What do the following all have in common ? And why does it matter ?

  • Id, Ego and Super Ego
  • Creative Self
  • Healer
  • Merchant
  • Damaged Self
  • Higher Self
  • Lower Self
  • Victim
  • Child Within
  • Critical Parent
  • Transcendent Self
  • Writer
  • Master
  • Controller
  • Tortured Self
  • Voice of Desire
  • Transient Self
  • Small Self
  • Greater Self
  • Self
  • God
  • Unconscious
  • Subconscious
  • Higher Unconscious
  • Middle Unconscious
  • Lower Unconscious
  • Conscious I
  • Conscious Self
  • Lower I
  • Astral Body
  • Etheric Body
  • Collective Unconscious
  • Personality
  • Higher Personality
  • Higher Identity
  • Small Ego
  • Large Ego
  • Dynamic Self
  • Spiral Self
  • Soul
  • Spirit
  • Big Mind
  • Big Heart
  • Voice of Oppression
  • Voice of Fear
  • Voice of Death
  • Voice of Vengeance
  • Voice of Anxiety
  • Voice of Joy
  • Body Self
  • Cellular identity
  • Cosmic Self
  • Transpersonal Self
  • Unifying Centre
  • Free Functioning Integrated Self
  • Monkey Mind
  • Horse Mind
  • Cat Mind…

Happy to explain when someone hits upon the magic word !



About brightgarlick

Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. Hello Bright,

    let’s try…

    I think that a flower need some water (in general )…in a vase or in the nature
    so we are the flower, and the above list is the water that we need ( but for what?… to be connected to our real self maybe? to accept that we do not understand everything?)
    or better
    the ” I ” (ourself) need love, love is anarchy, love is free, love is inner peace
    but I’m still looking to understand / accept this concept of love
    sometime is more easy to feel than to describe.

  2. Fedehurst,

    Seeing all those words as water is lovely. Like droplets of water make a pond. All of them individual but all are required to create the whole. Each one is a miniature replica of the whole and could stand on its own. Each one as important as the other.
    My word to thread all of Bright’s words together is “sentience.”
    Why is this important? Because sentience is necessary for the ability to suffer. Without suffering there is no movement through the hierarchy of the whole.


  3. Consciousness matters because it connects us all.

  4. Bright I have been reading this list over and over. The same word keeps popping in but I don’t think its the one you are looking for. The word is “brain”
    Have a good one,

  5. Very good folks, keep going…;-)

  6. good day all,

    if it is not love, consciousness/connection, brain, let me try my last card.

    I think freedom can be in connection with the list… to feel the real freedom you should/must take in consideration your list and you will merge with the essence of you (your real person, not the one that the people know, the one that you speake to when you are really down, really happy) the one you speak to because you are alone and nobody else can help because is your essence is concerned…


    ps: additional tips are welcome

    • Well done fedehurst, you are on the right track ! A small hint : What is the self ? 😉

      • Hello,
        what is the self… good good question, in particular in this period of life for me ( 44 years, with 2 twins of 3 years, in couple-hard time sometime , and waiting the light at the end of tunnel)… actually i’m going to a therapist ( gesthalt method) and also follwing a nice healer (you).
        I’m focusing on my real essence, with my good part and my “not so good” part in myself.
        I have many feeling but not yet the full peace, eventhough I’m always better and better…
        You arrive in my life in a perfect time… and I’m sure is not coincidence.
        Anyway, still looking about the self, but first trying to feel my self.
        Thanks for so many things Bright, and your recent post with many audio are great… is your new way to feel you blog ? Is great !!! and pratctiall if you once you think about selling the access on your blog.
        The definition of the self from wiki is not really helping me, and for that I try to listen and feel more your words.
        How your treatment is going ? How do you feel ?
        All the best Bright

  7. thanks Brights for the tip…

    we are a “love letter”, looking for freedom but we need also the evelope… and adress … a stamp to reach the/our destination.
    You can replace “love letter” with “flowers” to deliver, and envelope with packaging…

    The new element now is the destination, but why to look outside if inside we have/are all
    What we are discovering is our destination, whitout expectations ! ( as my “friend” repeat so many time!).
    Now I realize that I do not have the stamp yet, and the address is not fully clear.
    The eveloppe is my consciousness that has a clear target, to merge… or to dive.

    I’m a bit in the same situation of this kid that only know to count until 7 and he didn’t know the 8 exist…

    Thanks for this challenging riddle, now I’m waiting for the end of your story.

  8. “The new element now is the destination, but why to look outside if inside we have/are all”
    I love that! It is so hard to get to the place of awareness of our true identity. Why is that such a long road? It seems so simple once it clicks in.
    Another guess…. the word is “me.”


  9. Hello Darci,
    The list was in my mind for long also… and i like your answer and comments.
    Now let’s wait a bit to understand which suprise there behind all that.
    Nice easter to all of you

  10. Perception, or any means of identifying and classifying a felt state of awareness through whatever senses we feel we are sensing with. What is the what not? Haha

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