Hi, I am Bright Garlick and I am a life long ET contact experiencer. I have been having contact experiences by myself (since at least aged 4 months) and with my 15 year old son and ex wife (who was coincidentally visited several times while my son was in utero).

I first began sharing my experiences on my former blog Otherworldly Encounters (which I terminated in late 2012). In 2012 I also began sharing my experiences via Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/user/BrightGarlick/videos). As a result of these two experiences of sharing I was contacted by many people, who asked me how to initiate their own ET contact. At the time I was dealing with a rare life threatening cancer and unable to offer much except a few pointers via email and through the video below.

Apart from being unwell, I didn’t feel right about teaching people how to make contact. And it has taken me a good 2-3 years to get to a place of being OK with doing so.

Now, as I continue to heal, I have decided I am ready to begin teaching people how to make contact. On my website you will be able purchase at a reasonable price high quality audio or video tutorials on numerous aspects of the subject. These will include such areas as :

  • An introduction to initiating contact (The impact of perception on contact, When contact happens and why it happens, Systems for classifying contact, Types of otherworldly beings, Types of craft and Types of contact)
  • The developmental stages of contact
  • ET contact groups
  • Individual contact vs Group contact
  • Methods for initiating contact (10 methods)
  • Practices for cultivating the right readiness (Purifications, Calm Abiding meditation, Connecting with God meditation, Discerning energy and creating a sacred space).

This will be a work in progress, so be sure to check back on the website regularly, to see what new content I have released.

Because contact is a very personal affair to me, I do not run group contact events or teach individual people. What I do best, is to share what I have learned. Because of problems I have had with people who do not respect my privacy, I can no longer be contacted by email and will not answer any emails that come through my old account.

You can learn more about my experiences in the following videos :

Thanks for being curious,


Update 11th October, 2014.

Dear friends I just wanted to let you know about something, which has probably become obvious to many of you. I haven’t pursued the original intention of this blog by completing the ET and I contact series. I have a number of unfinished recordings and it my intention to pursue the project fully some time in the future but at the moment there are more pressing matters in my life to attend to.

So, from now on this blog will primarily focus on :

  • Sharing some of my own contact experiences
  • Reflecting on the different ET races I’ve met
  • Reflecting on the meaning of the ET contact experience
  • Helping people to understand how to develop psychologically and spiritually, so they are ready for ET contact
  • Exploring different methods for internal and external ET contact
  • Ranting about whatever I feel like.

I didn’t anticipate that I would vent my frustrations through this blog but you may see more of that from time to time.

11a.jpgIt is my wish to speak more about some of the more unusual aspects of my ET contact experiences – including the ”merging with the light event”, the so called “Creator Races” and ”being taken through time and off planet by my ET friend Dude”. If at all possible, I’d like to present a new kind of framework for understanding our cosmic family and the contact experience. I have also been thinking seriously about how I might attract certain academic researchers to look at the psycho-spiritual aspects of experiencers and the contact experience. Something in the vein of but perhaps deeper than some of the directions explored by John Mack.

I resent the whole idea of “Exopolitics” (see my last post) and find the personalities driving that field irritating, to say the least. I would much rather see people talk about “Alienology”, if we have to use any kind of descriptive label at all. And from within this develop certain specializations and generalized studies that take the whole phenomenon much more seriously. My sense is that the cutting edge of the future of research into this entire field, lay somewhere between psychological and scientific explorations of consciousness and man’s psyche. Here I believe lay the foundation for us to understand the true nature of reality. It is not in developing new cosmological theories that go beyond Quantum Mechanics and String Theory.

As you can tell from my previous posts, I am deeply interested in how archetypes and archetypal projections and energies are playing out in the so called contact experience and general perception of aliens. It seems to me that a deeper exploration of these areas is essential to developing a deep and realistic understanding of what we have been experiencing and who are cosmic family really are. My interest in this area and my occasional rant against such things as Reptilians and Hybrids and Star Seeds etc.; will no doubt attract plenty of criticism. But I don’t care !

I wish I had the energy to do a systematic overhaul of my Youtube channel and present all of my experiences and lots of reflections and do the Alienology 101 series properly and present some research but I don’t. But I can make some effort to change things here. I’ll still complete the audio contact series when I find time and energy and I’ll weave what I can back into this blog. I guess in a way you can think of this blog as an adjunct (supplementary material) for the audio series.

Sadly I won’t be able to correspond with anyone through email but I’ll try respond to comments when I can. I would however be very open to anyone who is interested in doing any serious research into the subject or the experiences I’ve had. I think it’s important to learn all we can about our experiences of connecting with our cosmic family, rather than jumping to hasty ill informed conclusions and chucking them in the evil aliens with agenda’s basket !

Thank you for all your feedback, your donations and for taking the time to read what I write. Together we embark upon the ultimate journey of discovery and remembering !

Best wishes to all, Bright. 😉


Copyright © 2009-2016 by Bright Garlick.
All Rights Reserved.

  1. You’ve been a great inspiration to us out here. Hang in there. All my wishes go to you and your family.

  2. Hi 🙂

    I have watched a couple of your exciting videos – I like them a lot! I am usually not posting messages here.

    I would really appreciate your view on my experiences. As far as I remember I have never had direct ET contact, but I have always felt that something is guiding and protecting me. I may ask “them” questions or I make a statement just to feel their reaction. I am very careful when I ask for help and in almost any case the affirmative response I receive is goosebumps on the entire body. Sometimes I get no answer. I sense a very strong connection, but I have also fear at the same time. Maybe this is the reason why I haven´t had direct contact yet.

    I have seen many so called ufos at night, but also at daytime. The largest moving object I have ever seen was of the size of a star constellation, but it was moving. This is more than ten years ago and I am still wondering what it really was.

    The place where I live is in the north of Germany and I am surrounded by a very beautiful landscape with beautiful lakes, forests and open fields. I have one location which I really like and which is also my jogging track. As there are almost no people around, I thought this may be a good place to have contact in the future. However, I am not sure if it is a good idea to go there at nighttim

    I really hope you can overcome your illness and it is such a great idea to post these videos online and to see an individual who is genuine and not hiding behind a mask.

    I wish you all the very best 🙂


  3. Hello! My name is Lauris Bergs and i am extraterrestrial contacteer i conect with aliens becouse in childhood i saw ufo and with energetic exercise by Albert Ignatenko i open channel with aliens in 2012 i was the first person in history with such channel and all energys comes throw my chakras and central enegetic channell.Bright please contact me in skype or email lauris.bergs@gmail.com or find me in facebook and google.Thanks the messenger from latvia lauris

  4. Hi Lauris – sorry I do’t really have time to contact people. I’m sure your experiences are very meaningful and important to you. I am happy to hear you have had contact.

    I don’t think much of the good professor – too much unaware ego, too much of the entertainer and snake skin oil quackery for my tastes. Be careful about such so called teachers (charlatans) and declarations “being the first person in history” ! History is a big place and you need a cosmic awareness to see everything !

    Why do you want me to contact you ? For what purpose ? I need nothing from you ?

    Best wishes to you, Bright. 😉

  5. Thanks very much Erik and Jacob. I wish I could help you Jacob but you have to trust your own instincts. I am no one and know nothing. You must use discernment by looking at how your mind behaves and feel with the heart. Let that be your guide and you will have clearer contacts without doubt.

    Best wishes to you both ! 😉 Bright.

  6. Thanks for sharing all your stories. It is really exciting to hear. Hearing of encounters is what pulls me out of bed in the morning. Blessings to you!
    Marcel canada

  7. Hi Bright,

    This is not about otherworldly encounters per se, but about healing. I myself was also diagnosed as stage 4 last September at the age of 26. I came across your interview with Anita Morjani on YouTube, and ended up watching a couple of your other videos, and I just had to tell you a couple of things. I’m sorry if this sounds crazy but I just want you to know this. You are SO beautiful. You have this very beautiful, peaceful, sincere energy about you that is so rare in this world. You are truly, truly someone special. I’m so sorry that people have attacked you. Human beings, on average, are such a confused race that even if you showed them heaven on earth, they would spit in your face. If you showed them an angel, they would drag him through the mud. I watched your interview with Anita Moorjani to try to receive some of her wisdom, and also ended up learning from you. I see that you’re a person who feels deeply and internalizes a lot. Please don’t let others’ hurtful remarks stop you from being who you are. You are beautiful and I felt your beautiful vibration from probably many miles away. Just know that I am rooting for and supporting your healing, and wishing you nothing but the best every single day.


  8. Hey Little Sun – thank you very much for reaching out to me and for all your kind soulful words ! I guess I have a sensitive side and it’s taken me quite a while to toughen up !!!

    Th interview with Anita was interesting. I hadn’t yet spoken about my own merging with the light experience on board the Sawronde craft and I was looking at all these NDE experiences and at that time Anita’s was the one that jumped out at me. She understood what I was starting to get and I wanted to see if she understood things in the same way as me. I guess we perceive things differently but on the whole I guess we come from the same point of view. I think what Anita is teaching now is basic stuff from a spiritual point of view but she is good for a particular audience. I also think she’s very authentic and that’s important in how she transmits her message. What she’s doing is playing the role of a catalyst, igniting that sense of how we can overcome our perceived limitations and I think that’s really important. It is my wish that she is the first of many people to have healed completely in this way and she will inspire millions to come. Eben Alexander’s story is also very fascinating and powerful.

    As to your own illness. I send you my love and wishes that you are able to heal. Did you mean last month or last year you were diagnosed ? If you haven’t already, you are going to be offered lots and lots of ways to heal by people who know you and strangers – and that comes from a legitimate place of caring but if I can make one suggestion, it is this. Ignore them all and follow your own path. Understand how your own perceptions have shaped your reality and what your illness is trying to teach you. Why your body is saying no. I may not be fully healed since my diagnosis 7 years ago but I know how to heal, I am just not very good at making the changes I need to make. Whatever your situation – stage 4 with mets or not, it is NEVER too late to heal, as Anita has shown with her exceptional example. I’m going to write or speak a lot more about healing in teh next few months, so stay tuned.

    Maybe a couple of books worth reading :

    Lawrence LeShan – Cancer as a Turning Point
    Gabore Mate – When the Body Says No.

    Those are the best two I know. And you’ve probably read Anita’s book – so that will confirm what you read in those 2 books. And I made thsi recently.

    Heal well my friend !

    Much love and compassion,

    Bright. 😉

    • Hi Bright,

      Thanks so much for responding! I actually didn’t think you would because you seem like a very private person, but I’m so glad you did :). I just wanted to send you lots of love, and to let you know that you are making a difference even when you may not feel like you are. We are similar in our emotional makeup, I think that’s why when I saw one of the videos in which you were having a tough time talking about your illness (or just the way in which you spoke about it) I just was really affected and wanted to send you some comfort from a really pure place.

      You have had some amazing experiences! Merging with the light on board a craft sounds incredible. How fortunate you are that you’ve had these kinds of experiences with otherworldly beings who show you a completely different dimension of existence. The closest I have ever come to anything like that is what some people call synchronicities. I’m still a spiritual beginner, I guess :). I truly was not in touch or aware of anything beyond the physical and mental planes before my diagnosis. I guess you could say I was arrogantly unaware. What a strangely eye-opening thing this condition is.

      I think what resonated with me about Anita’s story is the emotional aspect of it. Also, her concept of humans as these expansive, hugely powerful beings who mainly limit themselves because, as she says, they are accustomed to looking at the world through the narrow beam of one flashlight, is intriguing. The fact that her recovery is medically documented is a great plus in a world where, as you say, less than honest people try to approach you with all sorts of claims and cures. I also just think its interesting that she says that we are all love at our core, but we tend to pervert it. I think there must be truth to this: why else do humans always strive for true friendship, idealstic, almost divine love for their partners (even if they fail)… and why do they feel so guilty when they lie? Who gave us this incredible emotional ideal that we are always striving to become?

      Thank you so much for the book recommendations, I will check them out. But I will personally steer clear of Eben Alexander – there have been claims about some really dishonest behaviors on his part in conjunction with malpractice suits and my faith in his motives for writing the book is on very shaky ground. Just a very personal opinion and gut feeling – although the fact of his survival is of course still incredible.

      I was diagnosed last year (sorry, I may have said last month by accident). It was breast cancer in my case. I don’t know if you’ll notice but I won’t write certain things down about myself: I’m fully rational in terms of what the doctors have told me but I won’t write really negative things about myself down on paper – I think our bodies try to please us in a way, and I just don’t want to cement any negative expectations that I may subconsciously have into my conscious mind (sorry, not sure if that made sense). I did the full gamut of treatment – exhausting just to think about it. But am doing really well so far. Like you, I think cancer is an energetic disease, and oh my gosh my mind has been going through all sorts of transformations. You know… Its amazing and rattling at the same time.

      I think you are right on with the way you are approaching healing. Let me just share something with you,

      • (oops sorry, my phone pressed reply before I was done typing!)

        – let me share this because I think it may help you. You’ve probably heard of David Servant Schreiber, who was able to keep brain cancer away for 19 years before it recurred. He believed it was his diet modifications that kept him in remission, but I think it may have been more his belief that the diet was helping him that actually helped him. He did recur, but he specifically said in his final book that this was largely aggravated by the fact that deep down, he stopped taking his own advice and allowed stress and an ego driven desire to maintain a fast-paced career get the better of him. He started living not as a ex cancer patient, but an overworked physician and integrative medicine advocate. In other words, i think he may have forgotten the lessons that cancer was trying to teach him and allowed his ego to override any permanent changes the cancer needed him to make. I struggle with this myself – following the steps/good advice even when I have it – and I just wanted to share this with you because like Schreiber, I think you know best what might help you heal but like him ( and like me ) you are also driven to continuing certain actions and thought patterns which make healing a bit harder, or delay it. However, as you said, it is never too late to heal, and I believe that 100%.

        Okay, I’m so sorry for the long-winded post. I just wanted to reach out, and then I found I had a lot to say :8. I also tweeted you (I think) on twitter but I’m really new to that platform and have no idea what I am doing. I’m @__little__sun (with 2 underscores each time) if you want to find me, but if not I totally understand.

        Very best,
        Little Sun

  9. Hello bright, I messaged you on google plus, but I’m not sure if you got it, the format is confusing to me. I have just two or three very basic questions and it would mean the world to me if you could help me out. They are questions you would have no problem answering, and they are questions I need answers for at this stage of my consciousness, and I feel like I could learn a lot from you and also you from me, and I mean that in the most unegotistical way

  10. I’ve been watching your videos and reading your blogs. Your contributions reach deep and resonate with understandings I also have on many things, such as the nature of the soul, reincarnation, the nature of inanimate life, the power of sound. What you are doing is really very helpful to me. Godspeed.

  11. Hi Bright, I’m a first time commenter here and I have two stories that puzzle me… I hope that you or someone could help me out and can make sense of them and shed some light on it. Thank you in advance!

    Story 1:

    It was 2008, I was at my friends house relaxing and having only a couple of beers. Around midnight we went to sleep and I crashed in his room and he took the couch. At some point in the night I was suddenly awoken by the strangest feeling. Much like the buzzing of when your phone vibrates, my entire body, mainly from my chest felt like that, so intensely that it woke me up. I looked to my right and beside my bed was a child like figure in a blue-ish colour only about a meter away. I asked it directly “who are you?” and there was no verbal response, rather in my head, in my own voice I got a reply/message of “don’t worry, go back to sleep.” Not wanting to anger this being or whatever it was, I played by his rules and tried to ignore it, but I was beyond that because I was alarmed at the situation but very calm surprisingly. I then noticed two things, one being that even if I close my eyes, I could still “see” the being in my room and secondly, that vibrating feeling happened whenever it made a step around the room. My friend also had a dog which was 14 years old, blind, deaf and with bone problems. It started barking and playing with this child like being for nearly 15 minutes. After some time the thing left and I remained awake for several hours, astonished at what just happened. At first I thought I’d seen a ghost (I say that because looking at the figure was like seeing it as ‘physically’ there and at the same time not entirely present, almost like a spirit),and I did not even believe my own story as I told it to my friend in the morning, it sounded like lies coming from my mouth, even to this day – but it definitely happened, it’s an unforgettable experience. So that’s my first story.

    Story 2:

    It was 2011, I was soaking up rays in my backyard and listening to relaxing music. I started thinking about how a friend of mine was talking about inducing an outer body experience by meditation an I decided to give it a shot. I relaxed, rid my mind of all noise and cleared my thoughts down to just focusing on my breathing. This took a good hour and a bit (felt like) and eventually I tuned out on the breathing as well. When this happened, I projected my mind out of my body and began to float above myself, clear as anything. Lying on my front, I could see some spots on my back that I’d never seen before, I saw my glass of water next to my head and my iPhone. Also there was this rainbow coloured “rope” coming from my centre and attached to the middle of my back. I began rising into the clouds, and I noticed that the clouds were not clouds at all, but millions of souls, all moving around and everywhere around me. I proceeded to rise higher through various beautiful “levels” and finally arrived at the “top” or highest point reachable. At this point I was now face up on my back as if I were lying on an operating table. I saw four tall white figures standing over me, looking down at me. Their body shape was that of a classical looking alien only much thinner and much taller. One of them held a “white cube” roughly 15x15x15cm, and then placed it on my chest, then instantly I was transported straight back into my body where I came to and again was in disbelief at what I’d seen. After that, I fell into a great and lasting depression, and was shortly after diagnosed with bipolar disorder, never having any sort of history of bipolar in my past or in my family history. So that’s the end of my story.

    If you or anyone can explain or share some knowledge or similar experiences with me that would be amazing! Thanks for reading. Looking forward to any responses.


  12. Hi Bright,
    I don’t have any story of contact or strange happenings; however, all my life I’ve always “felt” a calmness and peace even during calamities as if I know all will be fine. It is my belief that something or somebody is safeguarding me and I’ve felt this from a very young age. I can also feel an electric buzz which resonates through my physical body whenever I stop and become aware of the nature around me which is a most joyous sensation. I feel blessed to have that in my life and wish everone could experience it. I came across your youtube channel and am fixated by your discussions, experiences, and demeanor. I always look forward to your updates and appreciate you taking the time to post. I suppose I am writing just to say that there are many followers that are silent and believe ultimately in what you express. Be well Bright and thank you for sharing. Love the animals and nature in your videos.

  13. Hi bright, been trying to get in touch with you, need your email my fb no longer up, this is my new blog ❤ Mary jane.

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