Hey folks – a quick update. I’m in the darkest period of my life right now. I’m dealing with the most challenging event of my life (something really really strange that has come completely out of left field when I least expected any more turbulence) and I can’t share it with anyone. On top of that I’m dealing with Susy dying and trying to get ready to start my own tumour treatment.

And Steven as to your comment – “But I had to ask more about your ” weird event”… you can’t leave a cliffhanger like that…c’mon ! OK, of course you can, but an event you say ” nobody else could have ever experienced? Even in your weird and anomaly filled world, that’s quite a claim! Will you disclose it on here sometime later? If not, but you feel able to share privately, feel free to write to my personal email, which I assume you have access to. I will of course treat anything shared as confidential, although I appreciate you only have my word for that.” You can just shove it up your fucking ass ! You have to be kidding me !  I share way too much here, so don’t think for a moment I’m going to share something that no fucking person on Earth could understand ! Especially not you ! I don’t even know you ! Fuck you ! You have no idea who I am or what the people in my life have experienced ! Some things are fucking weird and very uncommon and you need to just accept that !

I’m tired of sharing so much here and people pushing me !

Thanks to everyone who understands that this is a very difficult period for me right now. No more fucking love and light bullshit. I’m not like that ! I’ve had to deal with more shit than most people have in two life times !  I’m raging and hurting and have been close to taking my life ! Which is something I have’t experienced for nearly 2 decades. I thought all that was behind me. If I can’t make it through this event that has been unfolding, I’ll be withdrawing completely from the internet. And if I do make it through, then some sort of normal me will return. In 14 days I’ve had about 18-20 hours sleep and I’m getting sicker. I’m sorry but the nice balanced Bright has fucked off. There’s a lot of hurt and pain right now that I’m not processing well. So I may not be the nicest person to interact with. Forgive me for anything harsh that I might say. It’s coming from a very dark place. A place that I usually keep hidden from everyone.

Everything I know and believe is being tested right now. Every spiritual teaching I’ve assimilated, every thing I’ve learned about how to live, every value, what’s right and what’s wrong. I’m truly at break point ! But maybe a few days sleep will help my mind to settle. And if things  go well, the situation might well begin to make more sense. It’s something that I didn’t see and I don’t understand but I have always had a sense that it (I didn’t know what the it was) was there. And now it may take 6-12 months for me to fully understand and integrate what has been happening. I accept it but it’s come as a massive shock – like seeing someone you love murdered. Some part of me has died because of this !

So please friends, try to understand I’m in great pain ! Emotionally and physically.

I’m flying up to see my dying sister in a couple of days, provided she lives that long. I don’t know when my next post will be.

Be well friends,



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Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. Hi Bright,
    Hang in there! Im sorry to hear of your sad news , sometimes life is just shit! Can Dude offer any help ? & if not why not ?
    Take care

  2. Bright; I am very sorry to hear about your sister and all you and your son have been going through recently. The photo of your sister and you is just lovely; your spirits shine through the photo! Although I’ve said it many times I think you are an amazing person who has a most extraordinary mind, and I greatly admire your fortitude, perspective, and honesty and your son’s fortitude and ability to deal with difficulties at a young age.

    Many prayers,

  3. Oh Bright!
    I am worried about you. Take all the time you need. Don’t give this blog another thought until things settle. Remember all the other life altering, confusing and devastating things you have been through in your life. You have always made it through. You have always eventually seen the connection to what you already have and it connects in time. Then comes overwhelming gratitude and wonder. That will happen again…in time… maybe a lot of time, but it will come. Remember that and hang on. I can feel your panic. I know how that feels. I have no idea what you have been through and yes, it’s no ones business to know. You are right, there are very few people that would understand anyway, but no one thing can destroy everything else. Even if all your eggs were in one basket, and that basket turned out to be a lie…there is a truth buried in that lie. And the truth is always better in the long run. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. All of my love to you.


  4. Take care Bright

  5. Judith Stefancic

    What ever it is that you are facing, please know that there are many of us who are wishing you well…always.
    Keep strong and take care.

  6. Despite the fact you just trashed me for simply asking you politely if you are ever likely to share this big ” Event” you mentioned( why do that? why not just a polite, ” don’t think so mate”, or just ignore my enquiry ) I nevertheless really hope your situation stabilises and your health issues improve.

    You said I didn’t know anything about you, which is true, but you don’t know anything about me either. I’ve encouraged people I know who believe they have had ET experiences to read your blog and with an open mind. I try to do so as well and I often hold back from making a comment I know you would find annoying, simply because I would never want to irritate you at all, given all the stuff you are having to deal with.

    Anyway, I echo every word that Lisa Rubeling wrote and I wish you all the best. If anyone can get through weird shit, I would bet on it being you!


  7. Steven,
    We all know that you didn’t mean to hurt or annoy Bright with your comment. He didn’t imply how serious it was until the next post so you didn’t know. We had no idea how this impacted him until he shared it later on. You are a very kind to not take it personally. Bright has talked about how his tumors secret hormones that keep him from sleeping and make him angry. I’m sorry that you were hurt and felt attacked. Whatever happened to Bright has thrown him into a tailspin. Like you said…..we all love him unconditionally.

    • Thanks Darci. I’m fine, its not about me. I see how much you care for Bright… he inspires something in me that I know you feel too. If you’re reading this Bright, this old Pom is by your side…. always wishing you the best.

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