Defanging the war plan and the Nobel Peace Prize

I want to take up some points that Steven Greer made in his recent talk that I posted earlier. He used a phrase I like “defanging the war plan”. What he was referring to, was the idea that if we do our homework, look carefully at who’s who in the world and what they have been doing; we can see that the world is driven by this military industrial complex (that I call the lower arms of The Architecture) and with the right knowledge and understanding, we can reveal how this machine really works and begin to take it apart. The war plan that Steven was referring to is the idea that Wernher von Braun (the dirty, treacherous bastard – supposedly put forward that those in power will manufacture 4 artificial threats (Russia, terrorists, asteroids and aliens) that the military will need to be prepared for. Steven went on to say that the 4th level of this plan involves an alien invasion and here’s where he said something different, that I agree with. The perceived alien invasion has already taken place and will continue to take place. As Steven suggested, the whole alien abduction phenomenon, is an artificial construct that was manufactured to fulfill the purpose of creating perpetual employment and profit for the war machine, weaponizing space and integrating several widespread, long term psychological programs among the masses. Listen to what he has to say between 2’40 hrs -3’00 hrs. I’ve said before that if we did have a staged alien invasion en masse, the ETs wouldn’t let it happen. I still think that’s largely true but maybe I’m wrong. Maybe they would let it happen, as part of our long term growth and development. So that eventually we sort out our shit, rather than them throwing us a life buoy !

So for anyone who believes that alien abduction is real, I suggest you do the following :

  • Develop self awareness and learn to understand how your mind and body work.
  • Look at where in time the word abduction and the idea of hostile alien interactions first entered the human vocabuarly.
  • Learn to deal with your fear (see my post on the subject here :
  • Learn to relax and chill out.
  • Be careful how you learn and how you consume information.

Let me take up that last point because it’s another good point that Steven emphasized. Most people in this day and age, acquire information very quickly through the consumption of all forms of digital information. They then take information in and it connects to other pieces of information and becomes a kind of knowledge. But it’s only theoretical knowledge. What it lacks is experiential knowledge. And the only way to gain that, is to go out and have experiences. That’s where the abduction phenomenon has so many problems. The knowledge gained about this phenomenon comes from one group of people sharing their interpretations of an experience, another group of people speculating about it and creating new theoretical information and a final group of people who consume both forms of information. What is lacking is direct experience for the consumers of this kind of information and the direct experience of what they’ve heard or read about. The same is true for all experience. But what’s different in the abduction phenomenon is that at each of these levels, it’s possible to create distortions that colour the flavour of how people think about experiential knowledge and theoretical knowledge.

This is where psychological strategies come in. Most people have a soft spot – a thing that frightens them the most and a weakness in their psyhcological and emotional functioning. And it doesn’t take very long to find the soft spot in most people. I can do it literally in less than 10 seconds because I know how to read people, read their language and their stories. But this is a subject area that those in power have studied for a very long time. As a result all the major militaries and intelligence agencies of the world have developed their own psychological strategies and plans, in which they describe methods for targeting peoples soft spots and influencing the opinions of individuals and groups. These techniques have been in action in most western countries, since at least the 1940’s. What most people don’t realize, is that in order to do this kind of work, those in power have had to do all kinds of psychological profiling to figure out how individuals and groups work. As such, they know how to create all kinds of illusions and to influence people to believe anything. And sometimes to achieve a particular goal, they introduce characters and situations that gain everyone’s trust, while at the same time, playing the other end of the spectrum.  But not only they target individuals and groups of interest, they target their own people, so that they have people who will play by the game.

I agree with Steven, that the alien abduction game has been with us for a very long time. When it was realized that it was possible to create a structure that would provide for long term security, power, control and wealth; a very detailed plan was set in place that was almost impossible to penetrate or deconstruct. As I have said before, the ETs set up The Architecture and the idea of secrecy and compartmentalization. They did so to protect us from ourselves. Because we can’t handle the truth. We see difference and division everywhere and judge anything that is different to us. Take any human issue and you will see what I mean. They could see that if they disclosed their presence it would cause immense division and there would be further us and them. ET supporters vs ET haters, this religion vs that religion, government vs people, etc. They could see that our already dualistic way of functioning would be exacerbated and that we would have further discord and conflict. So they chose to keep their presence secret for 5,500 years. But in the 1860’s Abraham Lincoln became aware of their presence and began working with the ETs. Certain wealthy industrialists also learned about the ETs and didn’t like the idea that Lincoln wanted to work so closely with the ETs. Lincoln even wanted to bring the ETs out in the open, despite the ETs objections. I mean white folks hated black folks and the country was killing itself ! So that would have been impossible ! Anyway, others saw fit to put an end to that idea. And so was born the lower arms of The Architecture. The ETs did not like these people but they had to work with them. And since that time the ETs have tolerated how this aspect of the structure they set up functions, all the while keeping a parental eye on it, for the long term benefit of Earth and humanity. We might not see any benefit right now but it’s developing. So, this bastardized version of secrecy that we hear about, it’s real and it’s all pervasive. It’s in every aspect of modern life and we don’t even know it. The alien abduction phenomenon is just one small activity in the control of the lower arms of TA.

You might wonder “well who’s behind alien abductions ?”. I can tell you from my conversations with Dude that there are several different groups involved and that they monitor and spy on each other. They use potent drugs, hypnosis, alien body suits, Programmed Life Forms (androids and robots that look biological but they are purely artificial) and an extensive array of theatrical devices, scenarios and choreographies; that give the impression that a person is having a real ET contact experience. Think Derren Brown ! But they are entirely manufactured. Complete with hostile, cold feeling interactions, experiments, dark scripts and hypnotic suggestions that press on the person’s soft spot. So you might wonder, what happens when enough of the people who have been having an alien abduction experience seek help from one individual ? You guessed it ! That person becomes convinced that all ETs are hostile and have a sinister agenda. Hence the plethora of researchers and professionals who are convinced that alien abduction is real. Without having to do any real extra work, those behind these programs have set up a cultural meme that is self sustaining. But of course they do do extra work to help propagate the meme and that’s where the internet (a former military application) is playing such a critical role !

So, those in power have a long history of finding people to do their dirty work. My ex wife was one of them. Some of you might recall me posting an audio extract/summary on my old blog, of something Rachel said to me many years ago about her work tracking down, saving and killing ETs and humans and profiling people who had had abduction and contact experiences, using her psychic abilities. It took me years to convince Rachel to come out speak publicly about her work and then shortly after I posted the information, I was told in no uncertain terms by someone who cares “Take it down”, so I did. What Rachel shared was a scratch of the iceberg, compared to what she knows but I didn’t want to take any chances with her safety. After all, this was the mother of my son and the person I once loved. As far as I know, Rachel never breached her security oath but she walked a very fine line. And to this day, 99 % of what she did remains hidden from my awareness. But the little she did tell me and the information that Anamika and Dude later shared with me, led me to believe that the world worked very differently to how I believed it did.

One of the things I saw first hand was the impact that carrying secrets has on a person. And to be honest it caused immense conflict in our relationship. But it also caused me to see her totally differently. She is in my views, one of the great unsung heroes of the modern era and nobody will ever know who she is or what she did. She’ll carry her secrets to the grave, because :

  • A. She doesn’t want to see people she cares about hurt (family and those she worked with),
  • B. She wants to get on and live a normal life,
  • C. She knows that things will eventually turn out the way that the ETs want them to,
  • D. Because her morals won’t allow her to give in,
  • E. Because she doesn’t believe that there is any betterment for humanity in revealing the truth.

It was really hard for me accepting her stance towards the work of her past. I mean, this is a person who can’t put her skills on a resume, she can’t claim a military pension or military superannuation, she can’t get counselling for what she experienced, she can’t sort out the wrongs she witnessed and participated in, she can’t get compensation for her psychological trauma and she can’t even talk about this huge burden that she carries. This is how a country and the group that employed her, treats human beings. And she was not the only one.

You maybe surprised to know that despite this, Rachel doesn’t fear her former employers and the other groups who fear what she might say. She’s like a balloon that everyone wants to pop but they don’t dare because of what she’s connected to. Sometimes it bothers me that she’s not bothered but then I remind myself, that none of these people with perceived control know anything about their true nature ! And they all fear death ! They also fear LOSS OF INCOME ! All of them have families and lifestyles and egos. I the money stops, their world stops !

You might wonder why the ETs bother to work with the lower arms of TA. I mean I did. It didn’t make sense. I think mostly, they do it because they are focused on where things will take us over a very long course of time. It’s not true that there are bad ETs working with corrupt people in power. All the ETs have our best interests at heart. And as Dude suggested in one of his interview responses – every time the ETs choose to interact with us, they look into our future and see what impact their interaction will have on us. But Dude once told me that many of the ETs have two regrets. The first regret is that they taught us all about Tungsten ( and the second is that they taught us all about Silicon and Silica (  Both of these elements/materials have a significant role to play in the human future and the ETs knew that. But when they looked at how we would explore these things, they thought we would mostly focus on the good aspects but we haven’t. We’ve focused on things that are very dangerous. But of course you and I don’t know about most of that because it’s still a secret. However, in the fullness of time, much good will come from our understanding of these elements/materials and how we apply our knowledge of them.

Every person has choices to make and many of those in the lower arms of TA have made bad individual choices, that are working against humanity. They placed ego and greed above the greater good.

Have you ever wondered why 3 of the big players in the world – the Americans, the British and the Russians are interested in a particular hot spot at this time ? Is there something they all seek to control ?

In the 1860’s Alfred Nobel took the invention of another man Ascanio Sobrero – who discovered Nitroglycerin ( in 1847 and turned it into an explosive (something that Ascanio had warned against). Nitroglycerin laid the foundation for the development of military propellants, military explosives and for military engineering in Germany in ww1/ww11. And through it all, Alfred Nobel enjoyed great success with the Dynamit Nobel AG company ( Dynamit Nobel also provided Nitroglycerin to help clear the way to build the Central Pacific Railroad (  and the First Transcontinental Railroad ( in America. Can you imagine how many wealthy industrialists were involved in supporting that project ? Dynamit Nobel also provided propellants to the German rocket program. And if you do your homework, you can see how it provided a major leg up for what would become NASA.

Alfred Nobel could have done an Abe Lincoln but he didn’t. Instead he turned the other way towards greed and power.

So here we have a small example of how one group in the lower arms of TA came into being and how one small piece of knowledge can be used for bad, rather than good. So despite the settling of America, leading to the genocide of the first people, destruction of pristine wilderness, the wiping out of the Buffalo and countless other species; a new nation was born. From an explosive material created by a man, who’s name we dedicate a peace prize, both good and bad have been born. And the ETs have seen this in the fullness of time. What we lack is the eyes to see as they see. That is why we must choose well and choose carefully. For every good choice, hides a dark side.


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  1. Hi Bright,
    You’ve clarified a lot of what you wrote in your previous posts, yet what you’ve shared has made things even MORE mind and emotionally boggling. Many of what’s here may probably never be fully absorbed by a human mind.
    In connection with this ‘alien abduction’ issue, what can you say about alleged ‘etheric alien implants’ in humans (and pets), some of which are said to be with their own individual consciousness? G’day…

  2. I have been researching this subject of ET’s my whole life. I also am an experiencer.
    The idea that we should agree with Steven Greer( that there is no such thing as alien abductions and that we should dismiss Von Braun’s warnings about faked alien invasions as a pretext for bringing in a New World Order and a global fascist government).. is a very risky idea.
    Has it not occurred to you that it could be the other way around? That Greer is incredibly naïve or, worse, is a disinformation agent? It certainly has to me and many others who write and research in this field.
    . If we listen to Greer, we have to trust his totally unsupported view that we are not in danger from a false flag staged alien invasion event and, furthermore, that we have nothing to fear from the aliens he seems to believe ( or pretends to believe) that he communicates with.

    I, for one, will never do that. My research and that of countless others indicates at least the possibility that humans are in great physical danger from these non terrestrial entities…..

    so your asinine advice, Mr Garlick, to abductees to ” chill out and relax” is unlikely to persuade any of us to do so.

    • Diotima, until you’ve developed fully as a human being and had a greater range of ET contact experiences, you’re always going to see a fence and be on the other side of the fence. You are obviously at the early stages of the developmental continuum when it comes to ET contact experiences ( Just be sure that your so called experiences are not man made ! So I stand by my advice “chill out and relax” but to that I would add :

      – Do some real research and find out about the human organizations involved in the abduction game
      – Discover your true nature
      – Live without fear !

      Wishing you an awesome and content life !

      Bright. 😉

      • Same back at you…

        Your arrogance in assessing my ” development” is absurd..I’m twice your age and doubtless many more times as knowledgeable….
        Its you that needs to do some real research and find out the real alien agenda instead of living in a naïve bubble…..

        I’m aware of milabs and I know the difference…..
        – Live without ignorance ! It may be bliss, but it leaves you with no power…
        – Wishing you an awesome and content life too !


      • You sound like someone I know ! 😉

  3. Well I hope that ” someone you know” receives a little less condescension and a little more respect than you have shown me…whatever, this exchange has run its course….

    I would respectfully suggest you open your mind to other perspectives.. try reading Karla Turner or Eve Lorgen , maybe James Bartley or Cameron Day, even your fellow Aussies, George Kavassilas or Mary Rodwell

    Goodbye and good fortune

    Long days and pleasant nights


  4. For the record, I want to add that when I made the previous comments I had only read this article by you, nothing else on your blog…..

    Since then , I have read many articles by you on here and tried to remain open minded about your interaction with Dude and his influence on your way of thinking…..

    As a result, I still have deep suspicions about Greer and his motivations and I still don’t accept your views on the reality ( or lack thereof) of alien abductions and ET’s with anti – human agendas…. but I do now see where you’re coming from and your sincerity in expressing your understanding of the relationship between humans and ET’s and I will continue reading back through the archive..

    It would be helpful if you could link me to which posts I should read first, especially in relation to Rachel and her experiences, which I perceive as key to all this and to your earliest involvement with Dude…. or indeed any pre-dude paranormal experiences you may have experienced


    All the best


    • No problem S. And for the record, I have already read most of the material you pointed out and watched relevant videos. Jacobs and Turner were early in my education on how others see this. I just have a very different POV. I have had years of attacks for my belief that all space faring ETs are benevolent in nature and hate mail and death threats. I even had to move house. So now, as I continue to express myself after 9 years of living with tumours, I no longer have tolerance for the “hostile” POV. If this is the last thing I do and I don’t survive, I’m gonna make sure I tell people what I have learned from experience.

    • If you want to know more about Dude, read the interview I have been doing with him the past year. The most important thing I have written is parts 1 and 2 of THE MAN (who changed everything). That will show you what kind of person Dude is and how the ETs interact with human history.

      Rachel mostly keeps quiet about her past due because she doesn’t want to breech her security oath. Her past cost us our marriage. But we remain on very good terms and Dude is her friend who has become my friend. I may on occasion mention something to do with her.

      I’ve been trying to educate people about the real power structure that oversees this world – what I call The Architecture. From what I learned from Rachel and Dude (Muajra) and Anamika (Teal’hia). That’s the stuff worth reading about and also how to make ET contact. When you learn to initiate contact, everything about the nature of contact changes. See the tab on How to Make Contact.

      Greer is very egotistic and keen to corner the contact market and is sometimes very stupid about what he says but he’s no dissinfo agent. He’s the person who actually made a lot of people aware of that kind of psyop approach. Like me, he’s just frustrated with the false information that occupies 99 % of this subject on the internet ! He’s done a lot of good trying to counter the false views that have been largely driven by covert interests that tap into peoples fears and vulnerabilities. But every force is met with an equal and opposing force. Which is why Steven and I have difficulties convincing people about the true nature of ETs.

    • Also Dude’s Maxims (see tab) are to me one of the most important things I have to share. They changed my view of reality.

      I also have a YT channel on which you can find some of my experiences.

      In all I do I try to be honest and caring. I am just no longer able to tolerate many different things which afflict people with an interest in this subject. I think coming close to dying has taught me to say NO. I’m getting closer to 50 and each year is a blessing. I have a lot more I would like to share with the world but now isn’t the time. If I outlive my tumours, that time may come. But lots of people will always hate me. That’s happened all my life. I am here to live fully and fearlessly and that’s all I am trying to do. 😉

      Thanks for taking the time to read ET and I. 😉 Bright.

  5. The following are for anyone who wishes to consider.

    What quality of life does a being that worries live?

    When does man kind not point the finger or judge in quick assessment?

    What is known about humanity and how it treats all other life and its home of residence as a whole? If we as humans wish to speculate, gossip and judge, where does humanity lie on the believed spectrum?

    How “intelligent/understanding” do you think a species must be to be able to travel and seemingly manipulate space?

    How do you define intelligence? What do all of humanities great scientists use to accomplish their insights? How many perspectives do they consider?

    What “agenda/motives” could a species of such understanding have?

    Why would an apparent community of many intelligent/understanding species have an “agenda” against another species?

    How intelligent/understanding do you think the avg. human being is?

    Do you believe that today’s avg. human body is able to comprehend the reasons for such “actions” being played out by possible other worldly species?

    Do you think the human perspective is limited?

    What kind of perspective do you think other worldly intelligent/understanding species would have?

    What do you think this life is about?

    • That’s it, I’m making you my Right Hand Man and speech writer. You’re on the payroll immediately !

      Nice to know that at least one person gets the edge I’ve been dancing along !

      Thanks Dude, Brighticus Brightus Dorkus. 😉

  6. Hello Bright….

    Thanks for all that info, I’ve already read most of the Interview and much more and will follow your pointers on what to read next…..

    I spoke with some people just last week, here in England, who had recently returned from doing a ‘ field trip’ with Greer…. they were totally enthused and have started their own skywatching, ‘ET calling’ group right here with, they say, significant success already…..

    I have all sorts of doubts about this based on my own experiences and also on what I think is rational scepticism… the previous poster, My Name, essentially asks why a more advanced species would have a negative agenda, but also posits that our limited human understanding means we are ill equipped to comprehend their motivations, which kind of sums up the quandary we are in ( though My Name didn’t intend that interpretation, I don’t think ! )….

    I could equally ask… why do ”Greer’s aliens” make the effort to visit Earth from millions of light years (or an unknowable number of space/time dimensions) away, just to play peek – a – boo in the clouds?

    My Name points out( paraphrasing) that ET’s motivations are unknowable and that alone, for me, indicates extreme caution is essential….

    I’ve explored the whole range of supernatural and paranormal experiences and there are many now who are taking the view that ET encounters are integral to those … I don’t know, but, to give just one example, the sighting of Bigfoot in the US seems to be often connected to sightings of flying craft or inexplicable lights….. and the lack of physical Bigfoot evidence ( dead bodies, hair, excreta etc) may support the view that they are ET related incidents…if so, who knows what ” comes through” to our reality, our dimension, and how we should react to it….

    I don’t know if you have read a blog called ” Phantoms and Monsters” by Lon Strickler , an American researcher, author, psychic & experiencer, based in Pennsylvania… you can subscribe, as I do, to a free daily newsletter… the concept is simple… ordinary people send Lon their extra – ordinary experiences or encounters with anything and everything paranormal or ” supernatural”… the sheer range of experiences is fascinating and whilst many who write in may be fantasists, liars, honestly mistaken or mentally ill, that leaves thousands whose accounts I find credible , yet inexplicable….. and many people see entities who I think you believe don’t exist, such as reptilians and other almost indescribable entities who clearly strike their observers as evil…. I only mention this in an attempt to postulate that we perhaps should always err on the side of limited acceptance of even seemingly totally positive experiences such as your interaction with Dude…..even he admits, in your Interview, that his race have an agenda, albeit an entirely benign one and that some outcomes of his interventions have been unexpected or off script……

    Finally, on the ” hate mail” you mentioned.. I don’t hate anyone, ever, its pointless and I regret my nastier previous remarks and withdraw them with apology… I certainly agree with Dude that humans have strange and often self destructive tendencies… as an old 60’s hippy I’ve never understood humans’ need to divide our one species and our one little planet into 200 plus pieces and then proceed to build walls between ourselves instead of bridges….. or why we have allowed a poisonous, psychotic few to impose their negative attitudes and actions upon us all…

    I shall continue reading and I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog and wish you ” love and peace” as we old hippy types say and a return to perfect health as soon as poss!


  7. Thank you for sharing your consideration to the questions Steven. You may be interested in Kewaunee Lapseritis and more particularly the book he authered titled, “The PSYCHIC SASQUATCH and Their UFO Connection.” You can find a little a bit about him here . Also he has a friend named Todd Micheal who has had many experiences with the giant forest folk. You can find an interview of him here

    Anyways, wish you well on your adventure.

  8. Thank you for sharing your considerations Steven. You may be interested in Kewaunee Lapseritis and more particularly the book he authored titled, “The PSYCHIC SASQUATCH
    and Their UFO Connection.” You can also learn a little about him here . He also has a friend named Todd Micheal who has had many experiences with the giant forest folk, and you can listen to an interview with him here

    Anyways, wish you well on your adventure.

  9. Hello My Name….

    Thank you for those links… I’m always keen to explore authors and works I haven’t come across before, so I will look at them…

    Hope you take a look at ” Phantoms and Monsters”… its an excellent blog with great links to further explorations in all things ET, supernatural and paranormal….

    I wish you well with your explorations too !

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