You and Pooh’s Grand Aventure

Someone I am close to is always chastising me about why I bother to keep a blog and make occasional videos. In her opinion it’s a complete waste of time !

Yesterday I went out to catch some Brine Shrimp on what was one of the hottest days of summer so far (see video below) and later aggravated a pre-existing back problem I have (Old Scheuerman’s disease ( I was almost totally immobilized for the whole day and had an excruciating night’s sleep. Today things have improved but it’s still very painful. I have spent much of the last 24 hours making chihuahua sounds (a term Dude made up for my expressions of agony – which incidentally Dude thinks is absolutely hilarious (cruel bastard !)). Prior to hurting my back (which I think I did either taking a pee or lifting a watering can) I had plans of doing a bit of travelling for a few days. Now I’m stuck at home and I have to put my plans on hold indefinitely. But that’s OK because it’s given me an opportunity to reflect on how I need to live my life this coming year.

Last night my chastisee came to visit me and she reminded me how stupid I am to wasting my time blogging and making videos. While we were discussing the issue and I was chihuahua-ing, she made the comment “You know what it is. People just want their own Pooh’s Grand Adventure !”. It’s a phrase that she’s used many times before when she’s been having a dig at me but it only ever entered my mind in a superficial way. Last night as I lay in in bed in pain, I realized the essential truth of what she was saying. Everybody wants to have their own Pooh’s Grand Adventure ! Everybody wants to go an an adventure that takes them from point A. to point B. and helps them to go through some kind of transformation. But there are those who will actually GO on their own Grand Adventure and those that will experience someone else’s Grand Adventure. Is Bright Garlick on some kind of Grand Adventure or is he just living a very Ordinary Life ? And are YOU on your OWN Grand Adventure or are you LIVING VICARIOUSLY through your electronic device ? I say this honestly and provocatively, to encourage you to reflect honestly on your own life. Whether you are an ordinary person or someone doing surveillance and reading this blog or watching my videos as part of your paid job. Are you following my Grand Adventure / My Ordinary Life or are you Living Your Own ?



By provoking you I am not saying you shouldn’t read this blog or watch my videos. Otherwise there would be no point in me doing any of this. Every creator, needs someone to appreciate his or her creation – even if it’s one’s self ! Most of us create and share what we created.

I love all of David Attenborough’s work and think he and the BBC have done an incredible service to the planet. Every time I watch one of his documentaries I am transported on a Grand Adventure from the comfort of my lounge room. From here I can watch lions ripping apart a Zebra, a Blue Whale fighting off Orcas who are killing it’s baby and the mating ritual of ferocious bright assed Baboons; while enjoying a packet of chips and a Milo, or while dining on a Salmon fillet for dinner and Pavlova for desert. I can go to bed and dream about a million things that I have only ever seen through David Attenborough’s eyes. Now I am OK with living vicariously via the BBC because I can’t do many of the things they do. But I do try to get out and see the natural world. Every day if I can. I study marsupials and ants and snakes and lizards and birds and Brine Shrimp because I love learning about the natural world and connecting with LIFE. My experiences may not be at the level of David Attenborough’s but the y’re mine and I get to feel them and to remember them and to share them with whoever I please at the time and in the future.

There is a difference however between travelling the world and seeing all the things that David Attenborough sees and making contact with ETs. You don’t have to go anywhere to have ET contact (although quiet natural places are preferable, they are not essential). One of the key reasons I blog about this subject is to encourage YOU, to get off your ass and drop your fear and to go out and have your own ET contact. Last Monday I was drawn out of my house at 5:15 in the morning, walked into the neighbors paddock, asked for contact for a specific reason and had a visit from 12 ETs (most of whom I already knew) who arrived in a gigantic craft that they told me was 6 km by 7 km wide and covered most of the visible sky. Now I am not telling you this to boast. I am no one special ! I am telling you because I want you to understand that this is part of My Grand Adventure and part of My Ordinary Life and it can also be part of Your Grand Adventure and part of Your Ordinary Life – if you are willing to drop all your preconceptions about ETs and go out regularly and ask for contact.

Life is all around us, if we are willing to SEE. The famous entomologist Edward O. Wilson (who doesn’t seem to know he has had ET contact) (and who has done a wonderful job of encouraging people to think about biodiversity and biophilia : / /, has said that he used to go looking for specific types of ants that lived in the middle of a street and he would walk the streets noticing that there were ants everywhere. Such sensory discernment has led Edward to become a great advocate for the relationship between humans and the natural world. And through his work, he has inspired millions of people to NOTICE the life that is all around them and to value BIODIVERSITY. People like Edward are AWAKE to the reality, that the Earth is teeming with life and teeming with consciousness. And as far as I can tell, he isn’t wasting any time waiting for others to show him. Instead, he’s out there LIVING HIS OWN GRAND ADVENTURE.



Everyone who goes on THEIR OWN GRAND ADVENTURE, knows that adventure always comes with challenge but challenge helps us to grow and to experience. Edward caught a fish as a young boy and when he was pulling it in very excitedly, it flew out of the water and hit him in the eye. One of the spines on the fishes dorsal fins pierced his eye and he was blinded. Having one good eye, prompted Edward to pay special attention to the little things that were closest to him and led him to become a great pioneer in the study of ants. Today his expertise in ants and biodiversity has created the opportunity for him to go anywhere on Earth. A fish’s spike opened the door to the world !

And in a similar way, your desire for contact and your willingness to make contact without fear and with a pure heart, will open the door to the cosmos.

So how about it – isn’t it time you had YOUR OWN GRAND ADVENTURE ???

Or would you rather watch someone else’s Lame Adventures ?









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Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. Bright I feel we are all on our own Grand Adventure. Not everyone makes videos and keeps blogs about it. The value I see in making the videos and blogs is in the sharing of the experience. The videos show us parts of the world that (for me) will never see first hand. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I don’t think your blogs and videos are a waste of time. If no one did any videos or blogs no one would be aware of them at all. How sad. I’m looking at my life as an adventure but I’m just not brave enough to put it all out there for others to see. I’m very grateful for the friends I’ve made online. So while we are on our own individual grand adventure, we are also witnessing others having their own grand adventure. Thank You for all you do Bright. I hope your back heals soon.

  2. Good questions Bright, worth taking the time & thinking it over 🙂

  3. Hi Bright, Thank you for your post, it made me think and ponder.

    As a young child, adolescent, then adult, I have always loved to read. As a young child I read books like ‘The lion, witch and the wardrobe’, ‘Charlotte’s Web’, as I got older I read political books, nearly all books by Graeme Greene, John Le Carre, etc By doing so, in my mind I could be anyone I wanted to be, resonate with certain characters, be entertained, be taken away on an adventure in my mind, etc.

    As a mature person I read the autobiography of Hal Porter. The book called ‘The Watcher on the Cast Iron Balcony’. I really resonated with that book. Perhaps like Hal Porter I am an observer in life rather than a participant on a Grand Adventure.

    Which leads me to ponder, when is an Adventure considered Grand?

    Like you I lead a simple life. I love nature, plants and animals. Probably more than people. I am currently trying to include principles of permaculture into my garden.

    I enjoy reading your posts and having my own thoughts and opinions. So keep it up, you are special and your blog posts are appreciated.

    On a side note, you mentioned that you love David Attenborough. I too really love his work, but lately his documentaries are too focused on the kill, rather than the special, individual attributes of a bird or animal. His recent shows focus on killing, but in the wild if you were to see a pride of lions, they probably sleep most of the day and play with their cubs, I do not appreciate his change of focus. Sorry, that was my bitch. 🙂

    I hope you back mends quickly. Have a great day. 🙂

  4. Horizontal/Vertical Filmstripping

    Howdy Bright. Thought I’d leave a note longer than I thought it would be to to describe my most lucid ET dream experience to date, which occurred during the witching hours of this morning, and which has quickly become part of my Grand Adventure to treasure and to ponder over until the next occurrence of such lucid consciousness! Wowsa. I have learned from experience that whenever I am sleeping (in whatever part of the sleep state I am in at the time) and I begin to see images of people I have never seen and do not recognize and whose facial features are part of what looks like a filmstrip or 35mm film at first moving slowly in a horizontal fashion and which start to whiz by horizontally I know something might be up in a good way. Sure enough, this is what occurred. I segued into a lucid dream (I felt I was in the moment and very present) and telepathically communicated with ET’s from a spaceship overhead, I saw the craft overhead and was watching it from below. I had been “branded” with an insignia of some kind on the inside of my left forearm, and knew I then had been transported elsewhere and then put back to where I had been standing. I saw the face of an ET and we communicated telepathically in a positive, loving way to both acknowledge the episode had ended. This was such a POSITIVE, wonderful experience that I did not wish for it to end! I am no scientist nor neurologist of course but my guess is the 10 mg of Lexapro I have been taking has in a very good way changed my brain chemistry so that I may experience certain scenarios in the dream state. What I have noticed too is the filmstripping occurs vertically when I am dreaming about items from everyday life (legal documents I have prepared which is part of my job and which flimstrip by in sequence and seem to have been recorded exactly as they appear in real-time). Sounds goofy perhaps but this is all what I have experienced. Thanks for reading. My Aussie Nana and mother have had similar abilities; it comes from the Aussie side of the family.

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