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Hey folks, how’s life ? We’ve been pretty busy here after the floods, with cleaning up and pulling down all the  fences that were destroyed. The recovery will take several months but that’s OK. We still have the possibility of more flooding in the next few weeks but so far, things are looking much better. We are however surrounded with more mosquitoes than you can swing a dead cat at !

Once a year I ask for feedback from you guys and that time has arrived again. So a couple of quick questions :

  • What works well on this blog and what does not ?
  • Is there anything you previously asked me to write about that I did not ?
  • Are you OK that I don’t respond to every comment ?
  • Is there anything you would like me to write about or talk about (on a TSM) that I have not yet spoken about or that needs further clarification ?
  • From time to time I’ve thought of relabeling this blog under a different title that is more reflective of the sorts of things I am likely to share – which as many of you know, is not always related to the ET subject. Do you think that matters or is the current title sufficient to cover the many different subjects I like to explore ?

I’ll do my best to address the things you have asked me to write about previously and anything new you might suggest I write about.

Also, I am curious to know if there is a particular subject you’d like to read about in a book form, if I were to write it ? Regarding the ET subject, I have written a musical about ET contact (which I hope to publish as part of a book of plays and musicals in 2018) and am writing a novel about a man’s contact with two ETs in a small town, a year after the death of his wife (which I hope to publish in 2018-2019). Other projects on the horizon include :

  • A book about my own ET contact experiences (which I’ll write in 2017).
  • The ET Art project book(s) which Rachel Bree and myself (which we would like to complete in 2018).
  • The Interviews with Ancient Aliens (Dude’s Book in 2017 & Anamika’s book in 2018).
  • How to Make ET Contact Book (which I’ll write in 2017-2018).
  • ET related essay book (which I’ll write in 2018-2019).

I guess if you had any suggestions that tickle my fancy, I could consider integrating them into one of the books I plan on writing. If for example, there was a particular subject I haven’t addressed or a subject you’d like me to expand on, I could integrate it into a future book.

Writing about this subject is really a secondary consideration for me, after working on my fiction projects and taking care of my son and my health. But I recognize that it’s an important subject and that sometimes I have opinions, insights and points of view, that are at odds with the majority of people interested in the ET subject. So, your constructive feedback on what you’ve found to be interesting and or helpful, helps me to focus my effort on things that people want to read about. I’d like to write a lot more about the Internal Word contact experiences I’ve had but I don’t know that people are really ready for that stuff. Where as, lots of people want to know about how to make contact and who the ETs are. It’s always a careful balance between expressing what I need to express and writing what people want to know about !

For those of you who maybe wondering, yes I still plan on making the audio contact series. I just haven’t had the time. And because the subject kind of bores me, I need to make a real concerted effort to discipline myself to do it. But it will happen. I don’t know when but it’s coming, eventually !

Thanks for reading this post and remember that if you like this blog, you can support my work with a one off or regular donation, via the tab at the top right hand side of the blog. Your donations make a huge difference to helping me to cope with the limitations that come with having tumours and really encourage me to pull my finger out and write !

Have a wonderful day, Bright. 😉


About brightgarlick

Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. Hey Bright,
    Thanks for asking for our input.
    With you writing so much it seems we should be interacting more.
    One of my thoughts would be to not do too much.
    Sometimes It can be good to be focused on a thing at a time.
    It would be cool to make a documentary about your life philosophy and ET experiences.
    Watching something is a way to get things out.

    In terms of focus if dude is cool with it I would think the how to make contact stuff would be really great. If you could write a book about it there must be a lot more stuff to understand about it.
    I want to understand it better.

    May the force be with you!

  2. i’d like to know more about our history with ETs and what their influences have been on us, like the Ascanio story you told. Are there people/tribes/communities that have open contact today? I think this blog is good as it is right now and i really enjoy the reading. Thanks Bright and take care!

  3. 1:Eveything you have been doing with the blog has been working well.
    2: No
    3: I think you are good with the comments. less time on the net the better!
    4: Hybrid races? (i met with one recently) How to let go fully where is the line drawn? How to provide your own regression therapy? Does the number 26 mean anything significant with the ets? (im guess 26 ets representing 26 races they are associated with me somehow) Should you hold on to what you have learned and practice or keep in mind? Is it possible that some individuals have a certin role they came to play in their life? Maybe more on some of the other races / collective. Do you need to push aside the things the ets tell you to avoid expectation if they tell you something will happen but not when, where and how? Childern between races / childern of a past lives existing today? Ets and human religion?Where are the lines drawn for expectation? More on preperation for face to face contact, Is there any work you can do to help you remain conscious? just some ideas. I would like to hear more about internal worlds lightly i just meditate and my friends just create things around me.
    5: The title is good! You get Et and the I (you) it works well

    I wish you well on your health with tumors and recovery from the flood. Wish i could help more the only thing i can do is send energy your way!

  4. I know you’ve touched on the subject of the human energy system/systems and that’s something i’d like to hear more about! Thanks once again!

  5. Hey everyone I have something I want to share that may be useful for you. It is cultivation practice that is called falun dafa. Also known the great way of spiritual perfection. It is very special to me and has helped me and everyone around me.

    Some say it is a cult but it is a genuine practice to reach to the higher realms of reality.
    So if you already meditate but feel that silence and the world is a little dry this may help you.
    It is funny but this is an similar practice that Jesus and Buddha sakyuamuni did to transform the body into high energy matter and become higher beings.

    All the miracles they did was in reality true. They could fly and do many sorts of things like the ets. if you don’t have that many attachment and are genuinly good person you will not be limited by the universe.

    All is free on the internet so you don’t need to buy anything, the master of falun dafa is helping everyone unconditionally just because you want to cultivate.

    It was a little hard in the beginning to understand falun dafa . But as I understood more and more I knew this was really good. I am very keen to help you in any way if you like to learn ! let me know 😉 Take care

  6. I know I am really bad at explaining things , I only want to share this dafa and get nothing in return. With no name and nothing to gain, only help. Take care

  7. 1. Everything is working great on your blog.
    2. Don’t think so.
    3. Sure.
    4. I would like to hear Dude’s or some other ET’s voice.
    5. Name is fine.

    All the best 🙂

  8. Hello, me also i want to thanks you for asking our opinion!!!

    I lIke your spontaneous side that is going the philosophy … “enjoy the moment” and write, say or film, what is in your mine. In this area I do not know if more structure, milestones etc…. is necessary.
    To search, explore it cost nothing. The most important is there, this is important to me.

    Never asked anything yet, but maybe a mail box to collect questions can be an idea. If I want to ask you about something, how to do If it is not in relation with an article or video tams

    No problem if you do not respond, we can continue to follow you…until the answer will arrive, or not!!!

    The name is great….

    Why once you do not speak a bit more about “regresion”?

    All my support and thanks
    Best wishes

  9. Daniel Junior Rodriguez

    Write about sasquatch or the yoyie? I recently discovered some tree that appears to be a sasquatch marking. It has three small trees wedged into one spot. Marking something.
    Also write about lucid dreams.

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