Peekaboo !

Dear friends,

I thought I would touch base with you because honestly, I kind of miss it here and my son has had enough of keeping tabs on my email, blog and fundraiser !

Summer is here now in earnest, with day time temperatures between 25-42 degrees Celsius. So far summer has been delightful but we’ve had a few very hot days and nights where our house was as hot as it was during the day. Now that the mozzies have all gone (they dissapeared over night after a sudden cold rain storm, we’ve been able to enjoy going outside. Cicada song fills the air day and night and Crickets and Willie Wag Tails sing all through the night.

My health has been good and bad. I’ve had some really shit days with my tumours but mostly I’ve been OK ! I’m all set to have some new Ga68 PET scans next week and then visit my new oncologist in early January and cardiologist/endocrinologist/dietitian/nuclear medicine radiologist a week later. Then, if they can get me in, treatment will start early February. Things have been pushed back further and further because they can’t seem to get all my appointments into one day, which is a real pain in the ass ! But anyway, things are one the way and I’m confident the treatment will have a positive impact on my tumours. Tomorrow I’ll be collecting 24 hours of urine and proudly walking into my doctors office with a smile on my face. People always look so uncomfortable when you walk around with a bottle of pee but I think it’s hilarious !

I’ve been spending most of my time gardening and mowing (that fucking huge grass that grew up after the floods) and it’s almost done – thank God ! I’ve also been working on pulling together a compilation of 27 years of poetry and editing the Dude interview.

For years now I’ve been having dreams about doing a PhD (which I was going to do in 1994). Recently I started exploring the possibility. I really have no idea why I would want to do a PhD but I’ve been thinking about life after treatment, when and if my health improves – which I am confident it will. I have no idea what I would want to do but have been exploring everything from studying Sea Monkeys (Brine Shrimp)/Copepods/Ants, to writing a thesis on the idea I am developing about Aspects of Self/multidimensional self (for want of a better description), to the impact the rising human population on the natural world and humanity, to something that my son and his mum suggested – exploring the ET issue (lots of possibilities there). I have no idea why this keeps resurfacing in my head at night. I really hate the idea of being stuck in academia for 3 years and have no interest in the ego aspect of being called Dr Wanker but I cant quite shake off the thought. If I could, I’d do one of those creative PhD’s in which you get to write a novel as your main thesis. I could simply tie that into the work I’m already doing !

In the last couple of weeks I’ve had quite a bit of contact with Anamika and Dude and have been having regular contact with several other ET races – including the Shalarian from the Aldebaran star system – who have been telling me about a large world and her 6 moons, that exist at about the same distance out from the sun as Neptune (but about 25 degrees below the elliptical orbital plane of most of the planets) . Another race told me about this planet several years ago but it was only recently I began to learn more about it. Apparently it is a world with human like ETs who are in the early space faring stage. 4 of the 6 moons have been colonised but those races are not space faring and still have some discord among them. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this planet before – maybe on one of the TSMs ? But I’d be curious to see if astronomers ever find it.

Some of you may remember my chickens ! I had 5 chickens but one of them died last year. We bought our ‘girls’ in 2010 and they survived 3 floods, 2 nearby landslides, 2 bush fires and dozens of foxes and several dogs in our former home in the Grampians Mountains and then 3 floods, a drought, several foxes and 2 dogs here on the plains. Then a few days ago something killed all of them in the morning, while I was out walking. I think it was a Wedge Tailed Eagle but I am not sure. We have some 6-8 foot wingspan sized Wedgies that live in the nearby hills and every now and then they come looking for food. Usually the Magpies gang up on them and chase them away ! What was really odd, is that there were no fox or dog prints, one chicken was totally missing and the others were decapitated. What was really perplexing is that there was no blood on the ground anywhere, that I could find. I did see a print I thought might be an eagles but I couldn’t be sure. My son later said, just jokingly, ‘Maybe aliens did it or your Yowie friends were hungry !”. I haven’t talked about the animal mutilation subject here at all and just for the record, most of it is human (covert projects) but some ETs are studying the metabolism of several trouble feral species. So for a few minutes I thought, “What if ?”.  I also know from Dude that some of the Yowies do eat Kangaroo – which totally perplexed me when he first told me and sent me on a number crunching game, to figure out how Kangaroo populations could survive. But Dude was serious – some of the Yowie people do eat meat. I had recently invited those I know to visit me again but I don’t think it’s likely they would do something like this. Any way, I did entertain the idea for about a minute. Later when I asked Dude, he confirmed that it was an eagle (one of two eagles that landed). They were in the process of taking the chickens away but apparently I disturbed them on my return. I was perplexed as to why the Magpies didn’t attack them but Dude pointed out that when they started killing the chickens the Magpies got a little freaked out and back off.



So anyway, I was devastated. I’ve lost hundreds of animals when we used to live here 11 years ago – though drought and disease. And I hate burying animals I care about. So I buried 3 of the girls – Mookie, Cookie and Mr T (I think) and bawled my eyes out for half an hour.  Every day I go to call out to them and say good morning or good night and have to remind myself that they’re gone. I miss them dearly ! We once had hundreds of animals and now we just have our cat, Miss Kitty (aka Hello Kitty) – a tortoise shell trouble maker ! It always amazes me how much something fills your life and you don’t even realise until it’s gone. When suddenly you’re confronted with a gaping hole !

So that’s how it is. I’ve gotten used to letting things go. It’s been good training for my own death !

Apart from losing my fluffy friends I am well. I wanted to say thank you to all of you for stopping by and continuing to stay in touch with ET and I. I am especially grateful to the people who have supported my fundraiser. A big thank you Darci for your recent heart felt words and your kind donation ! It’s hard to imagine how I have touched the life of a school nurse in the heart of Texas ! Please know that your kindness means a great deal to me ! And a bog thank you to all those other people I have previously thanked, who have supported me since the inception of this blog.

You all know how to support my fundraiser or support the blog (Fundraiser links below). Please know that your help, will make it that much easier to get through my treatment !

I also wanted to say a special thank you to Frederic, who after reading the material I wrote about Creating an Internal Sacred Space (a precursor to internal world ET contact) recently said,

“It happens so naturally that I was really surprise, and the day after it was possible to redo the same path to my internal sacred space. WOW… that was a sacred moment for me. And to be in the same place the day after with the same details of image… I realised that it was not imagination, it was too precise. There were many observations of animals in the nature… the big surprise was the wolf… first he try to eat my feet ( I was on a tree ) but at the end the wolf was looking at me … try to say good bye before to leave???( I have a tatoo of a wolf that I did in Sydney in 1993 – funny right ? maybe more than funny !!!) The day after, in my ISS it was a tiger that came close to me as a cat, and he was taking care of me… i was not the tiger meal. I didn’t see or felt any guide close to me and I was speaking internally to me or to my guide… I do not know exactly but it was a personal revolutionary moment for me. I felt so good and relax. I will continue to visit that place because I know I’m looking for something/someone and to have your “line/suggestion” is was a big help.”

Frederic I’ve been waiting a long time to see if any one would try to apply what I’ve been trying to teach about Internal World Contact. For some reason people seem to have an aversion to this method, which utterly perplexes me ! Creating a sacred space is the first step towards a range of possible experiments with consciousness and this method is I believe, the most important method that anyone can learn for making contact with ETs. It is also I believe, an invaluable method for working with the self (the small aspect) and for making contact with a range of other entities – including humans who have died, Hairy Folk and beings who are formless – all of whom can use these spaces to create forms in which to interact personally with us. Think of an internal sacred space – as the potential world you will create when you die, when mind is not constrained in what it can create or perceive. So Frederic your experiments are just perfect ! Let them happen however feels right. The world within is a purely symbolic world (personal and collective) but the symbols carry and create energy and are a doorway to opening consciousness to real world contact with the consciousness of other beings – alive and beyond life. The symbols also have the potential, to shift your perception beyond a world that exists exclusively in the mind of the small self, to the greater cosmos. When you’re ready for making ET contact in your internal world, be sure to ask for outer world validation of what you’ve experienced. And remember, the separation between inner and outer world is just an illusion ! Just an illusion !

Thank you Frederic for giving me positive feedback. It means a great deal ! I would like what I share to have value to other people. Sometimes it feels like I am this weird little island with all these weird creations playing away like some bizarre amusement park, that all the other islands think make the island crazy or dangerous. So it’s great for me to receive feedback and to have a sense that other people ‘get’ what I am trying to share !

For those of you who are interested in following Frederic’s lead, you can learn more about Creating and Internal World to make meet ETs here : and more specifically here :

There will also be a large chapter in the book I eventually write on how to make ET contact.

Just a little side note for those of you who like to read. I’ve read a lot of books this year and some highlights for me included the following :

  • The Good Book (by AC Grayling) (an all time favourite book – a book that borrows from the greatest philosophers and is better than the original good book – a book I curl up with at night often, just before bed)
  • Little Big Minds (Sharing Philosophy with Kids) by Marietta McCarty (a brilliant book about the big issues in life and how to teach children to explore them)
  • The Lost Way (How Two Forgotten Gospels Are Rewriting the Story of Christian Origins) (by Stephen J. Patterson) (the best book I’ve ever read about the real Jesus and the lost gospels)
  • Beyond Literal Belief (Religion as Metaphor) (By David Tacey) (a wonderful expose about the different ways of interpreting the Bible and Jesus and Biblical text as metaphor for the human condition, from one of Australia’s most interesting academics)
  • The Flight of the Iguana by David Quammen (odd ball science stories from one of the world’s best science writers)
  • Noise (A Human History of Sound and Listening) by David Hendy (a book about the evolution of human sound and ways of interpreting sound)
  • Junk DNA by Nessa Carey (a book that debunks a lot of the stupid garbage about Junk DNA – which really is just misunderstood DNA)
  • I contain multitudes (by Ed Yong) (a wonderful expose by a brilliant young science writer, through the world of microbiomes – in nature and in humans – a great introduction to the subject)
  • Stories 11 by T.C. Boyle (writer extraordinaire)
  • The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivett by Reif Larson (the first weird novel of it’s kind from an incredible young writer)
  • Green Monkey Dreams by Isobelle Carmody (a short story collection from one of Australia’s great fantasy writers)
  • Children of the Sea (by Daisuke Igararashi) (one of the best Manga’s I’ve read in a long time).

I want to thank you all for being part of my life and for taking in interest in what I have to share. I wish you all a very wonderful Christmas (for those of you who celebrate Christmas) and a safe and harmonious transition into 2017.

Be well and at peace,

Bright. 😉



About brightgarlick

Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. Bello Bright, nice to read about you, finally!!!
    Happy that things are going forward for you and that you have long terms plans.
    I was so surprised to read your comment about me, and really happy.
    I have discovered nice post on your blog, the one you write in pink/Lila.
    Thanks to describe, esplain and share with us a way for happiness
    You remember the the deep inner impact on me I mentioned once, is still going on, and I’m happy your back
    Cheers to Toa that need also to be supported.

  2. Merry Christmas Bright ❤ !

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family Bright. Glad to hear you are doing well! Thank you Toa for keeping us informed! Wishing you all Well

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