David Jacobs is Right But He’s Wrong

Over the years many people have thrown the research of David Jacobs at me to ponder because they feel that I’m wrong about the ETs and that they are abducting us to fulfill some seedy agenda. I stand by my argument that the notion of abduction represents the perception of one’s experiences at the lower end of the developmental spectrum (https://etandi.wordpress.com/2014/12/21/how-the-perception-of-et-contact-changes-humans/) and not what is actually happening.

I’ve read several of David’s books and listened to many of his interviews. He has done a lot of good work, although I can say little about how he does his regression work or the people that he has worked with.

As far as I can tell he is one of those researchers who sees the small picture – how ETs appear to be to the person who feels powerless. His belief that ETs are infiltrating the planet, is at best naive and myopic and at worst just downright stupid and dangerous. Because David doesn’t seem to have had any contact experiences himself (and no history of contact experiences), he lacks the insight to truly understand the nature of these experiences. While he is right about a great deal of ET contact being clandestine (or subversive), he is completely wrong in his conclusions about what this means and why the ETs function the way that they do.

To play into his conclusions (and the conclusions of others like him), logically leads us to conclude that we live in a dystopian universe where living beings are caught in a battle between the forces of evil and good. Which, based on my own experiences with ETs, is a faulty and unhealthy way of thinking.

I suggest that those who are interested in the subject of ET contact (by whatever name you call it), examine cautiously the claims of people who believe that ETs have a dark agenda and are a threat to us. To take such claims at face value, is to play into ignorance and to lose sight of the larger picture of how different ET races interact with one another and how sentient life has evolved.




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  1. What i feel is a little strange Just by saying, that life can have moren opportunity, and are very complex. So why do some Ets tell av different story that is moren simple. Maybe they have an own universe in an paralell space or somthing. Because why should they Lie to us, you see the point here Bright? I want to trust Them. But yeah little difficult. 😉 🙂

  2. Can you please replay Bright i am worried

    • Victor, it’s important that you trust yourself in life and stop seeking answers from others.

      When you trust and understand you, you will be ready to understand ETs. How can you understand them without first understanding yourself ? I can only tell you what I know. You must discover this truth for yourself ! No one can prove anything to you. You must discover your own truth by knowing you ! When you know you, reality reveals itself to you, with total clarity.

      If you watch videos of people talking about bad threatening ETs, you’re not trusting you. You’re trusting others who also probably do not know themselves. What is true for you ? I say the ETs are not like this because I know myself and I know them. But you must come to know you, if you want to discover if what I say is true.

      See your fear and your worry for what they are. Just thoughts arising in the mind, connecting to other thoughts. Experience the stillness within and your mental activity and then you will know what you really are. You will come to know stillness and activity – the movement that constitutes all of existence. Do this and you will understand the fearful messages that others project.

      TRUST IN YOU ! 😉

  3. Okey if the ets see the possiblity for one to return back to the light, can they do so ? Thanks again my friend. 🙂

  4. I am just afraid that the ets dont tell the truth about life and then i am in big problems i dont want that. It would be nice if the ets talk in a lanuage i can understand and have trust in them. When i trust my self .

  5. I am in the darkest place in my life, its just so fucking hard. But i want contact , i need it and hope the ets can in the least tell me it will go allright

  6. I need help Bright

  7. I have heard another story about humanity life and that the ets Did not create us, what to do i need help from them

  8. Bright can i get your facebook it is importent

  9. Bright i am worried

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