A walk in the park (questions for a human-ET relationship)

bHey folks, just to let you know that I deleted the previous post for a reason. Dude came to me after I suggested I’d make the 1 minute ET contact video and showed me several negative consequences of my posting the video and reprimanded me for not thinking through the consequences of what I was going to do. I know that might seem really strange because it was something so simple and seemingly harmless. But believe me it was my Ascanio moment and a very valuable lesson for me. Some of the negative repercussions were profoundly disturbing and came as quite a shock to me. So I apologize for suggesting I would do something that I can now no longer do.

The Dude interview is still happening. I just haven’t had time to bring it to a completion and my recent focus has been on my oncology follow up.

I thought that given it may be a while until the Dude interview is acomplete, I’d give you an opportunity to participate in a creative project with me. I’ve started a new novel, which will be my primary focus for this year. All I can tell you right now, is that it revolves around a relationship between a man and a male and a female ET. So here’s what I am suggesting. Just like you did for the Dude interview, send me your questions and ideas about their relationship, for both the main character and the ETs and I’ll see if I can integrate as many of them as possible into the novel. Some of the novel will integrate real conversations that I’ve had with Dude, Anamika and other ETs. The male ET will be a kind of hybrid of Dude/Number 1 and the fame ET will be a hybrid of Anamika/other female ETs who have been part of my life. I figure this is one way for me to explore human-ET relationships. It’s also a story I’ve been wanting to write for a long time but I didn’t have a clear sense of what it needed to look like, until about 2 months ago.

Some of you might be familiar with hypertext fiction (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypertext_fiction), which I think is a wonderful approach to exploring the subject of human-ET relationships. But this is a novel that like HF, draws on the creative capacities of many different people.

cAt the end of the day, I might not see anything of value in what you give me and include nothing but there might be just one idea or one question or one comment that is absolutely critical to the shape of this story ! There might also be dozens ! So I just thought I’d put it out there for you to consider. This is a story about what it means to be human and what it means to be an extraterrestrial, as much as what it means for humans and ETs to have a relationship with one another. I’ll try to tackle some of the BIG questions of existence but I’ll also spit venom at all the things I detest about the human race. It is my intention to write a powerful and moving story, that transports the reader from one point in their spiritual development to another point in their spiritual development and utterly transforms how they see the cosmos and how they see themselves. If that translates into action, then I will have written something worthwhile. So, I guess it’s a tall order but that’s what I’m aiming for !

Feel free to say anything you want about what I’ve said or related to the subject matter of the novel. If I choose to integrate something you’ve contributed, I’ll put your name in the acknowledgments at the front of the book.

This is kind of a scary concept for me; opening myself up to other peoples dcreative ideas and to other peoples questions, ideas and beliefs – for a story that I’ve conceived. It’s kind of like making a pizza and inviting the insects outside, to bring in their own special ingredients and add them to the pizza !

A suppose a similar parallel can be found in the Dude interview (and later when I interview Anamika). I had already asked Dude lots of questions and knew all I needed to know. And I can ask him whatever I want, any time I feel like it. So I didn’t need to interview him for my sake. But when I asked you to contribute, it was a really interesting experience for me. First I had to go through all of these questions and some were fantastic and some were really stupid ! Then I had to narrow the questions down to 10 questions I liked and I couldn’t do that, so Dude let me have 19 questions. Finally, I had to arrange the questions in an order that seemed to make sense. But ironically, when I went to ask them, I found myself doing them in a completely different order. And then there was the interview itself. Dude has been happy to answer all the questions  but he seemed to have liked some questions more than others. I was also learning things I didn’t know. I’d sometimes need things clarified, so I asked a lot of questions as we went through each answer and Dude would continue to elaborate. So it’s been a real give and take, kind of fluid experience. And along the way Dude has also shared lots of other things, that were only meant for me and so they haven’t gone into his answers. Through the interview, I’ve come to understand Dude far better than I did before and I’ve come to understand humanity far better than I did before. The things people ask, esay so much about who they are and who we are as a species. So even though it has been absolutely exhausting, sitting and listening to Dude and transcribing what he said and then editing it; it’s been very rewarding.

So I suppose I’m optimistic that opening myself up to what you can contribute, will be equally rewarding. But not just for me but perhaps for all of us and in particular, for everyone who reads the book.

If you know of anyone who you think might be interested in participating, please let them know. This will be the only post I write on the subject, so check out the ET contact novel category for any follow up comments.

Thanks for making this such an interesting journey !

Brightus Brighticus. 😉




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  1. Don’t forget what happened to ‘snakes on a plane’

  2. That sounds like it would be a fun novel, so many things that could be entertained.

  3. Hello, i was thinking about your writing and how it’s going on, but then in my previous message i forgot about it.
    I will go to check in my diaries ( personal book, sorry for my english ) if I find something. I was writing them between 1996 to 2002, and i remember a story about Naib and Deef…will go to search and share it
    Who knows, but only the idea to share something I wrote with you ( does not matter if it will be useless ) motivate me.
    I’m waiting also for your book.
    Take care

  4. Hello Bright,
    I found the little story I was mentioning in my previous comments. Is from June 1995 and I translate from italian… so if you do not understand all… I’m sure you will catch the meaning.
    Also I was surprised about some topics in the story that also recently I have… 22 years are passed and I have the same recents feeling ( from when I read your blog ).
    I will be glad to contribute in giving you some ideas, and if not… doesn’t matter because I’m happy to share it with you.
    I was listening Radiohead ” the bends” when writing
    Also at this time I was enjoying in some book where in the middle of the text they where adding poems ( Shogun : the poem of the samurai, Nietzsche “Zarathustra”… poem from the devil… etc… )
    happy to follow you, and waiting for books

    Naib and Deef

    Sweet Awakening
    from the end of darkness
    I’m coming, slowly, hearts full
    emotions, words
    everithing to share
    My person,
    covered from your skin
    from your face.
    We are one
    Physically is impossible
    I would like to feel it
    but I’m still too far away

    Now is different
    there is excitement
    the blood pulsates
    Hand in hand
    we run together.
    That looks nice,
    Finally we talk
    I trust myself to you
    we listen to each other
    Hold / hug you and
    I can not sit still, too many things to invent
    Come with me
    then you can choose
    just once

    Change again
    To another direction
    to make you discover
    naively astonish
    No promise
    I’m not capable
    rather you
    what do you feel
    My recitation
    finally mute
    is observing you
    and provoke you
    Embarassed you reject
    sorry you think
    convinced you leave

    Convinced I restarted
    certain things happen
    not cause
    Know what
    if you do not know ouselves
    Chase something
    that often changes
    according to our will
    unconscious too often
    having desire
    not greed
    being right
    when, for what
    Owning the reason

    All these lines
    And you didn’t left
    inside me
    there is something that is not silent
    It leaves the body
    It vanishes somewhere
    on hold…
    Also these moments
    when it is nice to imagine
    there is nothing to graze
    just write
    in silence
    do not want to conclude
    this thought
    this feeling.

    The day after
    I knew you were there
    anonymous message
    I was too tempted
    but I did not
    Words to the wind
    wasted lines
    hard to understand
    messy, abstract
    one day you’ll know from me
    No, the memory remains
    here in my notebook
    not for me
    but I’m the one,
    that understands them the most

    Go on writing
    because inside there is no peace
    and my emotions
    are strong and are strange
    continue to evolve
    Change of upcoming role
    with whom if you’re not there
    Fixed idea
    that I do not want to change
    as a freakish child
    proud and naive
    ”My words you can take comfort in
    perhaps for a short time
    and after they will not be enough
    I am no longer willing to give
    all that you express.
    You scare me with all the things you say
    I wonder what you resent/feel
    I do not know you”
    I have not finished yet
    Now there is delirium, the madness
    my wild side
    I walked in my land
    Long I meditate
    The sun does not create my shadow
    the night do not exist.
    I look at the river
    listening to the birds
    I listen to my heart
    who commands me to write
    perhaps more than me.
    You are the instrument
    the model parading in my thoughts.
    When will you call me
    it will be me, I get tired
    just because I want something
    rather than someone.
    The monster Knight
    that before invoking
    then he laughs in chastising
    nastiness mental
    nothing physical
    there commands
    and scare you
    Attracted by something
    not from someone

    Hoping your treatment is going as you wish and if the novel is already over… maybe for the next ?

    ps: they are some stupid uselss and patetic guys posting “ridiculous comments”, I can understand how this can upset you, But what you are doing is GREAT GREAT GREAT

    All the best

    • Hey Frederic – thank you for going to the effort to post this. There were many lines that evoked something in me. It’s just a shame that I can’t understand Italian because so much seems lost in translation. I envy your ability to speak/write many languages ! I am these days sadly monolingual ! I think I understand the poem – certainly I’ve understood the illness that plagues the soul of the poet/writer – who seems compelled as if by some force beyond himself to write ! I also relate to the ordinary moments hinted at in the poem and how these effect our perception of reality. Shogun is a great book – read it in the 80’s I think. Great TV series too ! And of course Radiohead helps one write anytime ! EVERYTHING IS IN IT’S RIGHT PLACE !

      As to my novel – I stopped all writing 2 months ago just prior to this drama beginning to unfold and today will start back on trying to compile about 500 poems. I decided late last year that I had to finish my poetry book and the Dude Interview (editing) before I continued teh Et contact novel. I also started writing another play in between as well. So like most things in my life, it’s taking longer than I thought it would. And the ET art book/contact book has had to be pushed back too.

      In terms of treatment – I begin today ! So far everything looks good. We’ll see if there is any side effects in next week or so but I’m confident I’ll have a good outcome ! Thanks so much for caring !

      Have a wonderful day,

      Bright. 😉

  5. I had a wonderful day Bright,
    Thanks so much for you message. You really made my day very sunny.
    And yes, so much seem lost in translation. When I’m reading back what I wrote, I had the impression that I can do it in better way.
    But the most important for me was to share something with you, and I’m happy that once it went also in your direction, not only in mine.

    What was interesting for me to have this story in my mind ( as soon as finish to read you post ) and I didn’t reade it from very long time.
    I was surprised how things that I wrote long time ago, were matching this particular moment.

    keep in touch

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