Just out of curiosity, do you think I’m neat or messy ? And which camp do you fall in ? And do you think I am any different in private to what I am in public ? And how about you ?

Here’s the  rest of the Desktop Diaries on the SciFri YT channel. It would be wonderful to see something like this, that was inclusive of people from all walks of life !

Enjoy !

Bright. 😉


Us and them…Der humans

Here’s a nice new interview with Steven Greer. As usual, I don’t agree with Steven about everything. But Steven and I are in total agreement about the true nature of the ETs. Humans are for the most part, so stupid and ignorant. If there was such a thing as common sense, we humans don’t have it !

ET Contact Experiencer Enrique Villanueva

I am a very skeptical person and very wary of many so called ET contact experiencers. The minute I hear Reptilians, Hybrids or good aliens vs bad aliens, I instantly lose interest.

A few years ago I came across an interview with Enrique Villanueva and at the time I thought, “He seems like the real deal.” I have to admit that I am not very familiar with Enrique or his experiences but from what I have heard in various interviews, Enrique says many of the same things that I have been saying – albeit in his own unique way. I’m keen to hear more of what Enrique has to say.  And at this point I’d suggest that he is one of the experiencers that you really pay attention to.

He speaks in a similar way about what I call Telempathy and Internal Contact – although his interpretations of this are different. He also emphasizes that once you’ve had contact, you know what is real and you move past fear and doubt about whether the ETs exist and what they are like. We seem to be speaking the same language in our own unique way.

Outwardly Enrique strikes me as exactly the kind of person that the ETs would be interested in – as someone who can transmit the truth of experience and the truth of who the ETs really are.

More about Enrique here :


ET Linguistics

Many of you will recall that I’m pretty skeptical about anyone who claims to be able to talk an alien language ( Yesterday Jeffrey Mishlove posted a fascinating interview with Nancy du Tertre, in which the two of them discussed the origin of ET contact and ET voices/images – be they internal or external, from an external source or from within. Much of their discussion focuses on PK Man Ted Owens and how mind played a key role in Ted’s ET contacts and psychokinetic abilities. Jeffrey also raises the possibility that Ted may have been working with Tulpas (thought forms which materialize). My comments on Ted’s approach near the end of this post ( might be of relevance to this interview.



For those of you who don’t know, Jeffrey Mishlove is the former host of Thinking Allowed, which he has given a new lease of life with New Thinking Allowed. I can’t recommend his interviews enough ! You can find access to all Jeffrey material here : .

Here’s another interview with Nancy about her new book How To Talk To An Alien.



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