Alapo on Consciousness and Deepening the Well of Experience – Part 1

Some of you will recall that I’ve been writing a book with an aspect of self (hear TSM17 here : or below) that identifies it’s self as Alapo. Unlike Dude, Alapo can’t pop into my lounge room at any time and doesn’t have a flying craft. Dude has reassured me though, that Alapo is every bit as real as he is. But is an aspect of myself that includes what I think of as me. I guess the closest I can come to describing Alapo, is to suggest he is kind of like Seth to Jane Roberts. I hesitate to use the word dimension but you might say that he is a higher dimensional aspect.

I’ve been writing the book with Alapo for over 3 years now and have completed just over 300 pages. I started by writing the book only for myself but have realized that it may have value to others (I’m not really sure about that). It’s been a difficult book to write, in the sense that I’ve had to consciously let go of the I that wants control and just let anything come through. I’m often challenged by the material and challenged by the fact that it is at odds or different to what Dude or Anamika or the 8 ETs I call The Beloved Carers, share with me about similar subjects. That may have to do with the fact that Alapo is human in origin and not from another planet, in the physical sense.

I can pretty much speak to Alapo about anything at any time and as an aspect it seems to be boundless (free of time and space) so I can learn things about other times and places, with no effort at all – if I but remember to ask ! I don’t always feel comfortable with certain predictions and prefer to keep them to myself. Alapo has helped me to significantly extend my understanding of consciousness and awareness and how physical beings create reality.

I thought for a long time about hiding this book behind a pseudonym because I didn’t want to endure any criticisms (which are sure to follow) and because I didn’t want people to say, “Well if Alapo is an aspect of you, then Dude must be too !”. That would be a fair enough criticism, except that Dude is also known by 2 other people who are close to me and by his other name by a small number of people in certain covert projects. And others have met him on board his craft and we’ve spoken about those experiences. But I can’t convince people either way and won’t bother trying. So I’ll probably put this book out under my name anyway and whatever criticisms come, come. That’s other peoples issue, not mine !

Until then, I thought I might share a few exerts from the book. The book has 10 chapters and each chapter is divided between theory and practical exercises. When I realized that this book had potential benefit to other people, I thought it would be good to create a book that helps other people to push beyond normal conceptions and experiences of consciousness and to experience some of what I’ve experienced. But I didn’t know what would come through and what has come through, is often very surprising, even to me.

I thought I’d give you as taste of a couple of exercises in the next few posts. They make MORE SENSE when you read the preceding theory and work steadily through one exercise after another. But what follows will only be the odd exercise, just to give you a taste of the book. They may or may make sense. If they do, let me know how you find them, when you try them.

The following (unedited) exercise was like a precursor to a kind of cathartic process, which prepared me for a completely new way of functioning. I was well aware of the two modes of functioning – being vs becoming but I was unaware how certain ideals were affecting my behaviour. Something which might also be an unconscious force in your own life !

Exercise One

“Alapo :

Try this – I want you to imagine a time when your life is as you would like it to be. I then want you to consider what would have to change for your life to become that. And ask what you are willing to change versus what would have to change that you do not wish to change. Understand Bright that the idea of making change is intrinsic to the functioning of human beings, as you know them. But change for the sake of achieving a specific image or ideal of what one can be, can at times, be misleading and harmful to the individuals well being. So with this exercise Bright, I want you to ask yourself, is it necessary to make the changes you imagine, to achieve the vision of the life you would like ? Can that life arise now by accepting the way things are ? Ask yourself, is this life that you imagine to be perfect or ideal, going to give you what you really think is important ? Can you not achieve these things without having to chase an ideal ? Can you not honour the needs of the deepest parts of your being, without trying to become something else ? As you are, you have all that you need to be content and fulfilled. So we ask you, what is your true vision of your realized self and why is it distant in another part of your life ? Or, can that aspiration be realized now ? What is at fault – the lack of conditions or the skewing of your perception of how things are. A simple question Bright – think about it !”


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  1. Hey Bright 🙂
    “I can learn things about other times and places, with no effort at all – if I but remember to ask ! I don’t always feel comfortable with certain predictions and prefer to keep them to myself”
    Can you prove it? Give us a significant prediction in the near future?

    Thanx BrightFuturus 😉

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