Signs that you may have had ET contact

Some time ago I was bored enough to follow up on some links that were brought to my attention, regarding signs that indicate you’ve been abducted by aliens. I couldn’t help myself and was more than rewarded with abundant stupidity ! The following links are the sort of thing that are guarenteed to bring a smile to your face :

I mean honestly people, most of the human race suffers from these problems ! I wonder who the hell is stupid enough to swallow this crap ? Having said that, there are some things on all these lists that do correspond with possible contact.

If you find such lists interesting, I suggest that you read this article first and consider the implications of these simple conclusions seriously before you dismiss them. Most people who believe in this subject, tend to ignore ALL psychological theories and chuck the baby out with teh bath water. Which is a shame, because these ideas also have merit. I certainly agree with one of the conclusions here, that conditioning lends itself to people believing they’ve had contact with ETs, when they really haven’t. And it shapes the contact narrative. Which is one reason why I totally reject the grey/reptilian mythology.

John Mack is the one person who seems to have done justice to assessing this subject, as he did here in this article But I think that it was early days yet for Dr Mack’s research, especially in terms of how the signs of contact and what contact means, changes over the life span.

So in this article, I’d like to elaborate on what I believe are signs you’ve had ET contact. But first let me make a couple of things very clear. I could write a book on this subject, so what follows is a simplification and a summary. Also, it’s worth remembering how we recognize contact will change over the course of a person’s life, as will the way they interpret their experiences. I will not talk about Alien Abduction. That’s a descriptor for people who do not understand the nature of their experiences, or who have had military style abduction experiences or who believe all the social conditioning around the subject and are unwilling to move past fear and separation. I will only ever talk about ET contact, ET experiences and human-ET relationships. It can be useful SOMETIMES to classify signs of contact into different categories. For brevity sake, I will keep it simple and refer to PYSCHOSPIRITUAL and PHYSICAL categories. But we could use a lot more categories to investigate the subject.  And finally, it is useless to look at any of these signs in isolation and to conclude that any one of them indicates that you’ve had ET contact. Better to think of them as occurring in clusters. Clusters which vary across the life span. Now this is a really critical point because the types of interactions that we can have with our ET friends, will vary, depending on the length of our relationship with them and where we’re at in our relationship with them and how we interpret the experience. Some people never move past fear and never develop a face to face relationship, so the only signs they ever recognize are strange body marks. Where as other people who have a more mature relationship, will recognize many signs, in addition to having conscious memories of contact.

I think it’s also important to say, that ET contact is probably best described as a Transpersonal experience, in which people have experiences that transcend the normal sense of separateness and being bound in time and space. In some ways speak of the collective experiences that stem from the mythologies of all people and all times. The experiences often take place in another form of reality (that sometimes overlaps with this one) and because of this, when they return, it is often very difficult to make sense of what occurred and to find the right language to describe it. Therefore it can take years for a person to integrate the experience and to go ahead in life, with an awareness of the signs to stay alert for – that something strange is about to happen or has happened. In addition, new experiences might occur before they have fully integrated the last experience, so there is a tension in the flow of understanding or a difficultly in integrating the flux of experience. For the genuine ET experiencer, there is an ongoing effort to integrate these experiences and to understand fully what they mean. No matter how many contacts you’ve had, there is always something new, which brings with it, new experience, knowledge, insight, understanding and wisdom. And what was once a sign of contact, may no longer be a sign of contact. New signs may appear, that relate to a whole new set of experiences.

So, that being said here’s a basic list of signs that indicate that you may have had ET contact.

Physical Signs :

  • Time contractions and expansions (lost time and gained time). You might notice anomalies in clocks in building or in cars or on phones or wrist watches; that appear to correspond with an anomalous event, that may have seen you transported somewhere else. These sometimes occur with other people.
  • Physical scars and blemishes, such as bruises, bruises with specific shapes, scoop marks, circle marks and marks that correspond with specific patterns or constellations. Always be sure to check clothing and bedding for corresponding marks. Always look for obvious causes first.
  • unexplained soreness in specific locations, lasting up to a week. This can often indicate an underlying physical illness but it can also indicate that you’ve had an ET examination, a sample taken from your body or something placed in your body.
  • Face to face contact with ETs or balls of light. Not all balls of light are ET in origin but some are.
  • Seeing a UFO/ET craft, lights/balls of light in the sky or on the ground, at close distance, medium distance of far distance. Sometimes seeing craft/lights, masks an actual encounter and sometimes it’s just seeing.
  • Seeing strange flashes of light and/or amorphous lights in your house/car at close proximity.
  • Hearing an unknown external or internal voice, while in the presence of a UFO/ET craft, lights or balls of light. Sometimes, this indicates that the ET’s are attempting to connect with you. This often precedes a contact event but may also follow a contact event.
  • Hearing an unknown or known external or internal voice while alone. Now this can often indicate some form of psychosis, in which auditory hallucinations are taken to be real. Sometimes however, these voices are ETs attempting to speak to you.
  • Suddenly feeling nauseous or sick. Of course such signs can indicate all kinds of other things. But this sign in conjunction with other signs, is a strong indicator of imminent ET contact or ET contact having happened. (see Psychospiritual signs for more).
  • Unexplained sounds emanating from one or more directions.


Psychospiritual Signs :

  • Strong feelings that something is not quite right. This feeling is not the same as paranoia and other strong emotions that accompany most forms of psychosis/schizophrenia/bipolar disorder/personality disorders. It is usually accompanied by nausea or sickness and disorientation. This happens because ETs function at a different energetic level, which is sometimes too much for our bodies to cope with. It also happens when we are suddenly transported from one place to another/one reality to another. This is the strongest indicator that you’ve had contact, if it occurs in conjunction with numerous other indicators, especially nausea or sickness.
  • Sudden knowledge of a subject that you otherwise knew little about. This may occur as a result of an implantation or education session while on board an ET craft.
  • Profound and sudden insights into the nature of reality. This may occur as a result of a recent or distant implantation, awakening into your consciousness, now that you are ready.
  • Flash backs of experiences with ETs or having being on board an ET craft. These may come suddenly and be very brief but become longer with time. Often a recurrent flashback may occur, such as the moment the ETs arrived or sudden and unexpected lights. Other flashbacks may include seeing ET faces or having some form of examination.
  • Great feelings of love for some aspect of Earth.
  • A feeling of connection to all life on Earth and life elsewhere in the cosmos.
  • A strong desire to connect with HOME. Home being the place where the soul originates – the undifferentiated primal source of all – which some might call GOD. Home is not a planet somewhere else. Sometimes the sense of HOME arises, when we meet ETs who know their true nature, who have experienced HOME.
  • A strong curiosity to know who the ETs are and the truth of who they are, which supersedes all cultural conditioning.
  • Dreams about balls of light, lights, UFO’s, ET craft, ETs or ET civilizations. Whilst it’s true that these kinds of dreams can relate to previous ET contact experiences, they are just as often, or more so, likely to be symbolic dreams, which relate to teh ordinary experiences of life. People are so desperate for ET contact, they are unwilling to consider that balls of light, lights, UFOs, ET craft, ETs or ET civilizations are perfect symbols for the expression of an endless variety of experiences and feelings in the life of humans. They also demonstrate the unfolding of several different Jungian archetypes, which if looked at honestly, say more about where a person is at in life, than anything else. But dreams of this nature, can indicate ET contact, especially if had in conjunction with other signs, especially time distortions, flashbacks, feeling that something is not quite right, seeing lights and craft and face to face contact.

There are no doubt many other signs but I strongly urge you to consider that these signs might also be indicators of other experiences – some of them physical and some of them emotional. While others might be a blend of both. They might also be indicators of other transpersonal experiences that are equally important but that have nothing to do with ET contact experiences.

This is an area that I feel is desperately in need of serious research, involving people who have research experience that embraces both transpersonal psychology/anthropology/mind body science and the ET contact field. It’s too easy for people to jump on the band wagon and say I have x, y and z sign; therefore I’ve had contact. When in fact, what these signs might be indicating, is an underlying personality disturbance (I don’t believe in the concept of mental illness) or a transpersonal crisis of a different order and a deep lack of awareness, combined with a strong desire to join dots that are otherwise unconnected to one another.

Having said all that, genuine ET contact, does create a transpersonal (lets call it spiritual) crisis for the individual. Once your egg has been cracked open and your world view has been shattered, you’re never the same again and you’ll spend the rest of your life, trying to integrate what you’ve experienced and learned.



More reading here :


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  1. I agree, I think this is a healthy subject to tackle. I don’t think I really can relate with much of the indicators, and if I had not received that beautiful intended validation involving the news broadcast about a decade ago I would not think much of the things that I have experienced. Every now and then I hear someone describe something in there experience and its a perfect description of what happened to me. This occurred recently while listening to Tom Reed. Hes the only other person I have heard describe such a thing that I once experienced.

    What do you think about adding the huge vibration feeling that occurs? It seems to be quite a frequent experience.

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