Music and Songs of the Muajra – Part 2

This post is a continuation from part 1 :

“When we listen, we feel in the depths of our being. So, we don’t take music or song lightly or frivolously. It plays an important role in our development. Whenever we enjoy music or song, whether we are listening or creating, we are actively engaged in the full experience of enjoying and participating in the emotional and physical reactions that are occurring within us. When we listen to the music made by humans, we often wonder why it lacks any significant features which provide you with an opportunity to experience and appreciate it with the depths of your being. Yes, there is some music made by humans that fulfills this purpose but it is rare and not normal for most of your music to be able to generate this in your average human being.

 So now I will  try my best to describe some of our music and song to you. First, let me begin by telling you about the music we play to our baby’s when they are growing within their mothers bellies [THE MUAJRA ARE ONE OF THOSE RACES LIKE HUMANS, WHO’S OFFSPRING DEVELOP IN A MOTHERS WOMB]. On Earth, you have this idea that if you play Mozart or some other highly respected classical composer, your children will perceive this and be more relaxed or grow in a way that makes them more intelligent. Most of this is untrue but it is an idea that has popularity. When we play music to our babies, we do so as to evoke strong and powerful emotions and felt experiences. These help our babies to develop emotionally and physically, before they are born. And then, when they are born, they have a better chance of assimilating all the environmental stimuli that will surround them. They will be more finally attuned to their environment and perceive a wider range of sensations and experiences. When they are in the womb, we play them music that has been created by the people that they will come to know most intimately – mother, father, grand parents, sisters, brothers, caretakers…others who will share their lives intimately. The music played by each person will vary significantly from person to person. A father may, for example, play a set of tones that help stimulate the sense of security, love and confidence. A mother might play another set of tones or even melodies, that help stimulate a sense of love, belonging, of opening up to the outer world with trust or of being needed by those who love you. A sister might play a set of melodies that help the baby to feel as if there is another who awaits their arrival – such that a sense of being important and valued and of belonging is stimulated in the emerging child. A grand parent might play a set of tones that was passed down to them and so stimulate a sense of the history of the family and arouse a desire to know and understand this family history. They might also play some melodies that help to transmit a sense of the love of all the ancestors who have come before.

Now, you see that by the time the baby arrives in the world, there is already a strong sense of being loved and of belonging and as a result the baby’s physical development has been enhanced and strengthened. The particular tones and melodies, will also help in the development of the child’s body at every particular level. In addition to tones and melodies, each baby will hear the voice of each individual who spends time with them. Each person will speak and sing – imparting particular messages and feelings into the baby. These will help in both the development of the baby’s psyche and in the development of a full range of emotions. Of course, voice in all it’s forms will also help aid in the development of all aspects of the baby’s body.

Now, you may be wondering what kind of tones, melodies and songs will be created for the baby while they are in utero. Mostly we will play tones on primitive traditional instruments, made of stone or wood [NOT WOOD AS HUMANS KNOW IT]. These are usually instruments that are very simple and create wind like sounds that generate a large range of tones from the infrasonic to ultrasonic. These can also be used to create melodies. They are usually played at a very slow tempo. We do not play anything fast for those who are in utero. We have found from experience, that certain tempos do not help in the development of the emotions or the physical body. However, there is a certain range of tempos that are most conducive to this. These melodies that I speak of, are well known to our people and are often shared, so that an individual can discover a melody that provides them with the greatest sense of benefit and arousal. These melodies are also used at different stages of life for similar reasons.

Now, as to the voice. We use voice to speak and to sing in ways that mimic the melodies that we use. We choose particular words and messages that help to create the right emotional flavour we wish to convey to the baby in utero. These words and messages will vary from person to person, depending on the purpose of the particular words or song they wish to convey. However, there are many well known songs that have arisen over many billions of years. These are known to provide certain benefits, certain outcomes and have a certain appeal to individuals at different ages and so we use these as they are required.

Now, let me give you a second example of our music. Let me use my own life as an example. There was a period when I was young – what I would consider young (I was about 160-170 years old by your standards). During this part of my youth, I experienced a kind of frustration with some of the other races that I had met and developed relationships with. I did not know how to navigate my way through the particular developmental blocks inherent in some of the races. And it was irritating me and making my life uncomfortable. And so, for a period of about 10-12 of your years, I played a particular set of tones and melodies, that helped me to develop a different kind of emotional insight. As a result of this, I was able to function in the presence of these races without the same frustrations that I had experienced before and go about my work and building new relationships with many different groups, without the difficulties I had before.

(Adam : I’m surprised that you don’t have the same difficulties with us Frank ?)

Yes, I have felt the same kinds of frustrations – different but similar. And once again I have used music to help me to overcome these particular frustrations. Of course, by the time I encountered humans, I had much less frustration and a great deal more emotional and intellectual repertoire, to help me in my relationships with you. And I had spent a great deal more time understanding you and trying to understand how you function, such that I did not have the same intensity of frustration. But, I will admit difficulties did arise and do arise from time to time and I use the same approach to dealing with them. Mostly however, I simply move away from where I am. I go home or go on a holiday or work with some other people or problem and when I return I have greater tolerance.” 




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