THE MAN (who changed everything) – Part One

This post maybe the most important post I have ever written on any of my blogs. The story I am about to tell you, is perhaps the most important story about ETs and the most important ET disclosure story, that you will ever learn about. It is a story that only one other human being on Earth knows about and a story that has remained out of sight from every covert group on the planet. It’s a story that has great value, only when you give it great value. Some of you won’t get it’s significance and that’s OK but some of you will. And for those of you who do get it’s significance, I suggest you think of this story as an opportunity to do your homework. Look at this story as a catalyst, that might – if you are determined enough; lead you to some of the most unexpected places and most unexpected of conclusions. This story has the potential to lead you, to many of the great secrets of the modern age. I have often left hints in my blog posts, none more so, than in this one. Before you read this story I suggest that you read the last article I wrote here :

This story begins where all stories begin, with the most innocuous and simple beginning. I was sitting on the edge of my bed one morning, thinking about what I would write that day, when Dude popped into my head and said “What do you know about Nitroglycerin?”. “Not much”, I replied, “I think they use it for heart attacks !”. Dude went silent for about ten seconds and then said, “Look it up and see where it takes you.” So later that day, that’s exactly what I did. I turned on my computer and went straight to Wikipedia – that imperfect goblet of knowledge I prize like a best friend and quickly discovered that Nitroglycerin had been discovered by an Italian chemist by the name of Ascanio Sobrero. Sobrero’s discovery was later hijacked by Alfred Nobel, who applied it to the creation of explosives. I remembered that Nitroglyecerin was an active ingredient in explosives, because I’d nearly blown myself up with it in my university chemistry classes but I didn’t know anything else about it. Dude’s teaser sent me on a very long chase, that led me to the Germans in WW1/11, a whole host of European, British and American Industrialists from the last 150 years, the German rocket program, NASA, many different groups in the US and British military, some of the world biggest banks and creditors and ultimately to the lower arms of The Architecture (the Military Industrial Complex).

The next morning when I woke up I asked Dude, “Now what ?” and he promptly replied, “Go ask Rachel (my ex wife) if she knows anything about Nitroglycerin ?”. So later that day, I jumped in my car and went to see Rachel. We sat down and had a cuppa and I explained what had happened and then I asked her “What do you know about Nitroglycerin ?”. She looked at me for a long, quiet minute and then proceeded to tell me that what she was going to tell me would lead me on a very interesting journey of discovery. I thought she was going to tell me a long story linking all the dots together. But she didn’t. Instead she said two things, “An ET worked with him” and “That particular ET really liked him”. So we had our cuppa and we sat staring at each other. Then she turned to me and with a smile on her face said, “He was Dude’s friend”. And that was it. We finished our cuppa and I went home.

All night I tossed in bed, unable to disconnect myself from the pattern I could see. I should also tell you something. At one point I worked with people who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia. I’d seen first hand the impact of total delusion and paranoia and what happens when people join too many dots. I worked with the young guy who thought he was a Russian general in World War 1 and the lady who thought she was an angel and the guy who thought he was the antichrist and the young man who wanted to kill people because he thought they were scanning him with their jumpy legs. Had I not had the experience of two people helping me to join these invisible dots, I would not have followed that path myself. But I did and I knew that there was a damned good reason that Dude had prompted me to go down this path. Both he and Rachel know that when I get a sense of something (usually it grabs my heart and I don’t know why), I have to follow it to a conclusion and find the pattern that is hidden from my rational mind. So that’s just what I did. And so now, with both Rachel and Dude’s permission to do so, I’m going to tell you what I learned.

* * *

97748Ascanio Sobrero was born in Casale Monferrato in Northern Italy on the 12th October, 1812; to Joseph Gaetano Sobrero (a doctor) and Josephine Demichelis. Ascanio had a sister, Felicity (of who history tells us nothing) and two brothers, Candido his twin brother (who became a general) and Lorenzo (who became a prominent judge). Ascanio was a precocious young boy, who developed a great love of the natural world. He especially loved plants and found them endlessly fascinating. He was constantly curious about how things worked. And as a 9 year old boy, he witnessed his grandfather make an extract of Peruvian Bark (Holy Bark) ( for a farmer, who came to him with a severe fever. At the time he didn’t know anything about microbes or what would become what would become the theory of antibiotics. But his grandfathers actions ignited his curiosity in the power of plants as medicine. Later in life he would learn that Peruvian Bark contained Quinine, which has strong antimpyretic/analgesic properties – which are perfect for the alleviation of pain and fever ( Peruvian Bark or Poor Man’s Quinine was used as a cheap way of treating fever and early on as a major treatment for Malaria.

Ascanio was also fascinated by spiders web. In particular – its elasticity, tensile strength and antimicrobial properties (which keep it safe from bacteria and fungi). But he had no idea how it worked. The natural world remained a constant source of intrigue and inspiration for Ascanio and he took that inspiration into his young adult life.

ascanio-sobrero_2He went on to follow in his fathers footsteps, studying medicine at theRoyal University of Turin in Italy and in 1832 graduated as a surgeon. His great love however was not surgery but teaching. So, naturally he went on to do his PhD. In 1835, he presented his thesis (in latin) on nerve function and the characteristics of nerves in various diseases. But his application for a doctor of philosophy was declined, apparently as a result of certain in house jealousies. His thesis had already met with favourable review from numerous medical professors in Europe but he could not convince those at the University of Turin to accept it. Ascanio was naturally very upset and abandoned his studies of medicine, never to return to his field of expertise or his interest in teaching medicine/physiology.

A short time later, Ascanio (perhaps under the influence of his father or uncle), began studying and researching chemistry under his Uncle Baron Carl Raphael Sobrero – who was then director of the Chemical Laboratory of the Arsenal of Turin. After a few years of study and research, he developed a strong background in chemistry. Ascanio then travelled to Paris, where he worked in the laboratory of Theophile-Jules Pelouze ( Ascanio soon began experimenting with adding certain forms of nitric acid to organic substances. His love of plants and nature, had returned to his work in chemistry.

In 1845 Ascanio returned to teach chemistry at the University of Turin and became a professor of chemistry in 1848. Then, from 1860-1882 he taught and researched chemistry at the School of Applied Engineering. During his time as a researcher, Ascanio discovered a whole host of new chemical compounds – including Nitroglycerin, Mannitol Hexanitrate, Sobrerol, Quajacolo, Tetrachloride and Sodium Sulfur Colloid. Ascanio discovered that Nitroglycerin was a powerful vasodilator, which was later refined by Russian chemist Nikolay Zinin ( (who also tutored the young Alfred Nobel) and used by Dr William Murrell ( in 1878 to treat heart conditions (angina pectoris and chronic heart failure). Nitroglycerin was also a powerful explosive, which would eventually replace black powder (gun powder) as the worlds most potent explosive. Realising it’s potential as an explosive, Ascanio remained silent about his discovery for more than a year. Ascanio had even hurt himself in an explosion that occurred while he was working with Nitroglycerin and so he was very weary of promoting his discovery. After his injury, he tried to discourage anyone from using it as an explosive. But he had made the mistake of sharing his discovery with several colleagues, including Alfred Nobel – also a student of Theophile-Jules Pelouze. Ascanio had little interest in money, power or success and so he did not think to patent his discovery. But Alfred Nobel did. He and his brother found a way to stabilise Nitroglycerin and together created the Dynamit Nobel AG company, using Nitroglycerine as the active ingredient in Dynamite and Gelignite. Nitroglycerin would also be used as an active ingredient in solid propellants such as Cordite and Ballistite. Alfred and his brother focussed on developing Dynamite, Gelignite and Cordite as powerful explosives for the construction, mining and demolition industries. Alfred acknowledged Ascanio as the discoverer of Nitroglycerin and supposedly even provided Ascanio with a pension, as a kind of compensation.

Despite Nitroglycerine being used for a purpose that Ascanio’s condemned, his other discoveries, although not as significant, were also of great importance. Mannitol Hexanitrate was also found to be a powerful vasodilator and hypotensive agent and explosive, that was considerably safer than Nitroglycerine. Guajacolo became an important antiseptic/analgesic/balsemic/expectorant for treating lung diseases. Sobrerol became a major mucolytic drug (clearing mucous in the respiratory system) and kick started a whole chain of Mucokinetic drugs. In addition, Ascanio made important discoveries with Tetrachloride and Sodium Sulfur Colloid – which became another important medical drug used in the treatment of acute illness and chronic disease. Ascanio also did significant work on fermentation, which influenced the work of Louis Pasteur (father of vaccination and pasteurisation (heat treatment as a means of preserving food).

Despite Asacanio’s discovery of the worlds most potent explosive, he focussed all of his research on chemical substances that would benefit human health. Many of his discoveries have become our most important medical drugs. They have made invaluable contributions to medical research, pharmacology and human health. We can only imagine how many people’s lives have been saved with Nitroglycerin alone ! His drugs have also made many people very wealthy !

During his life, Ascanio had friendships with many of the great scientists of Europe, cultivating close relationships with scientists in France, Germany, Italy and Russia. He was a member of the Italian Academy of Science and as a scientist he was revered for his intellect and his kindness. He was by all accounts, a man of great modesty, who was gentle and caring. He was above all, considered to be one of the great gentlemen of science in his day. He was a brilliant scientist and a master chemist. He was to chemistry, what Galleo had been to physics. As a man, he was driven by a desire to do good for the world, which compelled him to work in cooperation with people from many different fields. He was a student and above all a teacher. A man who loved teaching and igniting the curiosity of his students.

It must be remembered that Ascanio worked as a scientist, at a time of great conflict. 286820He lived at a time that witnessed the French Revolution, The Franco Prussian War, The Crimean War, The American Civil War, part of The Spanish Wars of Independence, The Mexican War of Independence, The Venezuelan War of Independence, The Peruvian War of Independence, the last of the Napoleonic Wars, The Brazilian War of Independence, The Java War, Liberal Wars, Opium Wars, The Italian Wars of Independence, The Hungarian War of Independence, The Apache Wars and other Indian Wars, The Ten Years War and dozens more wars. In his time, there was no such thing as peace. It was an era of great expansion and the dispossession of native people all over the world. People everywhere were seeking wealth, at any cost. Some millionaires came from families with money and others came from families with nothing. These self made men were determined and ambitious. Many of them were uneducated but some of them came with the finest educations in Europe and America. Collectively they created the greatest industrial empires that the world had ever seen. Many of them, were empires that spanned the globe. One such empire, was the empire created by Alfred Nobel and his Dynamit Nobel AG company.

And while Alfred enjoyed great success with the development of his company. It is ironic, that later in life he lost a major court case, when a British company supposedly infringed upon one of his explosive patents. It is also ironic, that a couple of months before Alfred died in 1896, he was prescribed Nitroglycerin for his weak heart.

ascanio-sobreroAscano did not admit to his discovery of Nitroglyecrin publicly until near the end of his life. He was so appalled by the destruction that it brought to the Earth, that he dared not speak about his discovery with any sense of pride or satisfaction. He died in Turin on the 26th May, 1888, of heart trouble. Ascanio was so busy trying to help other people, that he had ignored his own health. Most likely, he probably didn’t have his own supply of Nitroglycerin. As a chemist, he was the modern equivalent of a shaman. An alchemist who used his gift for good, rather than evil. But he was ultimately unable or unwilling to save himself.

Unfortunately Ascanio Sobrero is just a foot note in the annals of history and in the history of Nitroglycerin and explosives but in my view, he is one of the great heroes on the last 200 years. But few people if any, know of him. The website of the Nobel Peace Prize has a page dedicated to him; there is a whole room dedicated to him at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Monaco; and a short street in Turin is named after him.

* * *

A few days after my journey with this story began, I went back to Rachel and asked her how she had come to know the story of Ascanio and how he’d become Dude’s friend. She looked me in the eye for a minute and began pulling at her fingers. She always did that when she was uncomfortable. And then she turned away and said “Sometimes something bad would happen at home and Dude would come to visit me. I’d be crying and I’d tell him how unfair life is and he’d just listen. He didn’t say a word. And then once, when I had finished crying, he told me a story about a man who knew all about what was fair and what was unfair. And when he was finished, I stopped complaining about how unfair my life was. And I never complained any more” Rachel had grown up in a terrible environment, with a mother who was a violent alcoholic and a father who was a workaholic. She had learned from an early age that she had to take care of herself, if she was going to survive. But Dude had been there for her since she was 4 years old – when he walked up to her in her backyard (while she was playing in her sandpit with her plastic animals) and began to play with her.

When Dude told Rachel the story of Ascanio, he didn’t take away her suffering but he gave her just enough understanding, wisdom and experience, to help her to cope. She was a child prodigy, who had the heart of an innocent child and the mind of an adult. She could see what others twice her age could not see. But she couldn’t see a way out of her situation. That day, Dude gave her exactly what she needed, to help her understand that life isn’t fair but it is what it is and sometimes you have to accept life as it is.

*  * *

In part two I’ll discuss a little about Dude’s relationship with Ascanio and how Dude decided to intervene in the life of one man to help alleviate his suffering and how that choice changed the fate of the world as we know it. I’ll discuss a little about the link between Ascanio’s discovery and the formation of the military-industrial complex. Finally I’ll discuss how Dude and other ETs engineer time lines for the best possible outcome for any given species.

While much of part one of this story can be discovered by anyone who bothers to do a little research, part two of this story will help you to see that some mysteries simply dissapear from history. It’s my privilege to bring a little of Ascanio’s story back to life and to help you to understand the true nature of the ETs who care for our planet.


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  1. What a fascinating piece of history here Bright !! I never heard of Ascanio Sobrero until now. Thanks so much for sharing this. I can’t wait to read part 2. And I love how Dude was able to help Rachel cope with the ordeals she must have had as a child. I find it so comforting to know that we have ET’s caring for our planet. I would imagine that there are probably ET’s watching over and caring for all the planets.

  2. Thanx for shearing Bright 🙂

  3. This story is so educational, inspiring and yet so very sad.

    Isn’t it so incredibly ironic that the Peace prize is given in honour of a man who invented Dynamite?

    Many of the recipients of this prize escalate and promote war – Henry Kissinger, Shimon Peres, Menachem Begin, Kofi Annan, Yitzhak Rabin, Elie Wiesel (He was just a fucking liar – when I read his book I cried, only to discover it was total fiction), Obama, Al Gore, etc.
    Most of them are from the lowest end of the architecture (as you describe it 🙂 ) who support and promote the military industrial complex.

    These people are right in your face promoting war, yet the Machiavellian powers sneer and mock the populace and give them peace awards. Jasun Horsley wrote about this – Secrets in plain sight – Seen and Not Seen.

    Ascanio Sobrero was a great man. A man to be revered.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

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