Paid ET and I website/blog ?

Hey folks, I’ve been toying with an idea now for a quite a while and I thought I’d try and bring it to fruition between now and the start of 2017. I’m curious to know what you think of it !

I’ve been sharing freely on the internet since 2000 and on my blogs since 2009 and the only way I have of earning any revenue (especially while I’m living with my tumours and unable to work) is through donations. The donations are the bedrock that takes away a little of the financial strain and allows me to keep sharing. But the donations come in dribs and drabs and are reasonably small. They are however always appreciated ! In addition to that I’ve had a couple of fund raisers to help when I was particularly unwell and when I moved house. I’ve never been particularly comfortable asking for money but it’s something I had to do.

Some of you will recall that I talked about releasing a How to Make ET Contact audio series when I first started this blog but I’ve put it off because I’ve been so busy and because it’s a real pain in the ass, that I just don’t feel like doing. It’s going to take a lot of time and effort. But at some point I know I am going to do it. And as previously promised, all those people who supported me with regular donations, will have free access to the complete recordings.

You might also recall that I was going to put up a 1 minute video explaining how to directly have ET contact but Dude advised me not to make it. What you don’t know is that the reason he advised me not to make it, is that there would be certain people who would make money out of what I would have given away freely. Dude knows how much my son and I have struggled financially and he didn’t want to see me exploited. So I was pretty pissed at the idea of someone else capitalizing on my good will ! So even though I could give you everything you need in a nutshell, I won’t because some asshole will take advantage of my generosity ! Having said that, I  think I’ve shared enough here for you to make contact.

So I’m thinking that I might set up a paid website/blog ($50/year or something like that), in which you’ll have access to material that is not available on this blog. The sorts of things I was considering including are :

  • All the How to Make ET Contact audio material.
  • An ebook of the complete interview with Dude (and Anamika, when that interview is finally done).
  • Interviews with my ex wife Rachel Bree (who worked in a covert project with 15 groups of Earth based ETs), which would include the original interview I did with her in 2009 (but took down) and new interviews, she has said she is willing to do.
  • Articles by Rachel on how things really are with the ETs off world and on Earth.
  • Access to artwork from the ET Art Book Rachel will be illustrating with me next year.

There will probably be more material but I’m still working through ideas. Anyway, I just thought I’d put it back on you, for your feedback. Is it reasonably priced or too pricey ? Would you pay for more content or less content ?

And finally, as a means of raising some much needed funds and trying to share Dude’s teachings, I’m looking at making some t-shirts based on the Dude Maxims. Would any of you buy/wear something like that ? I’d also like to have some t-shirts made of some of the ET art that Rachel creates. Would any of you buy/wear something like that ?

I’ve always been very weary of people who sell out and become focused on money (as you should too !) but I also recognize that money is not a dirty word. It makes a very big difference to people’s capacity to live their life as they wish. Ultimately it’s our attitude and how we treat other people that counts ! And when you’ve been through as much financial struggle as I have, you’ve got to use any means you can to improve your situation. So rather than continuing to give everything away freely, I’ll reserve some material for the paid site. And at a certain point when I leave the internet completely, it will probably be the paid site that remains (perhaps?).

Please consider giving me your honest feedback and I’ll keep you posted on my final decision !




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  1. I think that is a good Idea Bright. You have everything on this site to get people going who are interested in contact i would know i came to this site not knowing anything now i have met with many Et races, found what lies within and within everything. I can talk to any form of life, learned i had contact since birth, The list goes on and on. Everything you have shared has helped me to develop. I had to experience everything myself and find my own way but your blog has been an amazing guide. I can now “walk” and experience in this field and learn without needing reference. still a bit of confusion i just need to ask my friends questions, I think the maxims shirts are a good idea. I think the Et art work shirts may be a little much for some people. but i think it will bring some interest, maybe printed framed pictures or just prints? I think something like that would be good sellers and there may be a bigger audience for it. Hang on the wall put on a desk (ect) You reasonably priced it. I do hope etandi remains i think it is the most important blog on the subject maybe you could edit some things on the blog and return it to the free platform and let it sit for years on end / indefinitely.

    • Thanks Jake for your feedback ! Yeah I wasn’t sure about the art images on t-shirts. I can see a Dude image with a maxim though ! Yeah I have been thinking about frameable images – especially if there was a range of sizes. Your idea on the free platform after I leave has been in my head. I’m just not sure. Maybe I’ll just re-evaluate when the time comes !

      Thanks again for your invaluable feedback !

      Bright. 😉

  2. Hey Bright, finally !!! Go, this is the way, if and when there is love, people interested will continue to follow you because they feel it.
    Maybe a part of the blog ( light part, generic tab… or what else ) can continue to be “open” to all, and if you want more ( you as visitor ) maybe you can also give a bit more.
    You have some needs and also you provide a lot. We need and we take it… for free, so why you can’t ask a simbolic participation ?
    I think also that this will not change the quality or intensity of what you give, and this practice is fully understandble. Do not be unconfortble with that, because there is a real need for your material (at least from me). What it counts is not how many people click on your blog, but the message they have received. Personally I’m ready to pay to have access on your material ( already waiting for the t-shirt, with art and with maxims ).
    I always think that if you accept a price , is because is a good deal, and from you I already receive a lot and I’m ready to return you my support.
    Please continue in the way you think is the most suitable for you, and I will be there to follow you. i’m sure I’m not the only one.
    Remeber that there is quantity and quality, I prefer quality!

    • Hey Fedehurst – let me start by thanking you immensely for your recent donation !

      Thanks a lot for that feedback – your sentiments are very touching ! I’ve tried hard to do good but sometimes have been a bit shitty with people ! It’s encouraging to know that someone would wear a t-shirt based on these materials – I think Dude would find the whole idea highly entertaining ! He’ll want the one which says “Fluffy Fuck Ass” which sounds like something perverted but is really just his catch phrase for cats !

      If I could I would share everything for free but I’ve been told to give less, unless I gain some benefit. And truth be told, things are hard.

      I appreciate your input and your ideas ! It’s nice to know that others understand where I am coming from.

      Have a wonderful day,

      Bright. 😉

  3. Hey Bright,

    I read your email updates and I’ve read a few articles, but I haven’t delved deeply into your blog. I think I’m slightly nervous of where it might lead as I have my own, mainly negative, personal experiences with off world entities. When I first found you, we exchanged a few posts on my comments… I was critical of Dude and of your apparent dismissal of the existence of hostile entities, forced abductions and other things…. you obviously took the opposing position.

    I have however referred many people to your blog and tried to be positive about it. I believe you have much to offer.

    So I would support and pay for further information. I would especially be interested in any further info on Rachel and her experiences and any interviews she would do, as what you tell us about her is fascinating but very limited….. and unlike any other information I’ve read elsewhere. I’m a lifelong researcher so her story would be very interesting to me and I feel would help me with my struggle to understand the big picture, which is my lifelong mission.

    Unlike Jake, I think the artwork on T shirts would sell better than maxims as any maxim ends up looking trite on a shirt IMO.. lol.

    As for the ” How to make ET Contact” in a one minute video thing… surely if you and Dude think others would exploit you if you gave this info away for free, those same people would pay 50 bucks to gain the info and exploit you just the same? I wish I hadn’t pointed that out as I really would like to hear your information on this, but when it occurred to me I felt in all honesty I had to point it out !

    Wishing you all the best


    • Thanks Steven for your feedback – you’ve raised some really good issues.

      Yes I guess we were at polar ends and it’s my wish that I can help people shift in their perceptions of the ETs. It takes a lot of trust and personal growth to the point of feeling OK with the experiences and a willingness to let go of so much. It is of course OK for others to feel differently because we all have different conditioning and different backgrounds. I’d like to imagine that I could take any human being and help them see the impact of their conditioning on their perception but of course I can’t but I can point the way. At least you are willing to consider a different POV. Many people who encounter my attitude, say ‘no way’ and never try to see things differently. I too had an attitude of uncertainty and ambivalence once and have had experiences with what seemed threatening and confronting but time changed my perception.

      I appreciate you referring others to the blog and feeling I have much to offer !

      I’ll try my best with Rachel – she’s still very reluctant because of the risks associated with breaching her original security oath – so we need to find a way to tread carefully. Lots of people want disclosure but it’s easy when you have nothing to lose ! I think you’ll find she has a lot to offer. She is after all Dude’s close friend and my friendship with Dude began with her.

      I appreciate your difference of opinion about artwork vs maxims. I guess I like both but some people may prefer one or the other. Myself, I can’t wait to sport an image of Dude and one of his maxims on the other side. He has a favourite shirt – a Grumpy Cat t-shirt, so perhaps I can do a Grumpy Dude ! 😉 I appreciate your honesty on the exploitation issue and you are of course right ! Dude and I and Rachel have spoken about the exact same issue and it got down to ‘its better for me to gain some benefit, than none at all.’ But I guess I want to share, price tag or not, because its better for the entire species, if a few humans learn how to maintain contact and can then teach others. I want to be a catalyst and nothing more. Dude also had some other reasons he didn’t want me to do the 1 minute video but I’m not privy to sharing those. His heart was in the right place ! As is your own !

      Thanks again !

      Have a lovely day,

      Bright. 😉

  4. I am very excited about that idea. I would be honored to participate!

  5. Do what you must Bright. Sounds fair, and I like the idea of having a paid section, while still maintaining an unpaid section at the same time with less material. This is most readily your passion, and you do a good job at it, so it seems fair to make a few bucks to help with everyday necessities. I am pretty sure once you finish those books, they will help out as well and will give an additional perspective for people to consider.

    • Thanks as always my friend for your kind words and support !

      The ‘once you finish’ part made me laugh…I feel like all my books are taking forever and I’ll die before any of them are finished ! 😉 But I’ll just keep plodding along !

      I think the extra material and books will help make things a lot clearer and give a deeper perspective.

      Be well,

      Bright. 😉

  6. i think this is a very good idea and i would definitely pay for it. I’ve been reading your blog for a few years now and i’ve only donated once because of saving money for traveling which i’m doing right now but know that i’m a big supporter of your work and will gladly give extra money to you Bright. The shirts would be awesome!

    keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Marcus ! I appreciate your feedback !

      Poor you, reading this for a few years ! Can I recommend you waste more time here : It really is a much better blog and far more eclectic and uplifting than this one !

      Go for it saving for travelling ! Travelling is the best thing you can do to enjoy and learn about life ! Travel and explore the world and that will help you to be ready for the cosmos !

      Best wishes to you,

      Bright. 😉

  7. Go for it 🙂

  8. Hi Bright 🙂

    Sure, give it a go & see how it goes!

    1 question though: Why doesn’t Dude help you financially? especially when he knows how much you & your son have struggled financially. I imagine finding some gold or precious stones is a walk in the park for him….just so you can live comfortable, pay for your treatment, renovate your house, spread his word etc. I’m not talking about making you a millionaire, just the basic stuff. ?

    Good luck man 😉

    • Good question Relax ! I don’t really feel comfortable asking him how to cheat as such but he helps me with things he knows I’m interested in doing. Maybe it’s just that he knows I am largely not interested in money. I mean he knows we get by and that hardship will come to pass (as it always does). I did jokingly say to him once, i would happily accept a million dollars if his craft would be willing to make it for me ! He just told me that I had better things to do, than spend money !

      Anyway, thanks for your ongoing encouragement ! 😉

  9. Judith Stefancic

    If it helps to ease your financial burden then I say go for it Bright! Currency…it should flow…right! That is what I tell my hubby when we pay the bills each month…. 🙂

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