The One Thing You Need to Know About ETs – The Eyes Have It : Part 1

About a month ago I was sitting in my lounge room thinking about withdrawing completely from the internet and having a bad day with my tumours, when I decided to ask Dude (see Muajra race if you’re new here) if there was anything important I’v neglected to say about the ETs. Much to my surprise, Dude reminded me of something very simple and very powerful, that I’d overlooked. The ETs eyes. So later that day I tried to make a TSM to address the subject. As I’ve said many times before, I’m much more comfortable with writing than speaking and I felt that that particular TSM didn’t do justice to the subject. So this post is an attempt to do justice to the subject.

As a precursor, let me just remind you that I have met more than 30 different ET races and for those of you who may have wondered “why so many ?” and “is that even possible ?”; there is something simple that you have to understand, if you are to understand my experiences with the ETs. Generally speaking there are two types of encounters that we tend to have with the ETs. Encounters in which we meet a small number of individuals representing one race or an encounter in which we meet a larger number of individuals representing many races. The later tend to occur on board large craft, that are not unlike a kind of united nations, in which many different races live together doing their own thing or working together. Many of the experiences I’ve had in the last decade have been on board these types of craft. Dude’s craft is one such craft and on his craft there are literally hundreds of races represented. The Creator Races make many of these craft and assist in developing the relationships that occur between the different races. So, it is more than possible to meet a dozen or more races on a craft at once. Most people who have these types of encounters remain unconscious, due to the intense energies present on board the craft. I was only able to remain conscious during these encounters, with the help of various different ETs. I’m not sure how long I could have remained conscious without their help.

Whenever we engage with our fellow humans, we tend to look into their eyes. In some traditional cultures, such as many Australian Aboriginal cultures, open eye contact is discouraged. But for the most part, eye contact in humans, is considered important. When a human engages with another human, we engage at an unconscious level with the face and the rest of the body. We may consciously engage with the face and if we do, we might notice different qualities about the face, that convey things to us about the person. Observers such as myself will notice several things including – the lines on the face, the eyes, how the person holds different features of the face (such as the lips and the smile, the tension in the jaw muscles and the forehead, the depth of the lines and dimples, the quality of their teeth, facial hair, skin colouring (which relates to blood pressure and health), makeup etc.), nervous habits and twitches and body language. It’s possible to process this all at once and to continue observing throughout the length of an interaction. In addition, an astute observer will feel certain things about a person that may or may not align with what they are saying or the body language they are using. Humans say so much without even speaking !

Most of us are ignorant of what faces have to teach us but we are all drawn by habit to the eyes. When we look into another humans eyes, there are several things that we might notice. First, we might notice how a person hold’s their eyes, the rate at which a person’s eyes move around or how the eyes shift from one object to another. Eyes that move too quick or eyes that have jittery movement, always suggest some kind of insecurity, underlying anxiety or cognitive disturbance. Second, we might notice peripheral features of the eye – the Lacrimal Glands in the corners of the eye, the outer and inner eyelids, the eyelashes, any residue in the eyes and whether the eyes are moist or dry. The peripheral features often speak loudly about a persons underlying emotions, habits and disposition, Third, we might notice the Sclera (whites) of a person’s eyes (Collagen and Elastic Fibres) and the blood vessels in the Sclera of their eyes. The whites reflect the health of the body and the blood vessels often reflect the health of the heart and circulatory system. Fourth, most of us inevitably notice the Iris (Stroma and Pigmented Epithelial Cells). We are all familiar with different colour Irises and many of us have noticed healthy and unhealthy looking Irises. Those who practice Iridology, divide the Iris up into sections, which they believe correspond to different parts/systems of the body and reflect the health of each of these parts/systems. The same principal of ‘the whole contained in the small’ or the macrocosm in the microcosm’ is at the core of Chinese Medicine and is reflected in the belief that all parts of the body reflect the whole body. I don’t know after 35 years of exploring this subject, exactly what I think about it but I do think that the health of the body is reflected in the health of intensity and distribution of pigment in the Iris. Some of us are drawn to eyes with vibrant coloured Irises or unusual features in the Iris. Recent scientific research has suggested that certain patterns in the Iris are associated with certain character traits. Fifth, we might notice the cornea and any objects embedded in the cornea. And Sixth, we might notice the Pupil and the changing size of the pupil, as a result of light, stimulants and depressants. It’s also possible to notice a sense of the person’s life force through the pupil.

When we look into a humans eyes we often feel confronted or comforted by the person behind the eyes. The old adage that the ‘eyes are the window to the soul’ seems to be true but what goes unsaid with this assumption, is ‘what kind of soul is looking back at me ?’. When we look into a human’s eyes we learn so much about who that human really is. Their eyes tell us everything – no matter what they say or do. The eyes cannot lie !


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  1. Hey Bright 🙂
    You state that you overlooked the ETs eyes. Then you write an esse about human eyes!
    Seems you overlooked ETs eyes again 😉

    Cool feelings 🙂

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