Fuck You

This post is for all of those people who are offended by my title and who read my blog, who are constantly craving answers – answers you can figure out for yourself. Those of you who understand my feelings, will understand where I am coming from and the “fuck you” is not aimed at you and you know that.

Today I came close to terminating my entire presence on the internet. Numerous events and feelings played a role in that. 1 person prevented me from doing it.

On January 19th, 2011 the Teal’hia showed me a family tragedy that shook me deeply and I chose to edit most of it out of my memory. On September 20th, 2014 Dude showed me the same event and I was deeply uncomfortable with what he showed me. I was so uncomfortable that he chose to take that the full memory away from me, until a few months ago. Dude showed me the death of my beloved sister Susy.

For years, I have tried to do all I can to encourage Susy to do what is good for her but she refused to listen to anything I had to say. To really listen. I tried hard also to encourage her husband to do what is good for him but he also remained ignorant. Today Susy received her diagnosis for her two brain tumours and I know that nothing I can do or say will save her. I am angry as hell with her but I have to accept that this is her life and she remains ignorant of her own free will.

So I am going to make several things clear to all of you. I have known all my life what is going to happen to Susy but have chosen to put it aside, so that I can live. When you meet and ET for real, they may give you an opportunity to know things or see the future. But it isn’t like HG Wells or Television. When you come back, you are never the same person. You are forever changed. Now, I have seen many things and edited out some things because they are too painful. And slowly, as the years go by, they come to fruition. Nothing is fixed for certain but many things do come to pass.

So if you really want ET disclosure, ask yourself, how many people can live with the kinds of things that have been shared with me ? How many people can live with knowing that their loved ones will die of a certain illness ? How many people can live with knowing how certain issues will turn out for the human race ? Very few, that I know. Actually, only one. Rachel. Because she has always known Dude and he has taught her how to live with knowing.

Here’s the next thing. I am not here to give people answers to everything. I am here sharing, to help people understand themselves, to express myself and to help people understand the true nature of our ET friends. I cannot help any of you to figure out what job you should take, whether you should leave your partner, who built the pyramids, figure out what you’ve seen after getting fucked up on drugs, the purpose of your life, how Jesus died, what is the right religion or spiritual path etc. I mean, fuck you, wake up idiots ! This is your life ! Go and figure this stuff out yourselves, because no ET, no dead person and definitely not me, is going to give you what you seek. I will ask questions I think have merit and heart but not stupid crap, that you can figure out for yourselves. I do this, at the risk of too much time on the internet making my tumours worse and killing me. So my time had better be worth it. I am not going to try to convince you that there are no bad space faring ETs. If you don’t believe that, fuck you, that’s your issue, not mine !

If you are convinced that “As above, so below” is the way it is. Then good luck to you ! Live in a dystopian world of good vs evil and enjoy living and dying and figuring out how to navigate all the bad guys !

Bright Garlick is not here to serve every insecure or deluded person’s whimsical paranoia’s or inadequacies !

If you are offended, then good, be fucking offended big time ! And fuck off and never come back ! But if you’re not, thanks for hanging in there while I vent !

And no my anger isn’t about Susy, it’s about the whole damned world and the ignorance of the human race ! I include myself in that but you don’t here me when I get angry with myself !

😉 Pissedofficus


About brightgarlick

Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. 1. I’m really sorry about your sister Susy…
    2. Surely, you’re not the only public person on the net who feels this way.

  2. Feel your pain Bright !

  3. I really do

  4. But not all of your pain as a writer in Et and i

  5. so thank you for giving us hint here and there and allways think about others before youself. hope things are going with the flow and that things going forward, thank you 🙂

  6. Bright, I very much enjoy reading your blog entries because you are quite a thinker and an exceptionally proficient writer who is so very able to convey your thoughts, musings, queries, ponderings, etc. (this includes shitkickings too), Everyday I have to remind myself to try not to let myself get caught up in the outer human world’s seemingly constant “drama”; I OFTEN fall short of the mark but when I am able to maintain some semblance of personal serenity I love myself and the whole big beautiful world! Big hugs!!

  7. Bright,
    You are right. Fuck them!!! I’ll say it again….fuck them! They will never understand that they are blood sucking liars and thieves trying to exploit you out of their ignorance. Please everybody….understand that you must do your own work and stop trying to steal from those that have worked hard to get where they are. Do you have any idea how hard it is to continue dwelling in this world once you know what Bright knows? It would be impossible for most, but he is filled with love. Send positive energy, helpful support, not burden and ignorance. He is not your guru, priest, or counselor. Spend a few years in your own search and personal work and then return with love and insight. Analyze why you want to blog. Are you searching? Then search. Are you hurting? Then search. Are you wanting? Then search. Do it on your own. Nobody can do it for you and you cannot ride Bright’s shirttail into experience. Stop taking. Start giving…. to yourself. Fill up so you can spill over as a brother to Bright. Not as a rude spoiled child who wants handouts and misunderstands everything because they are so selfish! My comments are obviously not for everyone and I’m not Bright’s keeper, but I could be his mother! (my age) So fuck off!


  8. Hi Bright,
    I am so sorry that you are annoyed with your readers. I am exceptionally sorry that your sister is not well. I ache knowing that you want to help her but she does not respond. But Bright, everyone sees through their own eyes and everyone is content with their own thought process. May she take the path that gives her the most substance and ease in what time she may have left.
    Bright, I do not always comment. However I want you to know that when I read Dude’s response to the question on Purpose, I cried. It really affected me.
    I appreciate your work and the time that you put into your Blog.

  9. Release your anger and your fears, Bright. Let go of your pain and anguish, and feelings of helplessness and just let be what will be. You’ve done your best. Now is the time to find peace with your life. When you are done here, perhaps you’ll get a chance to move on to a better body – one that is strong and vital, and long-lived. This current physical experience is not the end of life and love. Hang tough, dear brother. I will be here through all your troubles. I’m not going anywhere.

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