Nutcases and Fallen Angels

The following crazy messages are the sorts of messages I get on a regular basis from the worlds nut cases. I feel for this person who is clearly unhinged and detached from the reality that most ordinary people know. Perhaps Jesus has given him a better life – who am I to say ? But please, please all those who seek salvation outside of themselves, leave me the fuck alone, get on with worshiping whoever the hell you want ! Please tell me if you are so devoted to Jesus, why the hell you watch Alien videos ? Isn’t that a bit of a contradiction ? Hey ?

Dear Lord, please save me from the world’s Jesus freaks and Fallen Angels ! I despise the lot of them !

Dear Paul/Dude, please remove Jesus from human stupidity !

In case you are wondering, this is one reasons why we will never have full official disclosure because the reality of ETs on Earth will cause further division, us and them and greater hostility and conflict on Earth between humans and humans who support ETs and humans who want to kill ETs.

Sadly this is a common attitude to ETs among many Christians. But thankfully there are those Christians who actually understand the core teachings of Jesus and how to interpret a 2,000 year old document !

Hail Lucifer, Lord of Light ! Shove that one in your nutcase hole !


Hey Bright. In July of 2014 I started calling on the good aliens because I was amazed about your encounter you shared about going into a living ship with them and looking down on Earth. I was seeking truth because I wanted to end my life and did not want to believe in hell, I did not want to go there if I took my life. I was calling on these things for about a week and one evening a white cloud started taking form in my room, it was the shape of a mini disk, I kid you not. I rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn’t just tripping. I suddenly freaked out and just yelled praise Jesus, and it hesitated . Then I just sort of projected a thought of get lost, and it vanished. There is a little more to this story, but it would take too much space. I was looking for answers, I knew I was gonna test the spirit or alien if it came. During the week long period that I was kind of calling on them I was becoming dlilusional in my thinking and had decided for once and for all that I was going to get a gun and end it’ The next morning after my alien encounter, I fell on my face and begged Jesus to save me from myself and the darkness I was walking in and he came immediately and filled me with a joy I cant explain. He told me in my spirit to walk in love because He is love. I haven’t had a single suicidal thought since, and Jesus is my reason to live.These aliens are in fact fallen angels, and they have you deceived man. Why haven’t they cured your cancer? Why do they make you Ill? Why do they rob you of time periods?

I’m not being nasty, I’m telling you a small part of my story because you were monumental in my deciding to call on these.

Ask Dude specifically about Jesus, ask him if Jesus is God! Ask, him, unless you actually have no balls at all man! Ask him if Jesus is God, if you can’t ask him that one simple Question, and demand a yes or no answer, you have absolutely no right whatsoever telling you fellow human beings what this filthy nasty lying disgusting fallen angel tells you. All that bull crap it spoke about God is just a bunch of well thought out double talk by intelligent fallen angels. They are the foolish ones, they are the ones who left their heavenly estate to come here and sin against Jesus, their creator as well as ours, by sinning with human women and creating nephilim. I welcome dude to chat with me, I have the love for my human race, to ask him what you haven’t the guts to ask him. I already rebuked Satan when I used your foolish advice and called upon a so called “good alien”, guess what not so bright Bright! It fled. It angers me that a smart guy like you is a traitor to God and the human race. This place was Paradise before Dude. Satan, came along and spread his lies, now you have the audacity to call our race scum basically, as these stupid vile fallen angels pretend to be our creators. You better ask Jesus for help, because if you don’t repent at what you are doing. and if you continue to lie to your fellow humans and deny Jesus and help Satan and his legion with this long planned out deceit of the human race, you will receive a greater condemnation than the one you would have just for denying Jesus alone. I care about you, I love my fellow human beings, I hate Dude [Satan] and his disgusting liers. If I could have the opportunity that Righteous Enoch was given, knowing what I know, I would not have shown these scum an ounce of pity like Holy Enoch did. I would slay them and their filthy nephilim children like David did! Wake up man! Jesus forgave me and gave me life, and I’m very deserving of Hell, I was as guilty as any man that ever walked the Earth. Satan doesn’t care about this Earth. Those who love Jesus will walk in the new Heaven and the New earth. We will be given new sin free bodies way way more glorious than the ones these filthy liars you listen to left behind , and they know it. I think down inside you know Jesus is the Creator and you hate him too, you prefer your sin and pride just like Satan. I hope you ask Dude if Jesus is God, but you wont. But you have no problem misleading your own race because they tell you you are special. Guess what, you are special, to Jesus. He’s the one who died on a cross for the remission of our sins man. Tell Dude Todd Geffken has his number, I’ll ask him what you don’t have the balls to ask him, because I like to know who I’m dealing with before I tell my fellow human beings whats up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, I didn’t have to lay my hands on trees and roll around in the grass and talk to birds or whatever stupid crap you said you did to contact these filthy scummbag fallen angels , I just called them out! They are all to ready to come and try to deceive humans, and they do not love trees and animals and {well they do love animals, but only a little too closely if you know what I mean!, can you say nephilim?} They arent nature loving beings, and they hate us almost as much as they hate God, I rebuked it in Jesus name and it fled, I know what happened, and Ill do it more when given the chance. The only reason I don’t call them out now is because my God who created everything that exists says that is witchcraft and an abomination, keep that in mind Bright!


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Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. wow, nutcase indeed. Did’t realise what you were dealing with so thanks for posting. I really appreciate and enjoy your writing so i hope you continue. It has been very helpful to me!

    All the best Bright!

  2. Bright,
    Perfect example! This is the condition of our world in a NUTshell! (No pun intended).
    This is an attack on you. This poor deluded sick person is being used as a pawn (unknown to himself) to harass you. I’m so glad you are too smart for this trap and you don’t waste your compassion and energy on them. I had no idea that you were dealing with this because we don’t see this craziness on the blog. Sending you positive energy. Thank you for the link to Ramana Marharshi. Wow! Thank you for the door. It opened up another layer that was needed and greatly appreciated!

    Love to you and your family,

  3. “He told me in my spirit to walk in love because He is love.”

    The advice is simple. Has love been demonstrated in this letter?

  4. Yeah people need to make more conscious & intelligent interpretations of those 2,000 year old man written documents…..sadly some aren’t able to do that!
    🙂 😉

  5. Oh & Cool video’s Bright 😉 🙂 🙂

  6. Wow there are some real sick demented people out there Bright. They should be rounded up and exterminated. 😊

  7. Sounds like a garden variety young white male living in Podunk, USA who can’t decide if he wants to join a polygamous sect, drop acid, or lose a limb or two for the Cause and then start a GoFundMe site to help pay for the prosthetics. Really, many Americans are self-centered, brash, lack any sense of introspection, and are just plum goofy. Of course the guy could hail from Canada or the UK but I didn’t notice any use of euphemisms that folks who live in those countries might use. You can certainly understand how the U.S. continues to have its Columbines. I am sorry you receive these sorts of e-mails. I feel sorry for the guy ‘cuz he seems to be pretty mixed up. Pretty damned f’d up without being able to muster serenity or a sense of inner peace. Or might need to change the meds.

  8. Judith Stefancic

    This is an example on how totally conditioned people can become when buying into any religious doctrine.
    It is ingrained in people consciousness and it is such a trap.
    The ones who are able to see through the smoke and mirrors of it all, are, in my opinion rare.
    I am grateful for those like you Bright who are willing to share…despite these fear based attacks.
    Let the dead bury the dead…and move on….

    Warmest regards from the west coast of Canada. 🙂

  9. Hmmm Jesus and the Gospels are nonsense, but people are more sane and rational being led around by faiths that caused a whole bunch of people to live dirt poor, because it was imagined that they screwed up in some non-evidenced past life? That sounds more screwed up than the rant. At least demons posing as “aliens” has some credibility, as calling out the name of Jesus has repelled invasive aliens. Science has not disproven some major miracles, based on finding no natural causes or hoaxes or psychological problems of seers of approved supernatural occurrences. I haven’t seen any elephant-headed people or blue characters outside He-Man and Eastern religions. I don’t see how remote viewing or past life memories could not be delusions or illusions by manipulatice spirits or, for a less paranormal cause, even maybe a “cloud”-type collection of memories some brains are receptive to accessing. Blood donors have witnessed what thry had not witnessed before. Memories could have been passed down by a parent who received bloid from one who received blood from…
    Sounds far-fetched? Well, that’s how Atheist scientists see the blabber of the new agers and pagans. At least we have evidence of Christ’s activities and not avatars or apes becoming humans with no living transitional species, but with a few hoaxes they bought. May God’s caring watch be acknowledged by and make joy in you all! No occult measures need be taken.

    • Dear Phil, did you really feel a deep need to express this at this point in MY LIFE ? Jesus is fine, gospels are fine, man’s interpretations and superstitions are all fucked up. Talk to someone who cares !

  10. Phil,

    I recommend that you watch Santos Bonnaci on you tube. If you are curious at all about understanding the scriptures beyond the superficial. The scriptures were never meant to be understood in a literal way. They are metaphorical and symbolic. I believe that you are interested in something more or you would not be reading etandi. No one on this blog is denying a supreme loving creator force. Nobody on this blog are demon loving satan worshiping fools. Trust me. You will never find a more solid, loving group of individuals anywhere on earth than the people represented here. I hope that you can open your mind just a little and be brave enough to watch Santos. You will be glad you did. If you truly love God and Jesus then he will help deepen your understanding and set you on a course of true spiritual freedom. Obviously, you don’t want to be one of those judgmental, rigid, narrow minded Christians. Those kind of Christians are an embarrassment. True Christians can talk to anyone and understand everyone. They can see the commonality in all and never condemn or create fear. Christ is much, much more than the “historical” man. Let Santos open your eyes. I dare you! We are not here to convince you about ET’s. There is no way you can understand that at this time. If you want to understand more you have to put in the work to prepare yourself. If you are steadfast in your belief system as it is, than that is fine! Just stay off the blogs that offend you. That’s what I do.


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