TSM84 : 10 Questions for God and 5 methods for connecting with God

In this evening monologue I talk a little about my recent struggle and how it arose out of my hypersensitivity to drama and others suffering, how the idea of asking ETs a set of fixed questions is only a nice idea and is never a reality. I offer up 10 fictional questions for God and 5 spontaneous methods that you can use to connect with God and ask your own questions.

You’ll gain more out of this monologue, if you approach it with an open mind and an open heart. I encourage you to go and experiment yourself and develop your own methods for connecting with God. This monologue probably has little to offer atheists or materialists !

Cowabunga !

Lambicus. 😉



PS. Will resume writing eventually, whenever, whatever, yeah one day…


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Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. Bright,
    You really touched my heart. You are not alone. Truly. I struggle with feeling everything and it is exhausting. It does make you want to give up sometimes. We can skip along the surface or dive in deep. Eventually, when we have fully surrendered to life, we have little control of where it takes us. I wish I was there to give you a hug. Everything is going to be okay. A very old friend of mine taught me to let go, release, forgive. I have chewed on that for years and finally understand. Even with all of your experiences you are still a feeling entity and that will never go away, it only intensifies. Have courage my sweet Bright. You know that the real you is not your feelings. You are above them, stronger than them and cannot be destroyed by them. I know you are so tired. But I also know that the best is yet to come! I love you.

  2. You are loved Bright. We are in this togheter on this website. allways here for you

    • I have no idea where god came from im not smart enought. But what i allways KNOW deep deep in me heart that how we are approtching reality is nothing, noothing what reality is. Its more then a miracle written in alien language from another dimension. And no words can explain that. NEVER.

  3. 1 of the questions is that i am shore the beloved ones are trying to tell us how fucking cool we are. And how much struggle we are going thru in this ghetto world filled with suffering, that is one point. Another one is they are so real and serious and i really respect that and i look up to them that way.

    Thanks listening me going a little crazy here i have thoughts like this on a daily basis and it is called madness in our society sadly.

  4. Bright,
    I really struggled whether or not to share this, especially on the blog, but then I figured what the hell. Im not sure what your intentions were when speaking this monologue,
    but something remarkable happened to me while listening. I met my first spirit guide. I couldn’t hold it for long. I still have a long way to go to learn how to stay connected. I am very excited and in awe. Thank you. Please stay well and know how important you are to all of us.

  5. Ok, I feel like playing. Here are a few I thought were fun and I think some of them are very similar to the ones you asked. What came first, the question or the answer? If any, what is the difference between a question and an answer? Another way to think of that one is by focusing on the idea of the question, where it assumes that it does not know, but at the same time knows that it does not know. In general, what is there to know? What does it mean to know something, and is that knowing constant or changeable? Do all questions lead somewhere, and if so is that somewhere the same for all questions? If an answer is concluded, who is deciding that answer and why? Haha, I came to these questions because they just kind of popped out, and as I type right now the following thoughts come forward, “Why do you ask?, To you, what does it matter what the answer is? What is it that you are wanting and why?”

  6. I feel the same now that i know the true nature of everything I feel and see the suffering of all. A while back after killing a spider i felt lots of sorrow and grief for 3 days and vowed not to kill another form of life. I have also been through a point in my life and also vowed never to take my own life. It came back today as i reflected on everything going on and how i cant function in this worlds society or create a life for myself here because I cant fallow the working class its not in my nature as i searched for a way out of this mess one option death the other hoping my friends will pick me up and take me away from this place. I calmed down I don’t know how i came across this a few minutes ago but i found myself looking at native american tribes / culture and visioned myself wandering to some reservation and being welcomed in as I connected with the land and taken to elders of a tribe. I don’t have the same spiritual beliefs as the native Americans. Maybe i was one in a past life. I found myself crying like something inside was telling me this is the right path and to pack up and take the journey. A voice came “Your journey starts here” I know there is a connection between native Americans and Et’s. My time here is not done yet the reason i am here is not fulfilled. I still do not know what i am here for maybe this is the start. I don’t think I should ignore this feeling. My friends said we will be here every step of the way. I am now looking for native american tribes with a history of contact i’m sure when i find the right one i will have felt sense. Just when i thought things were over.. I am given/shown a path. I just don’t know how to explain to family that are not spiritual at all what i need to do.

  7. God is kinda right where you are so the message you get back is probably from god,

  8. Not sure if that was directed towards me but yeah probably the god within myself i try to be him as much as possible. I sent a letter out to the Sioux tribe after reading http://drboylan.com/strknrpt2.html and had another felt experience when i read Yankton Sioux reservation. I looked it up and it was the same landscape i visioned. I do disagree with a few things on that page like the boys death for trying to be intimate with a visitor. The Ets know this stuff before they visit. After sending the message i connected to a Spiritual leader of the tribe telepathically and told me there would be a tribal council meeting among the elders. later that night i found myself linked to the meeting and all my guides / et friends were there with them, i had multiple conversations and other mental visions come to me. Very unusual night.

  9. hehe it was just a sound that came to me and it was from god, nothing unusual jake;)

  10. hehe it was only a sound that came to me so i thought that is god, nothing unusual jake;)

  11. So who created God? When we die dose our Conscience go to another dimension?

    • Ben that ‘old’ question I think is stuck in a place of reductionism. I’s been asked all through history. There is no before and hence no cause and hence no precursor to god. As best as I understand from experience. 😉

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