Your questions for Anamika so far

Hey folks, just to let you know that I’ve been compiling your questions for Anamika. I think it might end up a very big list but that’s OK. As I said, I’ll work through them and try to find questions that most resonate with me. I will try my best to let my regular readers get a question in. I don’t plan on starting the interview with Anamika until after I’ve had my treatment in Sydney, some time around June or July. Hopefully Dude’s interview will be in e book form by then. Fingers crossed !

Here’s a compilation of the questions so far :

You may post any new questions here or on the previous post down below.

In case you’re wondering. We’re experiencing the second week of our heat wave here, with day time temperatures between 37-45 degrees C (98.6-113 degrees F) and night time temperatures between 22-30 degrees C (71.6-86 degrees F). Because our house has really bad ventilation, it’s often in the mid thirties at night, unless we get strong cool winds, which cool the house down. So as you can imagine, it’s really been hell !  3 heat waves since October last year.

Most days the landscape around us is whipped up by whirly winds (dust devils). Between the heat, the dust devils and the dust storms, it’s been pretty damned hard for humans, plants and animals.

Although it’s officially Autumn, we’re still in the grip of Summer. I can’t wait for the rains to come and a change of seasons !

It is my wish that you’re all well and that those of you on the north, are enjoying the first heat and greenery of Spring ! Sending a little heat your way !

😉   Bright.




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  1. How does Anamike view God? is it God you showed Bright in the “light experience” or was that something else?
    Why are humans so egocentric & greedy?
    Thank you!

  2. Thank you for doing that, Bright.

    I just read my two questions, and between the time I wrote them and today, I found more clarity and have a greater understanding of myself. I’ve come closer to recognizing a feeling that i will associate to Love (on an energetic plan) a very soothing and good feeling, one that arises out of sharing with another being , sometimes just in their presence and sometime through touch, it’s like a healing energy… I’ve also come to a conclusion to believe that the big part of the “gender separation” was a result of conditioning, and I mirror my own insecurities towards being female a lot less. Anyways, I would still really appreciate an answer regarding the”gender” and “love question” and would love to have your feedback regarding the immense love some humans can’t physically handle…

    Much thanks to you and Anamika for letting us open up, and for sharing with us 🙂


  3. Some questions for Anamika….

    1 In the Judeo Christian bible we have ” Jehova”/ Yahweh portrayed as the Creator of the Universe in its entirety. Was this entity the ”Creator Of All That Is”…..or was he/she/it something else, something other, if so, what or whom?

    2 In a recent discussion with a very devout Christian, a person who believes that the Bible is literally the Word of the Creator, I was told that extraterrestrials do not exist because the Creator only created life on this planet. When I pointed out that the Bible itself describes non-terrestrial entities ( the Nephilim, Giants, Archangels & Angels, The Watchers, The Shining Ones, Lucifer and so on), I was told these are ” other dimensional” entities who live in a parallel dimension or ” spirit realm” and are therefore not ”native” to our reality, but exist outside of it and subject to the Creator’s control. Do you accept that you are ” other dimensional” or do you disagree with that ”official” biblical viewpoint and see yourself as a fully formed physical creature within our perceived universe?

    3 Who built the Pyramids of Giza and why? Are there still yet-to-be-discovered chambers within or beneath the Pyramids and what do they contain?

    Thanks, Bright! I have a million more but don’t want to be greedy…however, if you choose not to pose any of the above 3, let me know so I can try with some others!


  4. Question for Anamika:
    In the ET races is there a concept of “education” or “teaching” the young ones? If so, are they given any guidelines on how to live (I’m not asking about morals/dogma)? Or are the young ones left free to explore/discover/learn their life on their own without guidance from the elders? I’m asking if they learn/teach about perspectives on life as per their elders’ views. It could be that the ET young ones are ‘born’ pre-packaged with all the knowledge they need and my question could be irrelevant.

    The other side of my question is: Do we humans need to provide guidelines/orientation to the young ones (not rigid commandments, but may be something that does not curtail their freedom/creativity)? If so, what would be those guidelines?

  5. Question for Anamika: Did the historical Shakyamuni Buddha really exist? Or is his story an allegory written by an unknown Buddha or Buddhas? Thank you.

    • Really good question Melaine. I was once a Buddhist and still follow the core teachings – I was repulsed by ignorance among many schools and indoctrination. I don’t know the truth but I don’t think he existed. I will ask the question though ! 😉

  6. Thanks Bright, I ask this question not only because I was touched by Shakyamuni’s story, but also because a significant number of religious practices today, seem to have veered away from what I understand to be the original intention or message.

    • Yeah I agree. Buddhism has lost it’s way, along with most of the other spiritual traditions. Buddhists are mostly attached to ideas not reality !

      • Reality is a strong word Bright!

      • Yes that’s true. I am not sure that many practitioners of anything know what reality is. Ideas are a kind of conditioning that shape how we sense and experience. Unfortunately we don’t see how reality is a product of perception and how ultimate reality is beyond us. 😉 Sometimes I think the mind must use words to point the mind !

  7. What is the most importent issue in the contact experience, The moment or the memory ?

  8. Or to put it alittle more easy. Are there floating images in the beginning from memory then it becomes more and more and then after time i can spend time with you guys with full memory like remember as clearly as seeing a friend. Can you think about this issue in a way that makes it worthwhile? Thank you very very much its a pleasure to speak with you Anamika and with all my respect 🙂

  9. Do you think this was a good question Bright ?

  10. hi again bright i asked a question to a friend of mine and he would like me to comment it says many people are wondering about this question and it seems pretty urgent.

    sitting by the fire!

    how do you choose who is ready for awakening and contact?

    contact choosing
    “those who have the potential for an open heart, mind, acceptance to all possibilities, those will to work for the greater good, those who wish to improve themselves and others

    “awakening you are either ready for it in this lifetime or not depending on what you came here to accomplish for your higher self and learning experience”

  11. Hi Bright, I have a question for Anamika about Dude’s “MAXIM 3 : GRAVITY IS A BELIEF.
    “When will humans get over anti-gravity. They just don’t get it.” This was demonstrated by an experience Dude gave someone in which they were forced to experience antigravity when everyone else experienced gravity. They spent their time walking upside down on the ship, while everyone else was right side up. This particular maxim caused me the most trouble.”

    Since a little girl I have been experiencing flying in my dreams. I’ve noticed that these experiences only ever happen when my state of mind is positive and I am feeling pretty good or at least untroubled by negativity. In my dream state I first learned to fly by hovering about 15 feet off the ground in my backyard where I grew up. If I felt any fear at all I would gently descend to the ground without harm. Since that time (I am 57 now) I have progressed with flying and can now (when I have the dreams, they are getting rarer as I get older) go out into space and accomplish other feats of great maneuverability and high speed in the air. I have also taught others to fly, with and without aids. Sometimes I fly with only my body; the dreams have taken form in aeroplanes and helicopters; once I was teaching others to fly using inflatable balloons!

    I often feel that human beings will be able to fly one day, or that there will be a magnetic shift in Gaia or something of the sort and we will all have that ability.

    What exactly does Dude mean when he says “gravity is a belief”?

    Thank you,

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