The Great Charlatan

I’ve been saying to people I know for at least two years that Hillary Clinton will be the next US president. Well, I think that’s how things will now unfold. Most Americans are too conservative and don’t know how to think for themselves. Which is why they always seem to think the next leader will be better ! I’d like Americans to think carefully when they vote, about who these people really are that they support. Hillary is a charlatan of the highest order and while probably a better choice than Donald Trump (who is at least perfectly transparent). She is a manipulator and deceiver – who will cause nothing but suffering. Her outward ideas conceal her inner motivations. Under her leadership, there will be more surveillance and more war mongering and America’s aggressive imperialist foreign policy will cause more retribution. Choose well America !

It seems to me that she is unfortunately a necessary choice for the unfolding of a healthier time line – in the long run. Some of you may have heard of the J Curve in mathematics/economics – where things get much worse before they get better ( I think America is about to have a hell of a ride on the J curve. Fasten your seat belts, put your head between your legs and kiss your asses goodbye ! 😉



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  1. Boy, do I agree with you about Hillary. She has been set up, supported and destined for the presidency for a very long time. I’m not even sure our votes even count anymore. She is everything you stated and more. I will vote for Trump. Decided that a long time ago. It is scary when you realize how extremely corrupt the US government truly is. Americans think they have a say in their future. What a joke. We can dream, but in the end….the money trail always wins. I don’t think Trump can be bought and I don’t think he is an ass kisser. He isn’t afraid of the powers to be and he says what he wants. Therefore…. he won’t win.
    Cheers! I am in a crash position as we speak…kissing my ass goodbye!

  2. It’s so crazy…….so many ego’s in politics, so few genuine good-hearted 😦
    Maybe by some intervention (wink wink) Bernie Sanders will win 🙂

  3. Ever heard of Bernie Sanders? He has America’s popular vote and has beaten Hillary again and again and again in the primaries. I wouldn’t be so sure that Hillary will win, but if she does it won’t be because the American people voted for her. And if it happens, expect there to be hell to pay for our government’s treachery and treason, disregarding the people’s clear choice.

    • Yes Bernie is definitely a great candidate Marie but I don’t see him winning. Whoever wins will inherit a decades old fucked up system ! 😉 Smart people of course will vote for Bernie but I think there are so many stupid people, that his chances are pretty slim. But elections are fickle events ! Who really knows ?

  4. I think the whole political system of the world is complete bullshit. I live in the us and can’t stand it i don’t even want any part of it. Not all but most are all lying deceiving political idiots who thrive for power who don’t keep to their word. Even if they want to create a good change there are always people who will stop at nothing to stop them. they never really have full control of anything. they are all (puppets by the “human” government i think) (our friends are trying to help like you said) and we just turn our backs. It all comes back to greed and taking control of one another. i believe the peoples opinions really don’t matter in these matters they are just telling us what we want to hear to keep everyone in the dark. Maybe its just me but this world goes against everything i believe in. (Its not my home world but i care what happens to it.) the rest of the world is pretty much the same as any country. If everyone was able to establish a higher form of common sense, well being, work together, get rid of all the powers, put aside all their looks, cultural, religious and Greedy differences. Actually work together and contribute to the greater good. humanity might just have a fighting chance of making something of itself. Other than this war torn selfish greedy society, but lets be real its about 100% not going to happen. its impossible it is like trying to herd billions of sleeping cattle who are stuck in their own little worlds into a 10ftX10ft pen hoping they will all wake up simultaneously. The whole greedy system the world has is unnecessary we can easily thrive with out currency. The world will take care if us if we take care of it. We are not supposed to own it we are supposed to share it and work together. Its just a human experience. I cant help but just hope humanity can do better some day. “its a machine that cannot be stopped”
    (I will be watching and shaking my head from a far(; soon! helping those who are ready with my fellow soul friends/family!)

    Worse comes to worse for this planet i cant help but feel that a big intervention for un-awakened humanity is to come

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