Channelling ETs – Bashar

At some point I will write a long post on channelling, so think of this post as just a quick opinion piece.

Channelling is a very interesting subject ! In addition to being taken on face value, it needs to be understood from a psychological point of view. Anyone who publicly claims to channel, should also be able to explain to you, how they distinguish the experience of hearing an inner voice from hearing an outer voice within and how they surrender their body to another entity. If they can’t, they either lack the insight or fail to understand the ‘mechanics’ or ‘processes’ or ‘energies’ at work within their own minds.

I believe that most (but not all) so called channellers are merely connecting with other aspects of themselves.

My own claims about Dude and any of the ETs I claim to talk to or have a relationship with, may also seem to represent something in my own head. And of course I cannot prove anything to you. Except to say this. Two other people in my life have met him and had experiences with him. And I can’t prove that. (Dude has promised to come on a road trip in the near future – perhaps he will allow me to photograph/video him ?). I will share many things that Dude says to me and of course, have done an interview with him (which I’m currently editing). You should read what he has to say with discernment and see if it sounds potentially authentic or like new age dribble ! If you think Dude is just a manifestation of my own mind, chuck him out with the bath water !

I have always thought that any kind of spirituality that comes out of California as suspect. Lets be honest. White California doesn’t hasn’t had thousands of years to test and refine any single spiritual tradition (like China and India). And even native spirituality in California has been watered down. For 150 years California has been a powerful catalyst for the development of global culture, technology, economics and finance. There are powerful human forces at work in California and these include creativity, greed, stupidity and gullibility. Darryl Anka is in touch with many such forces and expresses them through Bashar. What is Bashar ? Darryl claims he is an multidimensional entity from a planet called Essassani in the Orion constellation (

A few years ago I listened to a great deal of Basahar as part of a larger study I did (out of curiosity), on the subject of channelling. I found Bashar interesting and entertaining and I think he has a lot to offer people. I actually like Bashar and find him quite enjoyable to listen to ! But, as I realised early on, he shows no indication of being extraterrestrial in origin. Multidimensional perhaps (in our limited understanding of the concept) but definitely not extraterrestrial.

The wisdom that Bashar imparts is all so very Californian and western. Some of it is very good but it’s also very logical. Bashar has said little if anything, that is on par with the great spiritual teachers. The second video below, basically sums up how I feel about Bashar.



While I was studying channelling and many of the worlds channellers and channelled works, I was also having conversations with ETs and at no point did I see any similarities between the two. Channellers and ETs just don’t converge. Does that mean that ETs don’t talk to humans ? No ! They frequently talk to humans. But do they take over their bodies and control them like automatons ? No. There is no need to do that.

Believe what you want but I can tell you categorically that Bashar is just Darryl Anka connecting with another aspect of himself. Is it a higher aspect ? Higher, lower, it’s all just perspective and opinion. Channell your own wisdom from within !


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