Hey folks. Well, obviously I am back after a 10 day spontaneous siesta ! I decided to pull the plug on this blog and my videos after several pre-cursor event events, pushed me to the point of wondering “why the hell I do this ? “. I wasn’t sure at the time if I’d pull the plug permanently or temporarily. Thanks to thew few people who sent me messages of encouragement and understanding. In the end it was a very powerful dream that encouraged me to come back. I have had at least half a dozen occasions over the last 7 years, where I seriously considered exiting the internet full stop. But for one reason or another I decided to come back.

Thanks to my good friend My Name, I’m taking a new approach to interacting with people here in the form of a Read Here First tab, which I’m currently working on and hope to have up in a few days. I’m utterly exhausted from dealing with human ignorance off line and online (not just here) and so I am going to take a more affirmative approach, in which I am less accessible. My health absolutely depends on it.

I appreciate the support of all my regulars and the people who have always had kind and encouraging words to say but all those who seek to challenge me aggressively or be spoon fed, can just fuck off and find someone who cares !

So I will be back doing what I normally do but less often.

My focus is currently on making radical changes to save my life, spending more time with my son, the ET art project, my offline writing and numerous other small projects.

Some of you might be aware, that I am engaging in a lifelong project not unlike the Scole Experiments, under the guidance of a small group of dead people. After 6 months I have reduced a list of thousands of mostly known people to a smaller list that I’ll attempt to make contact with soon and record evidence of our contact and record conversations that I have with them. I am also opening up to having a similar sized group approach me from the other side and I won’t know who they are – maybe some people history remembers, maybe not.

The list so far is down to :
* Albert Einstein (he approached me many years ago and again a few months ago, expressing interest in being involved in this project – it is apparently a kind of pet interest)
* Carl Jung
* John Polidori
* Aldous Huxley
* Ramana Maharshi
* Jesus of Nazareth
* Lao Tzu
* Socrates (who may not really exist but be a myth)
* Walt Whitman
* Oliver Sacks
* Abraham Lincoln
* Jane Roberts
* Boudicea (guide)
* William Henry Hudson (guide)
* William James
* He Who Walks With Shoes Broken
* Roberto Assagioli
* Alfred Whitehead
* Ascanio Sobrero
* China’s First Emperor
* Kan Ahtek (guide)
* Jao Shan (guide).

The plan is to ask specific questions that I feel may interest each of these people and to interact with a larger group, under the guidance of a team on the other side and see what kind of evidence for their existence they can provide.

Dude interestingly, has no trouble interacting with living or dead and can emulate many of the things people on the other side can do. It’s my wish that he plays a small but critical role in the process.

Why more people aren’t doing this sort of thing, I have no idea.

I for one am really excited about starting this work, given I have been engaged in it informally for the last 22 years. How wonderful to connect with those who still exist after life !



About brightgarlick

Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. Good to have you back Bright & I’m glad you didn’t quit the blog 😉
    I can imagine, having your blog is no walk in the park! with all the bully’s & a-hols in this world. But I hope the people who are warmhearted are in majority of your readers!
    Looking forward to your future projects & your blog posts.

    All the best to you my friend 🙂

  2. Really missed you. Grateful for your dream that got you back to us! Freaked me out when you completely shut down, but totally get it. You are an integral part of my inspiration and I was so relieved to see your email come through! Thanks for hanging in there with us and I am excited about the future.


  3. Wow. Your blog coming back to life after the vernal equinox is so timely – although it might not apply to your geographic location.- still and all, it’s good that you’re back, and with renewed insights. It’s understandable why you wanted to quit, but thank goodness you’ve decided to stay and be heard/read online. May things get better for you and your family, Bright…

  4. I’m glad to read from you again 🙂 . looking forward to your posts and projects.
    take all the negative things behind you and do what you need to do to be well, make the changes that is needed. Do It!

    Here’s some pictures i have taken that maybe be of interest?




    this picture is from a video i took almost a year ago. the light suddently apears and disapears a few seconds later. also have a video from the first pictures (1. and 2.) where it apears and disapears. but mostly pictures of it moving.

  5. Thank you for accepting me on to your site. i am sorry to read you have been given a hard time by people. but let me just let you know one thing. I promise you if ever i can get to the point where i can make contact I will met up with you by means of a dream or in spirit i promise you that. it is refreshing to meet some one who passion runs deep and i feel i know you! thank you for that. looking forward to meeting you via our friends . Hazel. x

  6. Ahhh so stoked for this man!!! Can’t wait for this content to come out. I love what you do Bright really makes my lame day so curious with thought. Love you man!

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