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A few years back I tried to raise a serious question on the Project Avalon Forum and the response it aroused, so dismayed me that I vowed that I would never raise the issue again. But alas, I am. This is one of those posts that will sound delusional but it’s true. I can’t and won’t answer any questions about it, so you’ll need to decide for yourself what to make of the limited information I have to offer you.

Those of you who are aware of what I have said about the structure I call The Architecture, may recall one small element in the upper arms of TA, that I have never spoken about. That element is the 7 humans who have been chosen by the ETs to help at this time.

This will be a brief expose on the 7, so let me start tell you what to be chosen actually means. The initial stages of TA were set up in approximately 3,500 BC. It was a structure that was enmeshed with human society, so that the ETs could both monitor human activity and development and influence human activity and development. It has been a very effective structure for creating positive influence, despite the development of the lower arms of TA. The upper arms of TA will be here long after the lower structures have dissolved and been forgotten. The ETs have always had Earth and humanities best interests at heart and so TA has become a critical structure for the development of humanity. On other worlds such structures have not been necessary but but here it has because of how we are. In this sense I can tell you the ETs originally set up secrecy to protect us from ourselves. In time, secrecy will not be necessary but not before we grow up – a long time from now.

The first group of 7 humans was chosen right back at the beginning. There is among them one person we would think of as immortal because she was the first chosen (who volunteered). Over a regular time period a new group of 7 comes to the fore and assumes the roles they were chosen to play. The 7 all through out history, have just been themselves – who they actually are, busy living their own lives. They don’t try to be anything else but themselves. So for the last 5,500 years there has always been a group of 7. Mostly they don’t know each other or the work of ‘influence’ that each of them are engaged in. They come at a time in human history when what they have to bring to the world is most needed. You might think of them as ‘moderators of a sort’, casting out subtle waves of influence to help offset disturbances in human society and development.

None of the 7 who have been chosen asked to be one of the 7. It was something that was presented to them before each life, as an option. And at any moment during life, they can choose to walk away. But they can’t walk away from who they are.

The current group of 7 is spread around the globe but half of them are in Europe. None of them are anyone of significance. One of them has great wealth but no identity – so don’t try and find them because they doesn’t officially exist. None of them are saints or gurus or geniuses or indigenous leaders of healers or people with great paranormal abilities, in the public eye. They are all very normal and they all suffer greatly because of who they are.

Certain groups in the lower arms of TA know exactly who each of these individuals are and to some extent, why they were chosen. They’ve had close connections with some of them at certain points in their life. The human ET I call Number 1 and Dude (Number 2) and the 9 ETs who oversee the welfare of Earth, are all aware of the intimate details of the lives of each one of the 7. And in fact, they played a critical role in choosing them. The 7 who are currently playing their roles, will fulfill each of their roles over the course of their lives but during the course of their lives a new group of 7 is growing up and some of them may not yet have been born. Eventually both groups will co-exist for a short while and then the next group will assume their roles for a different time, with different needs.

The 7 are known by those in the various different groups of TA by the roles they play. They each have a ‘specific label’ which encapsulates everything about who they are and the roles they play. I know who all these individuals are now but once, prior to knowing exactly who they were, I came across an individual in England (in the late 90’s) who told a story which accurately conveyed all the labels of the 7. I have tried to find this person again to check who they heard this from but I’ve never been able to find him. I’d be very curious if anyone else has heard of the 7 or any reference to their labels.

I first heard about this in 1994 before console games and RPG etc. This is real, not imagination, not role play, not escapism. I’ve spoken to several ETs about the subject and they’ve clarified many details for me but not everything. Some things aren’t meant to be known ! But more than anything, I’m curious to know if anyone else has heard about the 7.

Who they are and what they do has been so well hidden by the ETs, that I don’t expect that anyone will have a clue about what I’m talking about. But I offer this, just in case, there is someone, somewhere, who has heard the same story. I also offer this explanation to you, to reassure you that there is among the human race, a very small group of people who work and live for the greater good, maintaining a connection between Earth, the human race and our cosmic family.  Working and living for the long term benefit of all species on this planet, not just the short term success of the human race.

The 7 are no one special and you wouldn’t ask or want the burden they carry. But they accept who they are and that they have been chosen by those who have infinite wisdom, to help Earth at this time.


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  1. When i was having trouble dealing with the issues here on earth, governments and secrecy. I was telepathicly connected with a man who said he worked closely with the ets in government. I asked how many like him in governments he told me 7 and assured me not to worry. After i calmed down. This was just last week

    • Jake I am not sure about what you experienced. I’ve not heard of such a group. As I have explained before, there is a group of 90 humans, many of whom are in direct contact with the 40-50 ETs who work in government and the 40 or so Doorway Keepers. Perhaps for your benefit, it maybe useful to ask him why he contacted you. In my experience, people or ETs tend not to approach us directly, unless they can follow up with some sort of physical meeting, as it creates too much mental discord, confusion or paranoia. 😉

  2. After i calmed down cussing at him thinking he was part of a group trying to manipulate me in a negative way.

  3. Thanks Bright for the response I defiantly have confusion that’s for sure. I have not been able to settle my mind for a few weeks or so that could be the case. Paranoia probably where i am when i see a craft i see people chasing them sometimes and i let it get to me. I had 3 different instances where a human would contact me and I would go to them in my mind wherever they were and get all pissed off. Then i would talk to them and they would seem intrigued about what i say. The Man told me they are looking out for me and basically just to observe and not get involved with various things from what could see from my mind i am guessing he was mid 30s. I suspect there could be an Et base or doorway of sorts near by early on i saw a Orange / golden craft take a quick right and go into the ground a few miles away. Right now in my contact I would call the maturing state there is constant monitoring through those balls of light in the corner of my eye or direct vision. not a constant presents or nurturing. My emotional state has become more stable. My overall awareness or just acting through life force has gone up in a experience i had last night my awareness was so high i suspect it would have been noticed if people were around me. There is a lot going on. Meditation has been near impossible. After reading dudes maxims I have been trying not to seek and telling myself i know what i need to right here and now. I have been trying to do things without meditation. Maybe i should practice more that could be the cause of my thoughts racing. I will attempt to contact him heavily tonight and throughout the week and see what arises.

    Thanks again Jake.
    I hope everything is going well

  4. I got in contact He told me they were chosen to help me in my development He said he is 1 of 7 individuals working with me and that i will be closely associated with them in some way and told me i already knew. He also told me not to freak out next time. My friends confirmed this. Which makes sense based on things the tall guys have showed and told me during an internal contacts on board a craft. I remain skeptical but i have no reason to debut them. I’m Not comfortable sharing that bit publicly perhaps you could ask them if you would like to know.
    I will leave you on this. one question i have after this and putting pieces together and i should of asked this sooner why me? I’m nobody, The only thing i have to go by is an emotional experience and the Ets telling me i was very old, that they often come to me to ask questions and told me how long i have been here.
    Take care – Jake

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