ET Linguistics

Many of you will recall that I’m pretty skeptical about anyone who claims to be able to talk an alien language ( Yesterday Jeffrey Mishlove posted a fascinating interview with Nancy du Tertre, in which the two of them discussed the origin of ET contact and ET voices/images – be they internal or external, from an external source or from within. Much of their discussion focuses on PK Man Ted Owens and how mind played a key role in Ted’s ET contacts and psychokinetic abilities. Jeffrey also raises the possibility that Ted may have been working with Tulpas (thought forms which materialize). My comments on Ted’s approach near the end of this post ( might be of relevance to this interview.



For those of you who don’t know, Jeffrey Mishlove is the former host of Thinking Allowed, which he has given a new lease of life with New Thinking Allowed. I can’t recommend his interviews enough ! You can find access to all Jeffrey material here : .

Here’s another interview with Nancy about her new book How To Talk To An Alien.




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  1. Ok Brighty,
    Done some research & here’s what Nancy believes in: Reptilians, abductions, bad ET’s, ET’s forcing sex with humans, voodoo, an bad ET made a woman gain 20Ibs of fat in a second & it took that woman a very long time to lose weight, she claims she can do spoon bending (there’s a $1milj reward if you can proof that)…etc. etc.

    Jeffrey talks about PT Man: when he was flying on a plane he drew a picture of an airplane being hit by lightning & showed it to the stewardess. Miraculously the plane in front of them got hit by lightning, crashed & everybody died…ups that wasn’t supposed to happen said PT Man…..
    Now, if Jeffrey believes that story to be true I don’t know.

    To me it sounds like the usual UFO community BS, where everybody believes in any story!

    Peace Bright 😉

    • Glad to see that you’re on the ball JD.! After I posted these videos I dug a bit deeper too and was a little surprised at what I found and kind of regretted posting the videos. But I figured people can make up there own minds. I’ll try to be a bit more discriminating next time ! The Kubrick videos were another stuff up ! I’m glad that someone did their homework !

      PK Man – that’s an interesting issue. There’s so much bragging in his story and so much that did happen as Jeffrey recorded many of the so called prophecies. But I think there is definitely a lot of confabulation in Ted Owen’s stories. He isn’t an example of how to act responsibly with power and it’s surprising that Jeffrey never challenged that. Perhaps he was too frightened.

      Keep up that discriminating mind and pull me up when you reckon I’m supporting or publicizing something you think I shouldn’t. Something that’s out of character with this blog.

      Happy Christmas to you ! Bright. 😉

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