If you could time travel

Most people believe that time exists and is one of at least 4 physical dimensions. Dude has made it very clear to me that time does not exist and that there is only space. From that perspective, asking if we can time travel, is an irrelevant question.

As a gifted psychic, my ex wife was involved in work with a covert group, profiling the past and future. The closest I can come to understanding what she did is that she bilocated. But she called it journeying. Even during our relationship she would journey and come back with objects and stories about what she’d been doing. Sometimes I was very concerned about her welfare. But mostly, I just accepted it. At that point I hadn’t met Dude and I had no idea about what he could do. You’ll remember that last year he took me back to see the birth of a Boab tree in western Kenya and forward into my own future, my sons future and the future of a relative. But he didn’t use any kind of technology or contraption or device. He just willed it and it happened. I think he can move through time because he understands that all of reality arises within him and because his conception of self is not limited to a separate body.

Over the last decade I have also experimented with connecting with people in the past and future but I wasn’t aware that I was there physically in any possible way (unlike how Rachel moves through time). I did these things because they interested me and because I was trying to understand the nature of consciousness and the nature of the Self.

I’ve often been fascinated with the past and the future because I am curious about the nature of reality, existence and experience. But my interest in time – it’s malleability, potentialities, probabilities, people, places and changes; mostly arises because I want to see how things are. Not because I want to change anything. There are a small number of events in my life that I wish had turned out otherwise but no matter how painful they were and are to remember, they happened and they made me who I am today. There are also numerous historical events that I wish had turned out otherwise but without them, I may not be here. Hitlers rise to power and his policies of genocide towards the Jews led to two of my ancestors fleeing Germany and without that event, my mother would not have been born and I would not be here. The Boer War and World War 1, led to two other ancestors coming to Australia and without either war, my grandfather would not have been born and I would not be here. The Russian invasion of Hungary in 1956 led to the execution of Imre Nagy, the then brother of my former step father (who is not shown in the genealogical records) and Prime Minister of Hungary. Without the Russian invasion, my former step father would never have fled Hungary and eventually come to Australia, where he married and had a daughter, who later gave birth to my son.



So, I am for the most part, very content with how things are. Sometimes I imagine it would be nice if I didn’t get in the car with the dickhead who nearly killed me in 1987. Sometimes I wish I didn’t put up the add to start a band, that led to me meeting the guy who would bring about the destruction of my relationship with my first girlfriend. Sometimes I wish I didn’t share anything about my ET contact experiences. Sometimes I wish my father hadn’t betrayed my mother so many times or that she hadn’t walked out on him after years of betrayal. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have tumours. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t been sanding the edge of the door that accidentally dropped and killed my favourite magpie. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t studied science and that I’d known that after all those years of hard work, I’d never pursue a science career. Sometimes I wish I had never learned about The Architecture. Sometimes I wish I had never caused so much pain to the people I loved. Sometimes I wish I’d hit some of those bullies that tormented me in boarding school, instead of taking their shit and trying to talk my way out. But all of these things have been critical to my development as a human being. And without any one of them I would someone completely different. So I am grateful for every single event in my life.

But that’s just me.

I wonder, if you could time travel, what would you do ? Would you go to the past or future or both ? Which you watch or intervene ? Would you change something big or small ? Would you change a personal thing or a historical or global thing ?

I think our answers to these questions, have a lot to say about who we are as people and where we are at in life. There is no right or wrong answer. Only choices. What choices would you make ?



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Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. I would change allot in my own life, all the mistakes I’ve done, that led to my current situation.

    And If it was aloud, I would without change the curse of many global historic events….but I guess that’s not allowed & there must be some “rules” if you time-travel.

    There’s also the problem if one would remove ie. Hitler before he got to power, 10 000’s more could potentially take his place. As there were many “nazi” like party’s in place in Germany after WWI, because of the depression & a wide spread dissatisfaction of the German people of how they were treated after WWI. So WWI was the catalyst for Hitler & his “10 000 potential stand-ins”.
    Now you have to prevent WWI & that’s a tricky one as there were many events that lead to WWI, the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo, Oskar Potiorek’s role, Franco-Prussian War, Russian & French alliance…etc. etc. etc.
    So in the end I would have my hands full with preventing 1000’s of important events that lead to WWI & become a mass-murderer myself in the process….no thank you!
    The ball would just be rolling further back & back & back…..

    Then I would have the problem with Stalin, PolPot, Slavery, Colonisation, it would be an impossible task to change if I think about it more thoroughly….what a headache!

    In hindsight I would just travel back & observe, go back to see the dinosaur’s, the first Humans, Neanderthals, how the nature & animals evolved, things like that & chill & learn:)
    I would also go to the future & see how things evolve just learn & observe.

    When I think about it more deeply the more I realize that’s maybe why ET’s aren’t intervening as much as I would like them to do….interesting 😉

    All the best Bright 🙂

  2. I would change the way I handles money perhaps…being wiser in the spending of it.
    I would tell others more often how I loved and appreciated them. I am doing this more diligently at the present time but in the past I took those I loved for granted.
    I do not think I would change much else as I have gained so much from the challenges I faced and I view them NOW as a blessing in disguise.
    I would not feel wise enough to change any type of world history though, as there are so many little intricacies involved in the weaving of those patterns. Thus I do not feel I have a broad enough perspective to make the most beneficial and appropriate choice.
    If I could time travel I would just be a silent observer…mostly I would love to see the earth when it was less populated and more in its pristine state.

    Warmest Regards from Canada Bright! 🙂

  3. Changing the past sets off too many butterfly effect scenarios, but having said that it makes you also realize the importance of our day to day choices, as if everything that we do can dramatically change the direction of our lives. Forget changing the past, we are here to shape the present. For me the most interesting time travel would be the future, but once seen, can it be changed? I don’t know the rules, but I would like to see how and if humans evolve into something more than what we are now. I’d like to see how we are living as a society in the future. What new kinds of music will be created. How countries and cultures change and interact. When will we be space faring and live amongst ETs like we would anyone else. On the personal side I wouldn’t dive in too deeply, some things are better left unknown. Probably just seeing from the future if there are any avoidable disasters. And last thing I can think of for now is to see how my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on, look like, what they do with their lives and just see where that goes. I think it would be pretty cool. Oh and lastly, bit morbid but I’d be curious to see my own funeral. Who shows up, what’s said and maybe even see how people carry on without me. I know it’s weird but I’m curious.

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