Still here, tumour treatment and the ET art project

Hey friends,

How are you all ? I trust that life has been good !

Things have been hot and exhausting here, with Summer giving us a final kick in the guts !

I’ve been feeling better but have decided for certain to go ahead with accepting treatment for my tumours. I am currently exploring 4 options and trying to find the one that is the least invasive. Many years ago, before I was first diagnosed 9 years ago, I dreamt of something called Minicells. After my initial surgery 9 years ago, I was enlisted on a clinical trial with an Australian company that is developing Minicell technology but pulled out before the trials started. So I am looking to engage with that group again. I’ve been guided by my deceased friends, Dude and my other ET friends as to how to approach this whole thing. I had to spend several weeks overcoming the idea that I have that medicine is the wrong path. After much self reflection and exploration and conversation, I’ve managed to do that. If treatment goes well, I’ll continue making the psychological and behavioral adjustments that I know lead to complete healing.  The things that have helped in my healing before. But I need to make some radical adjustments to ways of functioning that I have been very good at ignoring, up until now. Blogging is likely to become a major casualty associated with healing. I won’t stop blogging but I’ll stop writing about certain things and reduce my time here and on the internet. My life depends on me making these changes and I’ve been terrible at making them, until now !

So at this point I’m researching treatment options, reading all the latest research on Carcinoid tumours (something I haven’t done for 5 years), talking to Dude and Anamika and trying to get the ball rolling with all the right people. I’ve been told that if possible I need to encourage the people running the trials to consider certain plant extracts and I’ve been told how to help develop trust with the the medical people. So, we’ll see how it all goes. With good fortune, I’ll be in treatment in the next 4-6 weeks. Treatment is likely to take 4-6 weeks and involve me travelling 3 hours to the city, 4-5 days/week. I’ll probably stay in the city most of the time and my son will stay with his mum. I hate the city but being stuck there presents me with many opportunities for exploration and growth, that I could not get any other way.

My ET contacts have continued. Last week I woke up with an isosceles triangle on the left hand side of my face. Which was either an intervention to fix decay in my upper jaw (I became aware of that when my wisdom teeth were yanked out a decade ago) or some kind of adjustment to brain functioning. No big deal, I just can’t remember what happened at this point. Last night we had a strange encounter, which began with a light bulb sized orange ball under my desk and culminated with dozens of lights whizzing backwards and forwards at the back of our house, with a large blue light then passing over our rain water tanks. I’m not sure if they were ET related or Earth based entities. It doesn’t matter. What I do know is that these recent interactions are a direct response to my request for help/contact at this time.

And in other good news, I have some fantastic news to share. After more than a decade of asking my ex wife to draw the ETs from my/our experiences, she has finally agreed to draw them. She said that Dude had been very influential in her making the decision. So we are currently exploring how to do this. I’ve agreed that I’ll try to start writing a book about my encounters in about a year and over the next 18 months, we’ll work together to create a portfolio of ET images. These will include images of at least 25 races, 12 individuals I am close to, dozens of scenes from individual contact experiences, scenes from dreams, circumstantial evidence, ET craft and images from other experiences with balls of light. Most of the art work will go into the first book, which is about my experiences but some will go into a second book, which will be about how to make contact and essays on Alienology (or whatever I call it). We’re also considering putting the art work together as a single book of ET art. I don’t know of an expereiencer book like this with one the art work of one experiencers contacts all together, so I think it will be a one of a kind and make a valuable contribution.

I had previously asked my ex when we were together and then later after we separated and every time she flat out said “No. I have no interest.” But Dude put up some very convincing arguments that have helped her to make the shift. There is no money in it for her. She’s doing it because she wants to help me and because she knows how important it is to me. She is also doing it for the greater good but I can’t tell you what that means. That’s between Dude, her and I. I think also she’s seen me get sicker and she wants to do something to make me feel better and the idea of working on this project, really does excite me and will provide me with great comfort and inspiration as I go through treatment. Throughout the period when she had said no to doing any drawings for me, she did a couple of basic sketches for me (see my early posts on ET Races). And I felt. So I approached several other people who I thought might be able to do the art work I needed. Including Andrea Mays, Clive Barker (the writer and painter), Christine Dennett and the Manga community. Even though one person offered their services, it never felt right asking someone else to do the art work. And the reason is because my ex-wife has met these beings, she has seen them, she has had relationships with them, she has worked with them (in her work with a covert group), she has known them since she was a little girl and because I know without a shadow of a doubt, that she will render them as they really are. With no frilly new age additions, with no caricatures, with no embellishments or popular ideas about how they look.

Should this whole endevour go well, I would love to work with a Manga or Comic book artist, who is willing to use the original art as source material. That way, a story and it’s art work, can be true to how our ET friends really are.

So that’s where I’m at. I’m still here and life is always good. If you’d like to offer any support during my treatment or support for the art project you can do so via the Support the ET and I Project tab on the top right hand side of the page. A big thanks to Viktor, Sandor and Astrid for your ongoing support. It means a great deal !

Wishing you all a wonderful life !

Much love and good will,

Bright. 😉

PS. Saw the guys below last week at Victoria Market in Melbourne. Just brilliant !

PSS. See the video a few posts below for my thoughts on Healing Through Cancer. No Caffeine Enemas up the arse, Anal Probes, Cannabis Oil, or Ju Ju Berries, here.







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  1. This is great news Bright. I wish you the best and you can bet your ass I’ll buy your book!

  2. I’m happy to hear you’re great news Bright!! I’m still praying for you. Thanks for the update. I hope and pray it all works out for you Bright. Looking forward to seeing all the ET artwork as well as your book. Sending you much love and healing ❤

  3. Hey Brighty 🙂
    I’m wishing you all the health in this world & that the treatment will go fine with positive results.
    Your book is a grate idea.

    All the best to you man 😉

  4. Thank you my friends for all your heart felt words of support and for supporting me these past few years. Wishing you all a warm wind down from winter and a lovely transition into spring. Cya when I’m back. Brighty. 😉

  5. Hey Bright, what up man?
    you’ve helped me in the past so I want to give back somehow, I don’t have much money but i can draw and paint,it’ s what I do. I would be more than thrilled to help you out for the art project, if you’re interested let me know. get well!

  6. I would very much love to read that book when you are done with it. It’s through reading about other’s experiences with the ETs that I glean knowledge about the true nature of reality.

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