What ET contact feels like

A lot of people have asked me what it feels like to have ET contact and while I have tried to explain that in the context of specific encounters, I probably haven’t explored the subject in a more general way. So this post will be an effort to explain what it feels like to meet and spend time with an ET. To do this I’ll talk generally about the experience and a little about what it is like with specific races.

For the sake of this post I am only going to focus on face to face contact.

Usually when I have met an ET face to face, it has occurred when the ET has either come down to the ground to meet me, when I’ve been taken me on board a craft or when they have come down to the ground to meet me and then taken me on board the craft. Now once on board a craft, the interactions have take place on the craft, in a reality that seems like it was not on the craft (see my video on being taken to merge with the light) or on another planet. Some brief interactions have also taken place while in transit between a planet’s surface and the craft. But I’ll leave that for now.

Many times when I have had contact, I am suddenly surrounded by a field of light – which can may have a golden sparkly appearance or a pure whiteness to it, or some variation that sits between the two. At that point I usually notice something odd is going on but I feel physically OK. Then I will suddenly notice one or more beings and at that point there is an almost instantaneous sense of being overwhelmed emotionally and physically. You start to feel really sick and develop a terrible nausea which can make you black out. Also, if you pay attention, you start to feel highly emotional. For me that manifests as me getting upset, crying and feeling really vulnerable. For other people it can manifest as anger or a bad temper or uncontrollable erratic behaviour. What seems to be happening at this point, is that the energy of the ETs seems to envelop our own energetic field and it’s too much for our bodies to deal with and subsequently we struggle to control the functioning of our brain and heart and we’re overwhelmed emotionally. In addition many races also elicit a strong sense of vulnerability in us, which I believe is related to the fact that they know their own true nature. Without trying to do so, many of them emit a sense of unconditional love, unlike anything we experience with another human being. People for whom the emotion manifests as anger, temper or erratic behaviour, don’t seem to recognise this because their fear has come to dominate them. That’s a principal reason (but not the only one) why my ex wife was involved in tracking down and killing ETs (see previous post) – as a single ETs presence could disturb thousands of people in any given locality and create chaotic behaviour in the masses.

The vulnerability that you experience is very hard to deal with. Which is why most people black out and stay unconscious during contact. I’ve seen people like that on board and they look like zombies – there but not there and others who look asleep. In the last decade something seems to have happened to me to reduce the vulnerability. The first thing is that the ETs will often stabilize my body by either being near me or by placing a hand or hands on various parts of my body – usually my chest. And after they do that, I feel normal again and remain fully aware in their presence. The second thing is that it feels like I am acquiring a kind of immunity, in which I am now able to tolerate their energies and I know how they make me feel, so I am better prepared for when they arrive. During my encounter in the paddock next door on January 16th, when I met 13 ETs who came to visit me, I didn’t seem to have any ill effects in their presence and I think it was a combination of some kind of energetic immunity and perhaps they did something before they came down, which neutralized the effects they would have on me.

I should explain as well that most ETs have these effects on people but their maybe a small number who do not. Most of the human ETs seem to have less effect on us but that might just be because I am now used to seeing them. In addition I should clarify something else. The ETs can interact with us by being present in our reality to different degrees. You might think of it as a kind of phasing range. Phased in at 100 %, they are entirely here; at 50 % they are half here and half somewhere else and at 25 % they are a quarter here and three quarters some where else. Most ETs I have encountered only seem to have the overwhelming physical and emotional effects when they are phased in 100 % but I have experienced the same effects, even when they appear to be maybe 50:50. It’s really hard to tell and of course the idea of phasing is just a metaphor to explain things to you. But hopefully you get what I am trying to say. Different beings have different energies and depending on the degree to which tehy are in our reality, their energies will come across differently.

So, back to what happens. You see them and wham bam, you hit the ground, unless they help you before hand or at the time. And then they begin walking towards you. At this point how they respond to you, will depend on the nature of your relationship with them and where you are in your relationship with them (see my developmental continuum on the subject). Usually for me now, as they approach me they say something to the effect  “Do not be afraid, we mean you no harm, we have come to visit you” or “check your health etc.”. If they are an ET I know personally, they will usually introduce themselves, “Hello Bright it is Puk’dah” etc. They often then take you by the hand, I think because it provides us with comfort and because it helps them to strengthen our energies.

Now at this point what they do with you will depend on a whole bunch of factors. If it’s simply a catch up or a check up, they may do it where you are or they may do it on board a craft. Sometimes if it is to be done where you are, they will lay you back on the bed or on the ground and tell you to relax and proceed to tell you what they are doing. If they wish to do it on board a craft, they will usually lead you to a specific point and then you will be encompassed by a field of light, like the one they arrived in.

So a quick intermission. How does it feel up to this point ? Well, for many people its terrifying and as I have said many times before, that is because they are at the lower end of the developmental spectrum in regard to ET contact. They do not trust and or they are unwilling to relinquish control. For many people there is this whole issue about consent. For me that is now a blah blah blah issue – get over it I say ! (I hear feathers ruffling ! 😉 ). If you don’t relinquish control and learn to trust, you will fear everything that is not your body. Every human and every living thing likes control but real growth and understanding only comes when you learn to let go of control and expectation and be vulnerable ! So for me, how does it feel ? Well when the light arrives, it often catches me off guard because 9 times out of 10, it will be when I’m not trying to have contact. Sure I have lots of contact during contact sessions but often the ETs come after a session or at other times. So when I see the light I am startled and then I get intensely excited and curious. If I hit the deck, that experience is terrible – struggling to stay awake and focused and not to throw up and blubbering like a baby. And then sometimes that passes. But other times when I don’t have a bad reaction, I am overwhelmed with joy and excitement and I feel this palpable sense of being unconditionally loved. There’s nothing on Earth that compares to that feeling. I am so excited, I am nearly pissing myself with happiness and I often I find myself being overly affectionate to the ETs – hugging them and holding their hands and thanking them. I’m like a tadpole in a giant pond or a kid in a toy shop ! When Dude sees me like this, he sometimes shakes his head and tells me to “calm down !”.

Back to the light. Now, two possibilities seem to exist with the light. One, the light field opens space between the ground and the craft and takes you on board. You step into it and then almost instantly appear on board the craft. Two, the light field is not just a light field. Certain ETs appear to be able to transform their consciousness/life force into light and may appear as balls of light or a light field of any shape. When this occurs you go into the light field and it’s as if your consciousness/life force merges with theirs, goes into the craft and then un-merges and you appear on the craft. I always find arriving on the craft an incredible experience. Most craft are very spacious and minimalist. Most craft are also sentient life forms – so the minute you arrive on the craft, if you’ve done this before and remained conscious – you know that the craft is watching out for you and knows your every need and preference. Lots of things can happen at this point. You may have a health check, in which you’ll be taken to a specific room to lay on a table and the ETs will examine you. You might then have an opportunity to be shown what was learned about your health. And I always find this part really fascinating. First you lay on this really cool morphing table and you’re being touched and you feel like you’re the centre of the universe – like you have something that is so interesting, you’re worth studying. And then you get to sit down and explore what they’ve learned about your health. And unlike a human doctor, the ETs speak in a way that you understand and will help you to understand with real 3 dimensional projections of YOUR BODY ! You get to see the ETs working and how they work and you get to see the technology (which may or may not be sentient) working and see things you would never be able to see with human technology. But you also feel incredibly important and like you are greatly valued. Of course the folks who are still frightened, see everything in hellish terms because they’re internal projections are in the way. Just watch anyone who is going in for surgery on Earth and you’ll see what I mean ! People don’t realize how much they depend on the sense of control !

After a health check, you might be shown some images of the present or the future. Having experienced this many times, I can truly say that it feels very confronting. You think you want to know the future but to see it is very overwhelming. The ETs will only show you what they know you can handle. But sometimes the memories of what you are shown feel like a great weight to carry. Which is why most of the time, they take such memories away from us or block them until you are ready to deal with them. Take my sisters illness as an example. The initial memories of being shown what would happen to my sister, were hidden from me for 25 years. And even after I started to remember, I wasn’t able to accept what I thought I remembered.

If you’re up for it, you might also be given a tour of a craft; in which you will have the opportunity to see one level or several levels of the craft; to meet the crew; to interact with the craft; to be given a room to rest in; or to learn how to pilot a craft (where a pilot is present). When ever I have had this opportunity, I feel like a little boy who knows nothing. You have all these really interesting people who are busy doing something in the craft and they take the time out to speak with you and tell you what they are doing. The feeling for me was a little like when my dad used to fly planes and he would let me spend the trip in the cockpit (can’t do that anymore thanks to the so-called Global Threat of Terror ! 😉 ). And after I’d walk back down the aisles to the toilets or to go for a walk and everyone would be staring at this kid in his socks who just came out of the cockpit and my head would be bigger than a basketball and I had a smile that spanned a continent. It is pretty damned exciting ! But the most confronting thing is trying to remember everything that you’ve seen and been told.

Sometimes you are even introduced to other humans on board who are either unconscious or awake and you get to talk or you maybe asked to interact with them (even if they’re unconscious). That’s always a very strange experience to me and I’m always very reserved and reluctant at first. Once I get talking to someone who’s conscious, it feels like you’re with a kindred spirit – someone who knows what you’re feeling and who maybe like you. It seems that some races like the Teal’hia , bring people who are similar, on board at the same time. But then even when you interact with someone who’s unconscious, you feel this special bond – like you know this person and you will meet them one day when they are awake. I’ve always felt a deep connection to all the people I have met on board. And I know that in some way, our paths will cross one day. I’ve yet to meet anyone I met on board because they keep quiet about their experiences but I know where to find several of them. I think it’s best just to let the universe do its thing and wait until we’re supposed to meet in person on Earth. It is a wonderful feeling and quite an indescribable feeling to know that you are connected to people you don’t otherwise know in waking life and connected to them in ways that you will probably never understand.

One of the best things about being taken on board is when you are given a place to rest – often a room of your own. This seems to only happen if you are going to spend more than a couple of hours away. When you have a sentient craft, you are given the opportunity to wash, toilet, eat, view and converse with the craft. The craft can create anything you want and you might think, “Great, I’ll ask the craft to make me a million dollars and I’ll smuggle it back down !” . But it doesn’t work like that. When you are conscious on board you seem to be functioning from a place a deep authenticity. You can’t bullshit the people or the craft because they’ll just know. So, much as I might need a million dollars, I don’t ask the craft for it. But I have enjoyed asking for specific meals and sleeping in the best bed I have ever experienced and gazing endlessly out of the windows the craft made for my room. Everything is fascinating to me (except human politics) and when I have an opportunity to look out a window, I am mesmerized and intoxicated with what I am seeing. But the craft can also make the trip more rewarding by making a room that suits your preferences (it knows them automatically); by setting the right physical parameters in the room; by adjusting the qualities of the windows (transparency etc); by providing you with your favourite food and drink; by providing you with the best toilet, bath; shower or hot tub that you could imagine; by playing any music you desire; by providing you with visualizations to help you understand where you are and where you are going; and by talking with you about anything you wish to talk about. These craft are very old and have accumulated countless experiences and have a great deal of wisdom. They’re not just an algorithm driven artificial intelligence ! They are living beings who like to listen and like to talk. And while you are conversing with them, they know everything you are feeling physically and emotionally, so they never upset you ! For me this felt deeply comforting to be able to converse and commune inside a living being and feel like I was understood and accepted for what I am. There isn’t a counselor on Earth who can make you feel as understood and accepted as these craft do. I for one, felt deeply honoured to be on board and to be able to engage with the craft. Each craft has a unique personality and set of qualities that make it a unique individual. And for someone like me, who is fascinated by life, that is an incredible gift to be given – to learn about these different craft and to see their uniqueness in action. Imagine being taken by the Dalai Lama into his most secret chamber and being introduced to all the people living and dead, who have been his teachers and being allowed to interact and converse with them. I imagine what I have experienced, kind of feels like that. Like you’ve been given something deeply personal, something deeply authentic and something deeply wise – that you didn’t earn by any virtue, other than being who you are !

There are lots of other on board experiences I could talk about but I think there is one that surpasses all others that I ought to talk about. And that is the feeling you have when you are standing, staring out a window at Earth. For me, it was one of 5 of the GREATEST EXPERIENCES of my life. The other 4 being – the birth of my son, being taken by the Teal’hia and the Sar’won’dee to merge with the light, being taken to the Boab tree and through the future by Dude and being taken to another world by Dude. I’ve tried hard to explain what it felt like to see Earth from space but it really is beyond words.



All I can honestly tell you about how that experience felt, is that I was overwhelmed looking at the place on which everything I had ever known had taken place. All the people I have ever loved were down there and I was up here, far away and for a short while, I didn’t know if I would be with them again. And beyond the Earth, darkness like you have never seen and pinpricks of light. I think that experience in 2011 was a pivotal turning point in my life, in which I started to feel so much of the suffering of this world and to care about LIFE in all it’s forms. I’d always had that sense but after that day, it became a dominant feature of my life and it’s one of the reasons I plant so many trees and write and talk about biodiversity whenever I can.

In some ways this is just one incredible experience in my life. As I said there are 5 experiences really stand out. And while it might not be something that is offered to everyone who has ET contact, it was offered to me. And that of course was the experience that Dude gave me of visiting another planet – which happened to be one of his favourite worlds and a world his father used to take him to visit when he was young.  I haven’t yet written about that experience and I don’t know where to even begin. But I’ll tell you how it felt. We arrived on this world on which there were two races of highly evolved being who are closely related but very different. They were very welcoming and very kind. Dude then took me to a place that was high above the hugest valley I have ever seen. And as we walked around I could see that there was vegetation as far as the eye could see. And there was life in abundance on the ground and in the air. And at one point after I had nearly rubber necked myself into oblivion, Dude and I sat down on some rocks. After a few minutes talking and looking at each other, I suddenly burst into tears and sobbed harder and longer than I have ever sobbed at any time in my life. I was totally overwhelmed with emotion and everything that I had ever held back, came flooding out of me. And Dude just let me cry and didn’t say a thing. At the end, after he had asked me a few questions and said a few things, I looked up at him (as I was on a rock below his rock) and felt overwhelmed by gratitude. And so I told him how grateful I was but no matter what I said, no words seemed to convey what I felt. But not just the gratitude but the love that I felt for him. He didn’t have to do what he did for me. But he did. He gave me a day of life that I will never forget. I, who am no one, nothing significant or special, just an ordinary man who has little influence on the affairs of the world. In his eyes I was worthy of this and no human had ever made me feel that way. Not even the people I have loved and who have loved me. A year later when I asked him why he did it for me, all he said was “Because I wanted to.” And when I pressed him on the subject, the best he could offer was, “Do I need any other reason ?”. So when people talk about all these bad, hostile, evil aliens who do heinous things, I sometimes get pissed off and wish I could detonate an asshole bomb. The reality I know of how the ETs really are, is so much different to what most people believe.

So, now a little about how it feels with a couple of races. I’ll start with Dude. Dude belongs to the Muajra race and I have heard it said by other humans that the Muajra are the ETs that best put humans at ease. They are very easy-going and likable. Take Dude and his willingness to emulate us, including his mastery of swearing and his acidic tongue. It’s all a big joke for him and when you’re with him, that aspect of his persona makes you feel like you’re with a Zen Master, who also happens to be the funniest person alive. He can be deadly serious and terrifying one second and have you in stitches the next. Often when I meet Dude, he just appears – no light, nothing. He’s just there. One thing that he does incredible well is making you feel comfortable. Whether it’s with his behaviour – his swearing and his jokes and his mannerisms (he’d be a great actor ! 😉 ) or his ability to notice how you are feeling. He has this capacity to know what you are feeling in ways that no human can – like he’s there in the core of your being – which in my case is true. Dude will know things about you, that you don’t even consciously know about yourself. And so when he says something, even if its offensive or confronting – you have to take notice and listen to what he;s saying because everything he says has a reason behind it. Dude is also very nonchalant. For example, he might take you on board and then introduce you to someone and then just walk off. But you know that he’s aware of you’re every thought and feeling and will make sure you are OK, no matter where he is on that craft or what he’s doing. The Teal’hia on the other hand can appear a bit aloof – like they don’t care. Sometimes when the Teal’hia interact with you, it’s as if they don’t feel what you feel or understand what you feel. But they do, they just express it differently. And unless you recognize that, it’s easy to get unsettled. What I have found with the Teal’hia over many years, is that once you move into being conscious and can handle their presence, they will share everything with you. They are very intense and that can be very unsettling. But they are also deeply loving and when they show you something or do something, you know it comes from a place of great love. They don’t just care about the body, they care about your eternal spirit and so sometimes they appear to care less about the body, than the REAL YOU. But that’s just our projection and our interpretation of them.

One of the very confronting things about the Teal’hia is their diminutive stature. They’re about 3.5-4.5 feet tall and move very gently. And when they are on a planet’s surface, they walk on a light field – so as not to hurt any living thing. So you see this very small delicate being, who is very softly spoken and they look superficially like children. And that’s a really strange feeling to sit with. Here is this being who looks like a child, who has a very gentle nature but it knows everything about me, creates entire universes and can do anything it wants – even take me beyond the body. I have found that the best way to deal with being confronted by this, is to be accepting of how they are, to be trusting, to be respectful and to be curious. So here’s this being who is small and yet wise and loving. If you pay attention when you are with them, you learn a lot about how they see reality and how they see you. The Teal’hia, at least the way it feels to me – see all of existence as an expression of God and that everything is worthy of love. So their focus appears to be on caring for and nurturing other life forms, so that they too might experience their divine nature. Being in the presence of beings who see your divine nature and who exhibit their own divinty, is a very harrowing experience. It strips you to the core and leaves no room for strong displays of ego. You are vulnerable and nothing you do can change that.

The Sar’won’dee are very different to the other two races, primarily because of their height. There are two sub groups – one about 10-11 feet tall and another about 14-15 feet tall. Whenever they have visited me, the thing that I feel above everything else – is short ! I spend most of my time craning my neck up trying to look at their faces and they spend most of their time craning their necks down trying to look at my face. Often they will crouch down or sit down to make it easier. I have a sense that this is a common experience for them. And even though there are other tall races, it seems that most are significantly shorter. However despite their height, the Sar’won’dee are very caring. They really are gentle giants and don’t use their height to dominate others in any way. Although, once when they met me in my back yard, they put their hands behind my back and pushed me along the light field, because I was just about crapping myself ! The Sar’won’dee make you feel like you matter and care immensely for your comfort, your well-being and your emotional state. They try hard to lessen the trauma of the experience.

I’ll leave it at that when it comes to specific races. Perhaps I can write more about this another time, if it interest you. I thought however I’d just go back to January 16th this year and tell you about what it felt like to have 13 ETs visit me and to be standing under a huge craft. First let me paint the picture for you again. I had asked for contact several times prior to the event. I had also asked for contact during my walk and made a brief audio journal entry.It was between 5-6 am and I was wandering in my neighbors paddock in my dressing gown. I had bad hair. It’s important you know that I looked like a dogs breakfast and had bad gas from Spaghetti the night before ! I was farting from the moment I got out of bed ! I was this ugly looking semi naked smelly human wandering around in an empty paddock !  And then all of a sudden there is a bright white light and 13 beings in front of me. I look up and see this humongous craft that almost covers the entire visible sky. And then they greet me and begin to come over towards me. And as I said earlier, I didn’t feel sick at all, so they must have done something to stabilize my body and/or I’ve aquired some kind of energetic immuity. I remember briefly thinking “God, look at the state of me !” and then the thought went away and I gave them all hugs and greeted them and sat down and had a very rewarding conversation about a number of topics. Most humans would be overly conscious of how they look, especially when it comes to interacting with other human beings. I mean, you wouldn’t want to meet the Pope in your birthday suit or President Obama in your dressing gown or Bono in your Ugg Boots ! And yet here I was and I felt so relaxed looking as I did, in the presence of 13 beings from other worlds. And why is that ? I think it’s because they just don’t care how you look. They’re interested in who you really are. And you really feel that. You feel it to your core. So while for a brief moment I was self conscious, overall I was able to be myself, knowing that they didn’t give a rat’s arse about my outer appearance (or smell).  Who they are, allowed me to be who I am and in communing this way, we met spirit to spirit.

On several occasions during this experience I thanked my friends for coming and I had this overpowering sense, once again, of gratitude. I’m just an ordinary human being and yet 3,500 or so ETs flew here, so that 13 of them could come down and visit me – in the middle of so many other important priorities. What did I do to deserve this ? But this is what I have learned about the ETs. THEY THINK YOU MATTER ! And even though they may have lots of other priorities, if they can and if it fits in with your own development, they will make the effort to visit you and spend time with you. The visit that day had a huge impact on my life, especially in view of the follow up oncology CT I had later that day and my decision to go ahead with medical treatment for my tumours.

So now everyday when I drive past the paddock next door, I remember the kindness of all those ETs who made the effort to come and visit me and to provide me with comfort. It is no longer just an empty paddock, but a place of memories that will never be erased from my spirit. And the memories themselves have become something else. A kind of imaginarium (in which what was real has come and gone but remains), in which I see this giant craft and these incredible beings standing around a small smelly man in a stripey blue dressing gown with wild unbrushed hair. Sometimes I picture the scene as a painting on a huge white wall in an art gallery. And I wonder if I could pull that scene out of my spirit and render it in pictures, if I could ever convey the wonder and the joy I felt for a short while in the last hour before dawn, on a day in the middle of summer.

Probably not. The best I can do is to look forward to the next big encounter. Because that’s what ET contact really feels like. Every contact opens you up to the joy of being alive and the yearning to reconnect with our comsic family.



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Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. This was a cracker Bright 😉 I really do appreciate your work to make me stay motivated and on track. This was a blender of emotions and was really cool to write, i enjoyed it 🙂

    Hope you are having a good time, cheers ‘

  2. Wonderful experiences!
    Thanx for shearing Bright 🙂

  3. I’d meet Bono in my Uggs. Just sayin’…. 🙂

  4. Hello,
    Really interested in more stories related to this subject. Thanks to share it and to remember us to accept that be open and vulnerable, remember me that when I’m affraid is because I loose control, and many beautifull other things probably.
    I appreaciate immensely all your efforts in trying to make us understanding so many deep sensations as freedom and love.
    Greetings from Bucharest where I was thinking about you

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