Thank You !

I just wanted to offer a thank you to everyone who reads this blog or listens to the TSMs – Thank You ! 😉

Thanks to everyone who has made a donation (especially Sandor, Astrid,  Frédéric and Nick for your ongoing support) ! Thanks to everyone who has left a comment and engaged in dialogue ! Thanks to everyone who has sent me words of encouragement and well wishes for my healing ! Thanks to everyone who has encouraged me to continue sharing my conversations with Dude and to continue sharing my contact and other experiences ! Thanks to everyone who asked Dude and Anamika questions for the interviews – sorry I could only choose a small number. The Dude book should be completed by January (the interview has 1 question left but I have a series of conversations to transcribe and edit). I’m still open to questions for Anamika.

Thanks to everyone who has shared something special with all of us about your lives ! You don’t have to but still you do ! Thanks Darci for caring about the state of your fellow human beings – here and there. It’s my wish that your husband is recovering well from his heart surgery and that you are being true to you ! Thanks Frédéric for learning to trust in you and for carrying the TSMs from one country to another and for finding something of value in my words ! Thanks Astrid for your love and kindness and being that rare quality of human being that makes friendship one of the great experiences of life ! Thanks Oliver for reaching out across oceans of time and for seeing the absurdity of the great search fr something else – knowing that everything we seek, is already here ! Thanks Lisa for sharing your ups and downs, for prompting me to consider Philip K Dick’s experiences a little more seriously and for having the courage to cut up and share in front of your fellow human beings ! Thanks Marcus for looking inwards and for having the courage to let go of expectations. Thanks Being for placing your faith in the words of a skinny man down under and in your own innate goodness ! Thanks to the unseen faces of Pine Gap and the men and women at the other surveillance sites that have an interest in my words and for opening your own minds to the words of an invisible no one (I know that some of you are changing !) ! Thanks JoJo for having the will to present another point of view and for standing up for what matters ! Thanks Jules and thanks Janet for personifying love and compassion and for magnifying them for the benefit of others ! Thanks Derek for having the guts to go on living after the death of your beloved and for bringing your light to those who need you ! Thanks Mary Jane for living fully and radiating so much love ! Thanks Judith for understanding and for giving a damned about the natural world and the human race ! Thanks Falkesolberg for being willing to reach out and connect with the other ! Thanks Alan for asking critical questions and for being open to the uncomfortable ! Thanks Gillian for your warmth and encouragement and for seeing our shared humanity ! I know there are many of you that I haven’t mentioned. Thank you ! Thanks to the 30 or so regulars who show up everyday to see what’s on the page ! Don’t ever be afraid to say hi ! And lastly, thank you to everyone who has ever taken the time to read, watch or listen to anything that I’ve shared ! Thanks for taking the time to listen to another point of view !

Thanks to BOX for the space and for letting me have a small home away from home ! Thanks to Podbean for making reaching my fellow human beings so easy ! And thanks most of all to Matt Mullenweg (, Mike Little and all the staff at WordPress for giving a quiet Australian man who lives in the middle of nowhere, a place to express himself and build a bridge with his fellow human beings !

Thanks to everyone who has endured my experience of the human condition – raising a son, living with tumours, experiencing the weirdness of conjoined space earlier this year, my anger at global injustice and inequality, my arrogance and ignorance, my vulnerability, my going all over the place, my stupidity, my frustration, my anger with the UFO/ET field and the New Age Movement, my grief at losing my sister Suzy to brain tumours earlier this year and above all my uncertainty. Life just is and what ever we make of it is up to each one of us. I never know what the hell is going to unfold as part of my experience of life ! God knows I never had a clue as I was growing up that I would share my thoughts, feelings and experiences with my fellow human beings !

This blog is called ET and I. But it’s all about just one thing – the self. The self is me and teh self is you and the self is the other, no matter what the other appears to be.

Thanks for being alive to share this journey with me ! We are all here now because we chose to be and because every day we passively and actively choose to be ! We are here to live as fully as possible, so live – with everything that life offers you – both good and bad ! No matter how fucked up the world appears to be, life matters and each one of you matters ! Trust in you ! You are the path and the way ! The self that allready has all the wisdom it needs !


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Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. Hello anamika. I have drawed a picture of your race that hangs on the wall. I have a few questions now and on a later stage. If the truth is that people of the earth need to be saved is it possible that you can do it? The old cosmos is becoming a new and people can have a risk as I have understud it. How can we have full trust in what you say is the ultimate truth ? hope this questions are understud because I think they are very important. Thank you Bright and the anamika. 🙂

  2. If the questions can really be translated from a high perspective to a low understanding that would be really precious. Thank you anamika. 🙂

  3. ✌️☮️✌️Hope things are going well for you Bright.

  4. Hey. thank you you too brighty. It’s been a lot of fun connecting with the other! 🙂

    I found etandi when i found this video

    • Thank you Falkesolberg and thanks for the videos you’ve shot and sorry I haven’t responded. It looks like you’re diving right in the deep end and enjoying contact ! Glad you’ve found ways to build a bridge to the stars ! 😉

    • Didn’t know if that video reached anyone. It was a bit dodgy and long winded ! Not sure if anyone understood what I was trying to convey !

    • That video is a pearl !
      I discover it when I was in Ravenna Italy the last year, more or less this period. I steel remember the hotel room 250.
      It was the beginning with “etandi” for me too.
      Thanks Bright and all the others that are intercting and sharing.

      • Thanks amigo ! I didn’t think many people would get it after I made it because I was a bit wishy washy talking about connecting with teh consciousness of other life forms on Earth/spirits of Earth. But if it did make sense and helped, that’s great ! One day we’ll have a better language for describing these things !

        Amazing that you still remember the room ! You must have had a lot of long work days resting up in hotels ! 😉

        Take care,


  5. The reason I said all of this is because it evolve our safety. To be safe from what we consider our destiny. It’s better to be safe then sorry. 🙂

  6. Thanks falkensolberg for sharing the starter video! And thank you Bright for speaking up about paralell lives, it’s something very light full and great about it!! Hope and faith we will win. 🙂

  7. I did it again didn’t I. Sorry and thank you Bright. 🙂

  8. We all thank you too Bright! Bright, it’s been a delight!
    As long as your blog and the interactions with your fellow humans makes you smile (and keeps you out of trouble……hehehehe) it’s all good I say!

  9. Good day all,
    Question to Anamika:
    “Hello Anamika and Bright,
    I’m curious to know how your Telhia people are leaving love-relationship?
    Do you have this “cycle” fall in love, commitment, engagement, have kids if possible and wanted, up and down in the couple, and blablabla?
    Or better : how love between 2 partners works? Have the children a direct impact on the love relation? Are we human simply on a too superficial level (or partially immature) in love management/feeling?”
    And related to that do you have also some “your music type” to warm up the “heart” and feelings”.
    I’m really curious about your music.
    Big warm smile to all of you

    • I can answer that already if you wish my friend or I can add the question. I discussed something similar with Anamika a few years ago. 😉 The music question is a newbie – can you refine it a little as well – give it some more clarity. Then I can ask her something very specific. It’s a good question and one I’ll be happy to include ! Take care amigo ! 😉

      • Hello Bright,
        I’m always delighted to read you Bright. It will be my pleasure to know about it a bit more, and if you already have spoken about something similar with Anamika, is even better.

        Some more explanation for the question related to the Telhia music related to love:
        I have read, or maybe it was a TSM, somthing about the Telhia music. Basically it is not music as we understand, but maybe more melodies. And Anamika told about these songs for children, that are a really old heritage of the Telhia. They play/these song to “cool” down the kids when they are “kids”.
        Maybe they have similar songs for love.
        ( I’m not talking about the romantic song you play when you want a good moment with your sweet one.)
        Sometime love is so… unpredictable… that to have a nice “melody” to remember who you are, should be nice !
        I’m not so sure that I explain it enough “correctly”?, but I hope you catch the point.

      • Hey Frédéric I think the musical information you are referring to was this I’m afraid I didn’t post the final part – eventually ! I think I catch your drift. I have some sense of how much the Spanish feel about passionate music (I know you’re Swiss). So perhaps you are asking – Do the Teal’hia have passionate music that conveys love for another ? Or perhaps, do they have music that reminds them of their love for another ? Is that what you mean ?

        I have no idea if the Teal’hia have anything like this but I look forward to hearing the answer myself !

        Brillante. 😉

      • Hello Bright,
        thanks to read between my lines and to understand the point. I’m sorry I have confused Muhajra with Teal’hia. But yes, we are talking about passion, about vibration, about feeling good, about love.
        i’m sure music is a sort of catalisator for this emotion. The music of nature is also part of that. When I hear little birds song, wind in the tress, waves on the beach… or an other example as you mentioned : flamenco.
        When you have music, you do not need super meal, super toys …. same when you play music, is not important if you have a old guitar or a “gibson”… you play, you have that feeling
        That feeling I’m talking about. Do Anamika have this need of good vibration to warm hup the heart and the mind

      • Right, now I get you ! 😉 Can you please put all those things into one question, so that when I ask it, I can later use that in the book. I do understand now the essence of your question ! Thanks for making it clearer ! 😉

      • Hello Anamika,
        I try to imagine how you are, and for this purpose I have a question on how are your feelings. Does it happen to you to be a bit down, to have the “spleen”. And if this or something similar happens to you, do you have the need to warm up you heart or mind/soul (do not know how to call it).
        Are the vibration of the music, as nature sound, or passionate music, helping you in feeding your “sad or deep” moments to recover your essence ?
        Warm hugs

  10. What are the probablities for paralell universe, do they mean something that is meaningfull ?

    • Being what is the probability of a piece of string existing ? I have no idea ! It’s not about probabilities. Its about energy. It is meaningful if you are looking for meaning ! 😉

  11. What are the possibilities for paralell universes* ?

  12. You are so welcome Bright! I do love you so! I love open minded real people, who bare it all, that have found a way to overcome and enjoy life!
    Nobody is hiding anything even though they might think they are. Thank you for your best wishes for my husband. He is slowly getting better. He is back to work. Of course he is complaining constantly and everything is bad, wrong and against him! His mother died about 6 months ago. Part of her legacy to her family was leaving behind years of lamenting, sad, “begging to God” journals filled with nothing helpful or healing to her children. My husband has read them all and just asked me to read them last night. So I read them. I tried to keep an open mind hoping I would learn something to help me deal with him.
    She was a very tormented alcoholic always begging the cosmos for help but never helping herself. She was waiting for revelation, change and emotional/psychological healing but it never came. She blamed the “pain of the human condition” for her unhappiness. She was obsessed with the suffering in her past and the suffering of others. She was unable to shake her grief and anxiety over the injustices of life. Alcohol was her only relief and she readily admits it. I truly understand her plight, but it angers me that she was defeated. Let that be a lesson to us all. Don’t waste your life staying in negativity and anxiety. I know it is easier said than done, but it is imperative if you want any peace and joy. When you get sick and tired of being sick and tired you finally do something about it. Although some people, like my mother in law, actually prefer being sick and tired. She just didn’t have the ability to see through her own self deception. She thought, “if I feel it and think it, it must be truth!” Her arrogance stole her life experience and she died a lonely broken old lady.
    Bright, you have added so much more depth to my life and I greatly thank you!
    Love to all,

  13. Thanks darci for being back it brings peace to me. Thank you for being here. 🙂

  14. I would do the cliche, but I think Alanis does it best, haha. We love you Bright

  15. Nick,
    I loved it!!! What a powerful and wonderful video. Thanks for sharing it!

  16. music, passion and emotions, that’s was I was talking about
    to all of you, and Anamika.

    Ciao a tutti

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