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Hey folks, here’s a couple of new tabs that I’ve just added – &, which should fill in a few gaps that may exist and also act as a gate keeper – attracting the interest of some people and turning others away ! Forgive all the talk about self. It seems that I have to put it somewhere ! Thanks My Name for the suggestion to add a Read Here First tab !

I’m also working on updating or simplifying the I tab.

I suppose it was necessary to make some additions to the blog because of the many different emails and messages I get from people. Some of which are simply a pain in the ass ! Thanks to everyone who continues to support my work and to Joanne, Alan and Gabriele for your recent donations. they were very much appreciated ! 😉

* * *

Hi and welcome to ET and I ! I’m Bright Garlick and this blog is but one aspect of my life.

I write how I feel and I don’t see blogging as an art form – at least not for me. So while I try to write about subjects that matter to me, you won’t find writing that’s well developed or well refined. Sometimes, you’ll even find typos and things that don’t make sense. I’m afflicted with the the virus and damn it, I hate spell checking ! But it is my wish that you will find something of value that helps you to look at life and the ET subject a little differently.

It is my desire to provide you with an antidote to many of the myths surrounding the ET subject and to challenge many of the preconceptions and myths about the nature of ETs. By being honest and authentic, I am trying to ignite a torch, with which people can learn to see and sift truth from accepted truth and perceive things as they really are. It is also my desire to share my ET contact experiences and relationships with the public, so that people can learn about what these experiences and relationships are really like.

Topics I most often write about include the nature of ETs, my own ET contact experiences, how to make ET contact and cultivate relationships with ETs, the War Machine and the structure at the core of human civilization that I call The Architecture, an ET of the Muajra race I jokingly call Dude, an ET of the Teal’hia race I publicly Anamika and my interview with both Dude and Anamika.

I also write from time to time about environmental issues, suffering, compassion, healing, music, writers and writing, life after death, the human mind, how to expand consciousness, spirituality and anything else that tickles my fancy.

Subjects that I do not write about, unless I am debunking or criticising them include : the Greys, the Alien Agenda, the Mantids, the Nordics, the Reptilians, the Zetas, the Archons, Hybrids/Hybrid Children, Indigo/Crystal Children, bad aliens vs good aliens, Ascension, the Bilderbergs/Elite/Trilateral Commission/White Hats/Black Hats, Super Soldiers, Mind Control, Men in Black, ED Dames (con man), Marshall Summers, David Icke (Stickey Ickey !) or Simon Parkes; to mention but a few !

Nor do I believe in certain subjects, including : Evil, the Devil (I don’t believe in the Devil but he believes in Me !), bad space faring ETs, the Greys (although I have referred to them once as a reference point people could understand), the Mantids, the Nordics, the Reptilians, the Zetas, the Alien Agenda, the Archons, Hybrids/Hybrid Children, Indigo/Crystal Children, Star Seeds, Ascension, the council of 8 or 5 or whatever number, The Galactic Federation of Light, Ashtar Command, Ascended Masters, the Light Fellowship, the Great White Brotherhood, the Bilderbergs/Elite/Trilateral Commission/White Hats/Black Hats/, Outer Body Experiences (I think the term is a misnomer – these experiences merely represent a shift in perception to what we might call the Greater Self), Densities (3rd density, 5th density, 9th density etc.), 3 dimensional self vs 5 dimensional self or a literal hell, other than the one we create on Earth. Many of these things are I believe mental fabrications and merely projections of the human mind. Some also represent what might best be considered as a Jungian archetypes. I have written extensively on some of these subjects before and there maybe some evidence of these writings on this blog. I also have no interest in the subject of magic, having explored this extensively in my early twenties and loved a practitioner of the ancient magical school called Catharse (no, you wont find it on the internet !). I know of no one who practices magic or has practiced magic of any form at any point in human history, who has developed spiritually and knows their true nature. Magic does not bring peace.

I see some significant problems with biotechnology but do not believe that all biotech is bad. I explored this issue at length in a 60 page report I did while studying social work. I detest Big Pharma and the DSM model of mental health – which I believe pathologizes the human condition on the basis of symptomology and shared agreements about how we should be. It also support Big Pharma and provides the opportunity for various forms of social engineering, which in the long run, may have dire consequences. I have no interest in writing about the banking or finance empires, as they represent only a small proportion of our collective problems. I am aware of a much larger power structure I call The Diamond Complex, which is embedded in the very fabric of the modern world. The Diamond Complex and The Architecture overlap at many different levels. The banking or finance empires are but one aspect of the Diamond Complex and contrary to what many people suggest, are not at the heart of all of our problems.

I do not believe in man made climate change, having researched this subject since I first heard about it in 1989. In 2005, I came to finally realise and accept that climate is primarily driven by solar activity and other celestial dynamics. I used to teach people about man made climate change and the perils of not doing anything about it and now I think I was an idiot ! My greatest issue with man made climate change is the fear is evokes in people and that it overshadows all the other significant environmental issues facing our world. I have no issue with the fact that our emissions are out of control. But that issue has far more wide reaching implications, that have nothing to do with climate. We can reduce emissions by reducing the numbers of people on our planet. Period !

In my mind the most significant issues facing humanity are :

  • The loss of biodiversity
  • Collapse of all the worlds major ecosystems
  • Loss of native vegetation
  • Run away human population growth (a subject I plan on devoting much of the later part of my life to tackling and an issue that will not be resolved in my lifetime)
  • Acidification of our oceans
  • A looming solar catastrophe (which ironically may be the best thing to reduce our population !)
  • Lack of awareness of the basic functioning of mind
  • Lack of awareness of the nature of Self
  • Lack of awareness of basic identity and subsequent us and them ideologies
  • Lack of knowledge of how to breath correctly
  • Seeking happiness outside of self and the perpetual drives of the seeking mind
  • The desires of lower arms of The Architecture, (including the War Machine) and the all pervasiveness of The Diamond Complex (something I plan on writing about in the not too distant future)
  • The rapid transmission of dangerous ideas (just because we can create them, doesn’t mean we should share them !)
  • Dependence on fossil fuels and the over dependence on green energies such as solar and wind (the New Green Dark Revolution ignores many of the truly green technologies that we have conceived and could conceive)
  • All pervasive surveillance and collection of data (way beyond meta data) by the lower arms of The Architecture and Google
  • The escalation of religious wars, sectarianism, religious extremism, patriotism and nationalist fervor.

I have no concern about the rise of artificial intelligence or any kind of singularity. My friend Dude informs me that we are more of a threat to AI, then AI posing a threat to us !

We as individuals are both divine and human. We are all unique expressions of God, who will never exist again in all of creation. I see that we humans are conditioned by our families, religions, race, nationality, education, friendships, peers, technology etc. and that few humans alive can see through their conditioning. I believe that we are shaped by thought forms – ideas that we believe in. Cancer is one such thought form. I also believe that our greatest limitations are our conditioning and thought forms such as our natural laws – which are accepted, often without analysis or evidence. We humans have built entire ideological and conceptual edifices on poorly conceived ideas.

* * *

If you wish to contact me, please do so through this blog and not via the email on my old videos. I have a very busy life and do not have time to answer all the emails and messages that I receive. It’s not that I don’t care but I have my own life and you have to work through your own challenges and questions. I can’t be everything to everyone ! I cannot respond to any emails with inquiries about :

  • Personal experiences with lights, Greys, Reptilians, Hybrids or Archons
  • How to make ET contact (read the blog !)
  • Being saved by Jesus.

During the time I’ve been sharing my stories of ET contact on the internet, I have received all manner of messages. Some have been very kind and supportive and some have been very nasty and spiteful. I’ve had hateful comments, hate mail and death threats – some of which arrived during the most difficult periods of my life. In addition I have received messages of salvation, urging me to turn away from the dark side and ask Jesus to save me (here’s an example : . The high degree of nasty comments on my Youtube channel led me to block all comments. Really, I didn’t need to see that crap every day and neither did my son !

In the last 7 years I have received countless messages from people wanting help in one form or another and I am now at the point where I have to ignore most of them. Honestly, so many messages of the same variety are wearing me out !

You can find me on Youtube, where I have uploaded a small number of videos about my ET contact experiences. I also have an occasional podcast called The Something Monologues, in which I take walks and talk about subjects that interest me – everything from Aspects of Self, to Spiritual Development, to Psyops and Systems Theory. These talks are usually unplanned and spontaneous and complement many of the subjects I discuss on the blog.

* * *

For those who want to know, I have an advanced degree in Applied Science (Microbiology/Neuroscience), a degree in Social Work and an incomplete degree in Special Education. I also have other formal qualifications in a wide range of areas, including small business management and various schools of psychotherapy. I mention these things only to point out that I have some degree of formal education and understanding about the nature of human beings. I have also studied various spiritual traditions and whilst no longer a formal Buddhist, I still follow the core teachings of the Buddha. I also have a long standing interest in Neo Advaita, various traditions of Shamanism (and was initiated by an Aboriginal Shaman), Christian Mysticism, Gnostocism, New Thought and Sufism. The teachers who I hold as most significant are my own guides, 10 ETs (including Dude, Anamika and I group I refer to as The Beloved Carers), Dadaji (Amiya Roy Chowdury), Ramana Maharshi, Carl Jung, Mark Twain, Lawrence LeShan, Boudicea, Oliver Sacks, William Henry Hudson, John Paul 2, Jiddu Khrishnamurti, the Buddha, Walt Whitman, James Gleeson, Jane Roberts/Seth, A.C. Grayling, Baho, David Zindell, Dore and Victor Hugo. I am an avid reader and have wide ranging interests. But I tend to find that an empty mind and an open heart, is the best approach to learning, perceiving and experiencing.

My son Toa (now 17) is one of the lights of my life and another great teacher. The challenges and opportunities of parent hood have been a great and wonderful gift !

I am currently healing from Renal Carcinoid Tumours, which were first diagnosed 9 years ago. Illness is a teacher and a gift. It is THE great teacher of my life and has given me more than any human teacher. It is the gift that keeps on giving ! Please don’t suggest that I try x, y or z. I do not need any help to heal and suggestions like this annoy the hell out of me !

My other great teacher is of course, the natural world. I am particularly spell bound by trees and birds and spend as much time as possible in the opulence of silence and bird song. I cannot live without trees and birds. Every year I plant as many shrubs and trees as I can both here on the land we belong to and in other places. This is my small effort to heal our precious biosphere and feel like I am living in harmony with Earth. I’m aiming to plant a million trees in my life time !

I also love clouds, mountains, dirt, rocks, the ocean, lightning, caves, sky and sand. Sand in all of it’s seemingly infinite forms, is one of my favourite things. Put me in a sand pit and you’ll lose me in my own little world ! Let me loose on a sand dune and I turn into a child !

I consider that I am above all a human being – a life force experiencing human life and experimenting with human life. I am also a father, a son and a brother and a writer. Outside of blogging I am working at various plays, short stories, novels, poems, essays and books on consciousness/spirituality/creating internal worlds. Writing is hard work for me and is never easy. I’ve been writing since 1987 and I think of it as a labour of love and suffering.

* * *

I am currently at work on a novel about an ordinary man who while grieving the death of his wife, meets two ETs disguised as humans in the most ordinary of places. I’m also working on pulling together 28 years of poetry into an anthology. I’m redrafting a play about a former Australian SAS soldier and a musical about ET contact. At some point later in the year I would like to continue the play I started about a man who is dying and how he finds salvation in his 4 year old grand daughter.

In 2017 I will begin writing a book about my ET Contact Experiences and will try to start a second book on How to Make Contact and various Essays on Alienology in 2018. I am currently at work on compiling the ET interviews and will have them available as 2 separate e books (and perhaps an ebook with both) and then will include them in my first ET contact book. I am also at work with my ex wife, Rachel Bree, on an ET art project, which will document the 30 plus ET races I have had contact with and show various scenes from my contact experiences. I will try to include some of this work in my ET contact book and publish a separate book, just of art work. It’s my intention that our art book totally transforms peoples understanding of the physical appearance and nature of our cosmic family.

I am also engaged in several other projects. These include a documentary film about what matters most in life, which I have tentatively called Before I Die. And also a life long project I tentatively call the Life After Life Project – interacting with humans who are no longer in the body. The aim of this project, is to both document evidence of life after life and to record conversations with those who have gone before us. This project is being guided by my own guides, several ETs and a small team of people on the other side. I’ve been engaged in these kinds of experiences since 1994 and in 2015 I decided to formalise the process. One of the people who expressed an interest in participating in the project, right from the first day, was Albert Einstein. Albert first approached me through my ex wife in 1995, with advice on how to clean dirty socks and his thoughts on the nature of time. It seems this subject is very much of interest to him.

I enjoy life to the absolute full ! Trying as best as I can to live in the moment. I continue to experiment with perception and in trying to understand the full nature of consciousness and the life force. I try to experience the body as much as I can and do not believe there is any need to move beyond the body. Because I know the true nature of Self, I enjoy all that the body is and see no need to ignore the body’s experiences. It is after all, the temple of the body that has given me this precious human life and the opportunity to meet beings from other worlds.

* * *

My sister Susy was recently diagnosed with aggressive brain tumours. A few weeks ago she had brain surgery to remove what they could and as of today she has just started 7 months of chemotherapy and tomorrow will start 6 weeks of radiotherapy. It is very difficult for me to watch Susy suffer, knowing that I am powerless to effect her life. I was shown this event by the ETs 3 times during my life, to prepare me for what would come. But no amount of preparation has made it any easier to deal with.

I do not support ANY form of Cancer research / Cancer charities that depend on public donations. The Cancer Industry is a machine that creates more illness than it cures. I despise public health promotion about cancer. It is a blight on society ! I advocate and support those charities that provide respite, financial, social or emotional support to children and adults experiencing tumour related illnesses.

In late May/early June, I will be going to Sydney to spend several months having minicell treatment for my tumours (you’ll hear more about this novel technique in time/the ETs have had an active hand in it, planting the original idea). I resisted having any form of medical treatment for 9 years but now acknowledge that it is necessary to prevent my tumours killing me. Perhaps the greatest obstacle for many people with an alternative attitude, is surrendering their ego and accepting help from the medical establishment. The greatest risk to my health is not the tumours directly but the impact of the hormones they secrete on my body’s organs. The treatment I am having will shrink my tumours and reduce the impact of the hormones and effectively save my life. The treatment will treat the reaction and I will continue to treat the root causes. No conventional or alternative treatment can treat the root causes.

* * *

I do not believe in becoming anything. I believe in being. Becoming is about doing and is focused on time. Being requires nothing, except living and expressing the life force. I do not believe in doing away with the ego. I believe in understanding what the ego is and in creating an aware ego. Nor do I believe in stripping away all desire and attachment but in recognizing them for what they are and choosing well.

I reserve the right to contradict myself and change my mind about anything, at any time. Such is the nature of the human mind and of being open to experiencing, learning and change.

You can best support the work I do by attempting your own ET contact experiences and by making a donation to support me to keep writing and to get through the financial challenges that are currently part of my life and ahead of me.

Life is above all to be lived fully. Deny nothing in your experience. Please don’t let the darkness in this world overshadow your life. Everything you need is within. You must allow yourself to turn inwards and illuminate the Self and bring forth the endless jewels that the creator has sown within you !

Much peace and goodwill to all,

Bright Garlick. (Central Victoria, Australia) 😉


About brightgarlick

Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. Well written Bright 😉

  2. We are here for you Bright and you for us 🙂 and JB hope you are also doing well!

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