Lets celebrate the world’s nutcases

I’ve been sitting on a trunk full of messages from what seem like crazy people. I stopped myself from posting the following message a while back. But fuck it, it deserves to be be shared. Maybe I’ll even make a tab dedicated to the worlds nutcases, called Crazy Correspondence !


* * *


Here’s another wonderful message from one of the world’s enlightened nutcases … elements of truth with a big dollop of pure wackiness ! I’m starting to enjoy some of this craziness. It makes for highly amusing reading with ice cream and cat videos ! Seriously, someone should be doing a PhD on these people ! You could become Dr Crazy ! 😉

Hi Bright,
Thanks for the informative video on Yowie contact. I found your info was pretty accurate but would like to make one correction though. The Bigfoot species, including the Yowie breed is not a neanderthal man, they are nephilim (human hybrids). A reported conversation with a Sasquatch in the US included the question “Are you the missing link to humans?” The reply was “No, you’re the missing link to us”, implying a human hybrid. Nephilim always smell really bad and have a higher than human consciusness, so they have various psychokinetic abilities including photokinesis and telepathic communication. Greys (who are not really aliens) are another type of nephilim. This is why Greys have similar abilities and characteristics to Bigfoot. It’s not just the US government who have been doing human hybrid, super soldier experiments, other governments have too.

Just a word of warning, if you ask a Bigfoot who they worship, they’ll tell you “The All One” which is another name for Lucifer. I make no judgement about Bigfoot being Luciferians because they worship their creator, just like we do. But if you decide to learn more about their spiritual techniques and manipulation of zero point (chi) energy, be careful not to pledge allegiance to ‘The All One’, or you would be selling your soul. Enjoy your research, but be wary.

Peace brother,

PS If you’re wondering why science has not documented any of the Bigfoot species it’s because the global elite who control our government & education system, are also Luciferians who have many secrets to keep.






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Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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