TSM151 : Life Force ET Contact and An Introduction to the Trialtar People

I’m putting TSM151 in front of the TSM150, as I accidentally deleted something from the final render of TSM151 and have to edit it again.


Those of you who are familiar with my blog or the TSMs will know that I rarely give you a direct and full explanation of how to make ET contact. Instead I sketch out the many different aspects of self awareness that will help you make contact. (I’ll give full descriptions in future contact audio and in the contact book).

In today’s night time monologue (which was made during a light contact session – that is, one at the end of a long tiring day), I give you a simple overview of another way of making contact using the life force. Some people will get this and some people won’t !

In addition I share a little about what I learned about a new race via a telempathic contact session I had the night before (which also included seeing a series of blinkers).

Perhaps in a later TSM I can detail exactly how I came to develop this method of interacting and the steps I went through to prove to myself that it was real.

It’s my wish to continue interacting with this race and at some point perhaps I’ll be fortunate enough to have face to face contact with them. I’ll keep you posted regarding anything else I learn about them !

This particular race, apparently come from a world that orbits a blue star – which I assume is what we call a Blue Giant (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_giant). Blue Giants are some of the hottest stars that we know and are thought by most people to have lifeless planets. Perhaps however, we are wrong about this and habitable planets may exist in a region that is a long way out from the star. I don’t know. All I know is that I was very surprised by what I was told ! I guess it’s a question for Dude ! 😉

The key for me, to all of these interactions, is not to judge whether they are definitively real or not but to write everything down and to compile my experiences for myself. So that over time I can check information against information and come to a final conclusion if and when I have a face to face contact with them, or others meet them and make similar comments about who they are. Sometimes these experiences are very powerful emotionally and continue after seeing lights in the sky !

Enjoy ! 😉

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Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. Nice Bright 🙂 interesting with the new race. Whenever you got time Bright can you make a monologue about that from the perspective we humans will be safe and that the aliens are here for us it would mean the world for me . Of course that it is from the aliens what they say and what they know. Because most you you talk about is the self and because I know so much about the self my self I have not learned what I all ready know. I have donated so much in the past and feel maybe you can speak about what you know. Because I am close to contact and feel that I am beginning to heal from the traumatic experience I have had. Remember it would really save my life if you could have done it because what I have heard is terrifying an where the source where I have heard it is really respected in the spiritual game. Please Bright I bag on my knees. You are my friend bright and I like you a lot because you are just like me. If you wounder how to get started on it please ask me so we can make a monologue that really matter. ❤

    • Being my final comments to you on this subject as I find your fear very difficult to deal with.

      Speak to your spiritual guide and post what they tell you here if you wish. Then let others comment upon whether this seems reasonable. If you know the self so well, recognise the fear that is dominating you. Knowing the self is the only way to have ET contact.

      In terms of ‘events’ I have said before – there is a global conflict on the horizon that is interrupted by a major solar catastrophe that kills millions. The conflict is in the middle east and the Korean peninsula. You’ve seen my video. Will it happen for sure ? I don’t know ! Everything is uncertain ! Everything !

      What can you do ? Get on with life ! Live fully, for who knows what the tide will bring !

      Know one can know what the tide will bring. If you have past trauma that is effecting you’re ability to live now, deal with it and let it go. Forget about ET contact, for it will not save you and ETs will not save us from ourselves. That would take away our power to save ourselves !

      Try to relax and enjoy your life. You are young and likely have a long life ahead of you ! Set yourself free ! Trust existence ! https://au.pinterest.com/pin/488499890818091717/. You are not here to suffer and will not be punished for any apparent karma. You allow yourself to be a victim of your conditioning ! That’s all.


      Live now.
      For tomorrow we die.

      And who knows when that tomorrow will come ! 😉

      • Yes Bright and thank you for you Words. But Yeah here is my guide from my master li hongzhi… As a human being, this is in fact fair. Why is it fair? Formation, stability, degeneration, and disintegration is the cosmic law, and each round of life will disintegrate once beings are no longer good. In the course of history, there have been more than just one or two civilizations that existed during various periods, isn’t that right? There have been many. And prehistoric civilizations surpassed modern civilization many times. History is just like a play with a script. Once one round of human civilization is over, the script will be revised; after revision, the script will be brought out and performed anew, till the script is finalized in the end. In some periods, there was highly advanced technology just like that of extraterrestrial beings, and once that history passed it was deemed not good, and the state of human beings like that was deemed not good; it was not in line with the standard for human beings to obtain the Fa in the end, and technology that advanced was not wanted. In some periods humankind appeared to be very undeveloped, and that would not work either. It’s not just about technology, it would not work if human beings’ conduct, thought, culture, or even their exterior forms did not conform to the requirements. What can we say about this Bright ? issen that scary.. Allthough latley i have been feeling good. 😉 cheers

      • And what he ment was Our civilization is not deemed good and have karma rolling on top of karma.

      • Should we still ignore this and get on with life ? I’m sorry I am such a stupid prick talking about this that seems like true . But it is probably false if I still should read an be down with ets. Sorry for me making you angry

      • I don’t think you’re stupid Being and I’m not angry. Frustrated sometimes yes !

        But I do think you need to use discernment. As I said previously, you should examine the founder of Falun Gong and see what you can understand about the man and his conditioning. He is a very powerful figure (one of the 500 most powerful people on Earth today) with a great deal of influence. I don’t trust the man.

        The idea of Karma that binds you and destroys lives and civilisations is just stupid. It undermines the whole point of living – which is to live ! Period.

        Try to see that that kind of fear mongering has infiltrated your psyche like a parasite and has you paralysed !

        You are already free and always will be. Human civilisations will always collapse due to ignorance !

        If you must look up to a Chinese teacher, read any of the books by Nan Huai Chin on Chan Buddhism.



        There are so many great teachers with more to offer than your current teacher.

        The best is Ramana Maharshi.

        But if you want to simplify and trust another, go to Dadaji. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dc7u0pjjigosrxm/AAA9CKk_PKON04uAeLdzIfdRa

        Read the Books Truth Within by Ann Mills or Ram Thakurs books Veda Vani Parts 1/2/3. Dadaji/Ram Thakur are all about letting go and trusting god because there is nothing you can do.

        You have to figure out a path for yourself. One that is free of fear that would bind you and paralyse you.

        Better to have no spiritual belief and enjoy life than to be bound to the teachings of one deluded man !

        I am afraid I can no longer allow your comments, if there is one ounce of fear !

        You do not know what you believe. Figure that out first – What do I actually believe ? Then if you are OK with that, accept and stop doubting. 😉

  2. i don’t want to interfere but Being you are asking for way too much. You are expecting an answer that fits you and that’s not gonna happen. It’s up to you if you want to donate, no one is forcing you to do so.

    • Here here Marcus ! Nice to hear that someone understands what I have tried to say for so long ! So much expectation ! Thanks for being a voice of reason ! 😉

    • Okey Bright nice to hear your positive outlook on the situation. I will from now on ask about things that is not fear based only things that matters because when something like this being said by li hongzhi it can be little difficult to bealive something else. Have a nice day 😉

  3. Yeah i understand Marcus, it can feel like that. I dont want to be dismissed, and as i said before is that something huge is going to happen that envolves humanity. I can post where it comes from but i dont find it necessary. Peace. 😉

  4. But what does the ets that sees the overall situation about what life hongzhi says. Can I ask about that Bright ? Thanks

  5. Are there if you like future events that you have been shown that the human race have not been eliminated.

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