The Naming of ET Races – Part 1

Over the years I have spoken a lot about ET races and said that much of what passes as legitimate extraterrestrials is myth. I think however it’s only fair to add that many of the names that are used to describe ETs have been given to them by us. And as such they are merely a reference point (like all names). The names that we use, arise from many sources and points of origin and among them these include :

  • The lower arms of The Architecture
  • People who do not genuinely know the names of ETs
  • Ancient and modern mythologies
  • Memes which are easily transmitted via the internet
  • People who suffer delusions
  • Religious figures
  • Cultural and religious archetypes.

When I talk about ET races, I am referring generally to specific ET groups, in much the same way I might refer to humans – in more of a general biological race sense ( I do not use this word to mean race in the sense that we use it to describe individual human races ( . However I do at the same time mean it in the sense that  I am referring to beings “who share similar and distinct physical characteristics” but not to the degree that would we would think when referring to individual human races. There are, for example, there are many different types of Sarpalxn, however I don’t know the exact details of their individual differences, so I refer to the entire group as a race called Sarpalxn. There are also different creatures on their home world and other worlds they inhabit, and I don’t know what to call them.

If we were to more accurately name our ET friends we would refer to them in a taxononomically accurate way, starting with the idea of Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species and Sub Species. But we have one fundamental problem. We do not know enough about the biology of our ET friends, to impose the same taxonomic classification system upon them. So, for example, it would not be appropriate to call the Teal’hia a species, as we would call Man – Homo Sapiens (or more accurately his sub species Homo sapiens sapiens) ( /  . We simply don’t know enough about them to give them any kind of accurate taxonomic label.

Having met some 30 plus ET races and learned about many more while on board ET craft, I can confidently say that many of the so called races we hear about simply do not exist. They are either non existent or the name given to them is not their real name. I can tell you that the following races do not exist :

Greys, Reptilians, Amphibians, Anromedans, Booteans, Arcturians, Sirians, Mantids, Nordics, Draconians (alpha or beta), Altairians, Antarians, Aldebarians, Anunnaki, Bernarians, Cetians, Dinosauroids, Dracos, Draco-Borgs, Nephilim, Pleiadians, Zeta Reticulans, Hyadeans, Iguanoids, Jawas, Leviathans, Martians, Orions, Vegans, Lyrians, Shining Ones, Lunarians, Terrans, Procyonians, Ashtarians, Insectoids, Tall Whites, Blue Beings and Aryans.

Some of these races may however be real but we refer to them using a human label. So the race that we know them by is a fiction. ETs do not name themselves after constellations (Orions/Dracos) or solar systems or suns (Booteans/Altairians/Zeta Reticulans) or galaxies (Andromedans). To do so would eliminate 99.99 % of all the other beings that could rightly be called the same thing and be too much of a generalization to be meaningful. We also like to refer to beings by skin colour. There are, for example, more than a dozen races that might be called Greys and these could include the Muajra and the Teal’hia. They are distinct races that are as diverse as a bee to an elephant. And yet we humans see a 3.5-4.5 being with 2 arms and 2 legs and a humanoid shape and we say GREY ! We seem to be drawn to basic morphology (phenotypes – external appearances), when it comes to naming. I myself have done that when referring to the Teal’hia as The Brownies, after my first fully conscious encounter with them but I realized I was referring to them in the wrong way. So I sought to learn what they call themselves, as soon as I could.

What we are essentially doing is using our lack of knowledge, to label something because of our desire to put things into easy to manage categories. Humans don’t like chaos or a lack of control !

In reality, ETs are named in a different way. When I have been with ETs, they have referred to each other by one of two names – the name of their planet e.g. Dude comes from MuajraH36 and his people are called the Muajra; or by the name that the individual race gives to themselves. However, here’s where it gets confusing. Where possible different races try to use the actual name used by an individual race themselves. But not every space faring race speaks a diversity of languages. So there is often the problem of translation. The 36 in MuajraH36 does not refer to a number but refers to the next best approximation, from the translation of their alphabet. While we humans would refer to them as the Muajra, another race who cannot speak English may refer to them as something else – which is an accurate translation of Muajra in the Muajran language into their own language.

One thing I noticed among the ETs, when in a communal setting (which is quite frequent), is that they have a great deal of respect for one another. They don’t call each other’s race by colloquial names. They use accurate names that the race itself would use. Nothing like Greys or Tall Whites or Nordics. But the ETs know that we are at an early phase in our development and are not overly bothered by how we refer to them. But if you ask them what they call themselves, they will usually tell you. There are some names though, that because of differences in physical elements of the body, are almost impossible for us to understand, translate or speak. Dude has shared his real name with me and I have heard others speak it but there is no way that I can put it into any kind of approximation that makes sense to our ears. And similarily, some of the names that have been given to me for individuals, have been a simplification, so that I could understand them.

I have also been told that the humans who work with ETs in highly covert projects, are also expected (by their superiors and the ETs) to refer to them appropriately and with respect. Once when I joked with Dude about the subject, he reminded me that his race don’t go around calling us “Pinkies or Whities or Brownies”. But he did refer to himself as a “Greeny” !

Unfortunately during ET contact experiences, most people are frightened and black out or fade in and out of consciousness. As a result, there are few opportunities for people to ACTUALLY learn the names of ET races and individual ETs. It is my belief though that this will change gradually over the next century.

Of course it’s impossible for you to know whether I am really having ET contact or whether I’m delusional or an egomaniac. And that’s why I urge you to use what I share about making contact to have your own contact experiences. That way, in time you too may learn about the Teal’hia, Sarpalxn, Muajra, and so on.

Some of the races I am aware of include the :

Muajra, Sar’Won’Dee, Teal’hia, Sarpalxn (Tarheen subgroup), Quimajgaieo, Nalpnto, Harlcha, Ajun, Arooh, Chenntrame, Haenty, Warbell, Talrgy and Asha; to name but a few.

I am uncertain why these races are not discussed by others. But Rachel assures me from her work with a covert project in England, that most of these races are known to those in lower arms of The Architecture. Out of a list of 63 known races in the mid 80’s, she herself was allocated a list of 15 races with whom she became intimately familiar. Each race had a very specific name.

In time I will talk a great deal more about the races I know by name and those I know by colloquial names. I don’t know everything and I still have contact experiences that are very unusual to me and for which I have very little awareness.

I’d like to imagine that when we eventually publish our book of artwork on the ET races I’ve met, with all of their accurate names; that other people will come forth and share their experiences with the same races.

It’s time for people to start talking with a new language and to drop stupid names like Greys and Nordics and to learn what these races call themselves. We are such silly and easily misled Pinkies, Whities and Brownies ! I look forward to a time when more people look past the stupid ET/alien mythologies that have been spawned in the last 4 decades and start sifting the truth for themselves.


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  1. Thanx for shearing Bright 🙂
    Makes scene to learn all the names properly so there is no confusion….like with our friend here 😉

  2. This was so cool Bright thank you

  3. Great post, very interesting. Thanks for the heads up, everything you said makes perfect sense.

  4. Hi Bright! I missed the deadline for the questions for Anamika because I couldn’t access the site 😦
    I’ll ask 2 questions, then you’ll see what to do:
    1 Anamika, how do you feel emotions? Do you feel love the way humans do? Does your ego play a big role in the emotional interactions you have with other beings? Have you ever fallen in love? How do you live your sexuality and gender? (it looks like lots of questions but I think they are all the same)
    2 Anamika, how do you feel being a creator? I know you’re part of a collective of like-minded beings, but i suppose you also are a single individual, no? so how does it feel to see the beings you brought into existence live they way they do?Bright said you’re a deeply compassionate being, how does it feel to see the life you created go through so much suffering? I know that probably in the great scheme of things, all is for the better, the “greater good”, but does your “small self” ever feel bad? like a mother giving birth to children knowing what darkness lies ahead (although i don’t know cause I’m not a mother). I know if I was ever given the chance to create something I would collapse under the guilt of having created something inherently flawed and destined to a life of rollercoaster happiness and suffering. I guess at your level creations is “enabling” the “I” to manifest itself, and not a vice of the ego wanting to see what it can do like it would be if a human was to create something on that scale.
    If you actually played a part in the creation of this planet and thus of me as well, it feels kind of ironic that I’m communicating with you through the internet, on a laptop, sitting on the floor in my room with sweatpants on :))
    thanks for creating ice cream 🙂

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