An Extract from the Dude Interview Regarding Other Races

Sometimes I’ve had conversations with Dude that I completely forgot about. Here’s another one that I dug up and have transcribed for the Dude book.

I’m realising as I’m going through all these conversations, trying to decide what should go in the book, that there are all these things I would like Dude to clarify, that I’d like to understand in greater detail. A while back I thought maybe I’d have a separate book based on my own questions for Dude. But I’ve canned that idea and will be trying to integrate my own conversations into the one book. It’s worth noting that initially I had no plans of writing a book like this. So our conversations were very personal, had in the way that two people, two friends would normally talk to one another. Later, after I had decided on a book, our conversations remained the same. And so it seems to me, where I understand what Dude is often saying, others may not. And I don’t know if I need to do anything about that. As I write each conversation I’m structuring it like this – Context, Conversation, Reflections. This little extract is just the raw conversation.

You can find more on the ETs referred to here on the blog. The shape shifter race I mentioned in the footnote, is not one of the races that Dude refers to.

Enjoy ! 😉

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Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. Marcel Hartges

    Thanks Dude!

    Marcel Hartges


  2. I’m offering you $5000. One of your ET friends have to come & fetch it for you. I don’t need to see him. No recording, video or similar. I can even leave them outside somewhere.

    Without any proof that ET’s exist, I can’t just send them to you.
    If you don’t want to do it then we both know you’re either lying or imagining everything.
    You’ve got my mail.

    • Dave you are a waste of my time. Period. Tell you’re wife what you get up to on the weekends. 😉

      • You’re literately begging people for money without providing any proof of ET existence!

        I gave you an opportunity & you didn’t take it because you know it’s impossible. You’re telling ferry-tales, It’s really that simple. You

        None of your readers have made ET contact. And they are all here to find comfort from the harsh reality that they can’t handle, the reality of every day life.
        They fall for your words, but they are words only & nothing else.

        What you see is what you get, not what you believe! You can’t proof shit!

      • Dave, it is waste of my time to engage you. But this is the last time.

        I ask for support Dave because I’m unable to work and earn a living, as I heal from my tumours. Money helps me survive ! I also give what I can. It takes a lot of time and energy. Words change the world Dave ! Didn’t someone tell you you matter. Why are my words any different to yours ? I try to do good. You try to critique. I’ve dealt with people like you all my life. All my life ! I let your words appear on my pages. When I could delete you from my existence !

        I don’t need to prove anything. If you’d read my blog, you would have read my thoughts about that. Have you ever listened to a story about my family, about my suffering, about the suffering of people I know, about the ways of knowing and self awareness I try to give people ? No I doubt it. You see what you want to see. And you resent people like me who see good and believe in justice and fairness and equality. Do you know how many people have written to me saying thank you and how many have said they’ve had contact because of my words ? No you don’t ! I believe in what others are capable of !

        I don’t need your money and neither do ETs. If I truly needed money to save my life, I’d go to a bank. I ask for help because I give and a little help every now and then $100-200 a month helps get me to my oncologist and helps pay for a scan or the hotel near the hospital or to pay for my broken car or my washing machine or to pay for water. I don’t scam anyone. I give constantly. And yet so many people ask of me who never give. You never know about those people do you Dave, not the dozens who critique or the death threats ? You have no idea of the crap I endure from people just like you ! I have wasted my time to post this, just to let you know that I think you are an arse hole ! I know exactly who you are and how you waste your time !

        I’ve spoke about the difficulties of what I do before and engaged with arse holes like you too many times.

        Thanks for thickening my skin !

    • Isaiah 40:18 How can we describe God? 25 With whom will you compare me?Who is my equal? asks the Holy One. 31 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint. perhaps Dave, your time is best spent elsewhere – like on your knees !

  3. Hey Dave give me the 5000 thousand and i will show you how to make contact with Et but you must let ego and hate go in your thinking. You could bury your head in the sand like all the other people and go live your boring life remember seeing is believing.

    • I don’t want you to show me contact with ET’s, because u can’t. Not even Mr Bright can, because there is none here who had contact!
      If I’m saying I have contact with giants & trolls on earth, but I won’t show you any proof, just my words, will you believe me?

      • I suppose you write or enjoy fantasy Dave ? Where everything is permissible. Just because you have a limited experience of reality, doesn’t mean others do. I try to teach others how to have contact, so they will know for themselves. What better proof ? If you can’t have contact, that says more about you than me. Why do you critique what you don’t understand ? Don’t you have better uses for your time ? Like family, like a wife, life life ?

  4. I can tell you dave eta do exist. Full stop. It’s something called the I ching an old way of predicting the future. Terence mckenna used the model on computer and predicted now as we speak it will happen something dramatic. Where history stop and what tha hell does that mean. Issent that important? If the ets can’t save humanity then who can ? People laugh but here I am sitting like a cell with other cells in a giant universe. Do you dare ask the ets what will happen and can they do something quickly.? I care about you guys and don’t want to spread panic but this is important and test the ets. So what is this all about saw ronde tilhia dude ?

  5. Before i made contact with ET i did not know who Bright Garlic was or his web site. I wanted to prove to myself if its all true the only thing is i could not afford photographic equipment to prove to people what i saw two nights in a row. Sorry Dave you are so wrong i am not just one of the readers i have had my experience and that’s good enough for me.

  6. There are so many fantasists on the net claiming all kinds of nonsense about ET contact and you choose to fuck with the most sincere and humble guy speaking on the subject.
    You Dave are a fucking Buffoon.

  7. What about my question Bright. 🙂 ?

  8. I am so glad that I missed this exchange with Dave. I am in no mood to deal with ignorant arguing just for the sake of arguing. Doesn’t he know that he doesn’t have to click the button and read anything on this post. He is free to converse with like minded people on whatever blog that he wishes. And the total ignorance of trying to buy contact! Wow, what a sad closed minded man. Speaking of bible quotes… how dark is that darkness! ( of a closed mind).
    Everyone handled him so well. I would have simply said fuck you and have a nice life! Love to you all.

  9. Hehe dalotte

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