A Tumour Called Freedom Update

Hey folks, how’s life ???

Last month I had my latest Gallium 68 PET scan to find out exactly how my tumours are going. I made the video below on the day of my scan ! You can see the results in the pics below. The glowing or dark images are mostly tumours. My tumours have increased in size by about 55 % over the last 5 years. and now reach from my left adrenal gland to just above the Aortic bifurication. There are no tumours in any organs and several tumours seem to have dissapeared. Which is a good result from my perspective. But I still have tumours and they have grown and are now causing me considerable discomfort and secondary problems as a result of the hormones they secrete. The pressure on my Aorta is causing all kinds of circulation problems and is really very uncomfortable. I have to admit that I am a little tired of my tumours after almost 10 years.

Last week I visited my oncologist to begin planning my radiopeptide treatment and she surprised me by saying ‘I think you should have surgery’. I immediately had the most powerful visceral reaction that I’ve ever had and I told her so ! I then explained that I raised the issue with my former oncologist 5 years ago, who had said, ‘I don’t know anyone who would risk it !’. I showed her an old report that showed that my largest tumour is half wrapped around my descending Aorta and said that I thought the risk was too great and that I just didn’t want to have more surgery (as I’ve had 3 major surgeries and 2 minor surgeries already) as it has significantly effected my flexibility, mobility and quality of life. Anyway, we belted it around for a while and then she dragged in the Renal Surgeon, who said, ‘Yeah we could probably do that but there are significant risks’. Tell me about it ! Risks like dying, like injuring circulation to my legs or lower organs, like nicking a nerve and fucking up an organ ! So my oncologist was all for it and I was cold on the whole thing. The surgical team is going to discuss it this week but I will be saying no and plan on going ahead with radioactive Lutate Therapy.

I meet next week with my oncologist and an endocrinologist, to make a final decision and will probably meet with the Nuclear Medicine Radiologists the following week for final planning. That should mean treatment starts by mid February ! I’ll be so happy to see a start date !

I am otherwise much better than I was and am looking forward to taking my son down the coast for his 18th birthday and swimming in the ocean and snorkelling in some deep aquifers !

If you’d like to help with the fundraiser, you can do so here https://gogetfunding.com/a-tumour-called-freedom/ or via the tab on the right (which has smaller fees).

Thanks to everyone who has supported me thus far !

I have started recording the How to Make ET contact audio but how long it takes will depend on my appointments and when treatment starts. Most of my projects are moving along very slowly right now, pending feeling OK and the result of treatment.

For my part, it’s no expectation, whatever happens happens !

Take care friends,

Bright. 😉




About brightgarlick

Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. Holy shit Bright! Those scans are crazy. I have a question. Have you had to have a ureteral stent placed yet? How is your urine flow? Any back up into your kidney? Obviously a cystoscopy was one of your first procedures, just wondering about the pressure in the kidney and how impeded urine flow could affect that. You don’t know this about me but I was a hospital nurse and worked adult ICU for 15 yrs before moving to the school district. I understand the scans and all I can say is that you are one tough MF’er! Anyone else would be in the bed defeated and pitiful. Here you are planning Toa’s birthday and going scuba diving. I want what you have…. A palpable true love of life that is stronger than ANYTHING else!
    I so, so admire where all of your searching, and experience has taken you. For those people that do not understand the severity of your struggle…let me tell them. You should be dead already! Anyone else would be, because their minds are not strong enough to stay in the healing place. I do love you Bright! I love your example and the fire it lights within me!
    Scuba the hell out of that aquifer! Enjoy. Sending some money….I’m designating it for Toa’s birthday. Use it for that trip. Have fun!

    • Thank you Darci for your kindness and encouragement. Yes we will defintely put that towards our trip – bills can wait ! He hasn’t been able to do anything for school holidays so we are planning on having a great camping-swimming getaway with a night out on his birthday !

      You had a very interesting life – with ICU work for 15 years ! Then school nurse – what a change of pace ! No I have’t had a cystoscopy or ureteral stent ! I see a renal specialist every few years but kidney has been good. I do get some excess pressure in there sometimes, which means I gotta pace drinking r drink more. Mostly it’s teh pain I get in the other renal vein/artery where kidney is missing. It’s like blood flow head butting a wall ! Right now my tumours feel like balls trying to bust out of my back but most days it feels good. Just flares up for a week or so after a couple of days of big meals. I can cope with the pain, so long as I never get a tumour in my willey (;-) kidding) and the tumours don’t entirely wrap around my descending aorta or push into the aortic bifurication. Some years ago I was concerned about tumours in the aorta or heart but that seems unlikely with different tissue type. Your thoughts on surgery around the descending aorta ?

      Take care in Texas !

      Brighty. 😉

  2. What a great example Darci, once again!!! I’m unable to understand these scans, but i didn’t like what i saw.
    I was waiting for news , and I’m thanksful about the update Bright.
    I’m thinking deeply about you, and I like your way Bright!
    I would love to say more, but i can’t find the words.
    Deeply with you

  3. Bright,
    I’ve had a very colorful career. I also did a three year stent in OR nursing. I did a year internship as a scrub nurse and actually assisted in many vascular surgeries. That was a long time ago, even got to circulate the open heart cases. Late 1980’s. Things have changed dramatically since then. I work a second job now, hospital recovery room on weekends and holidays. I do get to recover vascular cases but don’t get to see the long term recovery results. All that being said, and because I’m not privy to all the information and details of how your tumor is affecting your aorta, it is only a general opinion that I can give.
    Your results are only as good as your surgeon. That’s a given. But, unless you are having clots forming, significant circulatory impairment, or any ballooning (aneurysm) forming distal to the narrowing, I personally wouldn’t risk surgery. Your tumors don’t need to be manipulated, and your vessels are already compromised. And of course, there is the risk with general anesthesia and post op infection. Surgery is a viable option and certainly may be indicated down the road. But, if your treatments shrink or dissolve the tumors then this conversation is mute! Would the scans that you have had show an aneurysm or any other life threatening reason why vascular surgery would be necessary? If not, then don’t fix it until its broke!

  4. Frederic,
    You seem like such a sensitive, kind and intuitive man. I so enjoy reading what you have to say. Where are you from? Its remarkable how you navigate English when its not your first language. I’m am not bilingual. I wish I was. You know us Americans

  5. Sorry, I hit post comment by mistake.
    I was going to say….you know us Americans…arrogant. Think everyone should speak OUR language. Thank you for being you Frederic. And thank you for loving Bright.

  6. Hello Darci, you touch me! Thanks 🙂
    I’m bilingual italian-french, I’ working for an international company also based in your country (working generally in english , my step brother is Aussy ) and I’m leaving in Spain.
    But the language i do prefer is the one that doesn’t need any words… you feel it or a simple look is enough, and with this blog I found many tips to find it, but I’ m still looking for… for this special contact.
    What i didn’t said in my previous post was, I was sad but I have realised that I didn’tsaw the video of Bright, and it was the same Bright, peacefull and ready for what next and with a relaxing voice as usual.
    And as usual i was also touched by your words for Toa and Bright. I envii you for your last experience, because in one way i think we are going in similar direction.
    Happy to read that there are people like you following Bright.
    Keep in touch and enjoy life

  7. Bright; I think I have made contact and it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I would like to look at your tumor imagings a little later but since I just made contact I am exhilarated and unnerved all at the same time!!!!!!!! These guys have a sense of humor, but I could clearly make out who each individual speaker was!! Wow!!!

  8. Lisa,
    After you assimilate what has happened to you, please tell us the details! I am excited for you.


  9. Garlic, I have prayed for you. Know this, cannabis oil may provide benefits for you. It shrinks tumors. I don’t know if it would help with your specific tumors but it’s worth investigating. May God bless you.

  10. Thanks Darci!!!!!!! After the initial contact (I was pretty scared but elated at the same time) I realized that I need to approach my evaluation of the phenomenon in a scientifically empirical way; that is to wait for another encounter (if it occurs) and another (if it occurs), etc., etc. However I must say the experience was nothing like I have ever had and I clearly was speaking to and listening to three (may have been four) very enlightened beings. Two most assuredly had a good sense of humor and one of them was “senior” and much more serious while “he” was speaking. I could make out different voices and personalities. They mentioned a place that they wanted to take me to (a name of a place that I have never heard of and clearly not of this Earth). I told them that I was very happy to meet them but that I was tired and could not participate in whatever they wanted me to have done in the moment. Three weeks ago I started to meditate in a group once a week; I don’t know if having meditated that this “opened me up” so to speak. The encounter was in “thought-form” but it felt like a radio/electronic transmission. I clearly knew that I was “tuning in” to some sort of frequency, and they made it very clear to me that they were speaking directly to me and were having me “tune in”. It’s the only way I can describe it. Now if this is something my brain neurochemistry has “created” (quite possible) then clearly I am only using .0111111111111111111111111% of my brainpower while awake! OR some sort of human government covert mind-control? All I know is that when my brain is on the “right wavelength”(alpha, beta, theta, delta?) I receive input really well! A genetic inheritance from my Aussie ancestors!

  11. Thanks to share with us Lisa, a bit of “food” to my curiosity from an other source
    Hoping you will countinue to feel this emotions
    Ciao and my the pleasure continue

  12. Is this intresting for someone ? Please let me know 😉

  13. Thank you so very much fedehurst!!!!! It would be really nice if I have another experience!! Who knows??? Will keep you posted. Ciao.

  14. Lisa,
    Wow, that is wonderful! I think you are correct about the tuning in to the right frequency. Its close to what Bright talks about on what conditions you need to meet in order to get contact. I think its remarkable that you remained calm and controlled your fear. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Take care. Keep us all up to date on any further experiences. I love to hear about them!

  15. Being,
    I enjoyed the video you shared. I personally don’t like any “have to do” activities in order to advance spiritually, metaphysically, or even personally. I think all that is necessary is complete self honesty and a desire to become whole. For me, that clears away obstacles and opens many doors without needing to practice a ritual of any kind. Of course this is only my personal opinion. Lots of love to you and everyone else on the blog.

  16. Allright, thanks for your personal answer 🙂 !

  17. And for taking time to listen, have a nice day darci; )

  18. Thanks Darci! Will do. I also want to mention that I was sick for a few days after the “encounter” and I still don’t feel unqueasy, although I think I might have had a stomach flu,

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