Thank You and Fuck You (Tick Tock)

The ‘Thank You’ is for some of you and the ‘Fuck You’ is for others of you. You know which one goes where !

Thank you everyone for your very kind and caring heart felt sentiments regarding my illness and to everyone else who supports what I have to share. Well, the worst of my recent tumour related illness has passed – 2 days of Carcinoid Crisis – tachycardia, palpitations, nausea, stomach cramps, bloating, vomiting, flushing and diarrhea. Many people who experience this without medical attention, don’t make it through; so I am very fortunate.

I became sick this time due to a convergence of issues – mostly things I allowed myself to feel and pushing myself too hard on all fronts and neglecting my body. So it was my own fault and if I don’t learn from this, I may not survive the next episode.

So please remember what I have said before – my time here sharing on the internet will be brief. I now have a finish date in mind. A time when I feel all this kind of work will be done. I have so many other things I wish to explore ! I have no interest in the idea and delusion of “SOMEBODYNESS”, that many exploring this field are afflicted with and honestly if I could wind the clock back, I would have kept everything to myself.

I feel I have opened myself and those I love up too much, shared too much, let people see too much vulnerability and exposed myself to too many nutcases, assholes, judgmental pricks (there’s a judgment for you) and covert corporate /military / intelligence groups.

Let me state categorically to all those who read my blogs and communications in secret who fall under the shadow of what I call the lower arms of The Architecture  : Everything you do is seen by those who know your every thought and every feeling. They guide the development of life on this planet and not you. They will be here when you are long dead and nothing but dust. They will be here when all memory of you is gone from Earth. And none of you, unless they choose it to be so, will ever meet a real ET or develop a relationship with them. Your ignorance and your avarice are your death knell. Your lack of self knowledge and your desire for control are your undoing. What good did you ever do for Earth or it’s inhabitants ? One day you will all have to account for how you have lived and what you have done. You had better be sure you can face your own truth ! Know that the knowledge and information you covet, flows in one direction – all the way to the ETs who look after this world, through the heart and soul of the one’s I refer to as Number 1 and Number 2 (Dude). You know nothing but a fraction of a piece of dust. Yet you seek to control the dust for all things impermanent ! You fools ! Is $200,000 or $100, 000, 000, a house and material assets really enough to keep you in a state of security, when you live in a state of perpetual fear of the other ? Look at the world you leave your children ! Well done, top marks for foresight and for creating a world of genuine prosperity ! Take your DECEPTION IDEOLOGIES and shove them up your arse ! That ought to awaken something ! And to those who wonder what the profile of 9,000 years of the human future really looked like – nothing like what you wanted ! 

And to the nutcases and assholes of the world : Fuck off imbeciles and find someone else to annoy ! Know thy self !

Apologies to my ordinary readers who might be wondering, “Where the hell did that come from ?”. The answer my friends, is “Years of frustration with control freaks !”. One of the great things about having tumours that secrete excessive amounts of hormones, is that I sporadically lose control of the ability to control my expression of anger !

But I remain at heart a kind person who cares about Earth and all species who share this world with us. I may despise those who work in the shadows and the nutcases of the world but I recognize that we all wounded and that we all suffer – because all phenomenon are impermanent, we cling to impermanent phenomena seeking lasting satisfaction and because we mistake ‘perceived reality’ as ‘ultimate reality’.  I dare say if I met some of these folks who work in the shadows I might like them very much and think highly of them as human beings. I might even like 1 or 2 of the worlds genuine nutcases ! Assholes, well who knows ? Certainly my ‘inner asshole’ might feel a resonance with them !

I apologize for the drama I have shared with the world and for my part in creating any unnecessary dramas. I would like very much to have come across as an unblemished character but as is my inherent weakness, I think I have conveyed myself as the flawed human being that I am. But that is the truth and if I have tried to do anything at all of value, it is to be truthful about my character and the things that matter most to me. We are all perfect in our imperfection. The only difference between myself and those I detest, is that I know it and openly acknowledge it and they do not.

So the clock is ticking, t minus, I’m not going to tell you how many days. But then, the clock is ticking for all of our adventures in this life and for all of our lives. I’m just fortunate enough that my clock has stayed ticking after all I’ve endured !

May your clocks tick well, remembering that the creators clock ticks but a heart beat away !

Wishing all of you, including said supporters, friends, detestable shadow seekers, nutcases and assholes – a wonderful life.

Bright 7. 😉




About brightgarlick

Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. No worries Bright!

  2. I wish you well, enjoy life and do whats best for you! 🙂

  3. Well said. Its a shame some people feel the need to single you out. and just the way that most people treat one another.. I think you have done very well with this site and everything you have done and the sacrifices you have made just to get this information to the public. You have done a great job in helping people awaken to a new awareness and perceptions and to new relationships with the Et’s. You have done excellent! I say with confidence on behalf of all your regulars readers. you have changed our lives for the better. I wouldn’t be where i am now without you and your blog. I was recently told by an Et friend that i should focus on myself rather than just the benefit of others otherwise my quality of life would diminish. (I believe that goes for everyone) They recently told me that i don’t hold the burden of the world alone and that we including the Et’s are all in it together. I gladly support you decision that there will come a time when the blog will end. I do think this is the mot important blog out there on the subject. Maybe change email to something unknown and disable comments to save you from negative people, nutcases. Anyway i hope your are well and continue to be well!

  4. Wonderfully said Jake. I ditto all of that! I know Bright has changed my life for the better!
    We are all lucky to have found this blog and how blessed we are to have tasted something so new, refreshing and powerful. Love to Bright and to all of you. I’m not going to dwell on how long we have with him….just plan to enjoy it day by day.


  5. Guy who is kinda’ eclectic? I’d say eclectic to the maxima! I may have “burrowed beneath your skin” by making certain remarks; not sure, but most of the time I don’t think I did. I am sad now thinking that your blogsite will be no more. I hope some of your videos will remain? As I’ve said before I am so very impressed with Bright Garlick as a man of good character and as man who thinks pretty profoundly. I guess I have a certain notion that if we could all go back and live in monasteries and grow herbs and play lutes it just might be for the better. Man what a fantasy! Darn it I can still hope and maybe just maybe I’ll try to do that for myself. Anyway, I know you need to take good care of yourself cuz that’s what is most important. Best to you and thank you for all you have given (and it’s been QUITE A BIT).

    Lisa from Baltimore

  6. And again.

    Thanks for everything you have shared. I wish you good luck!

    It must really suck to go trough all that illness! Don’t push your self too hard. I understand that this blog won’t be updated much more in the future. you have made so much content, and almost 100 monologs/audiologs 🙂

    tried to donate a while back but there was some errors at the time so maybe i try again some time 😀

    Life is good.
    always Lots of things to explore.

  7. I’ll always remember the day i first saw one of your videos, and the couple of emails we exchanged. You, or the image of you, i don’t really care at this point, have been a great and i think positive influence in my life. You Made me abile to have contact and also to think about things in life, as u can see I’m not good with words so I’ll cut it short. You’ve done so much good for me, from the other side of the planet, thank u from my heart bright,

  8. orestispullini

    I’ll always remember the day i first saw one of your videos, and putting into practice the methods you shared, and the couple emails we exchanged. You, or the image of you, i don’t really care at this point, made me able to have contact. You have been an important and i think positive influence in my life, from the other side of the planet, i’m not good with words so imma cut it short, you’ve done so much good for me and i thank u from my heart
    take care Bright

  9. orestispullini

    other than words, i’m not good with technology, i posted 2 messges because i thought it didn’t go through ://

  10. Hey Brighty,
    Don’t let the world’s dramas get the better of you by giving them your energy, let go of expectations & control, just observe.
    I Whish you what you whish for yourself 🙂
    “Everything comes to it’s own end when it’s ready. /Kantek” 😉

  11. Judith Stefancic


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