Hey folks, I can’t remember if I mentioned that I recieved $1,835 from my tumour treatment fundraiser. I had a target of $5,750 to help meet my medical and other expenses. So thank you to everyone who suported the fundraiser !!! Your donations make a world of difference to my ability to afford treatment and to get through the financial difficulties that come with a life threatening illness !

Unfortunately I am still struggling week to week financially and am as yet unable to return to work. Its been almost ten years now since I was diagnosed and 5 years since I had to leave work. So life has become much more difficult financially than it once was ! Next year my son may start university (perhaps he might have a gap year) and I’ll have to do all I can to support him through university. So I feel considerable financial pressure to make ends meet !

If you’d like to see ET and I and The Something Monologues continue, please consider making a one off or regular donation. Your donations literally help me to survive and to create the things I enjoy creating. They also help me to look after my 18 year old son and to provide him with opportunities that he otherwise wouldn’t have !  You can make a donation via the tab on the top right hand side of this blog. Please consider passing this on through your networks.

Thank you to all those wonderful people who have supported me while I’ve been unwell with tumours ! When I evntually make the paid portion of the blog (with How to Make ET Contact audio material etc), all supporters will have free access to all materials. My apologies that it’s been a long wait !

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read ET and I and listen to The Something Monologues ! It’s nice to know that others are interested in what I have to share. It’s my wish that it gives you something that you didn’t have before !

Best wishes to all,

Bright. 😉


About brightgarlick

Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. Hope you are doing well bright ! Well wishes back 🙂

  2. If i had money i would gladly donate, the issue is i am in my life worst crisis. So i am kinda seeing your view how life can be. Take care my friend !

  3. I made another video because the other was to stiff and the music was horrible so appricate if you guys will give me some recognition, Thank you 🙂

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