ET Conversations 2 – Life Is Eternal

Sometimes I blog when I feel bad and sometimes that’s useful and sometimes it’s not. Today I turned 47 and I had an argument with someone who matters to me and spent half the day feeling sick with tumour pain because of it. But the day isn’t over yet, there’s a lightening storm here and I am trying let everything go and to remember to allow myself to feel the way I wish to feel. On days like this, when for one reason or another I feel overwhelmed, I try to remember the many wonderful experiences I have had with my ET friends.

Some of you will know that one of the most profound experiences of my life was when on January 19th, 2011, the Teal’hia and Sar’won’dee took me on board a Sar’won’dee craft, to merge with the light. I’ve talked a little about that experience (see videos below) but what I didn’t tell you is that I know it has happened before in other lives and it profoundly affected how I functioned in those lives. Also in the period we think of as the after life, I was given something to remind me of where we all come from. In my darkest moments I try to remember what I have been given during these experiences. Today is one such day.  And so I share the words that were shared with me, so that you too might understand and know that everything is OK. I can’t prove anything to you. I can only offer you my own experience.

One of the most powerful lessons of the mythical Buddha, is his lesson on the nature of things – all phenomena are impermanent. Meaning, everything is impermanent, everything will come and go. And what my ET friends have taught me is that while ever we experience separation, this is absolutely true. But there is a way in which something lasts forever. That way involves the complete dissolution of all individual identity and I experienced that as merging with the light. But because the light is everything, it is also possible  to remember the individual self and to be everything at once. The light includes all that you have ever been and all that you will ever be and everything that has ever been and that will ever be.

Sometimes life is so hard, we wonder how we can go on. Today my son broke up with his girlfriend of 15 months and it has caused him great pain. The girl’s mother if giving him hell. My son has had an incredibly lonely life at school and his girlfriend became very important to him. But he compromised himself and created 2 different personas – one that was real and one that was what others wanted to see. Now after 15 months of pretending and several years of pretending, so that people would like him, he has said, ‘enough’ and he doesn’t want to feel torn in two any more. It’s been making him sick and put an immense strain on our relationship. And so as his dad, this has been incredibly hard for me to witness, especially since it seems like a repeat of many of my own experiences as a young man. Experiences that led to the development of my tumours. So I remind myself, this is what life is. Drama, pain, suffering, joy, love, desire, mistakes, choice and forgetting our true nature. Forgetting our true nature. Forgetting our true nature.

And that is what merging with the light was all about, remembering my true nature.

Rather than recreate the entire experience (which I’ll try to do when I write the book on my encounters), let me give you a few exchanges that took place on the Sar’won’dee craft that night. I’ll simply refer to the entities by their race name, rather than their individual names. Because what follows is mostly just dialogue, it doesn’t give you a sense of the full context or the time over which it took place. And I should remind you that in the light, there was no sense of time.

There will be many people in time who will dismiss my experience and others who will say that the ETs took me into a hologram and lied. But none of them were there or know me. And neither do they know the ETs I think of as friends and family.



Sar’won’dee : We wish to show you something special, so that you know how much you are loved. We will take you to where God exists, to see what God is doing. We will take you beyond this world, to understand the creation of this world. Do you wish to see ? To experience God’s presence ? 

Sar’won’dee : We wish to introduce you to this greater reality, so that you might know from where you came and why it is that we have created you. Do you wish to go ?

Teal’hia 1 : Look Bright, look around you. Can you feel the light ?

Me : Yes. I feel the light. I feel so loved.

Teal’hia 1 : This is the being that created you. This is what we are. We are the being who created you because we love you. We want you to live and know love. We are here to awaken you to that love Bright. Despite all that you have suffered in your life, we want you to know that you are loved. We are the God that you see in the light, that you feel in the light. It is the same God that is inside of you. He is here with love inside of you. Do you understand Bright ? Do you feel it ?

Me : Yes. Yes.



Teal’hia 1 : Do you hear us, do you see us, do you feel us  ? We are still here inside of you and beside you. You are now one with God. Do you feel God within you ? You are one with God and he is within you. Look Bright, we wish to show you what God is doing…this is our work.

Me : What is happening ? What is it that I’m seeing ?

Teal’hia 1: You feel it Bright, you know.  You know what this is.

Teal;hia 1 : Yes, God is creating souls. This is our work. Yes Bright, we are creating souls. We are creating souls. They are called many things but they are the essence that is God. Do you understand ? Everything is God. God creates souls, we create souls. God brings consciousness to the entire universe. God is awake and we are helping him to know life in all it’s forms. This is our work. To love what we create. To love all that God creates. To nurture. To create with love. To help all beings know they are one with God and cannot be separated, even for a moment !

Teal’hia 2 : No Bright, you cannot, cannot be separated from God, no matter how much you suffer. God is always there loving you. You must trust in God’s love. 

Teal’hia 2 : Feel Bright. Feel gods love inside of you – creating you. Feel that you are God. This is what it means to be GOD INCARNATE. You exist within God and he in you. You are not separate, always whole. Feel his creation in you. Do not perceive yourself simply as a human being whom God has forgotten. See all of this and know that you are within his creation and it is all within you. Feel it now. Do not speak.




Teal’hia 2 : Remember this Bright, for you will return here one day. One day when you are ready to return here. Do not forget what you have experienced. Do not forget what you have. It is always there inside of you. It is there inside of you. It can never be lost. Do not be afraid Bright, for THIS IS YOUR HOME. Everything else you experience is passing. THIS IS YOUR HOME. 

Sar’won’dee : We shall return you now Bright. Do you wish to see anything or experience anything before we leave ?

Me : What happened to my body just now ?

Teal’hia 1 : We moved you from your body. Your body was safe.

Me : Where did we go ?

Sar’won’dee : Beyond the realm of the body, where the body cannot go. 

Me : You mean as if I had died ?

Teal’hia 2 : Yes Bright. But you did not die. 

Sar’won’dee : Remember the peace within Bright. Do not let confusion overwhelm you. When you return to this experience, trust in what you have seen and it will guide you. Let us leave now Bright.



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Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. Bright,
    The words “thank you” are not sufficient. There are no words to describe how I feel.
    You ARE loved. I know I am loved as well. I can so relate to your drama with your son and with your illness. Life is so very very hard, and feeling it can be overwhelming. “Feeling” is the hardest part of this life experience. It’s the hardest part for me.
    You are the only person that I know that can let it all hang out for the world to see. You are so refreshing, endearing and inspirational.
    Love to you,

  2. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bright !!
    then is a shame that I can’t express myself with all the words and expressions I want because is not my native language.
    But one thing is sure, the oneness is still turning around me, I’m closer every day, but I didn’t practice enough to stop to think and start to feel…
    You are a big inspiration, and I’m happy to breath the same air as you, because this mean it is possible !!
    Waiting for your material Bright ! Go to take care of you and came back as soon as you feel good. There are people waiting for you, for your articles, music, video and “monologues”
    And do not forget the t-shirts!
    i’M appy to be the son of the a “flower power generatioN” so I can tell you in a simple way, and coming from inside : PEACE AND LOVE

  3. Whenever I read your thoughts and words, experiences,.. this overwhelming peace enters my heart,…and i know you just came to say hello,…thank you for all that you do,..clearly you are loved by so many,…and admired greatly for your absolute honesty, and courage,… love you bright ❤

  4. A Most Happiest of Birthdays to a guy who provides all of us with his great intellect, integrity, and most of all his loving essence. All the best today, Bright!

  5. Hello,
    Waiting for a new post… that is not coming yet, so I read your post based on cathegories choosen randomly. Once again this post on metging with the light.
    This is really a gift of love you are doing to me. Thanks!
    Then I also realise today that it take time ( much more of what I was thinking) to post article, and eventhough I do not always click on the link you add in the post, I have a deep feeling of trueness in what you write.
    What a nice day the day i saw you on youtube and on your site.
    Still continue to listen at you TSM when driving to work each day and when i come back home. I cool me down ( my italian part of blood, that boil quick when upset) , it open my couriosity, it show me part of the life that are sleeping in me. You bring me a lot of things and I’m really greathful.
    Dreaming to have a walk with you on the nature… during this time I’m enjoying my girls onthe beach
    Take care … and enjoy writing your books that some people are waiting.

    • Thanks Frederic – I’m glad yu found something worth reading/watching. I don’t always have the energy for contributing, so sometimes trolling the archive might be satisfying (or not !). Yes, when I write a proper article, it takes a lot of time ! I often add the links, so people can learn more than I have the time to speak about.

      I’m glad there’s something in the TSMs for you ! We all have a great deal in us that’s hidden. We all have so much more !!! And so much more of our own wisdom !

      Your girls and your family and your love with them, is your greatest teacher ! Enjoy your girls and enjoy the majesty of your travels ! 😉 Thanks for your ongoing care for this simple man !

    • New stuff coming soon !

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