TSM77 : Opening awareness by connecting to the energy of trees and working with the senses

In this monologue I present two ways of opening awareness (as an alternative to expanding consciousness). The first involves connecting with the energy of trees and the second involves opening the 5 senses, by opening awareness one sense at a time.

These two practices create the possibility of opening awareness beyond your normal conscious awareness and provide you with two practices that will enhance your awareness of energy and strengthen your bodily energy.

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  1. When I listened to your first monologue about connecting with trees I gave it a try. I shared a little bit and asked if the tree would like to share anything it showed me what things looked like when it was young not a whole lot changed it also showed me people and dogs walking by the tree was on the side of a trail. Showed me a women in a red jacket walking. I said thank you and went home. Later that night interacting with a craft in my mind I was shown beings interacting with the trees in one of my favorite spots its a 15×15 area in the woods grassy floor few young pine trees popping up. I saw I think 6 beings in this area all looked similar I’m guessing all the same race. I went out the next day and connected with the circle of trees sharing stuff about contact and about my life. In return I was shown what the landscape looked like back when as well as a few animals. I saw the most change from the older tree a pine tree about 3 are lengths around. It helped me to look at the landscape to help me visualize what was being shown. After I asked will you all help me connect with my et friends I got “we would be glad to help you” said farewell moved on further to some ceder trees who have been either killed or maimed for fence post. I felt deep sorrow for the trees. One was cut the main trunk was cut it was one of those trees that fork off 2 ways barley hanging on. I asked if there’s anything I could do to help he said “ill be okay” I told him to hang on” my attention focused completely to a stump of a ceder close by as we’ll as a fence post made just laying there left behind. The tree to my right said “that is my brother i am tired off looking at what’s left” I asked if I could do anything? “Can you move it out of sight.. Wait can you lean him against me. Be careful of my roots” ( the section of the tree was cut to a point on the end) very grateful i said farewell walked away to a new area of trees “we all saw what you did we are very thankful to have someone like you around” I can communicate with them no matter where I am. I can talk to the grass as well they speak to me as one as well as the trees unless I single one out. I use internal telepathic method same way I connect with my et friends/family. I also tried this process today but had to cut it short i felt warmth in my chest but i was being bombarded by misquotes. as well as senses i have been doing that alot mostly with hearing and sight. i am very interested in sight i often see what i call distortions faint movements. one instance i saw a streak of red light, sometimes at night sitting on the couch with lights off Tv off i see what look like footsteps. one time just waking up i saw one looked like an outline and heard a click from the Tv thought nothing of it went back later clicked a button on it and it sounded the same. it happens inside and out one time in the garage i stepped outside and flashes of lights went off in different directions in front of me. i don’t want to jump and say ET. iv already been through that and know not to jump to conclusions unless its very distinct. like a very noticeable craft.
    Thanks again. I don’t mean to crowd up your comments. I wish there was a sight where legit people can go to share everything Et related where you need approval to get in to stop deceivers. i might try and start something like that or look into it. i am not web sight design savvy. i am trying to stay away from technology as instructed. what use i do have i ask permission.

  2. Very intresting to read your story, it sound like you know what you are doing and the tree part was great. I cant tell if i have had that deep connection with the trees before.
    But the flashes of light infront of you might be ets forshore. For me it has happend and what it felt like was like some one clicked with a camera infront of my face. Annyway hope your contact is unfolding and making progress 😉 Take care

  3. Was it that for you also i might ask 🙂 ?

  4. Thanks Being. i have not gotten camera flash just blobs of lights outlines moving and appearing close to me. outside i guess you could say that i see camera like flashes maybe crafts. usually when i see them i ask. and they say “just making our presents known” some cases i see lots of flashes in every which direction usually small and distant. or i see moving Distortions round oval blue blobs going through the sky and vanishing. could be a craft i don’t know. iv since stopped guessing if i do i cuss at my self to knock it of. Recently iv seen some blinkers that are very distinct and can see multiple lights coming and going as well as strobe like lights on the main body.

    Iv put together a blog webpage like i said below to share my process and other note worthy things as well as a place for people to share. I tend to keep going back and editing them because iv learned so much after the fact. i don’t change original content that i had i just note the differences. i think its important to leave it like it is to help show the process. again nothing fancy. mostly voice recordings so i don’t have to type. i’m just learning myself i don’t know everything I have knowledge of 12-13 races that interact with me mostly i just know race names and a few i know where they originate and one planet name. Come check it out.
    https://etcontactandexperiences.wordpress.com/ may change it to .com so if that doesn’t work try that.

    Bright id like to thank you again for probably the 10th time i am very grateful for everything. This blog has been a big part of my process since the very beginning. come check this page out if you would like. i may list off some races. i’m sure i got the sound right but not the spelling.They told me they were pretty accurate I will try to put that up tonight! you might see my familiar comment posted experiences and turned into topics for i am a very slow at typing.

    • falkesolberg

      I think i might have had a similar experience with the sudden flashes similar to a camera. a minute after i was going to bed, 2 very bright flashes appeared really fast in front of the curtains on the window. it scared me a little 🙂

  5. Nice to see others coming forward, will check it out 😉 Happy contact

  6. it should be scary falkesolberg. i remember one time i had tears in my eyes and was about pissing my self. Cant remember what contact that was haha

    • falkesolberg

      It scared the hell out off me not just a litte. i left the bed thinking about what happened and my body was shaking. I have had other kinds off experiences before this and after and recently.

  7. hehe I am shore it will be fine;)

  8. I think what scared me the most during this whole process was lessons on fear in the beginning. Also having footsteps around me and couldn’t see anything while sitting by a fire! first time it happened i was crying thinking about getting up and leaving. now i look forward to things like that. i was mostly afraid of meeting Bigfoot beings. then there is mothman the pig squealing et! after i read about them on here. now i hope to meet them it is awesome how things play out! as you devolve through this process. i enjoy every moment of it!

  9. Looking forward to that wow, yes can say i agree with that. Think that is some kind of a growing progress.

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