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Francesco Grassi

Here’s the very provocative and insightful Matthew Williams interviewing the Italian crop circle artist and author Francesco Grassi ( . If you really want to understand crop circles, drop your preconceptions about the mystery of crop circles and read Francesco’s book :

Francesco demonstrates very clearly and logically how modern crop circles have their roots with the famous Doug and Dave, who were inspired by the Tully saucer nest and how most of the tell tale signs of so called authenticity are flawed. He also demonstrates very clearly and precisely, how to make the most complex crop circles, in a way that befuddles even the so called experts !

From Francesco, Crop circles are a giant circular stage on which many artists have been taking turns for decades at different times. Each one performs his number; some stay, others fade away. Some bring innovations, others recycle obsolete acts. There’s always room for everyone on this stage, and there’s always a new audience ready to applaud. Some stay, others fade, but the circular substructure is always there, firmly anchored with solid roots.”

If you’re interested in the people who are drawn to crop circles, you might also like to read Jim Schnabel’s Round in Circles ( /



Doug and Dave – Legends of the Crop

About a decade ago I came to the conclusion that most crop circles are man made and really lost interest in them in 2007 as an authentic otherworldly phenomenon. I’ve now made over a dozen for myself (and shared half of them publicly) and I know what can and can’t be made – even if I can’t make the best of them myself.

I’m convinced that the modern crop circle movement began when the now infamous Doug Bower and Dave Chorley began making circles in English crops in 1978. The inspiration for their activity began when Doug Bower’s heard about the Tully saucer nests in Queensland, Australia (which began in 1966 but also occurred later). The Tully saucer nests may well have been created by ET craft but they might also have been the result of as yet poorly understood meteorological phenomenon (not dissimilar to those proposed by Dr Terence Meaden).

People are very reluctant to let go of their convictions and this is especially true of ‘croppies’ who believe whole heartedly that crop circles are created by ETs. I once had the same attitude, so I understand their stubbornness. (You only have to look at people’s vindictive reactions to Colin Andrew’s 80-20 statement.) The only way out of that kind of ignorance is to listen to those who claim to be able to make them and/or to try and make them your self.

Many of the so called signs of an authentic circle can be found in man made circles. And I think what’s lacking is good knowledge about how plants are capable of changing under different influences.

There are obviously circles that predate 1978 but they are almost all very simple and may well have been created by ET craft, ETs, meteorological phenomenon or some other phenomenon. I do believe that certain simple circles have occured globally in ancient times at sites that later became sacred sites to traditional people and some of these sites may still experience the formation of simple circles.

It seems very clear to me, that 99 % of what passes as crop circles, is the work of exceptionaly gifted visual artists (except for most of the circles appearing in Holland – which are mediocre in appearance and being passed off by a certain fraudulent individual as otherworldly).

I encourage you to discover the truth for yourselves !

All you need to make a crop circle is a pen or pencil, some paper, a ruler, possibly some software like Geobra, a long tape measure, some thick string, a wooden board, some wire or rope and acces to a a field of grass or a crop. And preferably a farmers consent. Once you start, you’ll actually find it’s a whole lot of fun !

One of the best circle artists right now is the Italian Francesco Grassi ( You can see his latest work at Scalenghe Italy here :


Fantastic Filming of Land Art

Here’s a gorgeous new pair of man made crop circles (of that I have no doubt), filmed by Matthew Williams and friends using a UAV Drone Multicopter (Video 2 & 4 on the list). Matthew is now making what has to be some of the best crop circle film anywhere ! Absoultely outstanding images ! To me, Matthew’s work highlights the exceptional artistry and beauty of these man made crop circles. I’m almost jealous that I didn’t have a drone when I made my circles over the last few years (unlike the guys in Argentina who did have a drone who tried to copy one of my circles) ! Also check out the man with the big willey (which is not unlike Maree Man from a few years back, in outback South Australia) ! Drones really are breathing life into landscape art and how we see the world below !

Circle Diagrams – Update 1

Here’s some tentative ink sketches of the recent circles I found on our property. Circle 1 is reasonably accurate. Circle 2 still needs a few additions (the apparent code) and I made some minuscule mistakes in the outer spiral and the length of the filaments (I can’t be bothered doing it again !).







That’s a Bit Freaky

I was just browsing on Crop Circle Connector and found that a new circle has appeared in Argentina, that has many similarities with the new one that appeared on our property 2 days ago. Copy cat hoax or something else ?

Damned I wish I had a drone !!! Nice video of the new formation.


Second Australian Crop Circle of 2016

Here’s a video of a second circle formation that appeared 2 days ago here. I really haven’t had the time to do a good video or analysis and unfortunately the grass is popping back up already ! It will probably be unrecognizable in another 2-3 days. I’ll try to do a diagram over the next few days and also a diagram of the last one, as the diagrams that have been done by others appear to have some inaccuracies. Happy to hear your thoughts !

PS. A very big thanks to Sandor for your ongoing support ! It means so much to have others who support the work I’m doing and have faith in their fellow humans ! It enriches my own faith in humanity !



Crop Circle Analysis (with update re:White House)

Regarding the recent crop circle on our property John Passos has said, via Crop Circles-UFO’s-Ancient Mysteries – Scientific Speculations FB group :

There was another crop circle, recent, which appeared on 13 October in Australia, and that brings SAME MODEL OF CROPS CIRCLES DUTCH, the first, on April 9, and the other, recent, October 14, the day after training in Australia.

The latter (October 13) brings the same model, a larger central circle and four in orbit, but with a significant detail:

And it seems even put “behind” our Sun in its movement, with all its “planets” in orbit.

What would be those circular lines?
Gravitational waves?
Movement approach and alignment with our Sun?

Were the crops circles in informing about the arrival of Nemesis and its supposed Planet X in orbit, or other binary star system model to be known by humanity, as the largest astronomical revelation of history?’



This came out the day after the circle appeared : More significant commentary from me to follow at a later date !

Simeon Hein

Simeon Hein has had some interesting things to say about Crop Circles and consciousness. I don’t agree with everything he’s said but I think he’s worth listening to.



Crop Circle Terra Nullius Circa 2016 AD

Why I hoaxed Crop (Grass) Circles

Some of you will recall my video on a set of grass circles I found on my old farm on the 3rd October last year. our circles2

If you hadn’t already guessed it, my son and I made the circles. I set out to make the circles just for fun, because we had seen the on the property years earlier and I had always wanted to try to make them. We were filming ourselves and I wasn’t planning on making a video for Youtube until just before we started making them. I told about 20 people on and offline what we were doing and then I pretended that these were genuine “mysterious” grass circles.

So here’s why I hoaxed the whole thing. I had long been interested in crop circles and strange glyph in general. I had even gone so far as to map all the known circles in Australia (see below) and had driven thousands of kilometers looking for them. Sometime during my exploration of the phenomenon, I became convinced that most crop/grass circles are man-made. I went from being a fully fledged Croppy to a skeptic. And I now see most of them as beautiful man-made works of art. But I still believe that many of the simple circles and rings are non man-made.

It seems to me that the famous Tully Saucer Nests (in Queensland) which influenced the infamous Doug and Dave, kick started the modern crop circle phenomenon. Almost all the circles prior to the Tully Saucer Nests were simple. Many of them appeared to mark strong energy centers and or sacred sites. So I am convinced that there is a real phenomenon. But somehow this phenomenon has become something else and people don’t want to know the truth. But there are people who do, like Matthew Williams (who most people just want to hate because he challenges them), Peter Sorensen (who went from researcher to maker and is hated by Croppies for betraying them) and Colin Andrews (who is ignored now by hard core Croppies for his 80-20 statement). All three of whom,  were willing to ask “What is the truth behind this phenomenon ?”.

So I set out to test people’s gullibility and to find out how much people use critical discernment. My circle shad all the hallmarks of a man-made phenomenon. The key giveaways were the board marks and the lack of pristine appearance. They didn’t look like they fell in one go. They looked like they were made. Admittedly my video didn’t do justice to how they actually looked. But it was enough to hook some people in.

The one mistake I made was that I made a video about simple circles and no one these days is interested in simple circles. People only seem to like complex circles and Croppies in general don’t give a toss about them. Which is a shame because they’re missing what could be the real deal.

I thought I’d post a video about how my son and I made the circles a month or so later but then I decided to wait a while and see who picked it up. It didn’t get much attention (2,030 views on YT) but it did get picked up by Crop Circle Connector and Crop Circle Archive Somebody at CCA mapped them but didn’t do it very accurately and missed a circle. Admittedly I didn’t provide any aerial photos.

I guess the point I was trying to make, is here’s something that could be genuine, what do you think of it ? But it didn’t generate any real interest. People were more interested in the other OBVIOUS man-made circles. Because for the most part, people are so desperate to believe in something otherworldly.

Making a video out of our efforts to make some grass circles was a calculated risk. I knew that when I told the truth, some people would hate me for being deceptive and say that I probably also hoaxed my ET/Yowie contacts and other people who have an interest in what I have to say, would understand why I created a hoax and understand that I’ve been honest about everything else. I don’t know what side of the fence you’ll be on but I encourage you to think about what I’ve said. If I was hoaxing my contact stories, I’ve wasted so much of my life making videos and blogging about it. Which makes no sense at all. I write about ET contact because it’s an important part of my life and I want other people to know about the truth.

Most likely a confession about hoaxing some simple grass circles will gain little or no attention. Which just proves the point I’m trying to make, even more. Unless its dramatic and fulfills people’s fantasies of how things should be, it isn’t engaging enough to deserve people’s attention.

Some people might argue that I’m shooting myself in the foot and that admitting to a hoax will destroy my credibility. But honestly, I don’t care. I’ve spent my life being an honest person. I took a calculated risk for a reason. Before I uploaded the videos, I told people what I was doing. I even posted it on Twitter for a day ! Credibility is about ego. But how we live, that is about heart.

I feel very strongly, that sometimes peoples assumptions and willingness to believe things, should be tested. Which is why i say to people “Don’t believe my ET contact story, if you don’t want to. Go out and have your own ET contacts and then you will know your own truth !”. And it’s also why II am trying to teach people about how to make ET contact and about teh truth of our cosmic family.

There’s too much crap on the internet, filling peoples minds with rubbish ! People must learn how to discern truth for themselves ! Instead of gobbling up every little piece of fantasy ! That’s why I despise stories about the so called Grays and Reptilians and Star Seeds and all the rest of the rubbish that passes for ET related truth.

So, this Spring/Summer, I plan on making a huge grass circle and maybe even something a little bit different. I find the art of circle making fascinating. It’s really fun to design something and to see it realized on the ground. It’s enjoyable and bloody hard to make ! Walking around in the heat, covered in flies, crushing grass, may not sound like fun but it is ! What most Croppies and other Crop Circle believers fail to realize is that Crop Circles are one of the best visual arts on the face of the planet and they owe a great deal to those dedicated nameless artists, who go out Summer after Summer and give them what they want and what they think they need.

I don’t know if I’ll pass my new effort off as genuine or if I’ll pass it off as man made. Whatever the case, the truth will be here in this post for anyone to see.

What really fascinates me at the end of the day, is that there is a small number of predominately simple circles that remain beyond the scope of logical explanations. They appear to mark ancient sacred sites. And some of them coincide with the appearance of luminous balls of light and UFOs. A small number also coincide with the appearance of apparent time slips and doorways. After 25 or 26 years interest in the subject, I don’t know if they are extraterrestrial or terrestrial in origin. But I remain open to many possibilities. I only wish that other people would value truth above desire.

PS. The best part of the video below, is the spontaneous fart at 3:45 mins. It cracks me up every time, cause I remember trying so hard to keep it in !

PSS. This is where I’m moving to !

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