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Heads Up on Tom DeLonge

Just a quick heads up before bed. If you haven’t already figured it out, Tom Delonge is being played as a pawn in a very provocative and influential game of deception around the ET issue. Ignore any revelations that come from him or former military officials tomorrow or any time in the near future. He’s been encouraged to believe in the good ET vs bad ET dichotomy. Part of a much longer plan at global deception. If there are any widespread revelations via he or his team, they will have a little truth mixed in with a lot of lies. So be careful what you believe !

Really, Tom is a no one to the world of secrecy and to the lower arms of The Architecture. But he is a person who can easily be manipulated. I have nothing against him. He seems like a very nice person. But he’s naive and willing to believe that others think he’s important enough for them to reveal their secrets to him. Secrets that are global in scale. In the art of psychological warfare, Tom is a perfect pawn ! As is Linda Moulton Howe and Steve Bassett – both supporters of Tom’s work, who have and will be, just as easily manipulated !

Tom and his team (which may include some honourable people ?) will apparently be making unbelievable revelations here in 5 hours time.

If you really want to understand the group that has got behind Tom, you should scrutinise the people on his team and the companies current and future investors. The people who should be of greatest concern to you, are the manipulators you don’t see !

Not everything that looks good, is good !

Update : Here’s the grand entry !


The TommyKnockers and Out of the Silence

In 1987 I read The TommyKnockers by Steven King ( , just after I’d read Whitley Strieber’s Communion ( At the time I just thought it was a bit of old fashion fun. I wasn’t a big horror fan but I enjoyed the book. King’s book tells the story of a buried alien spacecraft that once discovered, transforms the local towns people into aliens. It reminded me a lot of a much older book called Out of the Silence, which was written by Australian author Erle Cox in 1925 ( / Out of the Silence tells the story of an unearthly being who has been buried for millions of years and her malevolent plan for the human race. Both books explore similar themes and emphasize an alien agenda.

When I look back, it seems obvious to me that one or both books probably influenced The X Files ( and to a large extent they influenced the development of the Grey Alien mythology which became firmly embedded in western culture in the late 80’s early 90’s. In much the same way that TV shows like V from the early 80’s ( / , influenced the development of the Reptilian mythology.

If you really want to understand the Grey and the Reptilian phenomenon, look back over the history of science fiction and horror in literature and film and you’ll see all the hallmarks of the modern alien abduction phenomenon at the hands of malevolent aliens. It’s an old story that we humans love to tell ourselves but it has nothing to do with reality.


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