Dude’s take on Earths future population

My recent post on the human population, elicited an interesting response from Relax24 who said :

“Hi Bright
I talked to a friend who studied the subject & he told me the human population growth will peak in 2050-60 & then decline. A quick google search also confirmed that prediction.
Of course it’s only a prediction & as such it can be wrong.
Cheers man”. 

While reading this I remembered that in a conversation I had with Dude a while back on the population issue, he gave me some similar figures. I’ve just checked my notes and actually it was a little different. Dude’s prediction (if that is the right word) is that human population will peak in Australia in 2070 at 55 million (it is currently about 24.2 m and the Australian Bureau of Statistics says, “Australia’s population at 30 June 2012 of 22.7 million is projected to increase to between 36.8 million and 48.3 million in 2061, and reach between 42.4 million and 70.1 million in 2101.” –http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/Lookup/3222.0main+features52012%20(base)%20to%202101 )  and the global population will peak in 2070 at a number significantly more than UN and WB predictions (it is currently 7.4 m). The greatest rate of growth will be between 2040-2050 in both Australia and globally. The numbers that Dude gave me are significantly more than the upper limits of all predictions for the global population. Australia will hit a stable population of about 23 million in 2110-2200 and the Earth’s population will stabilize in 2120 to about 2320 at about 6 billion and then decline to about 3 billion people for a millennium or so. I am not sure why there is a halving of the population and if its gradual or sudden.

In terms of population reduction in Australia, Dude identified former entrepreneur Dick Smith as THE key player and a particular well known trucking magnate (ironic hey) – who I don’t think has become proactive about the issue yet ! Dick has been working on this issue for several years already  and is likely be a key reason governments are forced to begin to take action, in about a decade. Dick will also be a key player internationally. Globally, the population issue will become a hot topic in about 20 years and there will be a great deal of global discussion and debate about the issue. It will go to the UN, the WHO, various global bodies and the major religious institutions. Dude suggests that in 20 years time, there will be a significant population reduction movement (which has already begun) and many significant problems caused by the crisis, which effect ordinary people in cities, towns and rural areas. There will also be many conflicts over the issue and some of them will be very violent. It will take time, with lots of debates, meetings and agreements (I may not be a supporter of the issue but look at what’s happened in the man made climate change debate). Eventually with so much discomfort because of the impact population will have on peoples lives (resource shortages, traffic congestion, suburban expansion, increased social problems and poverty, pollution, food shortages, environmental impacts, not being able to enjoy what they once enjoyed – just amplify the problems we have now !), there will be enough agreement (not all the world’s governments or people will agree), that the issue will be something that becomes accepted by most people on Earth. Almost all of the worlds governments will agree to change the endless stream of human births and there will be certain other measures put in place (like paid euthanasia (see below) – that help curb the population. Letting women decide on sex and contraception will not be enough ! The whole process will be slow and laborious but it will eventually lead to a decline in global population and the implementation of strict population controls in most countries.

The ultimate benefit from these changes, is that we learn to live more harmoniously with our planet and we reduce the decline of biodiversity and enhance the quality of human life.  Isn’t that worth taking the issue seriously ?

Some of you may recall my post on The Tale of Two Time Lines : https://etandi.wordpress.com/2015/02/05/a-tale-of-two-types-of-time-lines-and-the-future-of-earth/. This was not a fiction. It was real and the measures that have been introduced and the ones that are coming are necessary to prevent Timeline 1 from unfolding. They are not about genocide, even though some of the groups who have or who will introduce certain measure are assholes and do commit genocide !  Dude was the person who cultivated the skills in the key psychics involved in this project and probably (although he has never admitted it to me), the person who planted the seed in someone’s head, to pursue this project. So to the person who recently asked if I had any other examples (in addition to the story about Ascanio Sobrero) of how Dude has influenced the future – this is another one ! If you put these two together, you can see just how all pervasive his influence has been on our development as a species and on the health and well being of Earth. But of course, Dude doesn’t just ride solo, he does a lot of work with the other ETs !

There are two issue that I am still uncertain about regarding the population. How does Earth’s population rise so drastically by 2070 and what about the solar catastrophe (see my previous posts on the issue) ? I can’t clarify either of these issues for you but I can tell you that I have had numerous conversations with different groups of ETs about the solar event, looked into the future and seen the event myself and it’s still no clearer to me. And finally, perhaps certain events have unfolded but in a parallel reality (as described in this recent TSM (http://thesomethingmonologues.podbean.com/e/tsm99-an-extraterrestrial-explanation-of-past-lives-future-lives-parallel-lives/). I don’t have the clarity that I wish that I had.

You can read other people’s responses to my trying to raise the issue of overpopulation on Project Avalon Forum here : http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?65793-How-to-reduce-the-human-population and other people’s responses to my paid euthanasia prediction video here : http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?66439-An-alien-prediction-regarding-human-population-control. In case you were wondering, I finally left PAF a few years ago, after a great number of personal attacks and a great deal of frustration !  People really hate me for talking about this issue and especially for the video I posted on what the Teal’hia shared with us in 1997. But I will be proactive about the issue of reducing the human population, until the day I die. Then it’s other peoples problem ! 😉



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  1. Hello Bright,
    You are really talking about something important. It’s look like you are talking about a problem for the others, for the next generations only… but you are right on all the line. Maybe is not an original comment mine, but numbers and models are helping us to solve problem also!!
    And the population on a limited environment must be “limítate” also.
    What a problem to talk about something like that, and one thing is sure, time is passing, population encerase and …not yet a political project on that… because is for tomorrow and the others.
    And tomorrow started already yesterday and you are right when you said that you/we must spread the this idea.
    How can I help? Where to start ?
    Maybe the love for “patchamama” and the others can be the starting point.
    We all must be part of that process and doesn’t matter if we will not see the result of what you/we have started to do.

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