Clifford Stone on ET Retrievals

Here’s an old Clifford Stone video in which Clifford talks about the contact book he had access to, when involved in ET retrievals. I don’t agree with everything Clifford says (e.g. the rogue element) and am perplexed as to why the book supposedly referred to grey ETs, instead of their actual race name.

This is a very good interview but it’s hard to tell exactly what kind of work Clifford did. Was it just ET retrievals ? I am not sure. My ex wife who I have spoken about before, was not just involved in ET retrievals, but tracking down and killing ETs and working with ETs as specific secret sites. (She ultimately left because she disagreed with what she was told about the ETs and what she had been forced to do). What I have learned from her seems at odds with some of what Clifford says. Perhaps it gets down to the fact that the British did things differently to the Americans. As I have said before, when she left, they had cataloged 63 races (two thirds of which were humanoid), which is slightly more than Clifford’s 57 races. Her work was focused on 15 specific races. Others in her team were allocated to a different set of races.



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  1. My warning light is blinking continuously when I listen to his interview(s) !
    Because I hear things like:
    “12 UFO crashes” ? – the ET’s travel between galaxies & universes, evading space meteors, stones, derbies etc., but some how they still mange to crash on earth…hmm.
    “allot of times we know a landing takes place,
    equipment will be left behind like spare parts”- how do we know they are landing? those ET’s must be sloppy & unorganized leaving “spare parts” behind, they should fined for trashing!
    “ET helmets, silver suits, metallic saucers”- contradicts what you’ve been writing about Bright. Sound so 60’s SiFi.
    “Et’s left behind, in a hurry” – guess ET’s warning devices, radar, telepathic scenes & beem up capability fails from time to time….serious security issues there.
    “he took a book & showed to his friends &
    said “hay I’m in the army now but I’m involved in UFO investigations &
    we are involved in some really big stuff” reporter-were you allowed to?
    “they let me do it” “I showed quite a few people this stuff that I had &
    told them what I was doing” “they got to see pictures
    that no one ever is going to see”
    here he contradicts himself : https://… (delete the dotts)

    from another interview with Clifford Stone:
    “Not more than two-dozen UFOs had been retrieved by 1969 when I was briefed first.
    We were informed that there had only been a couple dozen tops- that there
    were several in the ‘40’s and the early 50’s.
    And to make it perfectly clear about those events that took place then,
    it sounds crazy but our radar wreaked havoc on the ET guidance systems and
    they had to make adjustments to their guidance systems for that.”
    – Ok 1:st ET’s crafts safety statistics are very bad compered to earths aviation (given there are ≈3000 ET’s on earth at any given time) they should be grounded permanently! 2:nd theirs guidance system got an upgrade, which is a good thing 😉

    I just don’t think it’s a good good interview, compering with what you have sheared with us, it’s so contradicting at so many levels.
    Clifford Stone’s ET’s seems to be complete amateurs 😉

    But maybe I’m wrong & he’s the real deal…& I’m just being to hard on him!

    Take care Brighty 🙂

    • Relax24 – You are always on the ball and I really like that. In suggesting it was a very good interview, I didn’t mean the content or how it was done but the picture it gives.

      ETs did crash from time to time because they allowed themselves to be shot down or they came down deliberately – though that seems rare as they respect life too much. They didn’t crash ever because of problems on board. They did so willingly, giving up their lives/technology/the lives of the sentient craft, so that our time line could be altered in a positive way. Even Rachel’s assassinating them was allowed by the ETs, who knew she was going to do it. The illusion is that humans had complete control but the reality was that the ETs allowed certain things to happen, for our benefit. But that benefit is for the most part, very long term.

      The books Clifford refers to are human renditions and have nothing to do with the detailed books that the ETs have. Not books as we think of books though. Dude has a sort of electronic book that has a record of every living type of organism in the entire cosmos. And such archives are readily available among the Creator Races.

      And I don’t believe that there are space faring rogues. For example take 1 trillion space faring races and just 1 rogue in each, doing what they want. That makes at least 1 trillion rogues going wherever they want, doing what they want. It doesn’t happen. There are rules and behaviours that are expected. And groups and individuals at many different levels of reality, that ensure a kind of order. The term rogue arises from how we “interpret” behaviours. Such as when Dude helped Ascanio Sobrero discover Nitroglycerin. That ultimately led to powerful explosives and the space race and us going into space. Is Dude a rogue ? No. He was helping a friend and chosing something he knew would alter our time line in the only possible way that we could one day become space faring – among other things. But some may interpret his choices that way.

      Thanks for challenging the status quo ! 😉

      PS> JD this reply was edited for certain reasons. Please remember what was said. 😉

  2. Oh I didn’t know about that there were actual deliberate crashes. Instinctively thinking it was unlikely & anybody who claimed witness a crash was lying.

    Thanx for clearing things up & for giving further insights Bright 🙂

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