Hey folks, how are you all ?

Well, I’m back after 10 days visiting my sick sister Susy in southern Queensland. To be honest, is was a fucking hard trip and I am absolutely relieved to be home ! Not because my sisters illness is unsettling but because my family is unbearable ! Susy’s brain tumours have not incapacitated her but they have definitely changed her behaviour ! I am not sure if I have the strength to see her again, while she is conscious or alive.

On the last day I contracted a severe flu, so I’ll be spending the rest of the week trying my best to recover.

While in the outer suburbs of Brisbane, I was exposed to the Affluenza (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affluenza) that now effects large portions of Australian society ! I saw suburbs in which people spend all day manicuring 1 inch lawns and cleaning already clean drive ways and already clean cars ! Suburbs where every home has at least 3 cars, including 2 large cars. The shock of seeing Affluenza was so bad, that I actually had a visceral reaction to it and found myself having to shift my entire perception to another level, to avoid getting seriously sick ! The sense of keeping up with the Joneses and the sense of I and separation was so pronounced, that I truly felt like I was in an alien world !

Anyway, I’m back home in my crappy old dilapidated house, surrounded by trees and birds and quiet serenity and I am so immensely happy ! My body feels good, even though it’s sick !

A big thank you to Frederick, Marcel and Gabriele for your donations these past few weeks ! It is as always, very much appreciated ! Thank you for your sacrifice and for helping me through this difficult period of my life !

In other news, I’m still searching for an appropriate treatment for my tumours. It’s an incredibly difficult task, sifting through thousands of clinical trials, trying to find one that may be useful to my Renal Carcinoid Tumours. It’s also very unpleasant exposing myself to this material. But I’m confident I will find the treatments that Dude has suggested I explore and possibly some others. As I’ve said many times before, I’m now at the point where I need some treatment to deal with the reaction (which is the growth of my tumours) but it’s up to me to attend to the root causes (which are multifactorial). While I was away, I became away of several psychological blocks that represent several of these root causes and I think I can now transform them. So much of who we are and how we function psychologically and emotionally, is embedded in our families of origin. I think I needed a powerful physical reminder of that and I sure as hell had one while I was away !

In regards to this blog, I’ll try my best to knock something up once a week, depending on my health and commitments. If I work my arse off, I maybe able to have the e-version of the Dude interview out by the end of the year ! Many of you know that you can already download most of that here.

Take care friends,

Bright. 😉


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Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. “because my family is unbearable” i have a similar situation. It is all awareness and ignorance related for me. as my awareness increses it gets more and more difficult to cope with people. expecially the ones i can not help. A good teacher for tollerance but sometimes i want to throw my face into a wall my only excape is meditation. Affluenza we dont have much of that were i live but we do have alot of people that mow lawns. The worst part is doing it, i dont like walking on the grass let alone mow and chop up the smaller ecosystem full of all this different life. like you said you have to change back to unaware / aware to avoid being overwelmed. i try to advoid it as much as i can. I wish you a speedy recovery from your flu and best of luck on your tumor treatments. I’m sure you may have already tried this but have you tried focusing your energy / healing in those specific areas for an extended period of time or try to free yourself from the thought I have tumors.

    In the life of me and my many lost faces.
    I have been exploring healing / long distance enegetic healing. i found myself about 4-5 months back practicing it not really aware of what i was doing. i treated my dog once sometimes twice a day for 3-4 days for a bad ear infection by the 4th day it was gone.. I have also been pracicing long distance thought, feeling and experience exchange through the same method as healing but insted enclose experience, feeling and emotion in energy forms, which just came to me while i was sitting on my back porch interacting with Ets i could see around me through my mind and shared experience with a race i call the Harlachie ( my spelling of races may be off but it is what i got out of the telepathic communication) whom i have been aware of for some time 5-6 months when an Et told me they had just passed the Spacefiring trials as he put it and decribed tham as snake like. have been getting visits from different races i think the count now is at least 18-19 that i know of ( i know there is more working with me in some way) i forgot about 4 race names didnt have pen and paper. I will list ones i havnt seen on your site Kheidra, Hydrea, Slhria, Salasteian, Hcroxen, Zenturians, Calipaie, Reciptian, Almineo ( I got these names early on not sure how clear they are i have had a hard time with names) i know a few systems some are from Omega, Orion, Alpha centauri, Altair the rest are in foreign space i am not familar with. lightly i have been working with the tall guys who visit me on my back deck they come eye level. i measured 10- 13 ft they have blue eyes which draw you in. and another race i am unsure of. the tall guys told me the other day they will be here Thursday september 1 8:35pm and said drop all expectation rest, drink lots of water, little to no exposure to electronics. I was very mentally exausted and tired its very hard having contact through the mind and trying to determine real from imaginary. usually when they pop up out of nowhere its pretty safe to determine. not sure what will happen. lightly i have been pushing my mind getting to the route causes of disire and found that it dwells in the very heat of my being / soul not in the mind, And that my mind created a light defination of what it was. when there actually is a lot more to it. that desire is going home with my Et friends in this life for they have known me for so long Home wouldnt be home without them. but there is much more to that than i initually realize that goes beyond the mind, which leaves a disire i have no control over. I take this to be my spiritual path. the past week has been exausting emotionally, physically and mentally. they tell me i will have multiple visits a night and the past few days i have been waking up 3 times a night.(i dont mind) sometimes i remain awake sitting up unaware of any thoughts in my mind not sure how long. which is odd, im also being prompted to explore different things like the way i dont wish to live, how i want to live. ect alot of mind and perception work. And working on staying level headed no matter what thoughts come my way.

    Reconstructing alienology mapping idea
    I also explored your idea reconstructing alienology. was told to explore it further because i was thinking about it. I thought pretty heavily trying to map out how such a project would get started. i determined the start of this doesnt need to be a tedious task. We would just need a way to collorbate with members with different experiences. to find out the question “whats going on here?” and meet, speak, with people and map things out, baced on personality, spirituality, temperment, emotional states ect. For a spiritual standpoint i was exploring the idea of a “base view point” to refence things from. I was thinking that base should be the spiritual devolpment through et contact. because it is a very ancient method. A big roadblock to this map would be dishonest people trying to mess things up with false info, Something small may work very well as a start to get a pretty good understanding of people in the conscious contact field. Personally i dont think you would need data on a thousand people just a few from different groups then map out similarties. im sure your blog has people from some / most of conscious contact groups you decribed in your video you deffantly have a global audience, could even set up an online survay for people to fill out. make them sign in or something to weed out people trying to bullshit things for fun. From there the only thing left is to connect the dots. If something is found share it and possibly gain attention from the scientific community, and get things on their way. I just asked an Et friend if he could tell me about this phenomenon in the contact field he said “I could but how would that provide proof for anyone else” for me this seems like a good simple start to bringing your idea to reality what do you think?

    sorry for the long winded comment

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