Out of Oz

I’ve always had this feeling that contrary to established theories, homo sapiens came out of Australia. I could never prove it but I always felt it to be true. Many years ago I had an unexpected vision while visiting Burra Burra (which you may remember me talking about in an early TSM/post), in which I saw the local Aboriginal people fighting and killing the people who lived on the mountain. Those people were small and very hairy. 8 years later Homo Floresiensis (so called Hobbit Man) later (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homo_floresiensis) was discovered in Indonesia. Reconstructions of these individuals show a beings that are very similar to what I saw. At the time of my vision, it made me wonder, ‘What if there were multiple homo species living and competing and cross breeding in Australia, from the earliest homo species up to the latest ?’.

Around the same time I was shown where several ET races used to meet with the Aboriginal people of Burra Burra (Mountain of the Eagle) and nearby Burra Wau (Mountain of the Crow). The deceased Aboriginal people explained it to me as, ‘This is where we met the ancestors’. Over the next decade I discovered  dozens of UFO shaped petroglyphs on both mountains, in addition to hundreds of petroglyphs that tell the story of the mountains. I also discovered an ancient rock calendar that maps out the movement of the stars around the southern celestial pole (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celestial_pole) and lunar transitions. The same rock was also used to commune with the ancestors. I was told about how certain rocks could be used to call the ancestors, who would come with ‘light and circles’. Such places often became important sacred sites, marked out with scar trees at their center and ceremonial rocks on their periphery.

So what does it all mean ? I came to realize that up until about 150 years ago, the Aboriginal people who lived around and on Burra Burra and Burra Wau had an intimate relationship with the ETs, that stretched back thousands of years. I also came to the conclusion that the Aboriginal people were here much longer than people believe (I was told they had inhabited the mountain more than 100,000 years ago (the oldest date for habitation in Victoria so far, goes back 30,700 years and 43,000 years across the border in NSW). I have long suspected that there may have been several lineages of homo sapiens that arose much earlier than these periods, that spread out across the country – some may even have spread out towards Africa and India and returned at a much later time. I once read a paper that sited a circular petroglyph found in northern Australia, that was dated at 160,00 years old. So who really knows ? Maybe modern homo sapiens did evolve in Australia or maybe they evolved in multiple places at once and spread out interacting with one another. It’s interesting to note that most bird species appear to have evolved in Australia, after the separation from Gondwana Land. So I don’t see why it’s not possible that many other species began on this continent.

The only real issue I have with integrating the whole ‘Out of Oz’ possibility, is that recent DNA profiles of Aboriginal Australians past and present, seems to contradict the possibility. I would suggest that it’s probably too early to come to any real conclusion about the subject. I think we can only come to a conclusion when every group of people on Earth has been sequenced and when all the traditional people of Australia (the 500 language groups) have been sequenced. That’s the only way we will discover if there were separate lineages that moved in different directions.

An Aboriginal friend of mine, once said to me, “You could take a man from the central desert and dump him in some places in India and you wouldn’t know the difference and vica versa !”. And it’s true. There are some Aboriginal Australians who look very much like certain Indians. Morphology is not always a good indicator of genetic similarity but it can be. The question is then, how related are these two groups and did they have a common ancestor ? If so, where did they come from ?

I suspect that archaeologists/anthropologists/geneticists have centuries of work ahead of them, exploring the true history of homo sapiens and the true history of Australia’s Aboriginal people and other potential hominid people.

There’s a couple of videos below that might grab your interest. I’m not really sure about the whole Egyptian/Phoenician thing (note the Egyptian references in the second video). I have more of a suspicion that the Chinese were here thousands of years ago. I’ve been told a story about some Chinese ship wreck survivors who became part of different Aboriginal clans in about 800 AD (I think, I’d have to check my old journals) and found evidence of tower like petroglyphs on Burra Burra, that were used to represent the small tower like objects they made in the landscape.

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  1. In the beginning, there was pangaea…one big continent, before it broke apart 175 million years ago. Did you know that there is part of New Zealand in Northern California? It was identified by “non-native” rock formations, which originated in New Zealand before the continents separated. It’s by Shasta Lake.

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