ET knowledge of Earth, humans and re-creating reality

I woke up this morning with some strange thoughts about a particular aspect of ET behaviour. But I didn’t know if it was implanted information or something that I’d deduced from logical reasoning. I have a book in which I am compiling implanted information, so that I can write about it one day (Dude’s suggestion). Interesting this information is, it might not be true. So I need to check it with one of my ET friends before I share it with you. But as I was thinking about this issue, another one came to mind, which is true. Rachel was here this morning drawing for the ET Art Project and so I spoke with her about both subjects and she gave me some personal experiences that support my understanding of the later subject. She didn’t think the first subject was true.




Forgive the long windedness.

So today I am going to share some thoughts with you about the second subject. I’m afraid this will be a long winded post because this is not an easy issue to explain. The subject I want to speak about is ET knowledge of Earth and humans and the way they can re-create reality.

So consider this an introduction. Many people speculate that ETs have all these insidious agenda’s for our planet and I’ve always argued that they don’t have agendas. They are doing what they do. The idea of agenda is our projection onto them.

Many of the ETs visiting or residing on our world have been here for a very long time. A few of them have been here right from the beginning. So what can they know about our world ?

Let me use Dude’s race the Muajra and Anamika’s race the Teal’hia as examples, because I know both of these races well.




OK, so the Teal’hia were one of the races that created this universe and our world. As far as I know, Dude’s race didn’t but they have done similar things elsewhere. The Teal’hia have monitored and intervened in the development of our world from it’s conception. But the Muajra came later. Because both races are very old and part of the largest collectives, they share a great deal of information and sometimes make joint decisions with the races that I have called the Creator Races.

Perhaps the best way for me to introduce this subject to you more fully is to use some examples. This post really needs to go all over the place for me to illustrate what I am trying to convey. And I hope it makes sense to you.

Whenever I want to contact Anamika and Dude, all I have to do is to think of them and ask for contact and they will either respond through the mind or appear or come in a craft and if appropriate, come down and visit. There’s no hard and fast rule about what will happen. And although I do have a Teal’hia implant, it isn’t necessary for them to use that to find me or reach me. The implant serves other purposes. Specific Teal’hia and Muajra are so merged with my being that they can instantly know anything about me. Dude recently said to me that he knows everything about me at both the molecular level and the spiritual level. Since I met him, I’d always known that but it still came as a shock to hear him say that. And time and time again, he’s demonstrated how he’s known my most intimate thoughts and fears – so there is no denying that he’s being honest with me when he says he knows everything about me. The more I think about it, the more I feel completely naked and vulnerable to such omniscience. All of my secrets, fears, aspirations, desires, fantasies, thoughts, feelings, pains, sufferings are laid bare to his being. And even though I feel very vulnerable, it’s always immensely liberating. To know that I can just be me and I don’t have to hide anything – not a single thought, from Dude, is something beyond words. Now, it isn’t just Dude who has this ability. The Teal’hia and Sar’won’dee also have it. And if you’ve heard me talking about my Merging with the Light experience, you’ll know that in the presence of 2 Teal’hia and 1 Sar’won’dee, I experienced pure being without separation and what we could call God in it’s purest form. These 3 entities were able to give me an experience of pure awareness without a body and knew everything about me. And, as the Teal’hia explained during that experience, they have known me for lifetimes.

Knowing that there are beings who know me so intimately is both terrifying ans strangely comforting. I know that everything is perfect as it is and that I will one day go HOME when I am absolutely ready. And it isn’t because they told me but because I experienced it.

So the way that the Sar’won’dee, the Teal’hia and the Muajra can know us, is different. They each have their own unique perceptions and abilities. But the sense that I have is that they all know their own true nature and the true nature of all physical and energetic manifestations. As such they know how reality s created, how it functions and how to create reality. However, it’s interesting to note that the Human ETs, do not seem to have these advanced levels of understanding or the same abilities. Number 1 cannot create a new reality. But Dude can. Perhaps it’s simply because Humans are much younger than these other races or perhaps its’ because their are innate limitations to how we can function, that we or the other Humans, can’t do anything about. I’m not sure.

So there are 10 ETs that I am really close to and about another dozen I have good relationships with, representing 6 races. My sense is that they can share what they like with one another and what Dude knows about me, might in part (note I said in part), be shared with other Muajra or other races. And the same goes for Anamika or Palden etc. I’m not in their head, so I don’t know just how much they share. But I do know that f they wanted, they could share everything with their own kind and perhaps with other races.

So the Teal’hia and Sar’won’dee have been here from the beginning. They have watched, monitored and recorded everything – every earth tremor, every cloud movement, every thought, every blade of grass, every battle, every invention, every fear, every disease, every virus and bacteria etc. It is all within their knowledge and awareness. Now Dude, he’s just a little kid by comparison – 8,000 years old. But his people are ancient and they too have ancient records. So Dude can know things in one of two ways. he can access his people’s records or he can connect with a place or a thing and know whatever he wishes. Here’s a few examples. Dude likes plants, so last he told me, he had collected over 98 % of all the leaves of all of Earth’s plants. He’s also very fond of ants and sand. So he has met countless ant species and individuals and learned about them – their lives, their history and how they function. He’s gone places and sat in the sand and by doing so, he can connect with the entire history of every grain of sand and know such things as – what has happened to the area in it’s life time, who walked in the sane, what leaves fell in the sand, what plants grew in the sand, how the atmospheric conditions/gases/liquids changed over time etc. He can know whatever he wishes to know about the sand’s experience. Imagine then, if he wants to know about a person, or an event or a piece of furniture, a photo, a pierce of architecture ! Everything is within his understanding. And if he doesn’t understand something from what we would understand as the present, he goes to whichever point in time he needs to to understand it. ((Remember Maxim 4 : Time does not exist, there is only space ( Because time is a creation of mind. A few weeks ago he put it this way : “I see myself all the time.”. By which Dude meant that he is aware of all of the Dude’s that span space (or what we think of as time) – young Dude, middle aged Dude, old Dude, dead Dude. Unlike humans, who only seem to be aware of the me now.




This ability to span the reality of his entire life, means that he can access information about what those other selves (the same self we think of as in different times) are experiencing or know. But not only that, he can access any point in space (which for him includes what we think of as time). Think of time as slices of space. Each second is a new slice of space. Space is sliced or replicated in whatever arbitrary unit of time you wish to use. So when Dude took me backwards and forwards in what I thought of as time, in September 2014, he was taking me through slices of space – all of which was within the reality that he knows he can create. A reality which is all within the body of his self.

Changing direction slightly.

Now Dude and Anamika can not only goes anywhere in what we think of as time/space but recreate any thing in time space – bodies, events, situations etc.

A couple of examples. Lets say that Dude wanted to give yo a day in which you could experience the assassination of Abe Lincoln. First he would say “I’m going to re-create the assassination of Abe Lincoln for you.” To do so he would have several options. He could draw on the records of his people or of the collective. He could go there and capture everything he needs to know. Or he could feel that space and bring it back. I don’t exactly know what he does and I have no idea how he does what he does. So he takes your hand and as if magically you appear standing next to Abe, as he sits in his chair in the theater. Everything you see – from the part in Abe’s hair, to the smell of his feet, to the top hats being worn by the men at the door, to the clothes on the people in the audience and on stage, is a perfect reproduction of what was actually present at that time. And depending on what Dude allows, you may interact with that environment to varying degrees and that environment maybe aware of you to varying degrees. It is a perfect simulacra of what was, as if it is real. Nothing and I mean nothing is out of place or inaccurate.

So Dude can recreate anything for whatever reason he wants. If you’re mother dies, like in the film AI and he wants you to have a day with her, he’ll recreate her just the way she was and you will not know that it is not your mother.

By now hopefully you’re wondering, “How do I know whether what I am experiencing is real or a recreation ?”. And that is a fine question indeed ! So here’s what I have learned. We can be shown projections of future events, that may or may not unfold and I think the not unfolding results when a space line (think time line) has an unforeseen perturbation and shift subtly, resulting in a shift that changes the event. We can also be shown things that are not real for various different reasons. We can be taken back or forwards through a space line (time line) and experience what things actually were or actually will be. We can be taken to a place or see an event anywhere. We can be taken to a place or an event that has been entirely recreated. So how do we know what’s real ? I think it’s this simple. In all of my experiences, the two things are indistinguishable from one another. But one thing distinguishes the two of them. The ETs will tell you what they are doing. Dude, for example, will say, “I’m going to take you 15 years  ahead to see yourself”, or, “I’m going to recreate this situation for you” or “We’re going back to see when this thing was born”. And you know, without a shadow of a doubt when he tells you, that he’s speaking the truth. The ETs will not lie when they profess to tell you something. They may omit to tell you everything but that’s a different kettle of fish.

At the end of the day, we have no other way of knowing the truth.

So let me ask you some things that helps us all to challenge the myths that many people are peddling about ETs :

  • Do you think ETs need an agenda when they can create reality or get help to create reality or get help with any problem they have, from other beings in the higher collectives ?
  • Do you think ETs are really trying to steal our souls ?
  • Do you think ETs really need gold or ever needed gold ?
  • Do you think ETs need our genetic material to save their so called ‘dying race’, when they can get help from the higher collectives ?
  • Do you really think reality is as simple as a Matrix ?
  • Do you really think an ET is going to be frightened of exclamations like “In the name of Jesus Christ, stay away from me demon !” (They might stay away cause you’re frightened or a nut case !)
  • Do you really think anyone can profess to be an Alien Hunter ?
  • Do you really think anyone in the lower arms of The Architecture poses a threat to the ETs ?
  • Do you really think nuclear weapons pose a threat to ETs/space ?
  • Do you really believe that humans shoot down ET craft because our weapons are so powerful ? Think about it !
  • Do you really think there are space faring evil ETs, when there are such powerful benevolent beings who are merged with everything ?

See where that takes you !

Cowabunga friends, Bright. 😉



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Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. I really enjoy the thoughts and questions. As you once mentioned before, they all know that they are the incarnation of the same essence, and so they readily acknowledge such, and with Dudes beautiful response to Sens question we can see that with whatever believed perceived limitation any race may seem to have, which can be considered a chosen viewpoint with certain repercussions, truly it is a unique experience just like any other experience that can be spurred on by that same essence. What is benevolence? What is malevolence? As you and many others have mentioned we just do what we do, and what else can we possibly do but perceive and experience this life of existence and all that it has to offer? As Dadaji would say, do your duty and play your part, and if you can help it try not to worry so much and trust that which always has who you are and all others in its clutches.

  2. Thanx for shearing your wonderful experiences Bright 🙂
    I wish I could experience something, anything….just once….

    Speaking of heat wave you posted on “Your questions for Anamika so far”.
    The winter here has been & still is awful, cold, muddy, rainy, windy, gray, no sun, nobody goes out, the streets are empty, no life….& it is like that for 5 months/year really depressing. So I’ll swap with you any day….

    Take care Boutros Boutros Boutros:)

  3. I enjoyed your ” do you think” questions and I see where you’re coming from, but I’m still far from convinced. Here’s some ” do you think” points from a less sympathetic perspective…I hasten to add that I’m not saying you’re wrong, just that there are other ways to see things, I’m actually open to all possibilities……

    Do you think ET’s are operating here without an Agenda, simply because they have you convinced that they have no need to resort to anything as simplistic as an Agenda?

    Do you think the objective evidence given by ET’s is sufficient for us to accept that there is actually a Higher Collective and , if so, that they can access it to ” create reality” ?

    Do you think that their claim to be able to shape reality is designed to place you in awe of them and think of them as ”like the gods”, in order to delude you from discerning their true motivations?

    Do you think that a species or group of species who claim to have been interacting with humans and shaping our evolution for millennia as a force for good, can declare themselves benevolent given the hundreds of millions of humans who have died of war, plague and pestilence during that same time period?

    Do you think there are no space faring ET’s with evil intentions because the ones you met tell you so?

    Do you think that these apparently super powerful ET’s had the right to interact, interfere, shape and direct the course of human history just because they could?

    • Hello diotima, I know you did not ask these question towards me, but if you do not mind I would like to give my two cents.
      I do not believe Brights friends ever declared themselves benevolent. These words that you are using such as evil, benevolent and malevolent. How do you begin to define such words and then how do you go about deciding who can be associated and who can not be associated with such words. Are you deciding these categories, and if so why? What is your intention? Are you wanting something to be a certain way, and if so why? Will you be certain that what you decide fits these categories is what all others decides fits those same categories? Can you say that you can see the outcome of any one perceived action, and its result some finite time into the future with 100% certainty? If not, then how can a person begin to decide what is evil and what is not? Who are we to claim such when we do not even know such? What is any of it anyways? Death, what is it? Pain, what is it? Suffering, what is it? Orgasm, what is it? Can you say that you understand this existence and know it inside and out? A person witnesses there best friends cat get picked up and eaten by an owl, so the person becomes sad. Later someone tells this person that their best friends cat had been eaten their pet mouse, which turns out to be the same mouse that the person had been trying to poison because it had been getting into their house and raiding the cabinets. Later they all find the owl dead due to mouse poison, so as a result who is evil and who is not? The Owl, the cat, the mouse, the person? What is the driving mechanism for any of it?

      What do you think anyone is here to do other than live their life? If a person just wishes to sit down and start coming up with categories and ways to place things into them, how can they ever expect to just simply live their life and what it has to offer them with out them telling life what it has to offer them? There is speculating about something, and then there is also just simply experiencing that something.

      Can you do me a favor diotima? The next time your outside during the day observe the first bird that comes into your view and watch it for a little while, and then if you do not mind tell me about it. In return I will do the same and tell you about a bird I saw today. Thank you for the attention.

      • Hello My Name…. well, you asked a lot of questions there!
        I do not claim to have any answers to your questions, or even to the nature or motivation of Bright’s ET friends…. I guess I’m just someone who finds it difficult to accept them at face value and I disagree that they aren’t portraying themselves as benevolent. In all they do, or explain to Bright they are doing, its about benevolence or the ” greater good” of humans. Is Earth so special that the Muajra and others would dedicate thousands of years to monitoring us, sometimes interfering directly in our affairs, for example Dude’s story of his friend the Italian scientist who discovers glycerine? Look how that worked out when Dude decided not to prevent the subsequent evolution of explosives and the consequences of heir mass manufacture.

        As for defining the meanings of good and evil and so on, I think one can only try to look objectively at the information and reach conclusions that seem reasonable based on the data available. I believe Bright to be a person of deep integrity and his positive view of Dude and the others is that they are beings of positive integrity too. I just felt the need to express my caution and posit possible alternatives… I’m sorry if I irritated you.

        Not sure about the bird thing.. lol. I leave food scraps in my garden each morning, then watch from my kitchen window as the birds come to feed. I live by the coast in southern England. The routine is always the same. First ”my” 2 seagulls come. Always the same 2. Then a pair of Crows. Followed by a pair of magpies. Then blackbirds, sometimes sparrows. I enjoy watching them, the simple rhythms of nature. I enjoy the connection to the natural world around me. I look forward to your response. Steven

      • Steven your concern is reasonable but you have to ask what conditioning causes such distrust. We all have deep seated fears that go back a long way. Expectation and control ! All the ETs have made mistakes but the mistakes have given us who we are, just as mistakes in our own lives are also important and valuable. For all that Dude and his people have done that led to something unforseen, they have done 1000 times as much that led to good things. They are currently guiding scientists to multiple disease cures and working to establish long term biodiversity, despite the 6th greatest extinction that we think has occured. In addition to countless other things, that have allready saved us from self imposed doom ! It is all a matter of perspective. Meet them and you will feel totally different. 😉

      • Thank you for sharing. I saw many birds today as well. A whole bunch were hanging out in a tree singing, and I could see a pretty big bird off in the distance flying pretty high with the Sangre de cristo mountains in the background (Colorado, US). That is cool that you live by the coast, I bet it is beautiful there.

      • A man who sees nature as the teacher, will always move away from the obvious to circumvent and re-picture it ! 😉

      • Well MN, there is no need or use of me saying anything because you said what I would say in your own way.

    • Do you think ET’s are operating here without an Agenda, simply because they have you convinced that they have no need to resort to anything as simplistic as an Agenda?

      Yes, that is my observation. They didn’t need to convince me.

      Do you think the objective evidence given by ET’s is sufficient for us to accept that there is actually a Higher Collective and , if so, that they can access it to ” create reality” ?

      Yes. But they don’t need it to create reality. They know there true nature and we do not.

      Do you think that their claim to be able to shape reality is designed to place you in awe of them and think of them as ”like the gods”, in order to delude you from discerning their true motivations?

      They do not claim this. I observed and experienced this and saw how others could do it. This projection is yours not theirs or mine.They know their true nature and are therefore god like, as are you.

      Do you think that a species or group of species who claim to have been interacting with humans and shaping our evolution for millennia as a force for good, can declare themselves benevolent given the hundreds of millions of humans who have died of war, plague and pestilence during that same time period?

      They don’t claim to shape our evolution, we do. They have been interacting with us. Evolution is a fickle word. They can’t live for us. How will we grow and learn if there is not suffering ?

      Do you think there are no space faring ET’s with evil intentions because the ones you met tell you so?

      Many demonstrated it. I also had an experience with The Light and know it so.

      Do you think that these apparently super powerful ET’s had the right to interact, interfere, shape and direct the course of human history just because they could?

      They created us. What is the problem ? We do worse to our domestic and agricultural animals and animals and plants with free will. What is a right and who defines it ?

      Your questions Diotoma come from a place of duality – separation, us and them and fear. The ETs you speak of have transcended this way of functioning and see all as it is.

      Our projections are what gets in the way. When you have spent time with them, then and only then can you know what they are really like.

      I’ve had these discussion/arguments (the same sorts of questions dozens of times) with people since 2000 and it’s allays the same dualistic, as above, so below thinking. let it go and embrace what is.

      Go and meet them and all doubt will go. 😉

      • Hello Bright, thanks for your responses…..

        ”your questions come from a place of duality… and fear”…. no, Bright, they don’t…that’s a typical condescending answer from people who won’t face an alternative to their own conclusions. Its like the response of the devout Christian who feels sorry for anyone who doesn’t see jesus as his lord and saviour because in their eyes the answer is black and white and indisputable.

        Of course I hope you’re right about them. I don’t think I need to look at the origin of my mistrust, though .Its not about where I’m personally coming from. I think we just need to maintain objectivity. Obviously, you have had what appear to be unique or near unique experiences. You then say…”just meet them and you will know”, but you must know that ”meeting them” is impossible or near impossible for nearly all of us. We may see unexplained lights in the sky, but you’re the only person I know of in the entire world who claims frequent real life face to face repeated experiences, other than those who report traumatising, terrifying abduction events, which, of course, point to a less than positive interaction with the ET’s.

        I hadn’t realised until your response that they claim and you accept that they created us! Perhaps another question for Anamika might be,given they created us, who created her race or the other originator races?

      • Hey Steven I didn’t mean to sound condescending. You have to understand, I started with similar doubt 30 years ago. I thought there might be good and bad ETs but experience taught me wrong. I had to abandon all my preconceptions and sit with uncertainty. It was a a long difficult period of growth and trust and experience with them. It is NOT impossible for you or anyone to have regular contact.

        I am not the only one in this situation. Others simply don’t talk about it and anyone can have these experiences but they let fear and and unwillingness to shift perception, get in the way – that’s all.

        It requires a bigger imagining or conception of how things really are, then simply good and bad. If you can experience that perception with trust and vulnerability, anything is possible. First discover WHO YOU ARE and know your true nature and then contact isn’t about control, expectation, safety or manipulation. It is about one manifestation of creation/the creator meeting another manifestation of creation/the creator.

        That’s why I mention duality. The ETs transcend duality in such a way as to embrace it and see all. For us there is always an alternative, a this and that. Not what is. Categories, differences, separations. When these exist, fear exists.Lose all labels and perceived differences and you can connect with something fully. That’s why I have no fear now of my illness. It just is.

        There is gross and subtle fear and it’s the subtle fear that shapes how we live. But we may not call it fear. It arises from teh urge to become, which is about future, not present. If you go out onto teh unknown in teh present, you can meet what is there fearlessly and see what is with no labels.

        A great white shark is not bad but it is terrifying to us. Immature ETs races are kept un space faring to protect the cosmos. And it is the same on every level of being.

      • Thanks for that response…I appreciate what you’re saying and I respect your way of looking at things.I will keep reading your site and try to absorb what I can!

      • When I said check the origin of mistrust, I mean the Judeo-Christian countries have instilled many levels of conditioning in people and it takes a real effort to see them and transform them. These religious backgrounds create dualities and separation and fear that pervades thinking.

      • You ask good questions diotima, and I suggest you keep on exploring. You seem intelligent, and truly I cannot give you your answer. Perhaps a good question would be why Bright is experiencing so much. How does he view this existence, and how do you view this existence? Can you say that you trust this existence and all that it brings you? Do you think if the opportunity came up you would be able to step into the unknown without your thoughts playing tricks on you?

        Have you ever looked into John Macks work, if so what did he find? Here is an interview.

        Did you ever look into Todd Micheal and listen to the interview?

        What are you wanting from Bright? Are you wanting him to admit to something or be a certain way?I think many can agree that there is no proving anyones point of view to the degree that the individual sees it when it comes to this subject, and perhaps the most a person can do is relate it to their own life, but in an honest manner.

        Many human beings have lived on this planet that shared what people see as “great wisdom,” but truly all they did was live and share their life. Have you ever heard of Dadaji Amiya Roy Chowdhury ( The record of his life is their for humanity to observe and consider his existence, but thats all just consider. He is not meant to be idolized or worshiped, but rather just acknowledged as all life is, and perhaps the way Dadaji views this existence is similar to how many ETs do (I believe this is something Bright mentioned before as well.)

        Anyways friend this is all I can give you for now, and truly again you are the only one who can answer for yourself. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and POV.

      • Hello My Name, thanks for your comment and I appreciate you bothering to respond to what may seem dumb points by me. I have read John Mack and countless other et phenomena investigators and experiencers throughout my life, I’m in my 60’s now. I’m really no further forward in trying to come to terms with the phenomena than when I had my first experience aged 4, but I will always continue to question, seek and try to improve my undersanding.

        What do I want from Bright? I hadn’t thought in that way, but perhaps I’m out of order in questioning him at all. I suppose I just have quite insane curiosity….although he downplays his experiences, they are extra-ordinary and I can’t control my urge to learn more. But I shall from now on as obviously he has no obligation to explain anything to me.

        All the best to you….hope your birds are happy today, as are mine..

  4. Hi Bright, Have you considered Mac Tonnies’ idea regarding ‘cryptoterrestrials’? Just saying it might possibly be connected with the questions posed here.

    • Yes Malaine I did way back when I was about 15 – it’s an old idea I used to discuss with friends. I don’t think it’s true but there are some (Number 1 is an example) who came from here and there are other sentient species that are very advanced that live on land and in the oceans. But are not presenting themselves as ETs.

    • There are also worlds closely paralelling Earth but not here as such and connections between them.

  5. Steven I am happy to ask Anamika your question – it’s a one. But the answer to the famous infinite regress question you are alluding to, is difficult to understand. It’ an , It is an answer I’ll write about in my second book because I don’t have the time to detail it here now. But to understand it, you have to leave linear cause and effect thinking. 😉

    • Hey Bright… not sure which of my questions you say you will ask Anamika…but grateful for any of them to be posed and of course very interested in her answers!

      I’ll wait for the book on the other question ,as you wish

  6. Hey Steven – sorry I screwed up the answer in my last response and have no idea what I was meant to say. If you want to put up another couple of questions I can consider them.

    • Hey Bright…..thanks for the offer to ask more questions….I admit I’m a bit nervous to ask after your ” fuck you” rant this morning… lol…. although I see where it came from and understand your frustrations with your family medical issues.

      You mentioned the” who built the pyramids” question as a typical dumb question and that was one of mine ! In my own defence, I was hoping for a ” bigger picture” answer…. in other words, if ET’s had a hand in that project, then one can extrapolate out to a wider involvement in major turning points in the development of human civilisations and perhaps an insight into what they hoped to achieve with those interventions….

      Anyway, I continue to wish you all the best and I will try and come up with some more constructive questions for Anamika…

  7. Always feel so good after reading what you have written, one day these will all be historic books to be read by humanity ❤

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Thoughts on self-improvement, life-change, spirituality, and occasional politics when things get crazy.

Journeys in Spirit

with Cristen Rodgers


Conscious Thought: Driven by Intelligent Awareness

The Colossus

With just enough learning to misquote


The fictional diary of an utterly fictional John Banville in his fictional universe.

Fatiesta's Rants

Life of A Partial Psychopath

What's new

Updates on my research and expository papers, discussion of open problems, and other maths-related topics. By Terence Tao

Publishing Insights

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose / The more things change, the more they stay the same

Kelly McGonigal, PhD

Where science and compassion meet.

Storytime with John

Pull up and listen...I've got a funny one for ya...

Paradise Preoccupied

Views of the world from a tiny island

Dear Kitty. Some blog

Animals, peace, war, civil liberties, science, social justice, women's issues, arts, much more


Cultural Theory and Society

Social Health

Insights on the Power of Social Bonds

Adventures in Juggling

living this circus life, what else would I be doing but juggling?

Vonj Productions

Bringing you love through spirit!

Power Plant Men

True Power Plant Stories

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